A Story of Solidarity

Last month, I said that April was going to be a time of self reflection on this website. That’s because something ended in March. It was my affiliation with the Alt-Right.

I’ve spent the last few weeks thinking about why I got involved with the Alt-Right in the first place. Elsewhere, I have seen the argument made that we did it because the media wanted us to “do something” after the 2016 election. This is why we decided to participate in street activism and college tours. But that’s not what happened. This narrative skips over a series of important events in 2017.

The Rise

The Inauguration

In hindsight, it wasn’t the Trump campaign in 2015 and 2016 – there were few public events during this time – that set off the events of 2017. Instead, the catalyzing moment was when Richard Spencer was punched in the face by the Antifa who rioted at Trump’s inauguration.

In the aftermath of the Trump inauguration, the “Punch a Nazi” meme went viral. There were many voices on the Left that publicly embraced the cause of political violence. The issue of Antifa violence entered the mainstream. In such a way, Richard Spencer getting punched at the inauguration and the explosion of Antifa violence led to a reassessment in our circles. We began to perceive a common threat. We felt a sense of solidarity with Spencer because Antifa had become such a menace to our rights.

As Carl Schmitt argued, politics is based on the friend/enemy distinction. The enemy is someone who wants to cause you physical harm. The distinction refers to the “utmost degree of intensity … of an association or dissociation” between groups that square off against each other. Seen in this light, Richard Spencer was a friend who had the same enemies who wish to do us harm.


The “punch a Nazi” meme bled over from Richard Spencer getting attacked at Trump’s inauguration to the next battle with Antifa rioting and shutting down MILO at Berkeley. Very few of us ever had any sympathy for MILO, but it was another sign that Antifa were ratcheting up political violence. They were emboldened to “no platform” free speech and freedom of assembly in public places.


The March 4 Trump event at Berkeley where Based Stickman cracked his pole over the head of an Antifa set off a backlash against Antifa. He was lauded for it at the time. This event catalyzed the “free speech movement” where lots of people on the Right, not just White Nationalists, but also MAGApede civic nationalists began to battle with Antifa in public spaces over their free speech and freedom of assembly. The victories over Antifa in Huntington Beach and Berkeley were widely celebrated on the internet. This is what set off all sorts of people showing up at public events with sticks and shields.


Richard Spencer spoke at Auburn University last April. He won an important battle for free speech and freedom of assembly in the federal courts. Antifa showed up to challenge the Alt-Right in Auburn, but were unmasked and were mostly kept at bay by the Auburn police. Matt Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party were asked to come to Auburn to help provide security and did so out of a sense of solidarity with Richard Spencer. I personally attended the Auburn event.


The Traditionalist Worker Party held a rally in Pikeville, KY the following weekend.

It was a Nationalist Front rally. Since Matt Heimbach had come to Auburn and clashed with Antifa in my backyard in East Alabama, I drove to Pikeville to support his free speech and right to freedom of assembly in Kentucky. This is what the movement was about at the time. It wasn’t so much the Alt-Right movement as it was a free speech movement about the common threat posed by Antifa to our rights.

The reason that I attended the Pikeville rally was out of a sense of solidarity. The League of the South also attended the Pikeville rally. It was at that moment that the League joined the Nationalist Front. We did so out of the recognition that all these groups were facing a common enemy which was determined to violently attack us in the streets. It wasn’t because we shared the same ideology or optics.

The Pikeville rally got a lot of negative feedback. I discounted those voices at the time. I was focused on the fact that Antifa was the real enemy. I was looking outwards at the real threat, not inward at the people bitching about optics online. There was a clarifying moment in Pikeville when Antifa was across the street screaming about their desire to kill us. It showed those of us who were there who was the real enemy.

New Orleans

In the aftermath of Pikeville, a group of Black Confederates defending the Jefferson Davis monument were attacked in New Orleans. As in Auburn and Pikeville, we felt a sense of solidarity with them too. Here you had the same group of thugs engaging in political violence to deny others their rights.

This is why the League of the South went to New Orleans the following weekend. In Auburn, the threat had been violent Antifa. In Pikeville, the threat had been violent Antifa. In New Orleans, the threat had been violent Antifa. We were determined to stand up to those people. It was around this time that people were standing up to Antifa all over the country in Austin, TX and Nashville, TN on May Day.

As we entered the summer, Antifa was so demoralized that they had begun to talk about changing tactics. They were encountering resistance even in their strongholds like Berekely.

Charlottesville I

We didn’t participate in the first Charlottesville event. It took place the weekend after New Orleans which was the weekend after Pikeville which was the weekend after Auburn.

The first Charlottesville event was well received even though Matt Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party had participated in it. This was the first time that tiki torches were used. The reason the operation went so well is because it combined good optics with a positive sense of solidarity.

Houston, Orlando, Gainesville, Harrison

The activism continued as spring turned into summer. There were rallies in Houston, Orlando, Gainesville and Harrison. It continued to build on the positive mood and sense of solidarity. Once again, the glue that held the movement together was opposing Antifa and asserting our rights to free speech and freedom of assembly. Antifa changed tactics and didn’t bother to show up at any of these events.

