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    • that shit-dipper certainly is a “conservative”:

      Conservatism Inc., ever since the Jewish neo-conz took it over, has been in lock-step with the kosher Culture-of-Death: abortion, porn, Judeo-feminism, and faggotry.

      the only thing “conservative” about contemporary Conservatives is:

      conserving the demi-state of Israel-in-Palestine.

    • @stuartsullivaniii: On the contrary, there is nothing more “conservative” than being a fag.

  1. Like many former libertarians, I have more of a problem with the promotion of sexual deviancy than I do with the deviants themselves.

  2. Jack Posobiec is a heterosexual practicing Christian who is married. His wife is several months pregnant

    • I heard of Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin, Greg Conte, Mike Enoch, Spahnranch 69, far-right personalities.
      But it’s the first time I heard of this Watson guy.

        • It’s a well known scientific fact that pederasts and pedophiles actually have physical signatures that are associated with their evil deviancy. It’s genetic and/or caused by fetal damage from viruses, drugs, or the mother’s genetics. This is probably the case with homosexuals as well.

    • Anyone who is surprised by this is the same type of person that would let their 10 year old son sleep over at Michael Jackson’s house and then act enraged and “betrayed” when it turns out he was rubbing on their balls.

  3. Like other gays (and Jews, too), only Muslims are a threat to Watson. The anti-whites are to be ignored.

    I believe it was the Belgian army that first allows gays in its ranks. It was during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. It was deemed a complete failure. They ran far more often than they faced the threat. It’s not like it wasn’t a high probability or anything. But, I’ve also wondered if it’s a way for the globalists to kill them off, too. Isn’t that why they desegregated the armed forces? And, to speed up miscegenation at the same time. These globalists are cunning but brilliant in getting their plan carried out. Buy its victims. Volunteering can be a form of suicide.

  4. I heard he was married to an Asian or something. I don’t know what’s worse-faggotry or misconjenalation-sorry….can’t spell the word, but yeah not sure who’s worse.

    • That was just a cover story. Nobody has seen his asian wife because she doesn’t exist. He is a faggot and always has been a faggot.

      • @Steve,
        Thanks. Yeah I was never sure about that Asian wife tale. Watson always struck me as being a tad effeminate, despite trying to come across as aggressive in his video rants.

    • People have been so conditioned to think of race mixing as normal now. Race mixing is worse because it has a higher cost to society as they reproduce. Fags don’t reproduce and are much more likely to die from HIV.

      20% of fags are HIV positive but nearly half of them don’t know it. Baltimore is the highest at 38%. A rate of infection in excess of 15 cases per 100,000 is considered an epidemic.

  5. HW, the next crazy thing you’ll be telling us is that Bill Mitchell (@mitchellvii) is a flamer.

  6. I thought he outed himself last year with that picture of himself hitting the gay bars. The expression on his face was unmistakably un-straight.

    Btw they call themselves “homa-seshals” or “faggots.” Try to be more sensitive Hunter.

  7. Yeah everyone knew he was a faggot. It’s fucking disgusting, man. If you’re a dude and you lust after hairy balls there is something wrong with your brain and it needs to be shut down. Dicks can’t get you pregnant, Paul, you fucking degenerate soyboy homo. Nature did not intend for you to be a faggot. Nature did not give you a penis so you could stick it in other men’s butts.

  8. I always heavily suspected so anyway. He looks almost exactly like this peter-puffer I knew of in prison, a boy who lived in another unit, who the jigs called “10-speed”. Use your imagination as to why he was called 10-speed, lol. (My apologies for the mental imagery!)

    PJW was already bog-worthy, though, even long before “coming out”. Same with his fat little toad boss.

  9. I’m expecting El Chapo and Gothic Joe to come out shortly. They could be Jewish multimillionaires from New York, who possibly live together and are verrry close, drive a ’74 Mustang 4cyl. Could be civil rights lawyers….

  10. This may have been covered previously, but I just found out about it when I decided to see what happened to the little Gary Coleman looking Negro boy who stood beside Obama as the Un-Affordable Health Care Act was signed. It turns out that his name is Marcelas Owens, and he is now identifying as a female.

    I feel sorry for some of the people who have birth defects, like Hermaphrodites. And, I suppose that there are some people who have hormone imbalances; like women with an excess of testosterone and a mustache, and men who are infused with estrogen and who are naturally frail and effeminate. Perhaps, some of these people can’t help their proclivities, but being born with a physical deformity doesn’t normalize it. No more than someone who is born with muscular dystrophy is normal. Something, somewhere, went wrong. I think those who claim to be homosexuals who have genetic disorders are the exception, accounting for probably .5% of the total. The other 99.5% are suffering from some form of mental illness, or are just perverted.

