White Pill Wednesday

Israeli father brings his holstered handgun right into his child’s class. Image courtesy of the Times of Israel. The newspaper says that armed citizens stop 4-5 terrorist attacks per year.

#6 A leader of the notorious Antifa gang “Red Guard Austin” has been charged with multiple felonies. Local Antifa are not releasing full details, but say he faces up to thirty years. One of the charges is for being a felon in possession of firearms. Local Antifa are only using the pseudonym “Dallas” and urging fellow gang members not to post about his real identity. Apparently, the guy is a big shot in the global Antifa scene. Antifa gangs in St. Louis, Berlin, and Oslo have done banner drops/vandalism to promote him. His true identity should be known soon.

#5 Somali police officer Mohamed Noor, who was hired solely because of his place of birth, has finally been charged with the brutal murder of Justine Damond.

#4 The Border Patrol has stopped turning over illegal aliens, with felony warrants, to local police custody in the state of California. This will stop radical Democrat city officials from releasing illegal aliens, who are known criminals, back into society.

#3 Leftists are turning on Facebook over wild claims that a massive data leak helped Trump win the election. Politicians in both the UK and the US are calling for hearings. Reporters claim that Zuckerberg “is in hiding.” Facebook stock has fallen 9%. It seems like there is a left-right pile on to denounce Zuckerberg right now. More people than ever are calling for the Federal government to regulate Facebook.

#2 An armed resource officer shot and killed a school shooter before any innocent people were killed. Two students were tragically injured, but are in stable condition. The incident completely derails the media’s narrative on guns. School shootings can be stopped with guns. More guns mean fewer victims. In Israel and Thailand, armed teachers have stopped actual suicide bombers.

#1 A proposed crackdown on Soros linked NGOs and schools has become one of Hungary’s biggest campaign issues. Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, vowed to expel the political apparatus of George Soros during giant Fidesz campaign rally. In fact, Orban’s entire campaign speech was probably the best speech given by a sitting European Prime Minister in decades.


  1. Is this series of bombings in Austin just one person? Or a team? That’s a lot of bombs.

  2. Mr. MacLeod – thank you. It’s very easy to fall into despair these days, It’s wonderful ro be given these White Pills. [They] are reminders to keep going. No matter what. Thank you.

  3. Another white pill:

    Jason Kessler @TheMadDimension
    an hour
    False “perjury” charge against me was just dropped in Albemarle County court!!

  4. Another nice set of good-news articles. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite features. Keep up the good work.

  5. Thanks for posting Orban’s speech. Is this the Right Stuff or what? EUssr take note. The Hun is at the Gate.

  6. Please keep these coming from time to time-we need some good news to help keep us motivated occasionally. Just black pills all the time is utterly depressing.

  7. I’m glad I deleted my Facebook several years ago. It seems to rule people’s lives. The one silver lining, I suppose, is that many people are getting alternative news from social media like Facebook, instead of consuming traditional mass media. This is why there’s been an attempt to crack down on “fake news” as of late, particularly in certain countries before elections. The MSM no longer has the grip on society it once had, in the same way it once did. I think newsprint and broadcast media will soon be regarded as dinosaurs, unless they radically evolve in some way. Let’s hope they don’t!

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