Washington, DC

Last June, Richard Spencer held a rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC which squared off against the dueling Alt-Lite “Rally Against Political Violence.” The rally was about free speech. Antifa spent the day squaring off against the DC police over their Disrupt J20 comrades. Around 200 people attended the event including the Traditionalist Worker Party. The Alt-Lite was outnumbered and humiliated. It was a great day. The Alt-Right had the wind in its sails and its enemies were on the ropes.

The Fall

Unite the Right

Unite the Right would have been inconceivable in the absence of this celebratory mood. It blew up into such a large rally because there was so much positive energy flowing through the Alt-Right last summer as a result of defeating Antifa and asserting our rights to free speech and freedom of assembly. Everyone was looking forward to it at the time. We expected it to be a sort of end of summer bash.

We didn’t go to Charlottesville to battle with Antifa in the streets. We thought that battle had already been won. If anything is true, we went into Charlottesville unprepared because we didn’t expect there would be violence. We were under the impression that the police were capable of doing their jobs. We expected the police to restrain anyone trying to disrupt the event like they had done at the Loyal White Knights event the month before in July. We would have a positive rally and go home.

Of course, it didn’t turn out that way. It didn’t happen because the Charlottesville Police and Virginia State Police were under orders to not do their jobs. They were willing to violate a federal court order to ensure that Antifa was allowed to cause enough disruption to shut the event down. This is why the event descended into chaos. The police were simply not allowed to maintain public order.


In the aftermath of Charlottesville, the finger pointing began.

Since I was in Charlottesville and experienced the whole event, I began to point fingers at the Charlottesville Police and Virginia State Police. I naively assumed it was obvious that is who was responsible for what happened in Charlottesville and the Alt-Right would rally behind the guys who were screwed over by the police and who were locked up there.

I set out to correct the record on DeAndre Harris, Heather Heyer, the police breakdown and other important matters. I was heartened when post-Charlottesville polls came out which showed that the event had no impact whatsoever. President Trump said that some of the Charlottesville marchers were “good people” and that there had been “violence on both sides.” He briefly waded into the monuments issue. Charlottesville was a failed media news cycle which had no impact on President Trump’s public approval rating, public attitudes toward Confederate monuments or even White Nationalism, Neo-Nazism and the Alt-Right which had about 10% public support.

There was a poll which came out after Unite the Right which showed that 9% of the public supported Neo-Nazism. The real cost of Charlottesville was the two frivolous lawsuits and about half a dozen guys who were locked up in Charlottesville. This was hardly a devastating blow. The internet deplatforming had been going on before Charlottesville and had hit a climax with YouTube censorship.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of assuming that everyone shared my view of Charlottesville, which was that the police had bungled the rally. I didn’t grasp how anyone could have come to the view that Charlottesville was a failure … because of optics. It was a failure because some guys were fat or didn’t have the right flag or were wearing helmets or didn’t have a fashy haircut, etc.


In October, I attended Richard Spencer’s speech at the University of Florida. My wife had missed out on his appearance in Auburn and really wanted to go. Once again, I went out of a sense of solidarity. I wanted to support people who were asserting our right to free speech and freedom of assembly. I didn’t want Antifa to succeed in driving us out of public spaces in the backlash to Charlottesville. Contrary to lies that have been posted elsewhere, the Traditionalist Worker Party didn’t participate in Gainesville.


The White Lives Matter rally evolved out of our interpretation of Charlottesville.

We believed that Charlottesville went off the rails because it was a police failure. In order to counter this narrative, we thought it was imperative to go somewhere else and hold a peaceful follow up event. In such a way, we could bounce back and disrupt the narrative that we are hell bent on violence. We felt it was important to soldier on and continue to assert our rights to free speech and freedom of assembly in public places which we had been doing since Berkeley in the spring.

Initially, we called it Unite the Right 2.0, but when it became obvious that Identity Evropa and Daily Stormer weren’t going to participate we went with White Lives Matter. Shelbyville and Murfreesboro were chosen as the location for the rally due to our experience with law enforcement in those cities and the Emanuel Samson church shooting. It was a Nationalist Front rally that included TRS. We invited all the groups who were in Charlottesville to come and turn the page on Unite the Right.

The Shelbyville rally went more or less as planned. We wanted to hold a peaceful event and draw attention to the Emanuel Samson church shooting. The goal was also to show that we were unbowed and hadn’t retreated from the public sphere after Charlottesville. Antifa were not victorious over us. This was a false narrative which was gaining traction in the media at the time.


No one had cared that Daily Stormer and Identity Evropa had chosen not to participate in the White Lives Matter rally. The surprising thing was their public response to it.

Shelbyville revealed the shift in the Alt-Right that had taken place since Unite the Right. Whereas previously the point of these events since Berkeley had been standing up against Antifa which was the common enemy and refusing to be intimidated into surrendering our rights to free speech and freedom of assembly, the new focus of these events had become to show off optics in Instagram photos and videos.

