Jost Turner – Firearms the Great Equalizer. OD Classic

The following was written by Jost Turner, an American Viet Nam veteran, who founded a White folk community – NS Kindred in the Mountains of Northern California. Jost worked briefly in the open American White Nationalist “movement” but he became very disillusioned with the selfish, dysfunctional people in “The Movement”. Jost sought to discover and live authentic, Indo-European religions as practices by Indo-Europeans in India, Persia, Greek areas of modern Turkey and Europe during the last golden age. This article has been edited, recognizing the American negative bias associated with anything related to German National Socialism. I support Jost Turner’s very reasonable, practical gun views – Jack Ryan

Firearms: The Great Equalizer by Jost Turner

Clearly, violations of the laws regarding possession and use of firearms have been responsible for sending more White racialists to prison than anything else. There are probably thousands of different firearms laws in this country, all varying from state to state, county to county and city to city. Most of these laws are blatantly ill-written, but enforced with the fervor of an inquisition. Petty firearms violations were used as the government’s justification to attack both Randy Weaver and the Waco Davidians. Without a doubt, possession of firearms is the greatest danger to White racialists in general, and to Folk-communities in particular.

Nevertheless, we strongly encourage all (White Americans), especially our women and even our children, to be armed and highly skilled in the use of firearms. This is because the country is being invaded by hordes of criminals and gangs from Non-White countries notorious for violence and savagery. Neither the government nor the police are making any real effort to protect the public from these lowly evolved creatures, and so it is quite likely that we all will have to deal with them ourselves sooner or later.

Being armed is very effective against criminals and gangs. This was dramatically proven during the Los Angeles Rodney King riots. Invariably, the mere presence of a firearm was enough to send the rampaging gangs in the opposite direction – actually firing the weapon was unnecessary. This is because criminals ang gang members are by nature extremely selfish, indulgent and really quite cowardly. Hence, they prey only on the weak. However, they do not look on a man or woman with a firearm as “weak prey”. A firearm is really nothing more nor less than a very effective “equalizer”. It makes you equal to virtually any adversary, even a whole gang. Unless their courage is propped up with an enormous amount of dope or alcohol, you can be sure that even in mass these gangs are not likely to stick their necks out after looking down the barrel of a confidently held firearm. Looking towards our dismal future of lawlessness, violence and gang-land feudalism, we recommend that (White Americans) endure the real dangers in order to ensure the safety of their families with a firearm in the home.

The Most Effective Weapon: Your Skill

In general, a rifle is designed for attack and a pistol for defense. Although less wieldy, a shotgun is also a good defense weapon and requires less skill than a handgun to use effectively. Many people advocate the so called “assault rifles” (semi-automatic rifles with large magazine capacities) for defense. We discourage buying assault rifles. They are very expensive, not anywhere near as effective as one would believe, and, legally speaking, they are far more dangerous as virtually every day new laws are being passed restricting their possession. The same can be said of the large magazine capacity semi automatic pistols and “assault shot guns”. Frankly, any simple firearm, rifle, shotgun, or handgun – even a .22 plinker is perfectly adequate for defense. What is important is not your choice of weapon, but your ability to use the weapon effectively! I’ve witnessed it myself: a simple, single-shot weapon in the hands of a skilled marksman is far more deadly than a troop of mediocre riflemen armed with the latest “assault rifles”.

Necessities: Training & Information

To become a skilled marksman, you need to fire at least 20 rounds a week form the off-hand position. Handle your firearm often, so that using it is almost second nature. Learn something about human and animal anatomy. Learn where to place your shots to effectively stop and disable any adversary – including one out of his mind on dope. Be aware of all federal, state and local firearms laws. We recommend joining the National Riffle Association. They will keep you informed of all new laws and they are working hard fighting in the federal and state legislatures, as well as in the courts, to stop the flagrant disarming of the public. The liberal anti firearms hysteria is driving the NRA more and more in our direction. We are happy to report that the November issue of the American Rifleman, the NRA’s monthly magazine which circulates in the millions, carried an excellent feature story on the Randy Weaver tragedy, noting his “White separatist” religion with no derogatory connotation. They also endorsed Kirk Lyons multimillion dollar lawsuit of the Waco survivors against the government – and they know full well where Kirk stands! Firearms owners need all the support they can get. The NRA’s information legislative, and legal service are an important asset.