    In the 1970’s the American Psychiatric Association was pressured by the Homosexual lobby into removing Homosexuality from it’s list of mental disorders. Now it has been replaced with Homophobia. So, people who are confused about their gender, and in denial about obvious roles in human reproduction, are perfectly rational and mentally competent individuals, and, instead, it is the people who refuse to reject basic biological realities in favor of embracing the group psychosis, are illogical, narrow-minded and unsound.

    I read a book by Tammy Bruce called “The Death of Right and Wrong.” Tammy is a guest commentator on Fox News. She is a Lesbian and a former President of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization of Women (N.O.W.). The book is very revealing, as it offers an insiders perspective of the LGBQTXYZ movement. It is clear from the beginning that Tammy has an axe to grind, and that eventually comes out. But, she draws attention to N.A.M.B.L.A., the Bareback Movement, and other extreme left wing elements. The North American Man Boy Love Association is believed to have been responsible for the actions of the murderers of Jesse Dirkhising, a thirteen year old boy who was drugged, bound, sodomized, and suffocated with underwear stuffed in his mouth. The Barebackers aim to destigmatize venereal disease by spreading it through unprotected, anal sex. Tammy sounds like some of the older gay and lesbians who used to ask, “Do you think that I would choose to be this way?” She repudiates adoptions by gay couples, and avers that a child should be raised by a mother and a father. In spite of her openess about her personal preferences, she does seem to recognize that she is a deviant, and she doesn’t appear to be encouraging others to “join the club.”

    • The severe sexual deviants are our ruling elites. Except they have the money and power to suppress the leaks. Social degeneracy, crime, perversion, and other forms of mental illness are generally top down. If they don’t start there which are rare instances, they are tolerated and promoted by the upper classes.

    • Another interesting note is that the APA was convinced by black political groups to reduce the IQ of the retarded category from 85 to 70 because 85 would place half of the black population as retarded. Sounds accurate to me.

      While Jordan Peterson is a cuck on race and the JQ, he does talk about IQ. He brought up the fact that the military has made it illegal to recruit, even in a time of war, anyone who is below an 83 IQ because they established that people with low IQs are worthless and can’t follow simple instructions.

  11. Can’t say I’d picked up PJW on my Gaydar but this is good news – I’d certainly sh@g him!!!

    • Why would you be against abortion of Third Worlders? It’s a statistical fact that reducing the population of inner city blacks for example is the BEST way to reduce crime.

      The Black Plague even though a tragedy, is speculated to have had a eugenic effect in Europe because most of the people who died were lower class, lower-IQ whites.

  12. Hahaha. I was banned about 6 months ago from infowars comment section for posting links to tweets from @prisonplanet w/ pictures of pjw with his little band of altkike homos with captions like “checking out molenbeeks vibrant gay scene. Excited!”

    Those infotards swore PJW was straight as an arrow and married to a woman.

    Yet I considered the proliferation of “le based tranny in a maga hat” type articles (you know to show how homophobic leftist really are?) And the constant appearance of Milo kikeinanus to be defacto proof of pjwS sexual orientation.

    Guess I was right.

    I also found it interesting that there were a dedicated troop of homosexual “conservative” shills on infowars attacking and flagging “homophobic” comments.

    One account was banned within 3 min of initial post.

    Efficient little faggots.

    • Known pederast and taunting faggot Milo is defended and promoted by InfoWars. He hosted a show recently. He’s much worse than PJW. Not to mention all the race cuckery that Alex Jones engages in who doesn’t care if America becomes all non-white as long as they believe in freedom and buy his snake oil!

  13. The Alt Right isn’t far behind the Alt Light with their acceptance of queers and race mixers especially if they’re males. You have Greg Johnson who Hunter is in communication with. That snake Matt Parrot was BFF with him at one point if not still. Spencer’s BFF for a long time was Donovan. Red Ice’s Alt Right darling Lana Lokteff who can do no wrong according to many bootlickers like Vincent Law, once told me on Twitter when I asked her why an open queer and non-white Cuban were speaking at an Alt Right event she responded condescendingly that homosexuality is normal and I should read up on it. Sounds more like an SJW than Alt Righter.

  14. I don’t see anything that would indicate Paul Watson is a Sodomite. Looking at the posts to that image, it’s clear that he’s hated by communists and their fellow travelers.

  15. He’s a queer, by the way HW, why do you ban Nationalist’s with a positive opinion?

  16. Following in footsteps of David Brock. 1. Start out as conservative firebrand. 2. Finding no money in it, decide to switch sides. 3. Turn queer to establish your leftist credentials. 4. Find cushy job being a leftist bigmouth. 5. Live happily ever after, except for still having to do 3.

    Watch my prediction play out.

  17. Dethrone all these freaks and remove them and their sins from the camp. God has given us examples in scriptures to follow and those to not follow.

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