Libertarianism Is Dying Out For Good

Our hard work and practical idealism does pay off in the real world. We’re happy to report that the terrible race denying cult of Libertarian Constitutionalism is dying out.

Vdare’s Hubert Collins reports (link) “The Strange (Well, Actually, Absolutely Predictable) Death Of Left-Libertarianism”. Once confident Libertarians like Ron Paul and Rand Paul don’t even bother showing up Libertarian conferences as they get heckled and humiliated by Leftists and get treated like Trump supporters or the Alt Right – even when they do non stop pandering to Blacks, Undocumented, Muslims etc.

This race denying Constitutionalist cult was a huge problem 12, 8 or even 4 years ago. Now, it just isn’t. And we at Occidental Dissent our proud to have exposed and taken down this cult. I haven’t heard Rand Paul sashing anything puke wrenching in a long time. Instead he’s backing President Trump against Russian smears and opposing new Neo Conservative/Zionist misadventures in Syria, Iran. Good.

So our work has not been in vain.


    • Rand Paul has taken a lot of courageous and right-minded stands and needs to be appreciated. While libertarianism does not promote white ethnic interests, neither does any other philosophy that a congressman of either party would be caught endorsing. At least libertarians go to bat for your right to say what you think without being arrested, as well as your right to keep and bear arms.

  1. Libertarian Party isnt libertarian anymore sadly. Left-leaning cucks have taken it over. Rand Paul and Ron Paul are right about the illegal wars, but they are against them for the wrong reasons. They oppose foreign intervention because of the Constitution and not because it causes mass migration of shitskins to White countries

  2. Yes, Libertarian looneys wanted open borders and 800 million brown, black, yellow and mystery meat flooding this now husk of a nation. Walls don’t work they decried! A wall along the southern border? Why it would be impossible to build. We just don’t have the tecnology.

  3. The Achilles heel of Libertarianism lies in this one sentence: Vdare’s Hubert Collins reports (link) “The Strange (Well, Actually, Absolutely Predictable) Death Of Left-Libertarianism”. Left-Libertarianism. The Left destroys every single thing it touches.

    I was a Libertarian at one point. And, I like others I knew/know were always racially conscious. More racially conscious than you, Jack. You were high on everything Jew not that long ago. I notice you don’t attack people like a pit bull when they even hint at a conspiracy. You can’t deny conspiracy when you’ve experienced that last American presidential election and Charlottesville. Two somewhat mild cases for me. Did you read the JFK papers? Conspiracies galore. They rule the world.

  4. “Did you read the JFK papers? Conspiracies galore. They rule the world.”

    I respond:

    Nah. President John F Kennedy was murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald pro Fidel Castro, Free Cuba Communist.

    It seems almost impossible now, but John F Kennedy and the Kennedy family were strongly anti Communist in 1960-63. JFK tried to have the CIA assassinate Castro, these attempts failed. The pro Castro Communist succeeded in killing John F Kennedy.

    The fake news, lying Lib Leftist Jew dominated “American” press, but not exclusively Jewish – Walter Cronkite wasn’t Jewish – this Lib Leftist media blamed the Conservative WHite city of Dallas Texas for the murder of JFK. It’s the whole “Conservative Whites control the Climate”.

    Cronkite blamed Dallas TX “Hate killed President Kennedy”.

    No Walter Cronkite – that’s not the way it is.

    A Leftist pro Castro free Cuba Communist killed President Kennedy. If we had sensible border controls, immigration controls Lee Harvey Oswald wouldn’t have been in our country.

    Then as now – bad immigration policies always results in our people being raped and murdered.

    Who killed JFK’s brother Robert F Kennedy?

    Was it some secret Jew conspiracy? Nah, unless you want to (correctly) blame the Jews for erasing our sensible immigration polices from the 1920s-1965. Then some hateful nasty 3rd world Arab Sirhan Sirhan was let in to the USA and he murdered Robert F Kennedy for Kennedy’s extreme pro Israeli military policies.

  5. @Joe Gothicstein,
    Yes we should all believe what the Guardian tells us….
    You don’t just want the Alt-Right to be in decline-you want all whites to be in decline like the anti-white racist that you are.
    As I keep saying-if you dislike whites, then go and live in a nation that doesn’t have any-the choice is endless.
    Whites in white nations have a right to be Pro-white and have a right to be privileged, just like the Chinese and Kenyans have a right to those things in their nations.

  6. Good complement to the Collins article.

    I think the death of libertarianism (to the extent it was really ever “alive,” and that’s very debatable), is twofold: First, right-libertarianism was mostly just a gateway drug (or pass-through) to the Alt-Right. Now that there’s an Alt-Right, and most of the right-libertarians have already passed through it to make it to the Alt-Right, this also means those who would have had to have passed through the R-L space to get to the A-R no longer have to pass through it, because the A-R is already there to go to directly.

    Second, virtually every real practical reason the left had to latch onto left-libertarianism, the mainstream left is openly promising them, (partially, disingenuously so, but I digress). So why should people inclined to left-libertarianism bother with the left half of a dinky political space with the plain ole regular Democrats will give them all of what they ever really wanted anyway?

  7. It’s like the ‘and now for the bad news’ round-up at the annual Triceratops state of the species address: ‘the climates are changing, the mammals are everywhere advancing and we have a brain the size of a walnut.’

    While the liberals are thinking that one over, Jewish Canadian researcher, Henry Makow, publishes another essay by Brendan O’Connell, the Australian anti-Semite who was hounded out of Australia. He learned plenty while he was in Iran.

  8. You still have to give Ron Paul credit for some of the stuff he has done. He did point out that the anchor baby should be eliminated and was the result of a bad Supreme Court ruling. I’m for extremely limited government, but that is only possible if you have a mostly homogeneous population on the same page.

    There are libertarian/limited government minorities out there, but too small of a number to be significant.

  9. Libertarians traditionally kowtowed to their gods Rothbard, Mises, and Rand, (all Jews, of course,) who told them they had a “natural right” to the life of a libertine, (which for them usually meant getting money, smoking pot, casual sex, and speeding their automobiles,) honor, morality, family, community, nation, and race be damned. Now that the Enemy has actualized all of which they dreamed, not as a gift, but as vengeance, they are left reeling in a reefer haze, with no raison d’être, desperately trying to continue justifying the faith. is a prime example. Their prissy pedantry in self delusion as they whistle past the graveyard of Jewish perfidy and downright aggression is entertaining, but also rather pathetic.

    • Axis Sally

      That s a famous name !

      I followed a gal named her on HAC ‘s podcast

      I hope you and she are ok

      • I have nothing to do with HAC or the NWF, never had, never will. I am aware there was an individual connected therewith who misused my name, but it is not I.

  10. I was listening to the TRS Podcast last night. Apparently loads of Libertines are slowly, inexorably becoming NAZIS. I don’t minder Libertardianism, as long as this remains a Gate political philosophy. In the end, we must become NS. NS is the end of the road.

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