Jared Taylor Will Speak At The University of Alabama on April 19th

Just when I thought these college tours were winding down, it turns out that Jared Taylor is going to be speaking at the University of Alabama on April 19th:

“University of Alabama President Stuart Bell is encouraging students not to attend an event featuring a speaker who has been called a white nationalist.

Bell issued a statement Thursday, saying a registered student organization has invited a speaker “who has been identified as a white nationalist” to speak at an event in mid-April. He did not name the group or speaker, but the group Students For America First has advertised an April 19 event featuring Jared Taylor, the editor of the online “American Renaissance” website. The topic advertised on the flyer is “Diversity: Is it Good For America?”

“This ideology is counter to our institutional values,” Bell said in the statement. “The University of Alabama did not invite this individual. UA stands for the equality of all people.” …”

Normally, I would go to this since it is so close to home. Unfortunately, I’m going to be traveling out of state though that weekend to attend a wedding.

The issues that were raised in the now defunct free speech movement haven’t gone away. We’re still dealing with Antifa political violence. We’re still dealing with campus crybabies. We’re still dealing with police departments that are standing down. If we retreat from the public sphere, these problems aren’t going to get any better and will likely get worse without opposition.

Note: I would love to hear Jared Taylor’s thoughts on the New York Times article which basically admitted he has been right about race for over 20 years now.

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  1. Despite his failure to address the elephant in the room, the JQ, Taylor is actually a fantastic and articulate speaker.
    He explained once that the JQ is complex, and too complicated to explain to the public. The differences between races is something normies understand and can be taught about.
    Still- we can’t we can’t address the symptoms without realizing the cause.

  2. I am on Taylor’s side regarding the JQ…and yes it is too complex for most people to understand…the bell curve is in operation for all races, unfortunately…

    really, though, taylor fails to address the real issues behind multiculturalism and mass immigration, which is Big Business, Big Money…so he is definitely an imperfect advocate for whites

    • You’re pooting, all right. Big Money? Why is the Fed always headed by a jew, why is the Extreme Court permanently at least 1/3 jew now — and how can it not drastically affect the world? People are waking up to the JQ, even Babdists are getting sick of Zionism because its atrocities are common knowledge.

      “The goyim know”

    • Too complex? Then Vice President Joe Biden once explained things in simple terms that even complete simpletons should understand.

      “The truth is that Jewish heritage, Jewish culture, Jewish values are such an essential part of who we are that it’s fair to say that Jewish heritage is American heritage,” Biden said, according to the pool report. “The Jewish people have contributed greatly to America. No group has had such an outsized influence per capita as all of you standing before you and all of those who went before me and all of those who went before you.”

      “You make up 11 percent of the seats in the United States Congress. You make up one-third of all Nobel laureates,” he said. “So many notions that are embraced by this nation that particularly emanate from over 5000 years of Jewish history, tradition and culture: independence, individualism, fairness, decency, justice, charity. [Yeah, right!] These are all as you say, as I learned early on as a Catholic being educated by my friends, this tzedakah.”

      “The embrace of immigration” is part of that, as is the involvement of Jews in social justice movements.

      “You can’t talk about the civil rights movement in this country without talking about Jewish freedom riders and Jack Greenberg,” he said, telling a story about seeing a group of Jewish activists at a segregated movie theater in Delaware. “You can’t talk about the women’s movement without talking about Betty Friedan” or American advances in science and technology without mentioning Einstein and Carl Sagan, or music and Gershwin, Bob Dylan and “so, so, so many other people.”

      “I believe what affects the movements in America, what affects our attitudes in America are as much the culture and the arts as anything else,” he said. That’s why he spoke out on gay marriage “apparently a little ahead of time.”

      “It wasn’t anything we legislatively did. It was ‘Will and Grace,’ it was the social media. Literally. That’s what changed peoples’ attitudes. That’s why I was so certain that the vast majority of people would embrace and rapidly embrace” gay marriage.

      “Think behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry. The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good,” he said.

      • so? even if every jew in the world disappeared right now, by tomorrow, rich gentiles would take the place of the jewish elite and they would still be pushing mass immigration and anti-white multiculturalism…why? BECAUSE IT MAKES THE RICH RICHER…and that is what america is all about–making the rich richer…
        it’s not that hard to understand, is it?

