Tax Cuts Round 2

The Republican Congress is desperately trying to live up to the stereotype of conservatism:

“Republicans are dreaming of passing another round of tax cuts this year — or at least making vulnerable Democrats squirm by voting against them.

GOP leaders are weighing a series of votes to make last year’s temporary tax cuts for individuals permanent, according to Republicans in both chambers. The strategy would portray the party as the guardian of Americans’ paychecks, Republicans say, and buoy the GOP during a brutal election year.

Republicans argue they win regardless of whether it culminates with a Rose Garden ceremony: Either Democrats support the legislation, giving the GOP a major legislative accomplishment in its scramble to save its majorities. Or, more likely, Democrats block the bill — allowing Republicans to paint them as opponents of the middle class. …”

What should the GOP Congress do now stave off defeat in the 2018 midterms?

The answer is obvious: with nothing else to do, it should pass another round of tax cuts. That’s what voters care about more than anything else and why they were elected in the first place.

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  1. Turnout for these creeps will be down, while the Dems are pumped up to vote.
    It will be ugly. They will, of course, blame Trump.

  2. I’m so tired of all the fake news- from both Demon-crapic, as well as Re-publi-tard liars and traitors…

  3. So you mean Congress actually CAN discuss something other than guns? Funny how we never hear about jobs or education or Social Security or infrastructure anymore. Just guns….constantly guns.

  4. The election of Trump was like raffling off a dead horse. There is really only one who is really mad — his base, the “winners” — who were suckered into voting for all his (lies) promises. He better twist the arm of the military into building a real wall with all the billions of loot he got for them instead of this “chicken wire” fence he is slapping up for a photo op….

    • If a million men dug a continuous trench with each part being 10ft by 3ft by ft and filmed it the message would be clear.

  5. Those bastards are getting under my skin so bad . Hunter needs to make a YouTube Channel for news . He does an excellent take down when listening to him on Southern Nationalist Podcast .

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