Since optics became the most important thing to “win over the normies,” the corollary of this line of thinking is that it was necessary to attack and destroy other groups over optics. Thus began the relentless attack on the Traditionalist Worker Party for rejecting the optics of “American Nationalism” around this time. Even Richard Spencer was attacked over optics and Eli Mosley left Identity Evropa to create Operation Homeland for he could continue his Alt-Right activism.

Washington, DC

The Traditionalist Worker Party participated in an Operation Homeland rally over the acquittal of the murderer of Kate Steinle in December. It was notable for showcasing how the optics issue had consumed the Alt-Right and had begun to undermine its solidarity.

Knoxville and Tallahassee

As we entered 2018, the Traditionalist Worker Party and League of the South remained active. TWP held a rally in Knoxville to protest the Women’s March. Matt Heimbach spoke at the University of Tennessee. The League of the South held a rally in Tallahassee and another one in Knoxville on St. Patrick’s Day. These four events were peaceful and uneventful. Antifa showed up but there was no violence.

Michigan State

Richard Spencer was scheduled to speak at the FMI conference and Michigan State on March 5. Once again, I promoted the event out of solidarity with a link to it on this website.

Just about everything that could go wrong with the Michigan State event went wrong. It started when Kyle Bristow quit the Alt-Right. The Michigan State police let a horde of hundreds of protesters disrupt the event. Once again, TWP showed up out of solidarity to support Spencer while others stayed at home and sniped on the internet. This led to a 1,500 comment thread about optics on the TRS Forum bashing TWP, the removal of their podcast and the announcement that TRS was cutting ties with TWP.

Spencer announced he was suspending his college tour. To his credit, Spencer never gave up or bowed to the pressure. Instead, it was the people behind him who succumbed to the pressure from Antifa. They no longer had the will power to continue to press forward.

The Heimbach Implosion

In the thousands of comments that were posted criticizing Matt Parrott, Matt Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party over optics, no one expressed any inkling of the sex scandal.

The sex scandal destroyed the Traditionalist Worker Party. Heimbach and Parrott left the movement. Tony Hovater and the rest of the group rebranded as Nationalist Initiative. I’ve been told they were planning to make all sorts of changes. Nevertheless, the attacks quickly resumed and escalated.

Over the course of the past year, the Alt-Right has done a 180 degree turn. It has shifted from activism to pacifism. It has shifted from asserting our rights to free speech and freedom of assembly and winning court battles in the real world to ridiculing these things as less important than shitposting on the internet. It has shifted from the positive energy of last summer to the negative energy of the present moment. It has shifted from gaining cohesion and greater solidarity to splintering over optics. More than anything else, the biggest change has been the attitude that other nationalists are the problem, not Antifa. In other words, it has shifted from winning to losing and from rising to declining.

Post Mortem

At least on my end, I started 2017 feeling a sense of solidarity with the Alt-Right. It felt like we had a common enemy, common values and a common purpose. Now, I don’t feel that sense of solidarity anymore. I feel like I barely knew many of these people and what motivated them.

It occurs to me that the biggest difference was a moral one. Whereas I saw men who exhibited moral qualities that I valued like courage, integrity, loyalty and perseverance, other people saw “bad optics.” Whereas I was incensed by the disrespect shown to these men who had made sacrifices and put themselves in physical danger on behalf of their cause, other people saw nothing but a bunch of fat contemptible LARPers who were ruining their public image.

As I listened more closely to their conversations about their “brand,” I picked up on how frequently they would drop phrases like “white trash,” casually muse about sterilizing poor, working class people and revel in posting Asian pornography. It struck me as being far removed from ethnic nationalism which as I understand it is based on sympathy and affinity with one’s own people. A nation isn’t a public image or a brand though. It includes all kinds of people including those who are “bad optics” as well as the cowards who don’t have the courage or integrity to stand up for themselves against a bully.

Ultimately, I couldn’t square the constant sneering at people about optics, the disrespect of our elders and the loathing of women with nationalism. I was even less fond of the promotion of “American Nationalism” and the attacks on other nationalists to curry favor with “normies.” The embrace of pacifism in the midst of a fight while simultaneously attacking others is just throwing in the towel. It has emboldened Antifa and justified their use of violent tactics to accomplish their political goals.

This brings to a close the free speech movement that began when Richard Spencer was punched in the face. There was a clear rise from February until August. There was a clear fall from August to March. What can we learn from this episode? Where do we go from here?

We’re going to dive into this tomorrow.

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    • What’s hilarious is that he and weev (who shares the same views) also think they have the moral authority to police behaviour to “appeal to normies”.

      • They’re both mentally unstable. The fact that Anglin can’t coherently express himself in debates shows that he’s a clown and not a serious person. Who has he helped besides himself with all of the donations he’s received? He lies a lot. Weev is a sadistic sociopath who wants to kill women and children and laughs about it like a maniac. Not to be trusted.

    • Lee- and yet, the stats and columns (about female psychoses) prove his [AA’s] point, time and again. ( See the recent article about Cruz)- here’s another take on that reality – https://lawandcrime.com/crazy/its-perverted-niklolas-cruz-is-getting-racy-fan-mail-from-teens-and-its-creeping-out-his-lawyer/

      So, how is this ‘dissing’ of AA (who also has now jumped the Alt- Right ship, as has BG) NOT a blatant example of the very evils mentioned in this very column?

