Israel to Send All Black African Undocumented to White Western Countries!

Can’t say I didn’t feel this was going to happen.

The Israeli Government has announced that it is reversing it’s policy of returning Black African migrants to Black African countries. Instead Israel has reached a deal with the United Nations to resettle the Black African Migrants currently in Israel to (drum roll….)

White Western Countries!

As Gomer Pyle would say:

“Surprise, surprise”


“The Israeli government announced on Monday that it has reached a landmark agreement with the United Nations to scrap its contested plans to deport African asylum seekers and would resettle many of them in Western countries instead…. Netanyahu and his interior minister, Arieh Deri, are to make a formal announcement shortly, according to the prime minister’s office.

The deal lifts the threat of a forced expulsion to unnamed African destinations, widely believed to be Rwanda and Uganda, with whom Israel had reached a secret agreement…..

The optics of black asylum seekers accusing the country of racism has turned into a public relations liability for Israel, and groups of Israeli doctors, academics, poets, Holocaust survivors, rabbis and pilots have all appealed to halt the plan.”

I respond:

So this demonstrates in brutal, anti White genocidal ways that the Tommy Robinson, Geert Wilders and Trump campaign strategy of being 100% pro Israel in hopes that the Israelis and the jewish diaspora might allow White Western countries to implement strict israeli style immigration policies – that’s out the window. The Jews insist that both:

Israel is reserved as a Jewish ethnostate and…
All remaining White Western nations MUST Be flooded with unlimited numbers of Black African, 3rd world, Muslim migrants.

Anyone who objects to either or both is smeared and marginalized as an EVIL RACIST NAZI, ISAMAPHOBE WHO WANTS TO GAS 6 MILLION JEWS and anyone that isn’t blond haired blue eyed White.

The worst Zionists like the god awful ugly Jewess Tamar Jacoby do not see any contradiction. It’s:

“What’s mine is mine, what’s yours needs to be multi cultural for everyone with Jews dominating the media, finance, academia, championing the causes of everything non White, anti White including Islam conquering, enslaving the West”.

Why do the Jews do this?

A: They hate us.

Plus they love to always be seen as championing the oppressed, fighting racism and intolerance. They are the most committed anti racists… Plus the Jews are God’s Chosen people.

Any questions?


    • To put it bluntly, eff off. If you won’t stand up for your own, you’re nothing but a traitor cuck.

      • he is not saying he won’t stand up for his white race and for the West; he’s saying there is hope for us…he may be right…I see some possible solutions, but the odds are against…in fact in some ways the scenario may be similar to the destruction of the neanderthals…some say the invaders out-reproduced the neanderthals…and in 100 years the population of the entire world MAY be mostly african…

        the elites seek to import worker-consumers from wherever there exists large supplies of humans…the whites stop having children, for the most part…the east asians are right behind us…the latinos and south asians and SE asians will be right behind them…but africa will keep right on churning out humans…and when the supply of worker-consumers does not meet the demand for them from Big Business, Big Business will start shipping them in from africa…boats planes, flotillas them headed for the developed nations…and as technology improves, the food supply for africa increases, and that means the supply of african babies increases to be more than half the world’s population…

        and once that happens…

        oh, my…

        • Whites are not having children because of genocidal government policies imposed on us. And just who are behind those policies? None other than Jewry, who tax whites to death so they are forced to fund their own displacement and extinction. Increasingly we cannot find mates and support families because we are supporting other’s children against our will and our best interests.

    • Western Europe has been in racial and cultural decline since the end of WWI. But Eastern Europe, including the former DDR and Soviet Russia, can still be saved.

  1. That’s entertainment.

    Can anyone doubt who was really behind slavery as a world historical phenomenon at this juncture?

    Judaism: Human Trafficking as Religion.

  2. In the course of life, I went from mildly pro-Israel, to not caring either way, to righteous fury. Now as God is my witness, I hope to see them suffer atomic ruin. And all of this not once because of some nazi or goat botherer, but thanks to the filthy juden themselves. They are nothing but rot and evil. There is no peace as long as they curse this good Earth.

    • I feel exactly the same way. These filthy rodents and their gentile tools had brainwashed me at one point into believing their zionist abominations. At this point the only compromise I want to see is the Palestinian flag waving high and proud over that Middle Eastern ground. Why does the world need any space for the bloodsucking Jew? We’d all be better off without them.

  3. It’s quite amazing that the Jews – all by themselves – have turned an aligned army of loyalists into a seething group of “anti-Semites” all in less than 2 years. Of course this includes the author himself. All of a sudden it is the Jews!

    • Nah. I/we call em like we see them. I have been brutally honest about exposing the cowardice, lies and treason of:

      Ron and Rand Paul – Libertarian Constitutionalists
      The CINO – Catholic in Name Only Pope Francis (Anti White, pro Muslim, Liberation Theology traitor)
      The Mormon Latter Day Sissy political and religious leaders.

