Are the Russians the Enemy?

So many disappointments – we always seem to be on defense, or distracted by things that don’t really matter like some uncompromising insistence that every single human in the continental United States must have the right to own and brandish AR15 military rifles; even our beautiful 8 year old girls must go to school armed to the teeth and be ready to draw weapons and win gun fights.

“Are these Russians the enemy”?

To sensible, secular parents – this comes off as the ravings of irresponsible nut cases.

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The Zionists, Neo Conservatives and Saudi/Pakistani Islamists in the UK/USA have apparently restarted the Cold War with Russia. Britain’s childless hag Theresa May and her clique expelling Russian diplomats, calling Putin’s Russia the same as Hitler and the NAZIs. No Pakistani diplomats or just Pakistani child rapists have been expelled from England, nor have the 8th century Islamists in Texas been expelled; they are selling their daughters to old Muslim men for $20,000 and including lots of Green cards. How do you think they will treat our daughters?

Just look at the Russians and then look at the Pakistani/Iraqi Muslim rapists. Then look at George Dubya Bush the dumb as* Texans that caused all this sh**. Life seems rather easy to see who is who.

Russian tennis players – beautiful, healthy kinswomen – our people.
Asian Muslim child rapists – bad people, alien, hostile – keep em out
George Dubya Bush and all those like him – dumb as* tool of the Zionists/Neo Conservatives

Why get distracted with obsessions about guns, guns, guns?


  1. the establishment is pushing the gun issue, trying to make it the center of political debate, thus drawing attention away from more important issues like immigration and multiculturalism

      • I’ll be charitable and assume IQ’s here just dropped suddenly.

        the only things that is going to stop the Jews, their puppet political class, and their murderous, anti-White invasive orcs

        are bullets fired from from guns.

        not votes. That’s been tried already. Via Trump.

        see how well that worked?

        the Jews are well aware of this.

        that’s why they are after the guns.

        • I agree, nothing less than bullets, and much deadlier weapons will stop the Jews from exterminating us. Missiles and even nuclear warheads will be required to destroy them. Jewry will never relinquish power over us voluntarily, only when they are dead or in exile can we take our rightful power to control our destiny as a people and race. The presence of guns in the hands of whites does not lead to violence just because whites have them. It’s Kikes, ragheads and darkies with guns who are behind the violence. They kill us with them when they aren’t slaughtering one another with them.

    • I’ve noticed on Brietbart commentariat that they and mean (((they))) leap to the “guns” and the Brits being “disarmed” thing as it relates to the Pakistani problem in the UK.

      It’s not like the English, Welsh, Scots have ever been heavily armed as a custom. There are probably more legally obtained fire arms in private hands than there ever have been historically. In the dormant war zone of Ulster there are a lot of Protestant and Catholic sectarians with a stash.

      The problem is immigration by darkies and forced Multiracial integration.

      Would purging these brown people from France, UK, Germany result in an oil embargo or something?

  2. Jews create this “russian” paranoia and blame game to run cover for themselves. Which is why in most jew movies it’s either Russians, Nazis or White people generally as the “bad” guy.

    • @Stevie

      Russia and Germany are the only countries in Europe that have/had the power to destroy the Jews. As Allies, they’d practically rule the world, if not the West.

      That’s why BRITZOG has always hated them.

      • The Nazi-Soviet Non-aggression pact was basically the Third Rail of Global Affairs. You make a good point.

  3. The “American” mainstream media, Jews media is really clamping down on any free speech in their realms. The Atlantic Magazine – once my favorite honest Liberal magazine in the early 1990s is now run by someone named Jeffrey Goldberg. I believe he served as an Israeli Prison guard during the Intafata about 8 years ago. Goldberg would try to make friends with the Palestian Arab POWs and use his connections to get the admitted to American and British Liberal Left universities – so he’s playing both side on this Zionist nationalist for the Israeli Jewish ethno state – staunch multiculturalist even pro Muslim migration invasions in Europe, UK, USA, Australia – the White West.

    One thing to notice is that the Atlantic Magazine and CNN no longer allow any comments, pro or con. It’s just their party line – propaganda line of the day, week.