      Brad mentioned morality- I believe that a civilization deprived of the leaven of biblical morality, will enable women to engage their inner whore, for ‘ their desiren will be for their husband” as Scripture says- and, emboldened by Jewish sexual perversion in society as the norm ( the vast majority of “Metoo” are Kikes)!with laws favoring females, their (women’s) evil natures DO become slutty and debased!

      Of course, such observations will not be appreciated- either by the online resident shrew of this site… or by the moral women who post, yet who will also (surprise!) ‘diss a man’ , for saying such truths;, who also forget to realize that Christianity has long known and noted female schemes that use their bodies for illicit ends…

      Just one observation on this entire conversation.

      • “Of course, such observations will not be appreciated- either by the online resident shrew of this site… or by the moral women who post, yet who will also (surprise!) ‘diss a man’ , for saying such truths”

        Or the “White Knights” here who repeatedly engage in shooting the truth messenger ….

      • Fr. John, you are a malicious tool. You cite a few women who like serial killers and pretend it is the norm, ignoring that most of these women were abused by their fathers and are suffering from illnesses. Furthermore, you ignore the thousands of men who wanted Amanda Knox to be a killer because that would make her “hotter.” Men are a hundred times more likely to commit a murder or rape than women are. For every murderous woman, there are a thousand men like her or worse.
        You are a worm, Fr. John. Even a satanic from the Satanic Temple is more Godly than you. Now crawl, worm! You are unworthy to be called a man.

  1. They were not entirely wrong about TWPs optics. TWP did in fact make a conscious choice to use alienating optics. In the process, Heimbach and Parrot gave ammo to some real assholes whose true agenda almost certainly isn’t “optics” anyway a sword to use against the TWP. It was a self-inflicted wound. I always wondered myself what German war helmets had to do with the white working class and never came up with a good answer.

    • How about protection from leftist Antifa, who ( being pervs, Nigs, and kikes) never played fair?

    • The only main complaint I’ve heard that I agree with was that the all black was too Antifa-ish and confusing. Somebody looking at pictures of the MSU brawls would see all black vs. all black.

      But that’s not what bothers me, and doesn’t bother those of us on the Hard Right. Of course valid concerns should be brought to the attention of those responsible. But that’s not what we have seen, instead we have seen irresponsible public attacks and criticism levelled against us that should have been kept in house not plastered all over our internet spaces for our opponents to point and laugh at.

    • TWP were however dressed head to toe in black and threw err Roman salutes.

      Heimbach would have looked sympathetic facing off against the antifa with the spiked knuckle duster if he had a different outfit/optic.

  2. Alt-right.com became a shitshow of MGTOWs, Anglin decided on hating white women too, Spencer buries his own grave deeper and deeper every time he opens his mouth.
    That’s the “Alt right” – again, /pol/ proved to be always right when it denied the brand since day 1 (although /pol/ is dead and crap now as well).

    Now, the best of it all is that, censorship apart, we returned to our model of doing things before the election, and there’s no brand to be attacked anymore.
    But the damage done to the movement was enourmous.

    • > /pol/

      Pol is flooded with shitkins and trolls. If you take that place seriously, don’t be surprised if nobody takes you seriously.

    • “ the damage done to the movement was enourmous.“

      Yes- both Anglin and Brad have admitted defeat- the Jews won, because no one in this uncivil confrontation were ready to be martyrs.

      If this is the end of Christendom, you’d think they should have ‘counted the cost,’ as both men claim/claimed that be Christians- which drew me the this site, in the first place.

      Now the poem has come true: “the center cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.“

      God help us.

  3. Leave the detritus behind, and start anew like way back when.

    Nationalistic sympathies are still running high, they just lack a focus at the moment. Start taking back the streets, and keep sounding the pro-white message, and the stragglers will fall back in line behind you.

  4. @Mr. Griffin…

    Sometimes I think that you overcomplicate your life and expect too much of yourself and others.

    You are a True Southerner, looking for any way to form coalitions that will help herald a rebirth of The South. That is entirely rational.

    That said, sometimes it is that we form associations with those who are operating at cross-purposes to us, or those who, with the best of intentions, come to disastrous result, because of unwise leadership.

    You have The League, which has a wise, harmonious, consistent, battle-tested, well-establisht, and honourable leadership, (singular for the Alt-right) and your position in it is very respectable, for you have done a lot.

    And yet, that never seems enough – yet, as of 2018, there is nothing better, for someone of your political persuasion.

    When you appreciate where you are, and it’s limits, the exasperation in you will subside in the face of feeling blesst.

    Until then, things will be a seesaw.

    Regards, Junius

  5. > As I listened more closely to their conversations about their “brand,” I picked up on how frequently they would drop phrases like “white trash,” casually muse about sterilizing poor, working class people and revel in posting Asian pornography.

    > the attacks on other nationalists to curry favor with “normies.”

