Ricky Vaughn Interviews Pleasureman

Ricky Vaughn has a new podcast up in which he interviews Pleasureman, the guru of the MyPostingCareer forum, which bills itself as “a thought-provoking atmosphere for incel culture.”

Pleasureman explains his theory that White Nationalists are socially isolated losers full of negative energy who lack meaningful relationships in their lives and who are attracted to extremist movements out of their desire to belong to a community. Needless to say, it was interesting to listen to two childless men who are known exclusively for posting on the internet under anonymous pseudonyms on an online messageboard attack White Nationalists on those grounds.

There are plenty of valid criticisms of White Nationalism. I have outlined a number of them on this website over the years. I think it is fair to say that this criticism has no merit whatsoever. Unlike Pleasureman and Ricky Vaughn, I am happily married and have children. James Edwards is happily married and has children. Peter Brimelow is happily married and has children. Jared Taylor is happily married and has children. Dr. Michael Hill is happily married and has children and grandchildren. Don Black is happily married and has children. David Duke has children. My father-in-law Gordon Baum was happily married and had children and grandchildren. My wife was born into the White Nationalist movement.

Just yesterday, I attended the Alabama Medieval Festival with my wife and son and another White Nationalist couple and their daughter. We watched our children play together. The vast majority of our friends are married and have children. In fact, I learned just this evening that another friend of mine who recently got married is having a baby. He was one of the last bachelors in our circle of friends. I’ve been to as many weddings and baby showers as protests in the movement.

The Alt-Right is full of younger Millennials. Unlike Richard Spencer, most of these guys are still in their early 20s. The vast majority of them will also grow up, get married and have children. Even Richard Spencer is married and has children. Evan McLaren’s wife just had a kid. Caerulus Rex’s wife is having their first child. It simply isn’t true that White Nationalists lack meaningful human relationships.

I can still vividly remember the moment that I became a White Nationalist. As I have explained on countless occasions, it was when I read Pat Buchanan’s book The Death of the West in 2001 and the realization hit me that I was going to become a minority in my own country. My children would grow up as a racial minority in the United States. I already knew how disastrous that would be because I live in a part of the Deep South where Whites are already a minority. What if the whole United States had the demographics of the Alabama Black Belt or the Mississippi Delta?

The starting point of White Nationalism is the failure of conservatism. White identity is important because conservatives like Pleasureman hold that America is based on civic nationalism and has no racial, ethnic, cultural or religious foundation. Americans are whoever has the right paperwork. They have embarked on the most radical experiment in the history of the world which is the demographic replacement of the White majority in the United States and other Western countries. In light of experience, there is no reason to believe this experiment will end in anything but a disaster for our descendants.

Pleasureman doesn’t have any descendants though. He doesn’t understand why we are so hostile to mainstream conservatism. It is because conservatism … is leading us into the abyss. It is our children and grandchildren who are going to inherit a Third World country within the next 25 years. That’s what motivates us. The only reason we went to Charlottesville is because the SJWs in that city were trying to tear down a monument of Robert E. Lee who is one of our greatest heroes.

If conservatives were protecting our historic monuments or securing our borders, White Nationalism would be unnecessary. Conservatives are incapable of conserving anything though except tax cuts. The Trump presidency has revealed in stark detail how conservatives believe in Israel First, not America First. After a whole presidential campaign that was about the signature issue of BUILD MUH WALL, we’re spending less than half a billion on extending the border fence while giving Israel around $4 billion this year.

I have no idea why the likes of Ricky Vaughn and Pleasureman have been so widely promoted in the Alt-Right. I hope you listen to their podcast though. It says something about the judgement of those who think these shit stirrers have anything to offer our community.


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  1. Psychological projection at it’s finest (one theory the crack addicted Freud actually had a point on.) They accuse white nationalists of being “isolated losers” because that’s what they are.

  2. Social loser is deadly weapon. Actually we need people who have nothing to lose.

    Average Joe works hard, he has family , job and real estate loan. Average Joe does not care until he get,s he,s bills paid. He is too busy with job and family to think or read. And even if he cares, he is too scared to do something because he is afraid to lose job and social status.

    When I picked people for nazi movement in my country, then 2 typical excuse,s were.

    1. I work 12 hours a day and after that I need to take care my family. Too busy and tired to involve.
    2. I have good life and I do not want to get it ruined. I want to be liked, called to birthday parties and get
    promoted on my job.

    That,s why left recruits degenerates.
    That,s why army recruits young men
    That,s why Church demands celibacy
    That,s why Russian thief in law can not own anything or have a family.

