President Trump Faces Caravan of Truth

Editor’s Note: This isn’t an April Fools joke.

I’m sure that everyone has heard by now of the huge caravan of Central Americans who are now passing through Mexico en route to the US border:

“Taking a drag from her cigarette, a Mexican immigration agent looked out toward a caravan of migrants that grew larger with each step they took on the two-lane highway.

When the agent, who’d covered her uniform with an orange and white shawl, learned that the Central American migrants heading her way numbered more than 1,000, she took off for the restaurant across the street.

“I’m going to have a relaxing Coke,” she told BuzzFeed News.

For five days now hundreds of Central Americans — children, women, and men, most of them from Honduras — have boldly crossed immigration checkpoints, military bases, and police in a desperate, sometimes chaotic march toward the United States. Despite their being in Mexico without authorization, no one has made any effort to stop them. …”

The Caravan of Truth is set to arrive just in time for the kickoff of the 2018 midterm elections. President Trump reacted to this development on Twitter this morning:

This is a crisis of his own making:

1.) First, President Trump had multiple opportunities to start building the border wall a year ago. Instead of using his political capital to demand swift action on immigration on Capitol Hill, which was the issue that won him the presidency, he chose to kick the can down the road with spending bills in order to become the rubber stamp for Paul Ryan’s Better Way agenda.

2.) Second, there was a significant drop in illegal immigration at the outset of the Trump presidency. As I said at the time, this is because illegal aliens were reacting to the rhetoric of the Trump campaign and were expecting a sweeping crackdown. It wasn’t due to any policy change. In the second half of 2017, illegal immigration ticked back up again after illegal aliens began to discern that President Trump is a paper tiger on immigration. He only cares about projecting the image of looking tough on the issue. In fact, he deported fewer illegal aliens than Barack Obama in his first year.

3.) Third, President Trump set himself up for this crisis on the border by proclaiming how much he loved the DREAMers and how Republicans wanted to save DACA. He sent out the signal for illegal aliens to risk crossing into the United States in anticipation of an impending amnesty. He shifted the whole political conversation to the left on DACA by embracing a path to citizenship for DREAMers. What happens when the Democrats succeed in retaking the House and force the issue?

4.) Fourth, President Trump signed the omnibus bill which forbids him from building his own wall. The omnibus funded sanctuary cities, reduced the number of ICE detention beds, expanded the number of H-2B visas and put limits on the hiring of new ICE agents. What kind of message does that send?

In related news, a federal judge in Seattle has opened Pandora’s Box by nullifying US immigration laws:

“SEATTLE — A federal judge in Seattle opened the door Thursday for thousands of immigrants to apply for asylum, finding that the Department of Homeland Security has routinely failed to notify them of a deadline for filing their applications.

U.S. District Judge Ricardo S. Martinez issued the ruling in a class-action lawsuit brought by immigrant rights groups on behalf of those who fear persecution if returned to their home country.

In many cases, those asylum seekers are released from custody after officials have interviewed them and determined their fears to be credible. They’re told that they’ll need to appear in immigration court, but they typically aren’t personally told that they only have a year to apply for asylum, the lawsuit argued. …”

The Caravan of Truth that is coming from Central America plans to show up and request asylum. It is going to collide with the politics of virtue signaling about DREAMers.

So far, President Trump is calling on the Senate to end the filibuster and is threatening to withdraw from NAFTA. He is just reacting to the mood of the Republican base about the issue. There is zero chance that either of these things will happen. It will be interesting to see how he handles this crisis. He really can’t afford another defeat on immigration after losing on the border wall.

I’m not going to go so far as to predict he will yield and allow these illegal aliens to enter the country. At the same time, I don’t have any confidence that the system has the capacity to stop them either. Last time this happened when Barack Obama was president, Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz went down to the Mexican border to hand out hot meals and soccer balls. President Trump has also talked about how much he cares about the poor DREAMers. Either way, I agree with the consensus that this will be a moment of truth for the Trump presidency. If that caravan manages to cross the Mexican border, President Trump and the GOP Congress will finally lose all credibility on immigration.

It is time to put up or shut up on immigration.

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  1. trump will talk tough until they get to the border…then the congressional cucks will send him a bill granting them admission and eventual citizenship…and trump will sign that bill…the tough talk upfront will give him cover and fool most of the MAGA cultists…and then he will sign the bill because he knows the media will give him the cover to allow him to dupe the MAGA-tards

      • We have to elect more #Republicans to protect our borders—I want to hear some asshole say that! Heck, the #GOP already controls both Houses of Congress. Trump has the authority & responsibility to send the military to the border. All are a bunch of big bullshitters who don’t give a damn about White Americans!