    Ultimately, this is also why the AR is splintering. A great deal of them are obsessed with optics, which is shorthand for being afraid of challenge the status quo.

    However, I would go further than you. I don’t think it is just about optics or status anxiety. The very fact that weev is attacking white nationalists as ‘wignats’ and is now pushing for supporting Zog Emperor Trump is enough proof that this isn’t just about optics. Fundamentally, some people don’t want white nationalism and weev is one of them.

    What happened in the last 6 months or so was that Daily Stormer went from Full Nazi to being cucks for Trump and demonised everyone who didn’t follow in those footsteps. TRS started to promote a race-blind cuckservative like Vaughn on their podcasts and purged NatSocs.

    Basically, the two most important outlets of the movement started to ideologically attack white nationalism. It’s important to underline that we didn’t start this fight. The attacks on ‘wignats’ started to emanate from weev, anglin and vaughn. TRS, and especially Sven, did nothing to counter these attacks.

    Ultimately, the AR has split into two factions. One which never fundamentally changed its ideological core – white advocacy and self-preservation – and another which is obsessing about winning for the GOP at the expense of racial survival, and Vaughn is a prime example of this.

    Given that Trump will massively fail, and he is already doing that in many ways(the omnibus was just the latest proof of that), I don’t give the optics cucks a high chance of survival. As the US turns into a democratic supermajority country, anyone cucking for race-blind GOP boosterism will be sidelined. But this episode was very telling. The attacks came from within, from Daily Stormer and from the passive going-along-to-get-along from TRS.

    Whenever calls are heard about “sticking together” are made, this should be kept in mind.

    • The universal political condemnation of the racialist right by Congress and Exective in the wake of C’Ville might turn out to be a blessing. If the Trump (or Pence) train with congressional backing walks into the buzz saw of Iran or Russia, they can’t really blame the Anti-semites and racists for it. Everyone will know exactly who is responsible this time.

      • Yes, but who really cared who was right, after Rome fell in 476 A.D.?

        Same thing here.

        We’ve got three weeks before ‘Camp of the Saints- American Style,’band is this site organizing a White civilian militia to our Southern border?

        Hell, no. Y’all are what Eric Holder said you were- a bunch of cowards.

          • Shut up, you vile whore and foul mouthed bitch. There. Someone should’ve said that to you long ago

            Oh wait. Stonelifter did years ago… And I was foolish enough to stand up for you then.

            I repent of that error now.

  6. Occidental Dissent: Great Again!

    As some one who saw that the alt right was not the way to go early on, I offer a recap of why that was:

    1) Evil be my good: the alt right decided that if the enemy was against something, they would be for it, irrespective of morality. Thus the embrace of bizzare and alienating ideas, actions, and rhetoric (gassing people, dropping people from helicopters, etc) Many of the big names were not mere atheists but anti God. In the place of God was a belief in a demon of chaos, Kek, and its avatar Pepe. Big names were promoting the idea that if enough people chanted magic spells (meme magic), this demon would help us win the war. No thanks.

    2) No goal, no plan how to get there. Maybe you could grant the alt right the 14 words, but when pressed they never really put their cards on the table. Because of that, Trump’s victory bought time that could not be employed. Without concrete goals,the movement got lost in infighting and Holding Trumps Beer. The correct answer (for America) is Partition. No easy feat. But correct none the less.

    3) First who, then what. In Jim Collins’ masterpiece of managerial science “Good to Great’ he showed how transformative enterprises live and die by getting the right people into the right positions. Unfortunately for the alt right, the wrong people got elevated to the top and killed the movement with error after error. It is difficult for.modern society as a whole to solve this problem because we don’t raise people properly, so we have a tiny pool of people that are actual aristocrats. Furthermore, power comes from how many followers one has, and the mass of men are not raised to adhere to good leaders (the opposite, actually).

    This will be the rate limiting step, because the solution to points 1 and 2 we have in hand: Right (arta) makes might and Partition. Getting a great leader, one who can navigate the world to a new epoch of history, will not be easy.

    • I disagree.

      With Trump winning biggly the hard right were supposed to simmer down, get to work and shut up. Instead C’Ville was organized. The Altamont of the Altright.

      It’s got nothing to do with incantations. 600-1000 hard right people showed up and the state went ballistic. They ain’t gonna let that happen without crushing it.

      However on the upside, when Bolton starts shilling for wars and we get wars, under Trump or more likely Pence after an impeachment/resignation, white nationalists can’t be blamed for disaster that awaits. When the economy is eclipsed and or crashes the left will have a hard Time pinning it on the hard right.

    • After-thunk. Pepe et al., was SATIRE- Anglin said this, time and again!

      Indeed, Anglin became more honestly ‘Christian’ while being rebellious, over the last four years, than the moderator of this site. I challenged everyone on Daily Stormer almost from the beginning, that they would fail in their attempts, if they didn’t take into consideration the fact that Christianity is the “white man’s religion.“

      I said the same thing here, much to the same denial, by various and sundry posters.