    This week it’s Guns Guns Guns, White Trump supporters are to blame for all gun violence even Black street gangs, Muslim terrorist slaughters.

    Also a propaganda meme is that the Russians are the enemy again – Putin is like Hitler, Russians like the NAZIs – they’ve backed off a bit on Assad is Hitler, Assad is gassing little children like the NAZIS.

    And it’s always distractions with sex scandals, Black sports promoted as bread and circus escapism.

  4. Russians, Iranians, N. Koreans, Chinese are not the problem, our sworn enemy the DC Empire has to have endless bogeyman to perpetuate global hegemony.

  5. May I dare say to American gun enthusiasts that the obsession with firearms is beyond reason. It is one thing to want to hang on to your weapons but ridiculous and twisted to think that no matter what occurs that the answer to every shooting is more weapons. How many more do you need? If guns made you safe then why so much crime? And how many more guns would you need to create a safe society? You already own 300 million firearms. How many more do you want?

    You are not going to shoot your way out of this. I say this with kindness. This idolatry of firearms is surely a pagan or a protestant belief. Yet all my anglo girl friends also think the usa is gun crazy.

    As a Catholic I am appalled by your belief system. i think it is okay to hunt. Animals do not have rights. And it is okay to have pistols for decent citizens. I am dubious about military rifles. But for law abiding citizens perhaps.

    I definitely do not understand WASP standards in the USA. I understand your racial concerns and I do not dislike you like most non whites do but you will turn people off with the extreme pro gun rhetoric.


      • Haxo,

        Your answer is as moral as your belief system. And you expect people to follow you?


        • He’s telling the truth, and liberal females like you and your friends are unwittingly making the coming war here inevitable. When the bread and circuses run out, all Hell will break loose, and the brown hordes will attempt to rape and slaughter my people. You can be sure I and my brethren WILL stab, shoot and kill those trying to harm or kill us. We are under threat by YOUR government, and a large percentage of your people who intend to slaughter us. We know what La Raza and mEcha are all about. In fact they are almost as great a threat to us as the Jews who rule the U.S. They in fact would love to watch us kill one another, because they want to get rid of Mexicans too. We don’t murder each other anywhere near as often as Latinos do. Europeans are in general not violent people, at least towards others in their respective nations. However, when our existence is threatened we will fight and some of us will go medieval on our enemies like Vlad The Impaler. Count on that.

          • That was funny. Calling me a liberal. I know personally no latin who wishes to kill anglos. Tough talk on the internet from males does not impress me. And Europeans have been very violent in history like every one else. I wonder how all of those empires got built. And all that land got conquered.

            Never have I known any anglos like the demented freaks on this website. Not everyone on this site is that way. But the ones with the loudest voices are.

            Lets see how liberal I am. I almost always wear a dress in public. I am strongly against homosexual marriages and abortion. I believe in the death penalty for rape and murder. I laugh at white people who make excuses for blacks.Yes, I and my latin and anglo girl friends are liberal because we think there should be more gun control in USA.

            That obviously means we must want to slaughter you. La Raza does not speak for most of us.

            I copy these comments from the unhinged and show them to people in Mexico when I go there and to my family and friends in California and Texas. They all think people like you are crazy and should be put away.

    • First, our crime rates are not exceptional by world standards. We are squarely in the middle of the pack for murders even WITH our huge population of feral baboons.

      Second, the vast majority of our crime is from GROIDS. Black on black, with black on white second. The crime rate in White areas is very, very low. I live in a small city that is over 95% white. There are two gun stores here, and three gun shows every year, well-attended. The last murder here was in 1997. The last one before that was sometime in the 1960s, even though this place is bursting with guns.

      Third, we hang onto our guns because they are the tools to fight against tyranny. You say we’re not shooting our way out of this. Does this mean if the Leftists go to the Cheka point, and start using their millions of brown pets to massacre us, that we’re just supposed to lie down and die? They’re heading that way rapidly. Also, the blacks don’t venture out into White areas to kill, torture, rape, and steal much. That’s because the good ol’ boys would kill them. If you disarmed us, you’d have swarms of these feral gorillas murdering and torturing their way across the United States, and not a thing to be done about it.