    Lenin slogan was “you have nothing to lose but your chains”. And he won. Every last tyrant knows, until he can manage minimum life quality, nobody will revolt. Btw, tyrants fall on the very same reason. People around tyrant have very good life. They do not want it ruined and because of that they tell tyrant only this what tyrant likes to hear. Not the ugly how things really are in the country.

    When we check all revolutions in the history, we see that all of them are fought by poor young males. They have lot of time, because they don,t have job and family, they have nothing to lose, they don,t give a shit and this is what makes them strong.

    Social loser is the real force of every anti Government movement.

    • Well put, never thought of it in those turns, that’s a good description of Adolph Hitler, he was gifted but aimless, no money homeless or close. That may be the reason the U.S. is headed towards revolution, many guys feel they don’t have that much to lose.

  3. I’ve been a race realist since childhood-growing up watching ads on TV featuring starving nogs with flies on their faces and asking the public to ‘give generously’……but even if you did…….it made no difference.
    Italians made pizza and Ferraris, the Americans had Boeing and NASA, the Americans, French, Germans and Italians invented everything… and the Africans were on your TV with a voiceover asking for donations. I was an early believer in race realism due to these stark differences, and my beliefs have never wavered.
    I was a late convert to the JQ, however. Australia is full of Jared Taylors who don’t get the complexity of the role they’ve played. They’re hidden, don’t look especially dark for the most part, and with names like ‘Miller’ or ‘Spiegel’ the ignorant would assume they’re just powerful people of European extraction.

    • “asking the public to ‘give generously’……but even if you did…….it made no difference.”

      It made a huge 1000x difference…in the wrong direction.

      Check the post-war population stats for Africa.

      There’s a reason those dinghies are making their way across the Mediterranean.

      Anyone giving food or monetary aid to Africa is guilty of treason and should be jailed.

      Maybe a few mega-churches could be converted to jails and just lock the zombies inside.

  4. I also disagree strongly with Vaughn and Pleasureman’s assessments. I’m a gay white nationalist, bordering on incel, who feels nausea at the thought that all of the sacrifices made by my and fellow whites’ ancestors will be for naught. It’s sick that every drop of blood and sweat spilt to ensure we flourish will be stolen by thieves from the third world or who are descendants of little more than farm implements. I have many healthy relationships and am quite social (although I eschew the company of activist homosexuals whose sole raison d’etre is offending Christians and whites) but even I recognise that we need to carry on the flame handed to us by our ancestors, we need to secure the existence of our people. To do any less would be not just a crime against humanity but a stain on the very souls of the people who let it happen and did nothing.

    I would love to have a family and if I ever met an open minded white nationalist woman I would have 4 or 5 kids if I could with her. Since this is unlikely I instead spend my time and resources ensuring that other whites have large families. You might call me a cuck for “raising other men’s offspring” but I would (of course) disagree; I have decided to become an ethno-centric tribalist like our main adversaries and view all whites as being part of an extended family.

    • Are there any lesbians who feel the way you do? I have heard that gay men and lesbians have gotten together to have children before, so I am thinking that arrangement would work for gay and lesbian White Nationalists.

      I would hope that you and a lesbian who shares your ideology would raise any children together under one roof and be discreet by seeking any physical gratification outside the home.

      If you can’t find such an arrangement, I would recommend that you and other childless White Nationalists get close to a family member who has children and help them out anyway you can. Set aside funds for their children for college or some kind of technical school. If you know of any job openings, be sure to get them or one of their children hired, etc.

      • I’ve never met a “normal” lesbian, and certainly not one I’d want to raise a child with.

        I’ve worked as a child minder when I was younger, I would never do anything to scar a child. On the contrary, I like to think my influence helped many of the children I’ve worked with break free from state funded indoctrination. The days of seeking physical gratification (of the carnal variety) are way behind me. I had my red pill awakening sometime in 2010/2011, I only want to preserve my heritage and people. I don’t really think anything else matters.

        As I wrote in my last paragraph, I do spend my time and resources helping out fellow whites as much as I can. It’s the least I can do, tho I wish I could do more (I do discriminate whenever I’ve been in charge of hiring, I try my hardest to push the white candidates).

          • I’m not a sodomite, learn to read and realise your enemy isn’t white people. Homosexuality was designed, like feminism, as a tool to split whites. In our disunity they find strength.

    • Your first step would be to deny the reality that you can actually call yourself “gay.”

      You may have a predilection for misericordie laced sexual attraction [which is merely a brain-psyche miscommunication and/or learned behavior for deeply rewarding male friendships gone awry]-but you are not a sodomite, if you choose not to be one.

