He Was Despised, Rejected… As Are We

Today is “Good Friday” – the day that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was crucified.

It’s hard to believe now, but 100 years ago the holy city of Jerusalem was ruled by our people – British Anglo-Christian men. One could walk the Jerusalem streets where Jesus preached, where he was celebrated and then rejected; 2000 years ago, the Talmudic Pharisee priests pretended to be loyal Roman subjects but turned over Jesus Christ to be crucified – supposedly it was Jesus that was stirring up a Jewish rebellion:

“But they cried out, Away with him, away with him, crucify him. Pilate saith unto them, Shall I crucify your King? The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar.”

John 19:15

These Talmudic Pharisee priests were of course lying to the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate as they were not loyal to Caesar Roman subjects – they were planning a huge rebellion that was finally crushed by the Roman general Titus in 70 AD.

This Roman general Titus is featured as one of the 3 greatest enemies of Judaism, along with Jesus Christ who is supposedly condemned to Hell for eternity boiling in hot excrement:

What the Jewish Talmud says about Jesus Christ

The Talmud says Jesus seduced and deceived the people. Git.56b-57a. He was a bastard, his mother Mary being a whore San.106b. He practiced sorcery and enticed His race to apostasy. San.43a. He was a fool. San.67a. He was stoned, burned, decapitated and strangled in His death. San. 106b, Git.57a. He was excommunicated for the thought of seducing a woman and in His shame fell down and worshipped a brick. San.107b. He is now in hell, languishing in boiling hot excrement. Git.56a. The Talmud is emphatic that it was necessary to kill Jesus because He was “one of the three worst enemies of Judaism.” Git.56a; a false prophet who seduced and deceived the people. Git.56b-57a.


Our Anglo British Christian rule of Jerusalem ended in the late 1940s where various Jewish terrorist groups like the Irgun, the Stern Gang used mass violence, terrorism to end British Christian rule. The idiot Nobel Peace Prize committee gave one of their nobel prizes to Jewish Irgun terrorist Menachim Begin.

If Jesus came back to Jerusalem this week, the Israelis would crucifying him.

Here is a beautiful Handel classical music piece lamenting the fact that Jesus Christ was despised and rejected, as are we.

Handel’s Messiah – Despised and Rejected (Link)

But on the third day, Jesus Christ was resurrected.

Christ has come
Christ has risen
Christ will come again


  1. And this Good Friday/Bad Friday in Israel/Palestine – Israeli troops have apparently killed at least 100 Palestinians protesting along the border fence with Gaza/Israel.

    Israeli Jews do believe in strong border fences and they shoot and kill those who try to breach the fence. American jews will crucify any White American who proposes anything similar for our border.


  2. Interestingly, I read a book called “Tutankhamun and the Exodus Conspiracy” by Collins and Ogilvie-Herald, which you people might enjoy. One of the points made in the book was about the 3 Marys in the Bible. ‘Merrih’ was the Ancient Egyptian word for ‘Beloved’.

  3. I find it interesting that even now, 2000 years later, the truth (what we espouse) is persecuted by the governments of the world at the bequest of the jew. We read this same story in the Gospels. The Truth was unjustly tried and condemned by the Roman government at the demand of the jew. Yet the jew was willing to declare evil Barabbas (the murderer and rebel) innocent and welcomed in their society while the innocent Christ was declared evil and insisting He be removed from them. Look at our Western societies today as all manner of degeneracy is approved and promoted for our peoples consumption by the jew while all things good and godly are to be ridiculed and destroyed.

    Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  4. “It’s hard to believe now, but 100 years ago the holy city of Jerusalem was ruled by our people – British Anglo-Christian men”

    Ruled by the (((Bank of England))) might be more historically accurate. My take is about 120 years ago (((they))) decided to franchise out the British Empire to regional (((central banks))) much like the internet was designed with no central hub in the event our own (((bankers))) deemed it necessary to nuke their own populations.

  5. Or maybe – just maybe – the entire Gospel (which means “God-spell”, look it up), the Western man’s thesis, along with its antithesis, Talmudic Judaism, are two sides of the same Jewish coin? Thesis and antithesis. My, how (((they))) love to play to both sides of a situation while getting wealthy and gaining power through the conflict!

    But I can hear you now: “But Jews are always trying to destroy the Bible! Why would they be engaged in that if they in fact wrote it? It doesn’t make sense!” It doesn’t make sense to you, dear superstitious one. It makes perfect sense when you realize that, no, Jews are not always trying to destroy the Bible (or Christianity itself)… but, rather, they’re always opposing the Bible (and Christian mores). Trying to destroy and opposing something are two separate and distinct things! Thesis and antithesis.

    (Editor’s note: some intelligent commentary but too much weird sh** – think this guy should be trying to get a weekend date with some regular gal, maybe go dancing)

      • Give me back my broken night
        My mirrored room, my secret life
        It’s lonely here
        There’s no one left to torture
        Give me absolute control
        Over every living soul
        And lie beside me, baby
        That’s an order!

        Give me crack ….

        (Editor’s note. There is some high IQ commentary here, but too much weird sh**)

          • Religion is a ‘mind virus.’

