Count Dankula Found Guilty of Hate Speech

I’ve never followed this crowd.

I’m only vaguely familiar with Count Dankula. When I was on Twitter, I saw a couple of his tweets about how he was fond of traps. He struck me as just another lolbertarian goofball. Occasionally, I would see his tweets when he was retweeted into my newsfeed:

“Scottish YouTube personality Count Dankula — real name Mark Meechan — was found guilty at Glasgow Sherrif Court Tuesday of a hate crime, and potentially faces two months in prison after recording a video of his girlfriend’s dog doing Nazi salutes.

Reporting from inside the courtroom, journalist and street organiser Tommy Robinson said Meechan had been found guilty of being “Grossly Offensive” under the Communications Act of 2003. Meechan was due to be sentenced Tuesday afternoon but the judge decided to release him on bail, to return to court on the 23rd of April. …”

It appears this guy is going to prison now for hate speech.

Lutz Bachmann, the founder of PEGIDA, also recently got the Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern treatment. None of these people are Neo-Nazis or white supremacists by any stretch of the imagination. They all fall somewhere along the conservative to libertarian spectrum.

Anyway, I will just note that mainstream conservatism is being criminalized in the UK under a Conservative government. It is now not merely offensive and taboo, but illegal to violate politically correct taboos. The UK is now a place where men queue to rape 14-year-olds in Telford.

The moral of the story: Britons are disarmed pacifists who thought they could solve their problems by voting for the Conservative Party. It doesn’t matter if you are a Nazi. This is the sorry place they have ended up. It will only get worse from here. Clearly, they’re coming for the Liberalists now.

Note: You will have to click through several hate speech filters to access the video.

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  1. I wonder if they are trying to ligitimize Robinson’s rather “weak tea” and his associates BY persecuting them.

    It’s not like Robinson is saying anything that really challenges the status quo. Dankula isn’t anything more that a face studded libshit either.

  2. >He struck me as just another lolbertarian goofball.

    We don’t really know if British e-celebs are racist or not, because they will lose their livelihood and perhaps go to jail, if they say something racist.

    • It’s more that there would be an oil embargo, from OPEC, if the average whites rose up and slaughtered the Pakis (Rwandan style). Might not be a bad thing if the darkies were systematically eliminated in a two week shambles.

      There’s still plenty of time (40 years) though before the white population falls to the level that the US suffers at the moment.

      It’ll be communal violence with mobs and machetes when it comes.

      • Quit your frantic, transparent attempts to minimize the shameful condition of your country, you disingenuous Britcuck.

        You pathetic lames did this entirely to yourselves, and if given the same set of choices you would make exact the same arrogant decisions and find yourselves at extinction’s doorstep as surely you do now.

        And In no way does your laughable excuse for a country, voluntarily disarmed of everything from handguns to metal butter knives, have anything close to 40 years before the entirety of its landscape resembles Baltimore or Dearborn, and you damn well know it you lying worm foreigner. Stop posting and GTFO.

        • I’m not sure why it’s even being covered on here to be honest.

          Perhaps it’s just a preview of what’s already happened in the US in other ways.

        • There are around 2 million firearms floating around legally in private hands in the UK.

          The government only had around 250,000 SA80s manufactured for the army just to give you an idea of what the army has in their armoury.

    • According to the most recent figures for England and Wales, there are 138,728 people certificated to hold firearms and they own 435,383 weapons. There are 574,946 shotgun certificates which cover 1.4 million shotguns.

      Just an FYI. It’s not a massive amount but I’d bet the numbers of people who have possessed firearms and the the numbers of weapons has remained more or less static for 100 years.

        • Scotland is 96% White. I’m certain that stMping on this guy’s bollocks is part of keeping it that way.

          “Oh look at us non-racist Scots persecuting Nazis. Are we not virtuous, Och Aye?”

          Btw the British Army only has around 300,000 automatic weapons. They are outnumbered by civilian possession.

          • “Scotland is 96% White. ”

            It, like the rest of the U.K. and Europe, should be 100% White. As a kid, knowing that Europe was mostly 100% White, helped me to endure the grim fact of Niggerfuxation in America.

          • 96% isn’t so bad, 5,000,000 souls and according to the stats around 1 in 100 have a gun or two.

            could be worse.

        • There wasn’t “disarmament” in the normal sense of the word as that data shows. The people who own those shotguns, rifles and carbines are politically aligned to the right and could act. There’s over 500,000 of them in a nation of around 60 Million.

  3. 96% white and a population thats remained at five million for my entire lifetime-they certainly have less to worry about than those south of the border.

  4. The takeaway here is that the UK is a Stan owned by a Jew Bank with a British ‘caretaker’ gov’t while the various Black and coloured Tribes build their numbers. It is now a place “where men queue to rape 14 year old girls in Telford” and a bad dog who can Heil Hitler is a matter for the police.

    • Not quite.

      France has around 4.7 million Muslims and has the same population as the UK. The UK has 2.8 million Muslims.

      Germany has around 5 Million of the population recorded as Muslim.

      Let’s not talk about Belgium. They hit 7% Muslim in 2016.

      France is definitely the first western state that goes. Followed by Belgium and then Germany given the election rules. Islam could easily form a party in Germany and control the balance of the National legislature.

      some of these theatrical prosecutions are CYA for what’s coming.

      • Yes “quite”.

        You can prattle off irrelevant statistics all you want, but it doesn’t change the glaring truth that your country welcomes hordes of sandnigger invaders to rape your daughters with impunity, and then prosecutes any white person who dares speak a word of it. No other Western nation on this planet is that contemptible.

        You are always the first person on this site to make dozens of obnoxious, insulting remarks about the state of America whenever HW or whoever writes about some disappointing American issue in the news, but when MC writes a comparable story about the ghastly condition of your pitiable Cuck Island, you reflexively and desperately try to contradict it. You have been pulling that dishonest shit for years and anyone who has followed this site for as long a time can see what a smug liar you are. I repeat — stop posting and GTFO.

        • Strictly speaking I was contradicting Gabby Mouse assertion that the UK disarmed the civilian population. That’s something that really never happened.

          Possession of firearms in private hands in the UK had remained static for 100 years it’s mostly been in the form of rifles or shotguns. But a big deal media deal was made about banning semi-automatic pistols after Dunblane. At the same time the weapon system was never very widespread in first place and the civilian population, for whatever reason doesn’t and hasn’t demanded massive firepower over the last 200 years. It’s easy to get a rifle. Family back home have several.

          I didn’t take a gratuitous opportunity to insult Gabby. I was just informing her that there are around 2 Million licensed guns floating around there. No one was “disarmed”.

          The problem with Pakis, and it’s mostly Pakis doing this stuff in Britain is rooted elsewhere.

          Turks mass rape Germans, Algerians do the same in France. They have 2X 3X the guns. The US has a massive black on white rape problem. And every American theoretically has a gun on hand.

  5. The US does everything it can to put black sailors in their Scottish naval bases and mix races. This is true around the world. Black’s stationed in Denmark, Germany etc.

  6. Jews making contributions here as pseuds and hopping in and out of sockpuppet accounts, being edgy and insulting little shitposters serving it up to the goyim – your OWN movies (about your own movies, ops, theatre, psychodramas) send you up with their OWN version of the Red Pill

    Grok this goyim. Danny , the Jew , posing as a Neo Nazi (controlled opposition) tells his fellow Jew undercover (the reporter) all about it. Pick up the scene from “take sexuality”

    The Believer: Danny’s interview

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