Defense Against Government Attack

While we feel that the growing lawlessness, violence, and gang-culture in this country warrants the possession of a firearm for defense, we do not advocate keeping firearms to defend against the police or the government. It doesn’t matter how well armed you are, you are not likely to win. You might get one or two of them (four in the case of the Davidians), but you won’t last long. The government had an inexhaustible supply of men, ammunition, and advanced technology (the best that tax-payer money can buy). Taking on the government would be like trying to fight a charging elephant with a .22. When an elephant attacks and you only have a .22, your best recourse is to run, hide and sneak away until you are out of danger. Shooting an elephant with a .22 will only make it mad. And if it’s mad, it will be much more difficult for you to get away. As both the Weaver and Davidian tragedies graphically illustrated, shooting it out with the government just isn’t practical.

Violence & Armed Revolution

Beware of those who advocate firearms for any sort of violence or guerrilla warfare against non-Whites, liberals, or the government. First of all, there is a good chance that these individuals work for the government and are interested in sending you to prison. Even if they do not work for the government, it should be apparent that they do not know what they are talking about! We have pointed out that anyone who knows anything at all about revolution or guerilla warfare would certainly be aware that there is absolutely no support for it in this country at this time. Without public support, all violence is counterproductive. This is not theory, it is a cold, hard fact!

Be aware that mediocre strategists always seem to do just what the enemy expects or wants them to do, and the followers of mediocre strategists are doomed to defeat. The government expects you to arm yourselves and be violent. The government wants you to do this. The government would love for lots of new “Order-type” organizations to spring up and lash out in armed violence. In fact, if none come about, the government will do everything it can to create some, as can be seen by the recent government entrapment of White racialist youths in Los Angeles! The government is ready and waiting for armed violence. Don’t fall in to their trap! The greatest of military victories have been won by a disciplined force doing exactly what the enemy never expected – or never thought possible. A brilliant example of this is how the British Colonel Lawrence easily took the Turkish stronghold of Aqaba with a ragged band of Arabs. That’s solution-oriented. A final note on armed revolution: In 1923 Germany was ripe for revolution. A. Hitler had 55,000 registered supporters, professional military officers (even Generals), the active support of hundreds of armed, trained, combat veterans, and public support, the like of which we could not even imagine! On November 8, 1923, he attempted an armed revolution and failed. Think about it. If he failed in such an opportune situation, then why should we consider armed revolution in a country not ripe for it – with no public support, no trained veterans, no leader, no military officers, and no organization with more than a hundred or so registered supporters? Even though in later years Hitler’s support grew and the threat of Marxist take-over increased, he never again considered armed revolution. Instead, like his Marxist adversaries, he carefully build a solid, Folk-based movement which ultimately could not be denied power! This is our task today.

It is our duty to defend our families from an onslaught of violence and lawlessness which the government is allowing and encouraging to proliferate. But as (White Americans), we must do so intelligently and responsibly, training ourselves in the skilled use of simple weapons, while keeping abreast of the changing laws which govern their use and possession. Just as in NS Germany, the next revolution will be a revolution in thought. – Jost


  1. If I could just add to that- don’t just rely on gun ownership alone, but combine it with good fitness, health and the ability to handle yourself
    In a scuffle. What if you’re walking down the street, minding your own business and a useless nog attacks you by surprise-and you don’t happen to have your gun? I’ve seen people on TV who speak out for white interests and hold strong, unpopular (to minorities) views, but yet are so fat, that I doubt they could even pick up their gun quickly enough, let alone know how to defend himself.
    All sorts of skills will be required if a war breaks out-not just the ability to pull a trigger. I’m just saying-have all your bases covered.
    And-don’t shoot people if a punch is suffice….you’re of no use to the movement when you’re serving a fifty year stretch in the can.

  2. “Jack”(off), can you cite any specific incidents where “This was dramatically proven during the Los Angeles Rodney King riots”?