    • Richard Spencer has everything fundamentally right. It’s just nobody within the alt-right is on the same page. Charlottesville (I wasn’t there) though was probably the last time that happened.

      “You will not replace us” is what we need to go back to as being the big (and only) idea.

      • Did everything right? He almost allowed a coup to happen against him by Jorjani because Spencer still believes, despite genetic and visual evidence, that Iranians are “whiter than he is” and was duped to believe he would get millions from Jorjani’s connections. It was probably Friberg, who I trust a lot more than Spencer, who stopped it.

        • I said “he has,” not “he did.” The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

          You are right that Spencer should adopt a narrower view of Whiteness: I think Stormfront’s essential definition of “white” as being European Christendom is the simplest.

  7. I’ve learned that By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them. The (((Alt Right))) certainly do behave like demoralizing controlled opposition, don’t they? Some idiot has been making obscene posts to and about me, on this forum. It kept insisting that DS/TRS are going to THE Leaders blah blah blah……..yup. Right into oblivion.

    By their fruits ye shall know them……

    • That’s rich! Someone who praises Lugh, who then misquotes Scripture, while not partaking of the Spirit of God, in the first place…. Denise, you trust in your pagan deities. Let them save you.

      • I do trust my White Gods. “Jesus” is a jew scam — a theft of Balder, and tons of OTHER Race Gods. I don’t see Jayzuz saving YOU, you moron, Run along and fellate Anglin some more, you FRAUD.

        • Jesus is a literary construct by Greek dramatists, designed to poke fun at Jews.

          • Well.

            Now that the masks are off, (and the pagans are coming out of their closets) we have descended into total Kabuki theater by the mental retards, (claiming to be intelligent commenters). I think I’ll leave this website for some time.

            Brad Griffin, best of luck to you.

            I hope your son does not become military fodder for the wars that this nation seems predisposed to engage in. Truly. Nobody should have to die for such a miscegenated, immoral, perverted, and totally Judaized state as the USSA has now become.

            But as long as we allow (at this stage) ourselves to be deluded that this nation should continue to exist, or engage in “civic nationalism,” as y’all are now doing, I fear that many people will die, before sanity is restored. I actually held out hope for the Alta right and for this now sent awareness of our past. But I see that it was shallow, and not deep/real. As Cambria has said, “How can the world survive, if the faith of Christ is not deep within the heart of European man?”

            As a man who remembers America as it once was, (unlike many of you young folks) you cannot even begin to understand what you have lost, and how far below the level of decency you have fallen, since the 1960s.

            You blame the Boomers. Yet, one of the Commandments states that you are to “honor your elders.” Because all of us are your fathers and mothers, in some fashion or other. That “the children’s teeth are set on edge,” I have long known.

            But this attitude of blamelessness, and guilt transference to anyone but yourselves, is the mark of a completely Judaized soul. You point out the Jews, yet you forget to acknowledge, or cannot realize, that your mind is already as Jewed…as theirs.

            May God have mercy on us, if this is what the future generation holds.

    • Some people don’t do well in personal debates. Spencer has a lot more experience than Hunter. I also think something that factious doesn’t have much value. It will do more harm than good.

  8. There was a budding Free Speech / Anti-Antifa movement which people could rally around.

    The only way to screw it up was to dress in black like antifa and call yourself a national socialist. Heimbach did this.

    Who wants solidarity with a larping maniac with a quixotic worldview. Heimbach was tilting at flaming swastikas? in a 1930’s fantasy world with Sancho Parrott trying and failing to excert some sanity.

    • Spencer plays out of position and he made himself a Milo pariah during 2017.

      He could play to his strengths of ideas and presentation/video. He is too cavalier to be a leader.

      Spencer could lead the propoganda charge against Jonah Goldberg’s Suicide of the West. All parts of the right could get behind that. Ebook, videos, podcasts, conference, protest and lots of trolling.

      Imo there needs to be coordinated campaigns of trolling/activism which get into the news cycle and sends people to good entertaining content and ultimately to organisations which they feel comfortable with.

  9. It’s just as well that the alt-right has collapsed. It was full of spoiled frat boys, antisocial gamers, anime-fappers and yellow fever enthusiasts. Whites need to get serious, god dammit. Get armed and get ready, ’cause the shit is about to hit the fan.

    • As always, sanity emanates from you… when you are talking about the cold, hard truth Spahn.

      • Thank you, Friar John. I do have occasional moments of lucidity. But then – just like that – they’re gone!

    • We need to turn the spoiled frat boys, antisocial gamers and anime-fappers into white nationalists. Calling them names is the same as “white trash” hurled at the TWP.

      Yellow-fever enthusiasts however should go scooch themselves. There is a difference between having made a mistake in your past as opposed to those who still denigrate white women and praise Asians.

    • The spoiled frat boys main use value would have been as cannon fodder in the street and campus combats. Kinda like the college fencers in Germany or the Rugby Football players.

      Useless eaters at a certain point if they won’t lead the working class men.

  10. Southern nationalists should quit fartin’ around with their sentimental talk of preserving Dixie’s heritage and push for secession from the Union instead. The USSA is a ship that’s taking on water and listing to starboard. ZOG America should break up into smaller republics which can then re-unify under a new and improved Articles of Confederation.

