Rasmussen: 21% of Americans have a favorable view of Louis Farrakhan

According to Rasmussen, 21% of Americans have a favorable view of Louis Farrakhan. This includes 50% of all blacks, 12% of whites, and 34% of other non-whites.

8% of Americans have a “very favorable” view.

Rasmussen stated “Black Voters Like Louis Farrakhan. Everyone Else, Not So Much.”

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  1. He’s one slave the Jews couldn’t get to sell his soul to them..and he names the Jew. My favorite nigger…

  2. Farrakhan may have been anti-Semitic, but he was also an anti-white black separatist. His racism is rather wide ranging.
    I say to him, and any nog who thinks like him-if you want separation, thats great, so do we, and there’s a place you can go where everyone is like you and hardly any whites can be found. Ummm….its an entire continent called Africa.
    Come on buddy-Wakanda is waiting! Everything you want is already in place, but its just not in America.

  3. When he was a kid he was admitted to Boston Latin, an exam school, without the benefit of a quota, but he transferred to Boston English. Perhaps he was the victim of micro-agressions.

  4. I like Farrakhan for one reason only – he names the Jew. Yet, at the same time, he verbally continues to solely blame whites for many of the things the Jews had their big slimy hands in, i.e., African slavery. If you haven’t read his books (all 3 volumes of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews) it would probably be a good use of spare time. They’re quite entertaining. I wonder if Denise has read them?

    Good Jew (is there such a thing?) vs Bad Jew (do they all belong in this category?):



    The Jews must have been livid when they were released.

    • Leftist pro-Palestinians name the Jew too and they’re rabidly anti-White. Naming the Jew doesn’t necessarily make you pro-White.

      • @M.O.T.S.
        Yeah I know. Try living in Australia! The Left here hate the Jews and whites, yet think Muslims and blacks are the best things since sliced bread.
        On the other hand, the Right are pro Jewish and pro European, yet despise all third world invaders and Commies (they haven’t made the connection between communism and kikism).
        Because, over time, Jews have had their noses
        in everything and are complex and enigmatic, the Right in some parts of the world can’t make up their minds about them.
        Its something that I myself are baffled with.

  5. I disdain Calypso Louis cuz he hates Whites.

    I love the fact that Calypso Louis HATES kikes.

    The Kike Hating puts him the Plus Column.

  6. It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to one of Farrakhan’s speeches in total. They are very long and his style is very irritating. He does articulate his points well and the man is not afraid to point out problems and those that he sees that are the culprits.

  7. I don’t care if he likes me or not– Farrakhan hates the jews and wants separation from whites. I give him a thumbs up.

  8. I like the Honorable Minister Farakhan as well, even though I suspect he had something to do with the murder of the Honorable Malcolm X.

  9. Meanwhile, the Commonwealth games kick off
    in the Gold Coast in Australia soon. Lets see how many Indians, Africans, etc skip their teams and seek asylum once the closing ceremony concludes. It happens every time the games are held in white majority nations.
    It seems many shitskins don’t want to live in Wakanda or any other black partitioned nations after all.
    You have to ask-do they want to live in black rule nations or not?

  10. The nig could immediately go to live in a black nation, if that’s what he really wants.

  11. Hunter is using an MSM misinformation tactic here called “burying the lede” – its when you de-emphasize or totally ignore a piece of information (because it goes against your preferred narrative) and instead promote some small piece of minutia as the real headline, in this case “21% of Americans have a favorable view of Louis Farrakhan” – a completely irrelevant piece of non-news.

    The real lede from this Rasmussen pole that Hunter decided to hide is that DRUMPF! (!@#$%^& *spittle flies*) has an approval rating 4 points higher than Obama at this point in his presidency.

    Now that is relevant news.

    • The approval rating is phony. He is doing what the establish wants, so his approval rating has been skewed upwards, just as it was previously skewed downwards when they were not sure if he would play ball. Now that trump has shown that he is willing to be a team player, they have moved his ratings up.

  12. “Christopher Cantwell @Cantwell PRO
    17 hours
    @pnehlen? will be on the Radical Agenda this Wednesday at 5pm Eastern!”

  13. Muhammad Ali [Cassius Clay] speaks for racial purity:


    Hilarious considering that he was a mulatto. . .He was the coffee-colored ideal of the (((race- mixing communists))). . .he could sell himself as being “black” and get away with it. . .like so many other “blacks”- Thomas Sowell [a total liar on the genetic question], Walter Williams, and so many others. . .

  14. The Kike Hating puts him the Plus Column. [Denise]

    Such hating is necessary but not sufficient.

    Big-picture folks must look at the full context. Hating Whites is absurd as all the tech he is using [microphone, TV equipment, and everything else] is of White genesis, and genius. He is not giving credit, I presume. That means he is pissing on Reality. Not deserving of respect.

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