#MAGA: President Trump Expels 60 Russian Diplomats

Do you remember President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign?

I recall one of Donald Trump’s key selling points over his Republican rivals being that we were going to have an ‘America First’ foreign policy. The neocons like John Bolton who led us into Iraq wouldn’t be in charge of our foreign policy anymore. We were going to stay out of foreign quagmires like Afghanistan. We were going to have a new relationship with Russia:

“Washington (CNN) – The United States, European Union countries, Canada and Ukraine expelled more than 100 Russian diplomats on Monday in response to Russia’s alleged use of a nerve agent to poison a former Russian spy living in the United Kingdom.

President Donald Trump on Monday ordered the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats the US identified as intelligence agents and the closure of the Russian consulate in Seattle, the most forceful action Trump has taken against Russia to date. Of those being expelled, 48 of the alleged intelligence agents work at the Russian embassy in Washington and 12 are posted at the United Nations in New York, senior administration officials said. …”

No, we don’t have a new relationship with Russia. We have the same relationship with Russia that we would if Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio had won the presidency. Jeb Bush and Rubio would have armed Ukraine. Jeb Bush and Rubio would have killed Russian troops in Syria. Jeb Bush and Rubio would be expelling Russian diplomats along with Ukraine and our NATO allies.

Note: It is Theresa May who bans Lauren Southern for life from the UK. It is Britain that allows Muslims to rape its own little girls in places like Rotherham and Telford.

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  1. Serious question: Say hypothetically I had about 30 guys in an American city ready to take orders from you Hunter. Say we’re hypothetically ready to abandon the Alt Right and join you. What should we be doing right now? What are your orders?

    • At the very least you should be stockpiling ammunition and magazines (not clips) by the case for your AR15s (you do have a half dozen, right?)
      You should also be training physically every day.

      • ” stockpiling ammunition and magazines”

        The war we’re in is not a physical war. It is not a guerilla war. It is a cultural/political war. And the way to fight back is to organise white people, socially, culturally, politically. Not buying ammo and LARPing as a militia.

        • But if you want to stockpile weapons and ammunition, make sure that they are AK variants and to stockpile 7.62×39.

          You will need to be proficient if you choose to volunteer in support of the foreign occupational authorities at some point in our shared future (see my reply to Mestigoit below).

    • Leave the city.

      Go out into the hinderlands, met a nice country girl, get married, have kids, live back up in the hills “with your woman, and your kids, and your dogs and guns” (that’s a Bocephus song by the way) and “be something you love and understand” (that’s Skynyrd).

      Stop being a cityidoit (city + yid + idoit)

    • I don’t speak for HW, but if I was in that situation my first “order” would be do no harm. Don’t make the situation worse by voting Republican and investing in the GOP and a sack of shit con artist like Donald Trump.

  2. Bolton was the sign.

    a direct Isramerican attack on Iran is now inevitable, possibly – Wag the Dog – before the November fake-election. IF Russia comes to Iran’s aid, and that’s remains unclear, think of the side-bennies:

    no more Jew-ruled Washington DC
    no more Jew York, Jew Wall St.
    no more Jew Las Vegas
    no more Jew Miami Beach
    no more Jew Hollywood


    • Shouldn’t we be pushing for exactly that though, a catastrophic war? Since we know elections in America are a hoax and we also know the only way right-wing revolutions happen is through losing big wars and economic collapses, what is the argument against pushing to have a big war with Russia? Isn’t this the *only* path forward for changing governments? Just waiting passively for a “collapse” (from nothing) is a sure path to Brazil. Brazil hasn’t collapsed. Why not push to involve the country (which we all hate anyway) in a war it can’t win as an impetus for a right-wing revolution?

      • If Trump does launch a war against Iran or North Korea, it would be the nail in the coffin of the Ricky Vaughn types. Is that a reason to cheer for a destructive war though? I don’t think so.

        • “Is that a reason to cheer for a destructive war though?”


          But a war to end all brothers-wars? A cleansing fire? An impetus for our revolution?


        • @Hunter -we are not xheering for a nuclear war. We simply appreciate the fact that millions of Americans, of all Races, are deliberately willfully clueless Eloi, and the Jews NEVER STOP. They NEVER stop wreaking havoc until a ruthless force STOPS them. If Jewmerica, under ZOG, is crushed – Humanity may stand a chance at survival.

      • I for one tend to agree with you, Volkstaat, as horrible as what a full-scale super-power war would surely be. But, were that to happen, I think we definitely would need to seize power ourselves rather than trusting Russia after the worst of the fires die down to come to our White Nationalist aid. Like everyone else, I do like the way Putin has kicked the jew-demon Soros out, how he has elevated the Russian Orthodox Church to official status, how he has dealt with other (((corrosive elements))), how he has publicly chastised the West over “committing mass suicide” with our jew-controlled immigration madness, etc., etc., etc…. But. Like many things in life, especially when politics are involved, appearances are very deceiving, and I get a feeling in my guts that we never want to put ourselves under Putin’s boot, either.