    • If you’re right, and if America splinters, lets hope the whites who succeed in securing homelands for themselves will learn from the fatal flaws in our Constitution and system of governance. The path to ruin for America is no mystery, it is up to future generations to avoid the disastrous mistakes that led us to where we are now. They will one hopes also deny Jewry any opportunities to undermine and destroy their new nations from within. We must learn from their actions to pre-empt them in the future.

    • Three “Racist Nation” Solution…

      The Land of white Supremaacy and The Southern Monopoly landlocking a “liberated” Cucklands.

  11. I agree.

    The theological rationale for aligning with, pledging allegiance to, or holding before God in prayer, this accursed nation, is over.

    The kingdom of God alone is they Christian‘s “home country.” Every nation that has departed from God is accursed. And this one, most of all-

    because we covenanted, and like the Apostate 13 Tribes of Israel -those who have ears to hear, let them hear- they, too, were divorced by God because of it.

    We are free of this State’s claims of allegiance; let it perish off the face of the Earth.

  12. A very good piece. I think that the Alt-Right is in decline, and perhaps over. My thoughts, for whatever they are worth, is that we need to focus on three things: (1) squaring away our families for a potential time of crisis shoved upon us, (2) building local community attachments with people we know (who might be sympathetic to us but not open ethnonationalists), and (3) focus on working towards Southern nationalism.

  13. This is some of the most abjectly narcissistic and irrelevant navel gazing I have ever read. Its fascinating how your timeline revolves only around events that you saw yourself at the center of. You have a comically overblown idea of your relevance. Frankly you ought to shutter the blog, Hunter. I think you know that going forward the only thing OD can possibly be is an obsessive movement-critic blog with nothing positive to offer anyone. You have nothing left but your obsession with and hatred for the people who rejected you; you will ruminate on that and nothing else for years hence. It’s so obvious. In the last 6 month this blog devolved into a monomaniacal obsession with personally avenging Hunter Wallace’s pride and it will only get worse. Truly a sad sight.

    You and your hair-brained anti-Nationalism have been rejected by the pro-white movement and now you’ve become obsessed with pronouncing it dead out of wounded pride – how many steps can you be from actively working against it to avenge your chapped ass? This blog hasn’t stood for anything but your wounded ego for a long time anyway. I hope you and your weird Manson-worshiping followers all get your shit together someday, dust yourselves off and get back on the horse. Until then it would be best for everyone – except the SPLC – if you went away.

        • Ah yes, one of those Daily Sausage-Fest book-clubs, I believe they are called?

          At any rate I am working feverishly behind the scenes in hopes of getting HW and Commandant Linder to form some kind of Grand Alliance/Entante Cordiale/Non-Aggression Pact – Thus far to no avail.

        • And how many of those 30+ book club members would you estimate are Federal agents or SPLC informants?

    • “obsessive movement-critic blog with nothing positive to offer anyone.”

      The funny thing is this is the exact same reason why I got myself banned from DS and never made an account at TRS. The Hard Right has been the last Oasis of sanity, whereas the Alt-Right has been spending it’s time publicly shitting on Pro-Whites who are making sacrifices and going out to confront Antifa while they sit on the internet (2 of them notably absent from the Country they claim to be fighting for-funny that) posting naked Asians as a “joke” and using “good optics” like inviting Hamas to America and lying to their donating supporters while they are married to a Jew.

      AmNats/Alt-Right could have allied with those of us who are disaffected by American imagery, instead they let Murriga fuck yeah CivNats like Ricky Vaughn push dedicated Pro-White radicals to the side. Nah, sorry not sorry we don’t all like your ugly Federal rag, nor is waving it around the only way we are gonna win.

    • The timeline of events listed in the original post is exactly how I remember it, as an outside observer who has no affiliation with any other parties

  14. It was never about “optics.” That was just a convenient point for them to latch onto. Richard Spencer dresses nicely, but then they just use this to claim he is a closeted homo. It was just cowards rationalizing their desire to avoid any risks. Also possibly intentional deradicalization efforts from the establishment after Charlottesville.

  15. Much of this ‘optics’ debate is contrived. Just dress like a person who has some measure of self respect, and none of this optics crap would have happened. Ditch the silly costumes, etc.

    We are interested in numbers- this is how we win. Working class whites and southerners in particular have an image problem in the larger society. We don’t help matters much when we play into stereotypes, even if we know in our hearts we are just regular decent people and we are getting a bad rap from effete snobs or such. In any politics, image is important, the message is important, morality is important. In a rally, out of 100 of us, if one person is slovenly and inarticulate, guess which one of this 100 will end up on the evening news giving an incoherent ‘racist’ rant to the reporters camera? Reporters etc latch on to the weakest link in the chain, and thus for decades we have failed to make the necessary gains,since nobody wants to be associated with a cross burning neanderthal. At rally’s, we need to be presentable,dressed a notch above casual.