    • Gee Chap-o-Ass, how about the Korean civilian who defended themselves from negro gangs in cars as they began to spread out, taking property and burning out residences on the second day.

      Video here:

      View other video from the same incidence (1992 RIOTS) Show the first time of Whites and other races shooting negros with AR-15’s (and a shotgun).

      Its glorious as well as a view of our future.

  3. The Wild, Wild West all over again.

    The pioneers who moved out West had to defend themselves because the US Army was incapable and worse – unwilling – to help them. If you haven’t realized George Armstrong Custer was set up so that the powers behind the US Army could then outright slaughter and corral the Indians onto reservations you haven’t connected the dots properly. They knew exactly what the outcome would be. False Flags have been going on for centuries, if not longer. Because we are all under the same control mechanism with the same roadmap. Why change the method when it works like a charm? A lot of the Indian tribes were mind-blowing savages. Take the Comanche. Even other tribes were deeply afraid of being attacked by them. The Comanche women and children would even take part in the torture using rocks to break ever bone in the body of their unfortunate victims. The Mexican government even enlisted the help of the Texas Rangers to put an end to the feared Comanche within their territories. Today, everyone wants to be a native when no native blood exists. That only happens when you are not proud of what you really are. Or worse, you don’t know what you are. Anyway, today we are in reverse. They now use minorities to control Caucasians.

    For some reason when we see antifa causing havoc within US cities, we ultimately think George Soros at work. But when Muslims in London protest with “Death to all Infidels” and blacks in South Africa are instigated into slaughtering the white farmers who feed them his name escapes us.

    We all have the same enemy. Analyze everything from top to bottom and bottom to top.

    • The US army helped bigly sometimes like when they drove all the Mormons into Mexico after the Mormons massacred white settlers and tried to blame it on the Indians. Not quite sure what their exact relationship with the Talmud is. I think it comes through Freemasonry somehow but they do consider themselves one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Anyway, it was certainly a mistake to let them back in to the US. Americans need to pay more attention to what happened during this period before the bankers got control of it all and the mentality that was driving it. Conquering the west was the biggest white expansion of history and it went pretty well for the most part.

      • I think Joseph Smith was Masonic or under some other form of Illuminati control. Another Luciferian in the upper echelon of the control mechanism. I don’t think the rank and file are mostly aware of it (but who knows) although some who left the church have eluded to this. Its management is definitely on the dark side. The Church’s control of its adherents is very similar to Judaism especially the persecution and the tribalism. I don’t think most Americans understand how tribal Mormons are. My personal experience with them is that they are odd/weird! They are definitely cultish just like the Jews. This is no fringe group it is the whole church.

        Just look at this unsettling sight – pentagrams, upside down crosses, the all seeing eye, and the picture of the Mormon elite:

        • Their places of worship are also called temples just like the Jews. Of course, the Hindus and Buddhists also called theirs temples…..

  4. I do not think there will be a revolution of thought when this Jew controlled government is hell bent on out physical destruction. Demons walk the earth, Jews want us all dead – exterminated.

  5. The USSA will collapse and then break up into smaller, unstable republics that will be in a constant state of war against each other. I guess then right wingers like Jost Turner will give us permission to starting fighting back with guns, only then it will be too god damn late.

    And you don’t have to be an armed insurrectionist to get sent to prison for anti government “terrorism”. Look at Bill White, Edgar Steele, Yorie Kahl and Matt Hale. None of those guys were guilty of committing any violent crimes but they got locked up in Federal SuperMax dungeons anyway. So trying to be all respectable and law-abiding doesn’t work if the Empire has it in for you.

    • Great post! Precisely, when they come to disarm you it will not be for any good reason. Next the Black Limo with the political police will come to take you and your family away, never to be seen again. Your women folk will be raped to death in a gulag, you and your sons left to die in an open air FEMA camp.

    • We need a strong central government leader who will immediately deport every last criminal and every last military age male as a priority.
      This measure would significantly reduce the risk of savages fighting and killing us as they would be gone.
      Personally I think the biggest problem is going to be shitlib Whites and lezi femis who would shiv you in a heartbeat without a second thought.
      Your jew supported Bolshis are getting quite numerous and lethal.

