Black male rams car into crowd of gay men. One dead.

Witnesses say Cordale Robinson, a black male, intentionally rammed his car into a crowd outside a Houston gay bar called Montrose. He allegedly tried to hit as many people as he could, dragging victims along the way.

One victim, a twenty-six-year-old black male was killed. Many more victims have serious injuries.

Robinson was allegedly beaten up by a group of men from the bar before the attack.


  1. Cain, are you posting this because you’re concerned about the lives of the injured/deceaded, or are you just trying to shovel shit?

  2. When the economy tanks, how is it going to be possible to blame the condition on activities of racially conscious whites, white nationalists etc etc…there’s loterally no one left to blame but the Jews after witnessing the shuttening after Charlottesville.

    There will be hell to pay.

    • sadly that will not be allowed to happen, its going to go down just like south africa, brazil, china etc where there is still an extremely rich elite but a “brown” working class that is in absolute poverty.

  3. Can we please stop using the term PILL. It makes the movement sound like we are a bunch of pill heads. Most pills are white but that doesn’t mean they are good for you.

    OD it seems like Hunter and his writers seem down in the dumps after the Matt situation. Don’t let their fuck up bring down.

    So you got hurt… Well my football coach would say “rub some dirt on it and get back out there”

      • Another late ’60’s cult film I saw at the drive-in back then! Just think, Tate was living on borrowed time & didn’t even know it.

  4. Sounds to me like it was justified this time in that….he kind of had a motive caused by provocation. Not defending him but he was beaten up. Blacks killing black and white fags?…….ahhh well back to work.

  5. Another website claims the nigger-faggot got mad after he sucked off three fellow nigger-faggots in the bar’s men’s room, and when the last one blew his load down his throat he told him he was Aids-positive.

  6. I have no dog in this fight, but when faggots are kept away from children, homos are a self-correcting problem.

  7. Factual corrections for text of post: The name of the bar is Bayou City Bar. The name of the gentrified metrosexual Houston ‘hood is Montrose.

  8. News does not fit the gun banning jewish media’s interest. It has been suppressed in network and cable tv.

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