    Andrew Anglin and Weev of The Daily Stomer are toxic, Anglin is working to undermine white interests by offering gross caricatures of Jews ( and others, namely,white women) that only serves to reinforce Jewish group identity. If anyone wanted to be really edgy, they would write about holocaust revisionism- that is what the Jews really fear, but Anglin seldom if ever goes there. Hmm. His over-the-top- white women bashing is just gross and counter productive. i know a lot about that guy that is too much to go into here just now.

    Another issue is Jason Kessler – I think he is correct in what we should do now- we should not surrender Charlottesville. it sounds crazy, but a second rally there later this year is appropriate. We should not abandon our fallen comrades, that city is ground zero. Kessler is fighting tooth and nail, lawsuits, etc. while most of the pro-whites have given up. This giving up there is harming us overall.
    I prefer a rally in Charlottesville on private property, otherwise I do not not see how the planned rally can succeed but Kessler is working round the clock to make it happen. He deserves our support even if its just moral.

  16. Matt Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party were asked to come to Auburn

    Yes, the beginning of the end. By associating with a known SPLC collaborator and a media clown it was only a matter of time before his whoring for the media, purposefully looking like a fool to get on TV, brought nothing but trouble. Obviously, it was only a matter of time before such an idiot self-destructed.

    The “Alt Right” peaked in 2015, when Spencer rightly banned that moron from attending. For the next three months Heimbach and his clown show tried their best to destroy everything, but it survived.

    Then Spencer, like a fool, decided to get in bed with the clowns, which gave us “Hailgate,” Chris Cantwell posturing for the media with his guns, and the entire “Alt Right” walked right into an obvious trap designed to do exactly what it did.

    Why should anyone show any solidarity with an SPLC collaborator like Heimbach? Why should anyone want to be associated with a media creation who keeps the SPLC on the speed dial to get his face on TV?

    Now that the Alt Right is dead and the League of the South has been effectively destroyed by pathetically stupid leadership, perhaps pro-White people can drop all the “fashy” nonsense, the neo-Nazi LARPing, and idiotic “activism” mean to accomplish nothing but letting jackass narcissists see their faces on TV and get back to building a serious pro-White movement.

  17. In fairness, Hunter criticizes others for knocking those who could be allies, while he himself, knocks those who could be allies. Rise above it. Anglin and Graham have their place. Anglin attacks women, has even called for slaughter of the English, and seems unhinged, but at the same time, he has publicized the movement to many. Let him have his place. Let the fat lower class whites with Nazi flags have their place. Let them find common cause with the concerned, wealthy white. The uniting thread is saving our race. That’s what politics is about – making “bedfellows” among different people who have one shared goal that overrides their other differences.

  18. @ Hunter Wallace

    I am getting to this thread late but I have answers.

    We need to reach out to these leaders of the Alt-Right and reaffirm our commitment to our mutual cause (and we DO have a mutual cause). With them all, no one excluded, we draw up a loose constitution of principles We all stand upon and demand signatures.

    In traditional fashion of white civilization we draw up this compact and not breech it. Our ancestors were ALWAYS successful operating together. Communism, our mutual enemy seeks to separate us. Whatever it takes my brothers and sisters! Deo Vindice and Hail Victory!!!!

  19. In general, never saw the point of all those public demonstrations. Compared to online publishing they are horrendously expensive.

    If the purpose was to stand up to Antifa, that is a rather silly purpose. Antifa are a band of degenerates that the Jews have recruited as proxies, and they are only relevant in specific situations; they are not a general problem. When you are facing Antifa, you are not dealing with the real enemy but with a distraction. Better not to waste time on Antifa beyond what is unavoidable.

  20. What keeps a by-and-large group of dissimilar leftists from being at each other’s throats? Easy…their hatred of straight, white, Christianized men. That’s it. There is no more. They are galvanized around destroying that one group.
    As you point out, when focused on Antifa, the movement was successful. You must have a common enemy to bring together unalike peoples.
    And that’s why I wanted Hillary to win. I feared that a Trump victory would cause the Right to fold-up tent and go home. Then, besting Antifa lead to even a greater sense of victory. The average person looks at winning as a reason to no longer protest. It is losing that stirs the passions.
    For example, nothing brings out second amendment supporters like a group of liberals wanting to take away guns.
    It is also why the black civil rights movement, regardless of all their victories the past fifty years, constantly preaches to their group that whites are oppressing their civil rights.
    I honestly believe that the alt-right will not be a true force until whites are in permanent minority status. It is a catch-22. To organize, we must be under an obvious assault.
    Don’t worry, it’s coming. It might be as soon as 2020.

  21. I just listened to the interview between H. Wallace & C. Cantwell on the ‘Radical Agenda’ radio show.

    That was an eye opener, to say the least!

    If what is said about weev’s past and identity is true, then all I havevto say is he IS an infiltrating agent on behest of other subversive actors/agencies.

    The very fact, – if it is a fact – that weev was an organizer of the radical leftist/communist movement “occupy wall street”, says volunes about who and what weev is all about.

    And since people like A. Anglin are associating with person like weev that means, the DS, is NOT for the benefit of ethnocentric white Americans.

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