      Fourthly, as a Britcuck, you have the right to lecture us morally about being able to defend ourselves when you do something other than bleat pitifully about “we can’t do anything because it’ll cause rayyyyycism” while hordes of Muslims rape your female children left, right, and center, and you do nothing about them.

      You clucking goggle-eyed at us and clutching your smelling salts because there are huge numbers of law-abiding White gun owners here is rich from someone complicit in the mass rape of your own children.

      F*** off.

      • Ironsides,

        The murder rate in USA has been around 5 on average per 100,000 a year. Whites commit 45% of the murders meaning the white murder rate would be 2.25 per hundred thousand. Comparing apples to apples, in Western Europe the murder rate in Norway is .56,Denmark is .99,Ireland is .64, United Kingdom is .92,Austria is .56 and so on. So it is obvious that the white murder rate in the USA is traditionally far higher than western europe. Comparing the USA murder rates to barbaric countries like in Africa is misleading. Eastern Europe generally had a surge in murder rates when they got democracy. I did read though that the murder rate in Russia has dropped to around 6 per 100,000 under Putin. It had been far higher a few years ago with the Organitsatsya.

        Also, I am quite clearly not against gun ownership in the USA. Can you read? I was quite clear on that point. My point was I am against the sole reliance on firearms for ultimate victory. That is definitely an obsession and a form of idolatry. You will need portions of the military and police. As long as the system holds together any revolt would be disastrous for your kind.

        i am not from the United Kingdom, have never been there. I am Mexican with a German grandfather.
        I am strongly anti communist. Traditionally speaking a Catholic who ever supports or votes for a communist was excommunicated. I hate the left with a religious passion comparable to fascist Spain during the Civil War.

        I am also quite aware of the negro problem in usa. My people are far more anti black than the vast majority of anglos.

        In short, I strongly support firearms in the USA given the current and likely future circumstances.

        • You sound like a sensible gal. I certainly respect sensible Latin Conservative Catholics – two of my favorites are Gen. Franco and Gen. Pinochet.

          But, I hope you understand that the top of the Catholic Church in pretty much all countries outside of Eastern Europe has gone Liberation Theology – the new Liberation Theology Pope is also insanely pro Muslim migrant invasions. Pope Francis is a huge enemy of our people our civilization.

          Can I ask roughly what age you are? My current girlfriend shares you’re ethnic heritage.

          • Mr. Ryan,

            I am well aware of the defection from the faith of a large portion of high ranking churchmen. The Catholic Church however is composed of laymen and clergy. And as St. Athanasius said in the 4th century —As long as there is one catholic left alive then the Church is alive.
            Francis is either an evil Pope and man or an evil man invalidly holding the position. I do not have the authority to know which one for sure.

            Yes, Franco was necessary and so were his methods. As for my age. In Mexico depending on the state I have reached the age of consent. I think it varies from 11-16 years old.. In Texas I am not sure of its laws in such matters.

            And I thank you again for an intelligent and kind response.


        • Firearms are just the beginning for whites to crush Jewish rule in the West and to rid our lands of the feral third world hordes. You don’t reason or compromise with the Jew, because they intend to kill all of us. That is what guns, and heavier weapons are for, to defend ourselves from these disciples of Satan.

          • Arctic warrior,

            And what do you propose to do with my people who are in the States of the Union by the millions? For instance my grandmother was born in the usa years before World War II. Does she make your hit list? Do you plan to only kill illegal aliens or mexican-american citizens while you are at it?

            I can promise that latin resistance to your goals will be fierce. I am not soft on the Jews by the way. My religion traditionally calls them the Synagogue of Satan. St. Thomas Aquinas our most intellectual saint said they should be enslaved but they could not be murdered merely for being Jews. Our great goal is to convert them whenever possible.