        White Nationalists ought to instead use a chaotic America vs. Russia war scenario as a means to decisively, quickly, and with extreme force take control of this country, its military and all other resources ourselves… and then set about purging our country of all its enemies, including the White ones who are race-mixers, faggots, commies, and “anti-racists”… and also be working on pushing whatever Russian forces might come back to Russia.

        • I don’t quite get just how ZOG sending young white soldiers back to the Middle East AGAIN will strengthen us in any way…
          All of the warriors we need would be sent to the slaughter, while all the undocumented illegals here would be “drafted” into service to ‘protect the homeland’…
          Reconstruction 2.0….read your history folks.
          Cutting down our youth is like cutting down a forest of good trees…the scrub returns alot faster than those sturdy oaks will.
          I have a son. I served. He isn’t going, even if I have to tie him to the kitchen chair and fight every draft-board enforcer that rolls up my driveway.
          His natural inclination towards being a warrior will be needed HERE….if necessary, fighting on the soil his forefathers ( Southern..) fought and bled upon.
          Who else feels the way I do? Any of you?

      • The main reason to oppose it in my mind is that Trump’s war will be disproportionately fought by white men from middle, working class and poor families and serve every interest in the book except white folks’ interests.

        You don’t think it’s clear Trump is a liar? What other explanation could there be for the direction Trump is taking? Putting Bolton in charge is the exact opposite of what Trump campaigned on.

        • @Lew – when will White men STOP being such MORONS, fighting and killing and dying for the benefit of the KIKE DEVILS that loathe them?

          • Exactly Denise, when will white men realize they are blood sacrifices for the Kike’s genocidal wars, and that Kikes utterly hate them?

  3. Expelling foreign diplomats is a what one country does when it is about to go to war with the expelled diplomats’ country, no?

    • Historically, yes, but not always. And in the case of our Western Jew World Order, it seems to be just a way to throw a temper-tantrum.

      • I think the ZOG is trying to warn off Russia from coming to Iran’s aid once the Middle East Big War begins.

        we’ll see if Putin is willing to take dictation from Israhell and ‘Murka.

    • When war is imminent, expulsion of diplomats is also accompanied by the expulsion of the amdassador and his staff along with breaking off of diplomatic relations. So this in and of itself is not a sign war is imminent, but it does indicate relations with Russia are worsening. It is also a fact that spies often masquerade as diplomats.

  4. I don’t think Putin or Russia are at all interested in your Southern or white nationalist projects and will NOT assist you in any way, ever.

    I have no interest in the (((USA))) bombing Russia.

    • You raise an interesting question. In the first War Between the States the Russians sided with the Union while the French (and British?) went with the Rebels. In a second War of Secession which foreign powers would support the North and which would take the side of the South?

      • Russia values stability. Unlike the US– the “empire of chaos”– Russia is not seeking to export or impose on others their system or an ideology. It wishes to protect its interests, develop itself and be a respected power in a multi-polar world. Russia wants to make enemies neutral, neutrals into partners, partners into friends, friends into allies. I doubt it would get involved here unless as part of an international force to bring order out of the chaos.

        • Then be ready to sign up to serve in their native auxiliary police force.

          Start learning the Russian language.

      • It’s a fact Russians and Ukrainians were directly participating in combat against the Confederacy. One made quite a name for himself, he was called “The Terrible Cossack” because he liked cavalry charges in the face of heavy fire and no doubt he also enjoyed using his saber the way all Cossacks are trained to, namely running people through or decapitating them.

        • How is this relevant? Other than to sir up (((hatred of Russians))).

          Tell us how your Baba, back in the old country, “… when she was a little girl, every few nights their father would burst into the house and shout, “The Cossacks are coming to burn the shtetl tamarrah”. She and her brothers and her mother would have to swallow the family diamonds and run to the village police station to beg for State protection … oy vey, all the eating and pooping, pooping and eating … then we came to Amerika!”

    • Au contraire, Mestigoit, you can bet your ass that Putin is very interested in our White Nationalist movement! How could you be so simple? How could you not reason that he would be interested in us for much the same reasons that the (((U.S.))) was/is interested in the “neo-nazi” movement in Ukraine?

      Why is it that, all of a sudden like, just over the last few years, Putin is “Based” from the WN point of view? Why all of the pictures of Putin with cool-looking shades on, why all of the talk about him “battling the jews”? …and yes, I’m aware that he banned jew-demon Soros and his NGOs…, that he officialized the Russian Orthodox Church… etc., etc., etc. And I can certainly understand why all of this is “evidence enough” that Putin is a Based White Hero to so many in our movement. But I know a simple truth, too, and that truth is that nothing is as it appears in this world, most especially in the world of politics. EVERYTHING is 99% of the time “rigged” by somebody. And jews, they are VERY deceptive, VERY subtle… and they love to play both sides of a conflict off on one another. That’s why the biggest majority of the “neo-nazi” Ukrainian leadership is JEWISH.

