President Trump Announces Bump Stocks Ban

It has been a big 72 hours for the Trump administration.

It started with the blow that President Trump had picked John Bolton to be his National Security Adviser. It progressed from there to the total sellout in the omnibus. The cherry on top of the MAGA shit sundae this weekend was cucking on gun control and banning bump stocks:

“(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump says his administration will “BAN” bump stock devices that “turn legal weapons into illegal machines.”

The Justice Department announced Friday that it has started the process to amend federal firearms regulations to clarify that federal law defines bump stocks as machine guns. …”


There is something to piss off nearly everyone over the last few weeks: economic populists who had to swallow the steel and aluminum tariff exemptions and Larry Kudlow as Trump’s top economic adviser, free speech advocates who saw President Trump dismiss their cause entirely, social conservatives who saw Planned Parenthood get funded in the omnibus, border hawks who realized they were pumped and dumped by the MAGA movement, gun owners who saw Republican opposition to gun control crumble, “America First” isolationists who saw Congress fund a war machine just in time for the appointments of neocons John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, fiscal hawks who had to swallow $1.3 trillion in spending, etc. The Jewish interest and the military interest are satisfied though.

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  1. Magafaggots already making excuses for this, and the usual “you pussies quit so easy, you don’t know how to win (lol what),” and my favorite “He banned your right to accessorize your gun”. These guzzlers would not only turn their own guns in for their fkn “god emperor” if/when he goes along with confiscation, they’d betray any resistance in a fkn second. To the retards: This ban is NOT about accessorizing (what a faggot) it’s about encroachment, it shows how fucking stupid the adulterer truly is (they’re not machine guns, you rich faggot) and WILL be broadened to include all manner of recoil compensators and thumb hole stocks. TL;DR the enemy is setting up a gun confiscation and the adulterous traitor -and therefore his loyal sheep – will go along.

  2. I m fine with the bump stock ban

    Sensible gun contro
    Sensible immigration control
    Sensible birth control

    Japan Singapore and Finland do all of these

    Looking to do that here in Chicago

    • “Sensible gun control”. So what do you propose confiscating? Because anytime someone uses weasel words like control it always means confiscation. Do you decide what is sensible, or do we get a say? Of course if we disagree we’re not being “sensible”, right? And will you do it, or SWAT? Of course you’re fine with the (fill in the sensible blank) ban. Of course!

      • I assume that Trump is thinking that Bumpstocks are a rare item, somewhat of a novelty and that they make it harder to hit a target.

        So banning them is an easy way to appear to compromise for Trump. He can turn around and say: “hey look ladies I’m a reasonable man open to a deal.”

        It’s time some prominent GOP retiring this season actually stated that blacks do almost all the crime with illegally obtained guns, so all this activism by left is garbage and sinister.

      • From what i’ve been hearing from pro-gun commentaors is this is not about banning bump stocks, this is the run up to a blanket ban of all semiautomatic firearms though redefining them as machine guns in one way or another because they can fire multiple shot quickly. In other words, the Kikes are seeking to do an end run around the Constitution by imposing ATF regulations that will have the force of law. If so, civil war is at hand.

    • I’ve been told by someone who knows firearms that bump stocks are pretty well useless. Of course it doesn’t follow that they should be banned.

  3. O/T Who has been organizing and financing the anti-firearms children’s crusade? I understand Oprah donated 500K but there’s got to be a lot more than that. I’m going to go out on a limb but any chance there’s heavy Jewish involvement?

  4. He’s about to find out that he’ll get no credit from the radical left, mainstream left and center left for buckling to gun control measures.

    He’s still,


    To them.

  5. In lieu of a long comment,

    If the League of the South wants to “pivot” after the dead end of the Alt Right this is what needs to happen:

    1) It can’t be particularly right wing. Political orientation is largely genetic and isn’t amenable to persuasion. We need a movement of racial unity en route to a government of racial unity. So that “hard right” gambit is another dead end (I’m thinking specifically of some comments by Dr Hill recently, he had good instincts on rebuffing the Alt Right, then gave in to the mania, the “hard right” brand is doubling down on that error. Just be normal folks).

    2) The South is in danger of being on the other side of the Partition line because of the massive amounts of non – whites. If you want to nip this in the bud, start pushing the kind of Partition you would want before another kind is imposed on you: maps, laws, etc etc etc.

    3) Local charities can evolve into the skeleton of a new government. You aren’t trying to propagandize these people as much as build the network.

  6. Gun control is not the right issue to do “4d chess” on

    I’ve been criticizing Trump pretty heavily but once he started with the gun control stuff, suddenly my relatively “normie” “patriot” relatives are even more angry at Trump than I am.

    • That may turn out to be good medicine for the right.

      If there’s one battle that can be won on the mainstream spectrum it’s Gun Rights.

      And it’s implicitly a racial question too.

      • It’s largely regional for instance in Alabama almost all the Democrats are against gun control, most against abortion and I believe all of them voted against Obamacare. Republicans in the NE are for all those things so the regional aspect always plays the biggest part in a lot of major issues.

        The NE needs to be burned to the ground along with California and several other states.

        • In the North East you also have a sly racial dynamic. Gun Regulation is aimed at Urban Dindu.

  7. All I can say is that if .gov wants to continue fucking with the people, they are going to end up with McVeigh 2.0, maybe even multiple.

  8. When I returned to functional coherence in mid-November, and was able to catch up on some of the big ticket news items that transpired in the previous four months since I had been so rudely inconvenienced,” one of the big items was this Vegas shooting. I kept reading “bump stock” over and over again, and wondered what the hell is a bump stock? I’m hardly the world’s biggest firearms aficionado, but I know more than the average bear. Even though that didn’t preclude me from thinking that Sig Sauer was a brand of sauerkraut for the longest time.

    Anyway, I did a little research, and I came to the hot take conclusion that a bump stock is a great way to ruin a perfectly good rifle.

    But the one time everyone would have wished the bump stock would have done its usual cocking up, the damned thing didn’t, and worked “properly.”

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