          • Your comment does not make sense.I believe the left is right sometimes. This is a deranged and hateful website. I came here with some pro anglo feelings. Well I am definitely cured of that. Your side is just one form of evil compared to another. Or maybe you work for the government and are only pretending to be deranged in order to make anglos look bad.

            That would make sense unless———-you really are this way.

    • Dear Miss Denise,

      I totally agree with you that Jews are our enemies and Russians are not.

      Where I disagree with you is the notion that Jews, alone, are our enemies.

      Yes, M’am, I can say this to you – every Jew could disappear tomorrow, and we would still have major trouble on our hands, to a lesser extent this would be from our own Southern scalawags, but, by far most troubling of all, with the tens of millions of your Yankee Brethren; those whose idea of this country is profoundly anti-Constitutional, anti-Christian, anti-White, and, yes, above all – ANTI-SOUTHERN!

      The Trinity of Satan – Jews, New England Yankees, & Southron Scalawags.

  6. Yeah, sorry, in an increasingly hostile, anti-White male world, it would still behoove our people to be well armed.

  7. Australia expelled two Russian diplomats this week. The prime minister was on TV ‘outraged’ and ‘shocked’ about something they were supposedly involved with. But illegal jihadis and African rapists are still in the nation and generate no such outrage at all.
    Are Russians the enemy? Ummm… Our own elites are.

    • I was reading about the astonishing Hitler’s mistskes in the WW2 and the reaction of his generals.
      The only explanations are either Hitler became insane or he did the “mistakes” on purpose.

      • no, Hitler was neither “insane” nor “made the mistakes on purpose”.

        he was a brilliant politician, but an incompetent warlord with incompatible priorities.

        in particular, like most 20th century Austro-Germans, Hitler was an anglophile.

        That’s why, at Dunkirk in May 1940, he let the Brits off the hook: he still thought he could make peace with England. Rothschild-controlled England.

        That’s why, in March ’42, when the Japs offered to seize the Western Indian Ocean (Madagascar in particular) and cut the last allied convoy route to the Middle East, Hitler said don’t bother, not interested: because seizing the Middle East and the oil fields would have collapsed the Brit Empire then and there.

        he still thought he could win the war by crushing the Russians…even though his Main Chance on the Eastern Front had already passed, just east of Smolensk, in August ’41….when he chose to go for the Ukraine instead of Moscow.

        • No, the German Admiralty were very very keen on Encouraging the Japanese to occupy Vichy held Madagascar. Admiral Fricke went various requests for them to land in Diego Suarez port and turn it into a sub base and airfield for convoy interdiction.

          Oddly enough it was a lot of troops from Rhodesia and South Africa who cleared the Vichy garrison out of Madagascar.

        • I thought Hitler was naive and delusional since he swallowed all the “aryan” nonsense, and culprit of some bad decisions, like in the Dunkirk fiasco or refusing to take Gibraltar, but the catasthrophic mistakes were not a two or three, but dozens of them.
          Maybe then he was the most incompetent warlord in history.

          If you look at the weapons the Nazis had in 1939 like tanks, artillery pieces, planes, etc., and look at what Stalin had at his disposal, it would be not only suicidal but sheer insanity attack the Soviet Union. He should never ever have risked the invasion of Poland.
          But in June of 1941 he had no option, if he had not started Barbarossa, Stalin would have launched the very well prepared and massive invasion of Western Europe around July of 1942, and Hitler would have committed suicide some years before 1945.
          And to think I was an admirer of Hitler, he failed even to kill some Jews, since the Holocaust is obviously a fraud.
          People nowadays showing swastikas deserve to be liquidate on the grounds of stupidity

          • I celebrate the Fuhrer and the swastika as symbols of what could have been done, not what was actually accomplished.

        • The Japs were letting Russian flagged ships deliver US lend lease to Siberia, you’d have thought Hitler would have taken that into account.

          • And the Soviet Union didn’t need America’s help. Stalin accepted maybe to play the victim card.
            It was the Soviet Union wich defeated the Nazis, American and Brits were important in the destruction of architectural treasures, incineration of hundreds of thousands of women, elders and children, massive rapings of German girls and women, and starving to death 1 million plus of surrendered Geman soldiers.
            Stalin was the real political genius of the 20th century, the difference between Stalin and Roosevelt and the others is even greater than the abysmal difference between Putin and Trump.