    • Where do you think these “new americans” will settle? Texas is the only state that probably is not completely lost yet that this will impact. I say bring it on.

      • Texas will be more Hispanic than white by 2020. They probably already are counting illegals. Alex Jones the proud Texan calls himself Hispanic, LOL.

  2. The new term is “demographic warfare.”

    It’s an odd sort of situation, where one side (the invaders) understand they are at war, and the other (the invaded) think they are at peace. You move millions of unarmed people across the frontiers, radically alter politics, the economy and the culture, all without firing a shot.

    Of course, we have the treason of hostile elites in academia, media, the courts, business, and the usual useful idiot NGOs who are taking the side of the invaders.
    Meantime, what are laughably called “conservatives” are obsessing over sabre rattling in Korea and Iran, like some decadent Roman nobles who want to march into the lands beyond Mesopotamia while the Vandals and Huns are across the Rhine and Danube.

    It’s called a changeover; the movie goes on, and nobody in the audience has any idea. Except those who have taken the Red Pill.

    • and archaeology shows us that this is an old story…invaders move in and take over, as they have throughout prehistory…the real issue here for me as a cryonicist is that the West will become africa…and then how can they develop the necessary science to revive cryonicists?

  3. This could be the death blow.

    No, seriously. If the brown people conclude that resistance is not going to happen, they may start running rampant.

    If Trump thwarts them, then we are still in slow decline mode. Unless demographic trends reverse, the only question is when, not if.

    The benefit of Partition is that we get out of this morass quickly and get the freedom of action we need to build the world of the future (Northern Alliance + Space + no AI).

        • Bingo. Whites are old, obese, brainwashed, under constant surveillance & have zero self-sufficiency, Freeze their bank accts & credit cards. Cancel their insulin prescriptions. “War” over

  4. Trump can be good at appearing to do things while actually doing nothing, for example, loudly declaring tariffs then giving most of the world an “exception” to the tariffs, or, likewise, banning transsexuals from the military except for the “exceptions.”

    My guess is he’ll find a way to break up the caravan to avoid the optics of turning them away or allowing them in. Or, maybe he’l sign a DACA in return for the “victory” of turning away the caravan. Or, he might promise some form of expedited asylum hearing for each member of the caravan to ultimately let them in just not the way they are coming. One thing is for sure. It is very unlikely Trump will do anything meaningful to stop them.

    I’m really looking forward to the pro-Trump Alt Right’s excuse-making on this one.

  5. Best case scenario is the Social Democrats sweep the 2018 midterm elections and impeach the Orange Buffoon right out of office. Then they attempt to exact revenge on White America, which results in a further breakdown of law and order. Small groups of Whites begin to openly resist / defy the regime, encouraging more Whites to do likewise.

    • Best case scenario.

      Someone correctly analyses the 1940 Blitzkrieg campaign and notices that the failure of the Allied airforces was a failure to conduct a relentless air strike on the 10 mile Landwurm entering the Ardennes from the vicinity of Aachen…And then direct a massive strike on this human garbage caravan.

    • There will be nothing to defy at that point but I agree with your prediction otherwise.

    • yep, I plan to vote for the most anti-white dems from now on..the GOP is completely useless…less than useless…but the dems, by being openly anti-white (instead of covertly anti-white, like the GOP) can serve to red pill white normies

      • Pooter-are you terminally dumb- or are you not hearing what you’re saying?

        What difference does it make who you vote for, if death and Civil War and the complete annihilation of this nation, is in the future?

        What sane mind desires such a destruction? Except for the Jews, of course… And dispensational heretics. But I repeat myself…

        Are you really longing for death? If so, you’re at least a consistent pagan. I don’t want to die as a martyr. I will if I have to, but I’d like to at least go out trying to save – at least my people, if not this godforsaken piece of shit nation.

        But if all we are going to do on this forum is sit and “talk about it” y’all are no better than a dozen Neville Chamberlain at the beginning of the hostilities of the second world war. And they were all cowards, too.

        • gotta red pill them normies…no getting around that…how? Let the openly anti-white Dems get back into power…and as just as in the obama admin, we will get the show trials like zimmerman-trayvon…that STARTED the Trump movement….but I already said that above…you failed to pick up on that..the GOP gets us NOTHING…the Dems get us more redpilled normies…

        • I wanted to respond, but you nailed it perfectly. I personally agree with your exellent anslysis of the dire situation white Americans are already in but most refuse to or do not see it.