            George Lincoln Rockwell said it well, “Christianity has destroyed the White racialist movement.”

      • Progressivism is all about an imagined, perfected future and why it usually stakes out the high ground in the contest between the what is and the will become. Earth has more than a little misery and improvement is sometimes a fact, so the promise of improvement carries a lot of weight in people’s minds.

    • Gospel means Good News.

      Stand up to the Sanhedrin and you get the chop too!

      It’s a joke.

  6. It is impressive that this website is honoring God and his sacrifice for us.If you look at the main stream news you might barely know that it is Good Friday.

    • Thanks Christina R for stopping in and commenting on this Good Friday. Obviously you have caused a stir and have been “noticed”. At least one man has proposed marriage to you. I think that’s a bit too much. But, understand we are honored to have you read our blogs and just hang out here a bit. Take care and please enjoy this Christian holiday weekend.

      Today is “Good Friday/Bad Friday” tomorrow is off NCAA basketball and Sunday is Easter – Christ will be risen….

      In Jerusalem this weekend it’s murder and mayhem and the Christians aren’t doing very well. Sigh.

      • Mr. Ryan,

        You say the nicest comments. I melt when I am complimented. I have no defenses.

        The way to handle a girl and I suppose women is sweetness and respect. When that occurs we are fiercely loyal and generally putty.

        Some men know how to handle girls while others just try and intimidate us.


        • You’re very welcome Miss Christina. Thank you for stopping by. I should caution you to be a bit careful about sharing personal information here as our blog is monitored by negative, hostile people/groups. Without being paranoid, i recommend being practical and using common sense.

          There are lots of “trolls” who are just hanging out and being negative.

          I’m requesting that or male readers not harass Miss Christina or bother her with things like marriage proposals at least not in the comments sections.

          All of us need to get out and about and meet real people in the real world. Plus Miss Christina appears to be a young woman under the age of 15 and she should be making friends, going to dances that sort of thing with people her own age.

  7. It is obvious that a blind man could see that the same war has been going on sense the days of Christ but it don’t matter because nobody’s going to listen. Im going to say it anyway.The Jews have always kept up with there history while destroying ours.Karl Marx made this clear when he said if you can cut a people off from there history then they can be easily controlled. Yea he a Talmud Rabbi worshipping Jew no matter what has said. Lets make it REAL clear that the bible is the best history book. So what does it say about this War. Just Read revelations 2.9 and 3.9 when he calls them the synagogues of satan twice. This takes just a little bit of reading without some mans philosophy. In Revelations chapter 12 John makes it clear when he saw a women clothed with the sun under her feet with the moon under her feet with a crown of twelve stars ( the twelve tribes of Israel) and she was giving birth to a man child(Jesus Christ) to rule the world with rod of iron and a Red Dragon tried to devour the child but it was caught up unto god and his throne. This Dragon is Satan if anybody takes the time to read the greatest history book ever and goes on to make war with the rest of the seed of Christian Israel.

    This is why the Jews are trying to kill the White man off the complete world and it will never stop.
    Im from east Texas and i can read and figure this out.

    Read these scriptures HUNTER its worth it. the white man wants to know why the Jew are trying to kill him. Come on man look what they did ti Russia. its in our face.

    Every one is watching. Read it and do a article on this its worth it.

    • Karl Marx was also the first Jew to openly in writing advocate the total extermination of entire European populations. Ths Slavs especially.

        • There are documentaries on You Tube about the Ukrainian Holodomor and what led up to it, starting with Karl Marx. I’ll look for the documentary that refers to this and post here where you can find it.. Genocidal Jews like Noel Ignatiev were not the first and nor will they be the last Jews publicly advocating genocide against us. Marx was doing exactly that back in the mid 19th century, calling Scots, Bretons, Slavs racial trash to be exterminated.

        • Here is a couple of URL’s where you can see this for yourself. Show this to other like minded folks. This shows what the Jews really are, and why they have been slaughtered, expelled or both over 100 times from 44 nations during the past 2,000 years.




          You Tube is trying to suppress videos that tells the truth about the Jews, so you may want to download these if you can.

    • “The Jews have always kept up with their history while destroying ours.”

      Cephus, Jews tear down civilization for the same reason beavers cut down forests — to change the local ecosystem into something more amenable to themselves. The beaver’s natural habitat is the swamp, and the Jew’s natural habitat is the multi-racial, multi-cultural, low-trust, low-IQ (except for the Jews) society.

      So every time you see Jews being Jews, imagine a beaver wearing a yarmulke, and laugh.

  8. America is abusing and crucifying Christ every time the progressives achieve their decadent goals. Parents with children in a public school in Fremont, California have to protest the decision of the school administration not to indoctrinate their fourth grade children in the homosexual lifestyle. The school wants to teach school children about the homosexual life style in the fourth grade sex education class. The warnings of the opponents of the legalization of homosexual marriage were dismissed by the left as hyperbole. The worst fears of the opponents of the legalization of homosexual marriage are coming true. Homosexuals are not satisfied with tolerance of their life style. They demand acceptance and endorsement of their life style from all people.

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