        • Haxo basically sums it up. Hitler was a brilliant politician, but a corporal militarily.

          The prime errors were Dunkirk and not invading England (which were made because he was pro-English, thought that the British Empire was necessary for stability in the world, and thought that they would accept his peace overtures since they left them with absolute independence and all their possessions), and, if he was going to go for the USSR, not driving straight to the crucial rail hub of Moscow. if they had gotten Moscow, the USSR would have been finished — all rail communications west of the Urals in German hands, making it impossible to move troops or to supply the armies there with food, weapons, ammunition, etc.

          And they could have gotten Moscow, easily, in summer 1941.

          Neither deliberately throwing it nor insane, as Haxo says. Just out of his depth, too merciful to the British, and apparently getting cold feet in Russia (as people operating outside their sphere of competence tend to do).

          • Even the Royal Navy promised Churchill they could only evacuate 70,000 men at Dunkirk.

            That they lifted 400,000 men was unexpected and unprecedented.

            No one in the German staff thought they could get all those men out. Guderisn made some counterclaims later but in hindsight.

  8. Nemo basically sums up, Hitler was exceptionally charismatic, a relatively good politician for German consumption (not outside Germany), and the most incompetent militar leader in European history.
    Just for a start if he was a not a delusional fooll he would have presented himself as the great defender of Christianity against the evil atheistic jewish Bolsheviks. Also not coming up with such a ludicrous alien symbol like Swastikas.
    He was dumb.

  9. Christina Romana Alva H.

    I share your concerns.

    So many of the problems in my country the USA is based on the 2 party system the “either or” presentation.

    Since we don’t have a parliamentary system where some reason folks on our side could get ~ 20% and have influence, it’s all based on getting 50.1% or nothing.

    So in this way the media including the supposedly “Conservative media” presents God awful terrible alternatives like the worst Liberal, Leftist Cultural marxists, Islamic extremists, Black criminal rapists and then says:

    “Look at all these God awful terrible people, don’t you want to have your 2nd Amendment gun rights to defend you family against the terrible god awful terrorists, rapists etc”.?

    So regular White folks fall for this lie and then they embrace ridiculous guns, guns, guns nonsense.

    That’s the way it is.

    • Who the hell cares if Americans have guns or not?
      If someone has 40% of the normal level of testosterone, is obese and low-energy, takes anti-depressants to tolerate life, enjoys cuck and interracial porn, it makes no difference if he’s armed with an assault rifle or a poodle.
      Sometimes a lunatic out of his medication kills a dozen, who the fuck cares? 400.000 new human are born each single day.
      And the Soviet Union would invade Western Europe in July 1941, not July 1942.

    • Mr. Ryan,

      Thank you for a reasonable respectable response. This website clearly has unhinged people on it who can not stand any mild criticism of guns. They worship guns more than God. So does this website have more Jack Ryans, Juri’s, and Captains on it or are most of these people as warped as the left says they are?

      I am the only latin I know who will take up for the anglo in the usa. I am beginning to wonder why. I have never before been told to F— off like one of these superior anglos told me to. What happened to decency, dignity, and good manners?

      Christina Romana

      • Americans ought to have all the firearms they want. But it’s probably not enough to keep society decent.

        • Captain,

          If all you needed were guns to be decent then USA would be a wonderful country instead of what it is.But I thank you for a decent response. That seems to be unusual on this website unless one rubber stamps somebody else’s opinion.


      • Christina – I don’t think you are the only Latin that take up for us Anglo. I see lots and lots of good marriages, relationships between slightly older Anglo men and traditional Catholic Latin women. The Middle Class, Europeans are getting out of places like Venezuela and the woman are marrying Anglo men.

        Hispanic women treat us way better than Hillary type feminist law school Anglo women bitc****.

        • Mr Ryan,

          I meant I was the only one I know who has some sympathy for the anglo. I know a Mexican girl who married an anglo Catholic but her and her family strongly loathe anglos as a group. My belief is starting to become more main stream latin.