        The Magic Jew Theory (MJT) is like the cargo cult (CC) version of white nationalism…adherents to MJT think that the jews are the reason westerns have mass immigration and anti-white multiculturalism crammed down our throats…wrong…we have mass immigration and anti-white multiculturalism crammed down our throats because it makes the rich richer…the rich get richer off the economy…the economy is 8-% consumer demand….more people–> more consumer demand–> bigger economy–> higher corporate profits–> the rich get richer…

        it’s not really all that hard to understand… IS IT???

        • typo above–the economy is about 70 to 80 percent consumer demand…the establishment uses immigration to increase population and consumer demand, propping up the ponzi economy…

          anti-white multiculturalist propaganda from the establishment manufactures consent for mass immigration by instilling and triggering white guilt

        • Ok, so in your opinion Jewish ethnocentrism (ethnic networking) and left-wing, multicultural political activism is not a problem. It’s a non-issue, because if Jews didn’t do it, some one else would.

          So why did you bother with
          “I am on Taylor’s side regarding the JQ…and yes it is too complex for most people to understand…”? KISS.

          • see, here we go again with the strawman tactic…obviously jews and their lobbies and israel are a problem…ONE problem…out of MANY…

            but you almost certainly already know that…and you also probably know that I know that…

            You pretend that I am saying something that i am clearly not saying…this tactic is being used by hundreds of online commentors…if you are a white nationalist (as I am) and you say the JQ is just one problem among many (as I do and as Jared Taylor is saying), then these online commentors will swarm to you and claim you think the jews are not a problem at all…
            I have seen this phenomenon at work many times..

            this phenomenon is important to understand…

          • Sure, sure.

            It just seems to me that “The Magic Jew/Goy Theory” isn’t very complicated at all:
            “even if every jew in the world disappeared right now, by tomorrow, rich gentiles would take the place of the jewish elite and they would still be pushing mass immigration and anti-white multiculturalism…why? BECAUSE IT MAKES THE RICH RICHER…and that is what america is all about–making the rich richer”.

            If Jews didn’t do all those things (pushing mass immigration and anti-white multiculturalism), someone else would, because it makes the rich richer.

            That’s not very complex.

            By the way, I actually am of the opinion that the JQ is one problem among many. I just tend to believe that it’s a really, really big one.

            So, now that’s out of the way, what is your definition of the JQ, and what is so complex about it?

          • Well, I guess things got too complex for “Active Pooter”.

            Anyway, just remembered that Lily Allen, English singer-songwriter, made a similar claim…

            Lily Allen: “Actually, there’s a strong possibility they would have been raped or abused by somebody else at some point. That’s kind of the issue.”

            Lily Allen says it doesn’t matter if 1 million children were raped by Muslims because they would have been raped anyway.


    • It’s not so complex. Jews feel uncomfortable as tiny separatist minority ruling over a foreign host population. Plus, they sincerely hate working class white people of all stripes. Would just as soon trade them out for any different subspecies of mankind.

  3. “a speaker who has been called a white nationalist” — a school which could be called “Orwellian left field”.

    “values” — little packets of poison where morals and principles used to be.

  4. This guy is one big joke. Just another lame “conservative”. A guy who can document race etc. across the board but can’t see Jews as our enemy or a distinct group, but can speak on Jews as da smarts ones. Jews don’t exist but when they do for Taylor it’s to praise them. Instead this buffoon says Jews are like us, just White. He is also the originator of the lame as can be, a position only a Jew apologist could make, “muh whitey suicide”. Of course if Your deceitful position Jews are whites then suicide runs cover or Jews.
    Then when he can see Jews, it’s always with praising them and spouting off the Jewish lie of muh highs IQ n sheeit. “Jews (who he says are white) deserve to rule over you because IQ.

    Taylor is as ineffective as one could be. Let’s spend years and years documenting racial crimes, but turn the blind eye to the ones pushing and promoting crimes against us. then hiding the crimes the POC commit against Whites and when documenting them spin the crime to makes Whites at fault.
    The Jewish problem isn’t complicated, idiots make this claim as an excuse to not talk about it.

  5. Jared is greatly influenced by his friends and donors. Some of them are Jews. I suppose it’s natural if you insist on having Jewish friends. I consider Jared an elitist before racialist. He’s done a lot of good work and is an eloquent speaker, so we can’t be too hard on him. I respect his dedication for decades of consistent contributions of quality.

    Although, I still can’t ignore some of his questionable statements. Only advocating for a majority-white policy is a losing strategy. We’re looking for a long-term final solution.


  6. I hope Lord Jared gets booed and heckled off the stage and then runs away like a little pansy. Because that’s what he is.

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