      And it’s why I watch Putin, I read Russia Insider… but am not one bit fooled by Putin’s “base” show of late nor Russia Insider’s new “anti-semitic” change-of-heart.

      YOU’D BETTER BELIEVE THAT PUTIN HAS AN INTEREST IN US. But, contrary to many in our movement, I’m not at all under any illusions as to why he’s interested in us (and our European counterparts).

      You, along with many others in this movement, need to start thinking in terms of reverse-psychology, subtlety, and seeming paradoxes.

      • Bullshit.

        He’d be more interested in propping up niggers and beaners if he’s looking to tear up the American power structure.

        • Even if you don’t agree with what I’ve said, Captain John, none of what I said is “bullshit”. And as far as the “propping up niggers and beaners” tack, why would he need to? There are already plenty of organizations, idiots and cucked politicians who’re doing it. Haven’t you ever heard that “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”? And are you forgetting – or simply ignoring – the fact that Putin was very cozy with the Clintons and the entire democratic apparatus for quite some time? Have you never watched any of those Yuri Bezmenov videos on YT? At what point, can you tell me?, did Putin and Russia in general become beyond reproach in your mind? Are you even aware that there’s been a major shift in perception only recently?

          Do you not have a critical-thinking cell in your entire brain? Are you incapable of being healthily paranoid?

        • Here’s a little scenario to entertain and exorcise your brain with, although admittedly crude and over-simplified:

          Actors: 1) a young runaway girl, 2) a group of thugs, 3) a street pimp.

          Scene: The runaway girl is prostituting herself in order to survive on the streets of New York. She gets noticed by a group of thugs, who begin terrorizing her, threatening her, catching her by herself and robbing her, beating her up, etc.

          Then, in the middle of one such episode, along comes this big, mean-looking dude. He walks up swinging, punches a couple of the thugs and tells the entire group that they’d better leave the poor child alone, that they’d better not even look at her from now on! The thugs, apparently scared of this guy, pick themselves up off the pavement, apologize to the girl, assure the big dude that they’ll never bother her again, and slink away.

          Final scene: The girl, happy and relieved, unaware of the game that’s just been played on her, has a new friend, a protector, a hero

          … and a pimp to give her money to.


          Do we want Putin or anyone else for a pimp? Chew on that for a while.

      • Putin’s not perfect but he’s the most politically incorrect leader in the West by far and even calls himself a Christian. Russia is hated by the left because they are not willing to impose all the politically correct BS that the EU and NATO have pushed on the rest of Europe.

        • “…he’s the most politically incorrect leader in the West by far…”

          First, he’s not a “leader in the West”, but Eastern European, and secondly, hast thou not considered Viktor Mihály Orbán, Hungary’s PM, an outspoken Central European leader, in thy testimony concerning not-perfect-but-?-ness?

          Thesis, antithesis, synthesis…

    • @WP – yup. White must STOP volunteering to be fodder for the Jew Wars. The Heebs love “vibrant diversity” Let He-zooz and Rashida fight the Russians. White men must LIVE.

      • Disagree.

        Whites need to control and crew weapon systems like tanks, artillery, aircraft carriers and the like. Or yhevweapons are more likely to be turned on whites domestically.

        It would be encouraging if white men in those organizations occasionally rolled thebtank treads over the bodies of a few domestic race enemies though.

        • “Disagree.”

          Of course you do. Because, in your mind at least, you’re smarter than others.

          “It would be encouraging if white men in those organizations occasionally rolled the tank treads over the bodies of a few domestic race enemies though.”

          But they don’t. And they won’t. Because they have bosses at the top of the Power-Pyramid who pay their salaries and possess the keys to their lives. But keep dreaming.

        • Then enlist, billy bad ass, and get that promotion to Field Marshall John Charity Spring MA that you have always wanted.

  5. Putin is simply a russian bandit who happens to have nuclear weapons. Poland and Hungary have better examples of nationalist european leaders than good ol’ Vlad every could be. Vladimir wants the old Communist EMPIRE back. Let’s have no more blogs fawning over how great Putin is because it is just not true.

    • Andrew s, it’s really sad, isn’t it, that so many in our camp lionize Putin, making these memes of him with his shiny shades on, riding stallions and fighting polar bears, vanquishing the cowering jews…, yet blithely ignore the scores and scores of actual photographs of Putin wearing that stupid jew skull-cap, genuflecting at that cursed jew wall, and over the fact that Hollow-hoax denial is very much illegal in Russia… and that there are many, many jews and other non-Whites in Russia who enjoy special status above White Russians. It’s the same cognitive dissidence that Trump-worshippers exhibit! No matter how many kikes he blows, no matter how strongly he condemns us, no matter how many times he says “I love the black people, I love the Mexicans”</i. – but has never even acknowledged the WHITE PEOPLE who voted for his cucking ass – , these MAGA fools will still try to tell you that “he’s out-smarting the jews”.
      It’s fucking infuriating, how people can have their eyes so wide shut.

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