  10. As a female, I don’t have a natural attachment to guns, but I feel that the guns are in the hands of the citizens for a purpose–something like a balance of power–and the more the (((Government))) puts pressure on gun owners to relinquish them, the more suspicious I become. Also, it seems to me that the gun tragedies would be actively manufactured or at the very least allowed by the (((Government))) just in order to have a public excuse to remove power held by any opposition by removing their guns. But even the fact that there is this opposition shows that the real Americans are not in control of anything right now. It all shows that holding onto guns is not enough, the (((Government))) and (((Media))) and (((Economy))) must be taken over with every means possible in the dead of night if necessary. The ones with the least power must exercise the most caution and not be ashamed of doing the same underhanded tricks that got us into this position in the first place.

    • America has real power. Power ultimately comes from the barrel of a gun. But as you said: that there is organized effort to literally disarm the public proves that guns are not enough by themselves. They may even be a mcguffin. A source of complacency.

  11. Guns are the only thing that allowed whites to settle in Africa. No dispute there.

    • Captain,

      Would not civilized and efficient armies like Roman, Greek, Carthaginian etc. have also accomplished such a feat. After all, they settled parts of the world with other barbarians. On the other hand a handful of civilians with firearms could accomplish feats that might have taken full scale resources and armies to have accomplished otherwise.


  12. I promote responsible gun ownership, gun safety and do own a very limited number of practical guns that are practical for different places that I live:

    A university urban community that I lived in Chicago.

    A small town, rural area in Wisconsin. Such practical guns include:

    22 rifle for target practice and shooting vermin
    12 gauge shot gun for trap shooting, dear hunting, home defense
    38 revolver for target practice, home defense

    I never have worked to get concealed carry, but this is something practical in many most places.

    But, I am also very much aware of the subset of Americans who promote very impractical guns, and gun policies – things like wanting 8 year olds to be packing semi auto hand guns to go to school. Biological, nuclear weapons for civilians or just AR15 military rifles for everyone and they do mean everyone.

    We have lunatic Libertarian Constitutionalists like Ron Paul and Rand Paul who have on many occasions called for the United States to welcome the entire population of the entire world including all of Sub Sahara Black Africa, all of Pakistan, Algeria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Saudi Arabia and welcome all these millions and millions of diseased hateful Muslims under the small restriction that everyone:

    Learns English
    Pledges Allegiance to the US Constitution and
    Gets lots of guns, guns, guns.

    Yes, I lived in New York City during the Hell of the late 1980s, then I went back after Rudy Guliani was elected mayor and the NYPD took back the City for White civilization. The NYPD did stop and search and made sure that pretty much no one had any guns.

    Sensible gun control worked in New York City in the mid 1990s and it works in safe places like Singapore or Japan.

    Sensible gun control goes along with so many other sensible forms of control

    Immigration control
    Birth control for the welfare underclass
    Behavior control for the underclass – strict rules and regulations about pants below the butt that sort of thing.

    This idea that Amurikuns must have FREEEEEEEDOM and everyone should be free to do whatever the Hell they want regarding guns, guns, guns, sex, drugs, music, cars and trucks

    No – you can’t drive your huge truck 90 MPH on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive and point AR15 military rifles out the window at anyone objecting to your driving habits.

    • AR15 (M16, SA80, Tavor, Steyr Aug) is based on a smallish underpowered bullet used to shoot pigs and other smaller vermin. That it was adopted as a NATO/military standard after ww2 is its own story.

      A bolt action rifle firing .303 or German 8mm or even the French 7mm is for me at least the real military standard. Those bullets knock arms off bodies.

      • You have no idea what a .223 can do, they can tear limbs off too. That said, i prefer .308 tifles because I can take out enemies behind barriers.

        • I do know. I think that the military used the 7 to 8mm range for good reason.

    • Mr. Ryan,

      Once again I agree with your content. I have to however be against birth control completely. I am a traditional Catholic which means I suppose that I am medieval.


