President Trump Takes Another Crack At Banning Transsexuals From The Military

I guess he had to try to do something to soften the blow of the omnibus:

“WASHINGTON — Transgender troops who are currently in the United States military may remain in the ranks, the White House said late Friday, but the Pentagon could require them to serve according to their gender at birth.

The policy recommendation that President Trump approved flatly states that “transgender persons who require or have undergone gender transition are disqualified from military service.” But it also largely gives the Pentagon the ability to make exceptions where it sees fit.

The policy adopts recommendations that Mr. Trump received last month from Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. It comes after court rulings froze the president’s initial ban on transgender troops — issued in July — as potentially unconstitutional. …”

This is another one of Trump’s multitude of “yay, that’s a good headline” stories that starts a process that ends up later being called a foul ball by the federal courts. He can go back to his base and say he tried without the policy ever being enacted. See also the token gesture vote on the 20 week abortion ban.

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  1. I don’t even believe a federal judge is needed. “Mad Dog” Mattis (who should know better) supports this stupid shit.

    • Why doesn’t Mattis have a wife? Every officer above the rank of Captain is expected to be married.


  2. I think the Empire should field a military composed entirely of LGBTQwhatever, negroes, illegal aliens, jews and women.

  3. “But it also largely gives the Pentagon the ability to make exceptions where it sees fit.”

    The only line that matters.

    Incredible that the man who showed so much personal dominance for so many years, not just in the campaign, has turned out in office to be such a pussy. No hard lines on anything, just loopholes on every directive making them as porous as a sponge.

    • El Hebreo: I’m trying to imagine what you look like. That emaciated queer David Hogg/Zogg/Fagg comes most readily to mind.

  4. I fully support allowing homos, trannies and spic gang-bangers to serve in the ZOG military. That will make it much easier for the Red Chinese, Iranians, Syrians, North Koreans and Soviets to defeat this evil, decadent jew empire.

  5. I am reminded of Knappe`s book SOLDAT when his German unit was fighting the Soviets outside of Moscow in 1941, and the Russkies threw out a couple thousand infantry in a crazy charge, and all of them were massacred in a minute by the Krauts. They were saying to each other, wtf? Examining the bodies, found all of them Mongolian, the first non white Soviet troops they had faced. Knapp asked in his book, now why would they do that? I imagine the old Nazi had a smile on his face when He wrote that, 40 years later. …. so yes, induct all the trannies, put them at the front, and watch them die.

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