      If you wish to have children, and actively be a father… you’re not a faggot. You’re merely psychologically and spiritually confused.

      Repent, and change- Even if it takes the rest of your life to do this. That’s what the White Man would do. That’s what a Christian Man would do. That’s what the European Man would do.

  5. I wouldn’t worry too much about Vaughn. He doesn’t have the intellect more than just calling people fags, losers etc. That’s basically his limit. He relies on trying to bully people and that only works on the weakest. Beyond that, he has nothing else.

    More fundamentally, the question is why someone who is against white nationalism is given space on TRS podcasts and given cover by weev and other people involved with Daily Stormer.

    If white nationalism is something that the Stormer and TRS is no longer supporting, in lieu of promoting clowns like Vaughn, then they should be purged from our movement.

    If people want to support Trump blindly and don’t focus on white racial interests then there is already a place for them: mainstream cuckservatism. That’s basically what Vaughn et al are selling. We’re the Alt Right. We’re spitting acid on that garbage and anyone peddling it.

  6. “Death of the West” largely confirmed what I had already concluded. By the time I read it, I had personally witnessed the White Flight from the Negro Horde replaced by the relentless, Hispanic Conquest. I had been constantly exposed to minorities from childhood, and I had long understood my relationship to them.

    Watching the miniseries “Roots” and “Holocaust” were like mandatory history lessons in my home, where I was indoctrinated with a selective recognition of historical injustice. I later discovered that “Roots” was a plagiarized work of fiction. By which time, I had already been sufficiently inundated with reasons to become weary of Negroes. But, the Holocaust story left me with the lingering question of, Why? It was much later when I learned some of the answers to that complex problem.

    If I had to pick the moments when I truly began to drift toward a Racialist stance, they would be: The Cinder Block being smashed over the head of Reginald Denny during the Rodney King Riots; The Protests over the Deportation of Elian Gonzalez; The Million Man March hosted by the Nation of Islam; The Emergence of the Wigger Phenomena and the accompanying Outbreak of Jungle Fever… these occurrences and trends all combined to reinforce the realization that the society that I had been raised in was fast coming apart.

    Even being a kid from the inner city, I could still count on being able to escape to Grandma’s house in the suburbs/country, and know that I would be around other White people. It’s not that I didn’t have any Mexican or Negro acquaintances, it was simply understood that I was the White guy. Among my inner city White friends, the Mexican, or occasional Negro, was always accorded such acknowledgement. It was only during the late eighties and early nineties that I perceived the growing tendency for rural White kids to emulate Negroes. It became increasingly clear that there was no place left to escape to.

    Being highly tuned to the music scene during that time, I also took note of the change from Rap music being a niche genre with a few catchy, relatively harmless ditties by Fresh Prince and Run DMC to the Gangsta Rap of N.W.A. and TuPac. Simultaneously, the Rock music went from being the high energy, take on the world attitude, feel good, party infused Van Halen and Triumph to the Satanic, but still very lively, Slayer and Death Metal to the sullen, plodding, depressing Nirvana and the Seattle Grunge scene. Meanwhile, Techno-Pop continued to dominate the charts and Fags and Feminists built their movements around the soundtracks. So, while minorities and deviants have been inspired by music that elevates their moods and galvanizes their adherents, the straight, White man has been self-served a smorgasbord of doom and gloom for more than three decades. Suicide, Addiction, Childlessness, Perversion, Isolation, Mental Illness, are all, in my opinion, at least partially, symptoms of these changes in the music that we are all surrounded by.

  7. you forgot Henrick and Lana of Red Ice, they also have a little boy too. There are lots of married people with children in the Alt-Right, which is why the claim they are a bunch of lonely dues in thier mommas basement always made me roll my eyes.

  8. It might be time to modify the term “White Nationalist” because to many people, especially whites in other lands, they equate it to loyalty to the preset government. I assume most here are Ethno-Statists so I propose the term White Separatist-Nationalist as we must separate from what is before we can build what should be.

  9. The pleasureman strategy will turn white people into something in between jews in gypsys in countries we founded. What a loser strategy.

  10. People should stop referring to him as “Ricky Vaughn.” That is a made up name for a fictional character. His name is not “Ricky Vaughn.” His name is whatever it really is. In point of fact, he is an anonymous individual with an unknown background and qualifications for doing what he does and who doesn’t sign his real name to the criticisms he makes of known individuals.

    90% percent is that person’s bandwidth is unoriginal commentary consisting links to news items or other people’s writing and insults.

