Austin Bomber Mark Conditt Left Behind Confession

No, the Austin bomber wasn’t connected to Atomwaffen.

There is no evidence he was a READ SIEGE poster. Instead, it turns out that he was a self-described conservative who was suffering from problems in his personal life:

“Brian Manley, interim police chief in Austin, Texas, said on Wednesday that authorities found “a 25-minute ‘confession'” on Mark Conditt’s phone, the Austin bombing suspect, per the Washington Post.

The details: Per Manley, Conditt did not mention terrorism or hatred as his motivation; the phone recording seemed to be “the outcry of a very challenged young man, talking about challenges in his personal life, that led him to this point.” Conditt also mentioned all known explosive devices, per the Post.

Earlier on Wednesday, officials said they had been safely removing and exposing of homemade explosives and bomb components in Conditt’s home. The suspect killed himself Wednesday morning by detonating a bomb when approached by police.”

We don’t need to be more irresponsible than the mainstream media.

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    • I’m going to go with Mormon. You really don’t want these throwbacks in your communities.

      • Throwbacks? The Mormons were originally racially exclusive, allowing only Whites to be apart of their religion, and they were also polygamous. The System realised that a group of sexually privileged and homogeneous human beings were extremely dangerous to their power over the West, and so: Forced racial integration upon them, and then forced them to give up polygamy (so far from being polyamory, it is a healthy sexual lifestyle when you are looking to spread your seed).

        They were anything but throwbacks. One should read David Lane’s opinions regarding sexuality and the Mormons.

  1. Anglin is quite talented and does a lot of good – but then he fucks it all up with his shit-stirring and creation of unnecessary drama.

    • Talent can be very damaging when used to trash huge swathes of the Movement by calling them pipe-bombing satanic Siege terrorists.

      The Left is beyond ecstatic right now.

      • Conditt isn’t out of line politically with 50% of voters. It’s just then bombing part that is unusual. He’s a radicalized Center-Right libertarian with some mild objections to gay marriage. Hardly worth noting his stances based on that blog he put up.

    • Yeah Anglin is talented at smoking meth and using morphine at the same time without dying. That’s about it.

  2. Besides calling people terrorists, Anglin recently called for his young readers to join the Republican party. Something is different about him, and it doesn’t like anything good.

  3. At least pro-whites joining the republican party would have a chance at red-pilling normalfags, instead of arguing with other pro-whites in some corner of the internet, where no normalfag ever ventures.

    • The only thing that matters is nationalizing the FED if you choose to attempt to reform the (((system))). Bernie Sanders personally killed Ron Paul’s audit bill btw with a procedural move. We would probably be talking about kicking the bankers out right now if that had passed.

  4. Just when you thought that the Delusional System could not become any more delusional, an Official Coincidence Theory is fed to the FakeNN. In the same month that TWP goes ka-blowey we have a ‘self-described’ conservative Austin bomber suspect who conveniently blows himself up and leaves behind a confession. Just like 911 terrorists leave their passports at the scene and martyr letters at bars.

    Meanwhile, the real smoking gun for all this Deep State shyte languishes in an L.A. jail. No one will touch him with a ten foot pole.

    • Jew-CIA brain control tech is real -Much more advanced than MK ultra. Need to discuss the many ways it could be done. Youth are targeted. Repeated ultra sound & subliminal msgs in combination with social media & TV propaganda. Cellphones,Alexa are useful for ultrasound at night??

  5. His conservative postings were from circa 2012. His writings don’t sound much different from my own rather libertarian perspective from back then.

    My own views obviously have changed greatly since then. I bet his did, too. But given this guy’s supposedly low internet profile, we may not get to see what he became.

  6. “Per Manley, Conditt did not mention terrorism or hatred as his motivation.”

    I guess maybe he blew people up out of love then? Regardless of anything he said, he obviously had a great amount of hatred for other people. Why else would you send bomb packages to people? Problems in your personal life doesn’t explain it because then why not just kill yourself and leave everyone else alone?

    In our political discourse we have a very narrow and retarded definition of “hate” that doesn’t apply to all violent crimes. “Hate” in the current year just means not liking blacks or jews or fags. But the fact of the matter is there is not a single violent crime that gets committed that isn’t at least partly motivated by “hate.” If you bash your girlfriend’s head against a wall then it means you hate her. If you shoot a clerk during a robbery then you obviously hate him. Maybe not because he’s black or a faggot but you hate him because of his job and that he might call the police on you.

    • I don’t think that’s the point. He held center right opinions with a little bit of teenage libertarianism thrown in. A teenage Paul Ryan without a political career.

    • It was mentioned about mind control.
      I don’t know how an entity would go about that. The results are very bad.
      Chaos is fomented. It appears there is something out there masterminding these terrible events. To what end?

  7. He was homeschooled. Looks like he was wired abit too tight for this world. An inherent anti-social personality coupled with a lack of social connections as a kid. It would be interesting to know why he initially targeted blacks.

    • My guess is that it wasn’t deliberate. Then the press talked about how he was being racist for attacking blacks so he set a devise to kill randomly. Just to show he wasn’t a racist.

      At a certain point a mass casualty event is going to natirally have black people in it. Hispanic people. East Asians. American
      Society is that far gone down the diversity hole.

  8. “The details: Per Manley, Conditt did not mention terrorism or hatred as his motivation;”

    Rest assured, the Bolshevik media and the Communist lay public, will insist that Conditt was a niggercidal maniac who wanted to gas Jews. Of course, they’ll demand more Goy control and demand that the New York and Massachusetts state legislatures have more say in how Texas is governed, too.

  9. White rage (I know, this guy’s picture looks kinda mystery meat) doesn’t take place in a vacuum any more than black rage does. Diversity, apart from White Genocide, is preceded by a non cohesive, unstable, angry and fearful population. Terrorism and mass violence are to be expected.

    • >Terrorism and mass violence are to be expected.

      Yeah, but nobody on OD want to make this point, because shitting on Anglin is more important.

      When young white males are disenfranchised from society to the degree that they have no hope of ever getting a family, then some of them will lash out, although most just kills themselves outright, or indirectly through drugs, alcohol and reckless behavior.

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