Sacramento CA Cops Shouldn’t Have Shot the Guy Dead

It’s looking increasingly like the Sacramento CA police should not have shot the Black African American guy dead as he apparently did not have a gun. But, it looks like the deceased was a career criminal and was up to no good (breaking in to people’s cars) at 2 AM in the dead of night when he should have been home in bed sleeping, preparing for an honest day of work.

It’s also showing to the be the case that the deceased’s brother and his “supporters” are rather typical, low life hood rats who don’t know how to behave in public and who confirm the worst, negative stereotypes of dysfunctional people.

Sacramento CA is changing to exclusively White and Hispanic so it’s entirely possible that these demonstrations of incivility might become a thing of the past and this might very well be one of the Rev. Al Sharpton’s last chances to get on TV.

Anyway, just look at the video and share it on your social media (Gab still allows politically incorrect free speech)



    • While I’m not an Ingraham fan, she’s much too butch and other things, she’s not going to be negatively effected by Pencil=neck Hogg. If anything, Hogg will drive up her ratings.

      • High testosterone and low IQ is a perfect storm for murder, rape and other sorts of violence such as assaults. In the past these traits were far more common among us until strong central governments appeared in Europe. They removed people with that combination of high testosterone and low IQ by mass executions who were caught committing crimes. This went on for centuries. However, this weeding out of the criminally inclined never happenned among most black and brown peoples. This is thus one reason why many but not all blacks act the way they do.

        • Some studies show they don’t have more T, rather black males have more estrogen. T studies show that there is a low correlation with crime. T has more to do with confidence and dominance, not necessarily criminality. You will find leaders and CEOs also have higher T. The bigger factor is they have a higher rate of psychopathy such as the “warrior gene.” Black women are much more criminal than white women.

          If you want to increase your T naturally then do resistance training.

  1. ” Mischief Gene? ”
    You must be kidding!

    To call their behavior ” mischief ” is ludicrous .
    They are the most cruel of destroyers, just look at black Africa. That is where their behavior ultimately goes..

  2. and then there’s the issue of pre-emption:

    each and every Trayvon & Latwana that’s gooded now

    is a whole series of future robberies, face-smashings, rapes, and murders

    that will not happen.

  3. Has anyone watched the video? When the Police say “Stop, show me your hands ” At 0-Dark 30 ” in the morning in a pitch black area beside a house, your best move is to stop and raise your hands. Why can’t Negro’s get that through their heads?

  4. Hogg looks like Mana fallen from heaven.

    The best salesman for the 2nd Amendment since Obama.

    I knew they’d overplay their hand and now they’ve managed to make this kid
    a major hate figure.

  5. I have mixed feelings about police at best after seeing questionable White shootings they’ve gotten away with. Remember Charlottesville? Look at anti-White police behavior in UK. Bottom line: Cops will do whatever their anti-White overlords want them to do. IMO it’s a mistake to apologize for them.

    • Agreed and well said. The police, law enforcement were not fair, doing their job or on our side in the Berkeley CA Antifa riots or in Charlottesville VA. This is why we recommend learning from these excellent instructional videos

      How to survive hostile police encounters

    • They have no case which is typical. One of the cops is black.

      I like this one because the blacks are batshit crazy. His brother Stevante, LOL, is incredibly obnoxious and is obviously acting. He’ll be smiling, laughing, sticking his tongue out and then immediately switch to crying.

      The family just wants a payout.

  6. If I believed in reincarnation, I’d say Hogg is Joe Goebbels redux. As it is, they have to have realized there is a resemblance, before going with him as a figurehead!

    • An undersized jaw is the only similarity, despite what many on Breitbart are parroting.

      But many on Breitbot parrot the ebil Nahtzee narrative. Like it’s programmed into them or something.

    • Alex Jones should run with that as he’s always calling anti-white communists Nazis. David Hogg did the communist salute and Jones said it was a Hitler salute. Jones is retarded.

    • Now, will the cops please get the brutha off the city council dais and shut him the f u c k up?

  7. I’ll leave the facts of the case in se for themselves. But that brother of his hasn’t done his deceased brother’s case any favors with his antics. And, believe me, undecided and on-the-fence people do make decisions on who to side with based on those sort of things.

  8. No great loss. The negro criminal was never going to be anything but a societal burden and menace.

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