  6. As of now only the current president can steer the course from oblivion.This is why Trump is being relentlessly attacked by media cartel.

  7. Guns are important but will not gain us freedom from ZOG…We need a new High Tech to replace Powder Shooters..Powder Shooters will become obsolete in the future…Taking the GUNS away is UN Agenda world wide in all countries…The Small Arms Treaty…The ZOG GOV Agencies already have the Gangstalking Freq Brain Fryers..Dew Masers Scalar Weapons etc..LRADS etc etc….DHS FUSION CENTERS are controlled by Dual Isreali Citizens and they use it on on anyone they dont like and consider great threat to ZOG.Keep in mind what Commies use to say EXPROPIATING THE EXPROPIATORS we can do it to….If all the Capitals disappeared over night with the insane Anti Whites in them their would be millions to replace them with same mind sets..Going around wacking Darkies wont work many Darkies now and they breed like rats and rabbits..The barrel on the gun would melt anyway and you would not even put a dent in the massive Darkie population…The Darkies breed like crazy..HI TECH IS ONE SOLUTION…What Martin Lindstedt says about CIVIL WAR 2 and Tribulation makes sense…ZOG will implode on its own.Not enough of Whites to keep it afloat…Best to be in a safe place and ready..Most White Whiggers will die in Civil War 2…If their is no Civil War 2 or implosion of ZOG or a Natural or Man Made Event..ZOG WILL CONITNUE TO RULE and DEVOLVING of civilization will continue and Extinction of White Aryan Race,,Creating Hi Tech is one way to win…Need protection from WIFI and G-5..and Sterilization crap in food and water.also from Radionics and Black Magic that ZOG uses…to control world..keep in mind ZOG puts Lithium and OXY LOVE DRUG in drinking water and food and vaxes now…to make us tolerant of Darkies and accepting them as equals.. LONG LIVE THE CAUSE 14-88-5

  8. They are very expensive, not anywhere near as effective as one would believe, and, legally speaking, they are far more dangerous as virtually every day new laws are being passed restricting their possession.

    Regurgitate the mantra.

    I had to stop there.

    • Yes. I was likewise disappointed to see the “pro-gun” guy advocate *not* legally buying a legal semi-auto rifle. Out in the hills where I live, even people who are not patriot or White separatist own these type of guns. This article was racially conscious (very good), but on gun ownership was to the left of the mainstream NRA’s current position. Sad.

  9. Don’t fight back against the gubberment, fellow goy!
    “You might get one or two of them (four in the case of the Davidians), but you won’t last long.”
    I don’t know about any of you, but I feel if I get at least ONE of them if/when they come for me, I’ll be going out even. I won’t have to deal with this world anymore, AND it’ll be an example to the others that their time is limited as well. If I get MORE than one, I’m fuckin golden. More examples, more losses for them. Others do the same. Rinse, repeat. They eventually run out of enforcers or straight up warfare breaks out. 100 million gun owners. Maybe a COUPLE million coproaches and legit combat trained soldiers. If they went all out today, and all took the King’s silver without hesitation, there STILL wouldn’t be enough of em. Not to mention, guerrilla warfare is not their strong point.

  10. I don’t think OD is against gun ownership at all, this article was written by a yankee from Chicago.

    • Nah. Please re-read, read the article by Viet Nam vet and White Identitarian Jost Turner. Jost calls for responsible gun ownership and gun training, gun safety – his advice is practical, not crazy, not the ravings of kooks, nut cases, loners, losers, ineffective societal misfits etc.

  11. Jost Turner’s favorite WN novel was, “The Turner Diaries”. It was okay, but a much better WN novel is “Eternity Beach”.

  12. As soon as I read about a person, or group, engaged in pagan religions today, I write them off. Christianity enabled Western civilization to soar to the heights that it did.

    Paganism will do the opposite, it’s as bad as small c christian-zionism.

  13. That’s because they both come from the same source-

    apostate, Talmudic, Khazarian [sic] Judaism.

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