      • I respect your traditional medieval Catholic views on birth control. But isn’t that for Catholic Christians? How about Hollywood pervert producers like Harvey Weinstein or Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginzberg and Elena Kagan?

        Don’t we want these J tribal men and women to practice strict birth control?

        • Mr. Ryan,

          I believe traditional Catholicism says that Jews and Moslems should be separated from Christians and wear special clothing to identify them from us. Also that they should not hold any position of power in a christian society.The national socialists got their ideas from us.


          • Ms. Christina Romana,

            you sound incredibly smart and beautiful with your awesome Latin (and 25% German) heritage. Plus you are medieval Catholic and deny the Holocaust!!
            If you’re young and wealthy possibly I could marry you.


  13. I don’t believe the Russians are the enemy, I consider the enemy to be this loose collection of half baked communists that are all over America and the rest of the western world, the kind of people who have given us homosexual rights, homosexual marriage, feminism, civil rights, race mixing, abortion on demand, mass immigration from crap countries, gun control, one dumb ass war after another that did nothing to advance the white race, I could go on, but that’s the general idea.

    • I think you have a good handle on the situation, I would just include enemies that are disguised as some version of American Conservatism – RINOs, cuckservatives, Libertarian loons, Neo Conservatives etc.

  14. Mr. Nemo,

    My first marriage proposal. I am so proud. God bless you. I am not currently allowed to date until I turn 16. I do not know what to say. That is so sweet. Oh my. You made my day. I am crying a little bit. I have to admit that I can not wait to tell my girl friends about this.

    You made my day and my week.


    • Yes, Miss Christina – you do sound very intelligent and have sensible values. Welcome to our board. We encourage our readers to meet in real life. Please use common sense, sensible rules regarding dress, alcohol ages etc. It’s probably not a good idea to propose or accept marriage on line before anyone meets in real life. This is another reason I/we encourage modest forms of partner dancing. There tend not to be very many quality young women in Alternative Right, Southern Nationalist, White Nationalist groups, blogs etc so when one comes along she tends to get swarmed.


      • Mr. Ryan,

        I would not accept marriage online. I am not really Alt-right. More like a traditionalist. My parents/grandparents keep a tight control on the girls in the family. But I think it is very nice for you to write me on this.

        My views in many ways are offensive to Alt-Right people like on guns etc. Also, I do not see how Americanism and Catholicism are compatible. I mean libertarianism is sinful since it is based on individual rights. My religion and reason state that laws are for the common good and society as a whole not the individual. Classical liberalism seems to be the traditional value of libertarians. All that was condemned as mortal sins a long time ago-19th century if not before.

        Catholicism teaches traditionally that Church and State should be united. And guess what Church we are talking about? I could go on and on. But you get the point. My family and friends all say that I talk and talk.

        In short, someone like me supports monarchy and/or Catholic fascism like Spain under Franco. Most alt-right people are libertarians and consider me and my views as just another form of tyranny. Europeans like me better than Americans.I mean if I was the mythical empress of America I would execute abortionists, ban homo marriages, execute murderers and rapists, and shoot and stack rioters. You can not do that under modern liberal democracy.

        So, no I am not one of you. But I bear your movement no ill will.


        • Ms. Christina Romana,

          I believe Protestants should be exterminated. That birth of that delusional leprechaun peasant called Martin Luther is the biggest catastrophe that ever struck Europe, the second biggest catasthrophe was the birth of that half mustached idiot called Adolf Hitler.
          Germans always destroying Europe, since Roman times.

          About the marriage, I consulted my lawyer Dr. Silverstein, we see no problem in your age. I can wait til you complete 16.
          We don’t care if you maintain your “purity” intact til then, but we care about keeping intact your wealth.
          Dr. Silverstein will get in touch with you, you can trust him, he ran the famous Auschwitz brothel during the Holocaust, Barbra Streisand “worked” there. Funny times.


          • Mr.Nemo,

            Okay. There were some funny parts in your comment. The one about the wealth obtained a laugh from me. We shall just remain internet friends instead.

            Miss Christina Romana

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