  6. I don’t understand the remaining MAGAdroids. My support for Trump is now solely based on my opposition to his scummy enemies.

  7. 1. Exit NAFTA.
    2. Impose 250% import duties on Mexican goods, collapsing Mexico’s economy overnight.
    3. Offer to reduce the import duties in exchange for $35 billion in cash from Mexico, to fund the Wall.

    • AC, I like the sounds of your proposal, but is there any possible way to orchestrate this so that full wall funds can be obtained BEFORE collapsing Mexico’s economy? With their economy collapsed, it’s likely any eventual border wall will be pointless, seeing as it’s likely they will all be here, nice & cozy, with you and I!

  8. Camp of the Saints…

    Didn’t the French President in that book promise a volley of lead for the Boat Loads of Pajeets only to fold at the last second? Like a good goy.


    This whole racket has been probably organized and financed by the Judaists. They have some dirty tricks up their sleeve.

    • Will Trump be a Good Goy or will he direct air strikes onto this choice target.

  10. of course the shitskins will be let in.

    then Trumpenthal, as with the budget deal, will say: “but this is the last time!”

    until the next…and the next…and the next…

  11. If these invaders make it through, the whole of Latin America will be rubbing their hands together and contemplating a future in America. Trump really needs to make an example of these people and keep them out. He said himself-‘if you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country’.
    President Tweet……you know they’re coming. You’ve been given time to plan ahead for it……so fucking have some backbone and defend your borders and people like a leader should!

    • I’m not interested in Trump’s tweets or his bullshit speeches in front of the VFW, how about some action for a change????

      • @Spahn,
        A few years ago, Australia had trouble with Muslim boat people from Pakistan, Iraq and Syria coming in through Indonesia…..who weren’t lifting a finger to prevent them transiting through their country to get here.
        When Australia began retuning these boats back to Indonesia, they demanded know why Australia was ‘violating’ their borders by sending these people back their way! The answer:- umm, well they did come from there…
        When the Indoes realized we were going to return them from now on, they stopped the transiting overnight.
        And Indonesia is a nation that receives millions in foreign aid from Australia every year (why, I don’t know) but yet they carry on as if we fucking owe them something.

        • We should have allowed the Japs to have control of the South Pacific and East Asia. They and their friends in Germany and Italy were the good guys in WWII.

          • @Spahn,
            Yes absolutely. What did ‘winning’ actually achieve for us? Endless wars, dieversity, Jewish privilege, feminism, free trade, white guilt, Marxism……I could go on.

  12. Are they all going to pour into Mexifornia? Why is a military base being assembled in northern Mexifornia?

    We don’t we our own poor yet we are accommodating invaders? Perhaps something big is about to happen in the next weeks (or months) so a distraction is needed.

  13. I’ll make a wager…IF,..If,…some anglo-americans went south for a vacation ( with all documentations needed, i.e. drivers license, social security card and birth certificate..),
    joined their “caravan” and tried to walk across the border to RETURN HOME, they (the anglo..)
    would be detained, harassed, questioned, etc. while the caravan is allowed to pass without question.
    Any takers?

  14. No, it’s fine. They’re just White Hispanics. They’ll bolster our numbers and our political power with their natural conservative leanings once we grant them a well-deserved amnesty.

  15. If these mestizos have abandoned their native lands, perhaps they could live in Asia. The factories there want child labor, the fleshpots need women, and the elderly and infirm Asians could use fresh organs.

  16. Why do you all want Trump to “save the day” by not cucking as he normally does? Why not mass up, load up, and go hold the border OURSELVES. We the people are the ones to blame, for expecting savior’s out of leeches instead of doing the hard things ourselves. A couple hundred people, a couple hundred rifles, and this horde would be decimated in minutes.

  17. I am getting a good response contacting (my) Tennessee Congressional delegation, US Senators. I do see that this invasion has made it in to the mainstream media and President Trump has been solid – he’s pronounced that this caravan invasion has killed DACA. Please make the calls.

    Remember – you’re going to be talking young, low level staff members. You’re not going to be talking to the Senator himself.

    Don’t rant and rave. Don’t try to tell them what they must do. Try for a dialogue. Be polite, follow up with a “Thank you for listening to my concerns” e-mail or fax.

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