Vice: Introducing Cuck Spartan

A year ago, Cuck Spartan was a hero to the AmNats who now spend all their time denouncing “LARPers.” They were out there standing shoulder to shoulder with him in the various Battles for Berkeley. This Star Spangled buffoon was called “Based Spartan” at the time.

Note: I’ve always wondered why White Nationalists, but not these California boys were attacked as LARPers. The biggest weirdos out there were on the West Coast.

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  1. Is that the Cucked Stickman? I never really paid attention to the stick fighting faggotry. Wake me when it’s time to don plate carriers and load mags.

    • No. Based Stickman is leader of the Proud Boys. He also abandoned you. I think it’s funny how so many of the macho REAL men fighters of Berkeley that the Alt-Right memed so much about turned out to be anti-racists with Asian or Hispanic wives. 😛

    • His daughter seems like a nice person. Probably a better person than you. Shouldn’t have let her dad sink that deep into the Alt-Right, though. At least he’s out now.

  2. This queer has been tasked with running interference. I wonder if the ADL has made any deposits into his bank account? And, his voice sounds like that of a whiny yenta.

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