  11. Pleasureman is a major mind who is right about many things and who produces volumes of original content. I happen to think he is wrong in the main about his criticisms of white nationalism mainly because he ignores people like Brimelow, Taylor, MacDonald if you want to count him, etc. to build a caricature of white nationalism that’s based on exaggerating the relevance and characteristics of a certain subset of white nationalist.

    • Pman is a tard whose “ideas” are all cribbed from Sam Francis and James Burnham and repackaged as SCALE.

  12. Years ago my mother, a proud Southerner, passed on this thought to me: “The only thing conservatives want to conserve is their bank accounts.”

  13. ricky vaughn is a civic nationalist cuck who whines too much online. guy should go live in a brown country if he’s ok with them

  14. One thing you can’t deny is that the Ricky Vaugh/Daily Stormer/Alt Right types have plans, something that this this blog doesn’t have as Hunter admitted himself when he declined to answer the question “what should we be doing?” The only response I got was, “well I am writing a book about it.”

    “buy muh book goyim.”

    The closest thing to a plan one can discern at OD is “stock pile ammunition,” “build a compound in the country,” and “wait for the collapse to come.” i.e., White Nationalism 1.0.

    We’re waiting for orders, Hunter. The movement is yours to lead if you would gives us some direction, but you don’t appear capable of that.

    • http://www.kolumbus.fi/aquilon/therevol6.htm

      – The demise of the modern, post-industrial, liberal-capitalist system will not be based so much on the wisdom of the Party and on its ability to make correct decisions, but on the increasing tendency of the system to bring about its own destruction.

      – When the system is strong, we remain stationery. When the system is weak, we advance. The succes of the Party at a given moment is a good indicator of the current state of the system.

      – The capitalist elite can be compared with a cancer. It feeds on the vital force of its host. The cancer is as its strongest at the moment it has sucked its host dry, but at the same moment it will have destroyed the base for its own existence.

      – It is immediately before its destruction that capitalism appears to be at its strongest.

      – Just before its destruction, the power of the capitalist class and of its values will reach its climax in the society.

    • “ One thing you can’t deny is that the Ricky Vaugh/Daily Stormer/Alt Right types have plans, something that this this blog doesn’t have as Hunter admitted himself when he declined to answer the question “what should we be doing?” The only response I got was, “well I am writing a book about it.‘.”

      Do I hear an echo?
      Oh, that was rich…..

  15. “There are plenty of valid criticisms of White Nationalism. I have outlined a number of them on this website over the years. I think it is fair to say that this criticism has no merit whatsoever. Unlike Pleasureman and Ricky Vaughn, I am happily married and have children. James Edwards is happily married and has children. PETER BRIMELOW is happily married and has children…”

    Brimelow shouldn’t be included on your list. He has made it clear, in an interview he had with Alan Colmes a couple of years ago, that he is a civic nationalist and not a white nationalist. He also stated, on being prompted by Alan, that if any child of his were to marry a black, he would simply hope that “they loved each other”. An excerpt:

    BRIMELOW: Steve [Sailer] argued what he called “citizenism” which is really American nationalism, it doesn’t have a racial definition at all. That’s where my heart is.

    COLMES: So, you’re a white nationalist?

    BRIMELOW: No; I’m a citizenist.

    COLMES: A citizenist?

    BRIMELOW: Jared [Taylor] felt that in the end, political identity derived from race. Steve thought no, that he was arguing for civic nationalism. I’M PERSONALLY A CIVIC NATIONALIST.


    DANIEL [phone-in caller]:To the guest [Brimelow] – if he had children that dated a black individual, would he have a problem with it?

    BRIMELOW: I’m far too much of a liberal wimp to object to that. I would hope it was a good black person and they loved each other.

    And I guess I would be sad if I didn’t have grandchildren who looked like my grandparents–

    He’d be “sad”. LOL.


  16. I like the way HW deals with Ricky Vagina on Gab. Lil’ Ricky gets irrational pretty fast and then resorts to womanish name-calling, while HW always maintains his composure and presents nothing but the facts.

  17. Never really thought much of Pleasureman. Liked the website during the run-up to the election, but haven’t spent much time there since. Pleasureman is almost always wrong about almost everything. Though he says it with a lot of confidence. Which is why he has a certain following.

  18. I’m also a WN happily married with many kids. Conservatism & Civic Nationalism only work when everyone is willing to act civil. US has gone past the point. We’re headed for CNs & white folks being the minority. The new “Americans” will turn the US government into an unworkable mess that will fail. History repeats itself.

  19. Pleasureman is a very unpleasant character. That’s entirely apart (presumably)from his crackpot ideology of neo-Freudian reductionism. I won’t pretend to know what Vaughn, Weev and Anglin are up to.

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