      When and if there are any decent, honest Jewish people/Jewish groups on our side I will be more than happy to promote them, but they are few.

      This article honestly reports the God awful, as bad as it gets FACT that the Israeli government will now dump tens of thousands of diseased, unskilled, low IQ Black migrants on White Western countries and seek to secure some great propaganda victory that Israel and Jewish liberals everywhere are fighting against RACISM, Islamaphobia, Xenaphobia and that Israel and the Jewish are on the side of the downtrodden and oppressed.

    • Yes, it is all of them….. bankers, politicians, wealthy scum, royalty, religious figures especially the ones in gated facilities. However, did the NWO originate with the Jews? Did Zionism originate with the Jews?

      • Because now we are smarter…..we go after jews and communists, wherever they are.

        Eastern Europe already pinpointed the enemy, despite all gloating “altrightisdoomed” our American buddys are winning and finally we take the Western Europe too.

        Nobody cares about bankers or religious leaders or truck drivers or prostitutes anymore. Jews and communists are the problem, wherever they work.

        I still sell the strategy going after white communist first because it worked out so well in the Russia and in the Eastern Europe but I have no problem, when our Western brothers do other way .

        “”….However, did the NWO originate with the Jews?…””

        This is the chicken and egg question. I am the egg guy. Crush the egg and there will be no more chickens. Easy job, like we did in the Eastern Europe . We went after white communist and jews moved out.

        But theoretically this may done other way around. Remove the jew and without their intellectual skills, all white communists would be sitting in the lunacy asylum. Counter argument. Hitler removed the jew but left white communist and he lost the war because of inside treason.

        So what is the best ? Hitler tried to fight jews and after 12 years of power , he was dead. Putin went after white liberal and after 18 years , he is in charge and growing.

    • They know why the population is declining; they have to say it’s a complete mystery to them why people don’t want to be around nogs.

    • You don’t have to shoot up people to fight back at this point. Spread the word. That is what they fear the most. Note that they took power through the media. But the media is mocked now because of people like ourselves getting the word out with persuasive arguments and the truth.

    • I think it was the original plan to deport all the Black African migrants to other Black African countries. The Israeli Liberal Left and American Jewish Lib diaspora aborted that plan because it was bad PR for the Jews.

  4. Come on Jack….April fools is now over!
    But seriously, this should outrage any white person of sound mind. Was the whites in these countries targeted ever asked, or do only Jews and the U.N. get a say?!?! Wakanda nonsense is that?
    Whenever I try not to be a race realist, a story like this comes along.
    And why only white nations? Surely China and Japan can take a few tens of thousands-oh thats right…..they, like Israel, have to preserve their unique culture…
    And that Jewess in the photo is the ugliest thing I’ll see all day….I’ve seen roadkill with more attractive faces!

    • Yep I agree Tamar Jacoby is god awful butt ugly

      Even Bill Clinton wouldn’t t have sex with her

    • Talk about someone that was tossed out of an airplane without a parachute, then fell through an ugly tree before a hard landing on a pile of ugly sticks. It broke every branch it hit.

  5. Well, if the USA gets nuked and if most of the land is:

    What they saw defied all explanation
    Someone said the trees were glowing red
    They say the light came from the radiation
    But maybe it’s the spirits of the dead

    Then maybe these invaders will back off and no longer
    have this “burning” desire to come here…maybe….

    May God Save the South…

  6. No surprise Jews want to dump 3rd world refuse on White countries. The real question is WHY the still majority White “leadership” of our countries agrees to it. White self hatred is SICK!

  7. This is why I don’t cheer like I used to when I read about Israel getting tough on “infiltrators.” That’s because I know the infiltrators will eventually wind up in North Dakota.

    • Entry to Israel is a free ticket to London, New York, Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen… yup.

  8. This has been their policy for years and years. It has happened so many times, it’s one thing I mention to folks who are right wing but pro Israel.

    • Good for you.

      This works a bit for me. Most Amurikuns do swallow Neo Conservatives Rah Rah Rah war, war, war “Support the Troops”. But most are against the worst mass 3rd world immigration. When I explain that virtually every single Jewish American of any importance is god awful on immigration F grade from NumbersUSA – even supposedly Conservative GOP Jews like former House Majority leader Eric Cantor, it does have some effect. White voters kicked out Rep. Eric Cantor even though Cantor outspent his primary challenger by 20-1.

  9. We all knew this was coming.

    After all, the noble, righteous Jews could not possibly ignore the heart-felt pleas of their critics and commit the unforgivable sin of sending these poor, defenseless Negro lads back to their homelands!

    Solution? They send them to OUR homelands!

  10. Fucking goddamn nightmare. These are subhumans who have been stuck in the Stone Age since the beginningn of time. They look like animals, live like em, act like em, and are OBVIOUSLY ANIMALS. I’m sick of this NIGGER BULLSHIT AND THE JEWS

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