Reversion To The Norm

I don’t want to dwell too much on activism.

There is nothing surprising about what has happened to the Alt-Right since Charlottesville. Sadly, this collapse into bickering and infighting, clashing egos, personality cults and optics spiraling is simply a reversion to the norm of White Nationalism.

The largest pro-White rallies of the last 15 years – Charlottesville, Shelbyville and Pikeville – all took place in 2017. We’re not talking about anything more than a couple hundred people here too. The norm isn’t street activism. The norm has always been anonymous shitposting, venting on the internet and voting every four years for the Great Republican Hope. In 1992 and 1996 and 2000, it was Pat Buchanan. In 2008 and 2012, it was the Ron Paul Revolution.

The norm is pacifism and voting for the Republican Party and getting screwed over by conservatives only to go crawling back. It happened with Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and Donald Trump. John McCain and Mitt Romney would have happily screwed us over, but they never got the chance. There was a decade from 2005 until 2015 when White Nationalists were nearly entirely absent from real world activism. I’m old enough to remember the White Man March.

The surprising thing about Charlottesville is that it happened at all. That’s why it was such a big deal. The norm was for all of these groups to be fighting with each other on the internet over their respective brands. Generally speaking, the Right isn’t inclined to activism. Psychologically speaking, the typical conservative is a conformist who respects authority. Conservatives are driven by respectability in a way that isn’t true of leftists. Rightwing activism goes against the grain of our culture. The desire to be perceived as “mainstream” reflects this deep conservative yearning for social approval.

On the rare occasions when conservatives have engaged in activism like the March for Life or the Tea Party groups at the Lincoln Memorial, they always come across as non-threatening. They respect authority. They aren’t militant radicals. They don’t really pose any threat to the system. There is no reason to cater to their demands because they are content to go home and sulk about double standards. Conservatives are accustomed to only acting when they have permission from their leaders to do so. Charlottesville was powerful because it was an example of activism that was sort of scary and unsanctioned.

I’ve been a big advocate of activism because I see it as our best option. Violence will reinforce the existing taboos that have stigmatized our community. Voting for the Republican Party won’t change those taboos and will only empower conservatives to pursue their own agenda. If there was activism on a large enough scale to where it became a social problem, then conceivably those taboos could be undermined. At the end of the day, the only way to get rid of those taboos is to challenge them. We’re not changing the culture by conforming to those taboos and retreating from the public square.

I don’t believe it is good enough to educate and convert people to our ideas. If they are unable to practice what they believe in public, the culture will continue to shift against us and we will continue to be stuck in this dead end. In order to practice those ideas, we have to cultivate moral virtues like honor, courage, integrity and perseverance. This is why I was so defensive of TWP because they were an exception in an otherwise pitiful landscape of rightwing timidity, conformity and individualism.

TWP isn’t the real issue here though. The Alt-Right isn’t even the real issue. The real issue is how morality in general has changed over time from the past to the present day.

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  1. A few hundred people at pro-White rallies in 2017…but 14,000 converged on Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner to support Tommy Robinson.

    • Tommy is a fairly interesting character. He’s got that working class hero act down pat.

      • Tommy has physical courage, no doubt about that, unlike Spencer who runs away and fixes his hair.

        Tommy’s problem is he’s from Cuck Island, and like his constituents he is still a race cuck despite being critical of Islam. I say critical because it’s a key point of difference. He’s said that he’s not against Islam overall and they can all stay in his country. Another half-measure type who just wants to treat the symptoms but not the disease.

        I still have respect for the guy because he’s been through a lot of shit and still pushes forward. If I had been through what he has I’d be a maniac.

        • Agreed. I think Singapore is a good model for containing Islam and race realism. The Han Chinese running Singapore take strong measures to keep the Muslim population in check and not do to Singapore what was done in Malaysia and Burma.

    • Britain is probably due for a civic nationalist, pro-establishment revolt against extreme PC, to allow people to let off some steam

    • Cowards and weaklings would rather flock to “socially acceptable” expressions of group identity. The Jewish financed “counter-Jihad movement” gives psychologically whipped whites a safe and impotent outlet for their frustrations.

  2. Phooey on the alt-right and phooey on the normies, too. If they’re not up to speed on the race and jew problems by now it’s because they don’t want to get involved. What we need is an army of angry White men with nothing left to lose.

    • “What we need is an army of angry White men with nothing left to lose.”

      Angry white men with nothing left to lose to do what exactly? Please be specific.

  3. Mr. Griffin, why should anyone take you and your ramblings seriously? You’re all over the place, depending on what season or day it is. One day, you’re a white nationalist. The next day, you’re a southern nationalist. Now, you’re back to being a white nationalist. You’re against bad optics. Now you don’t care if people march in Nazi uniforms. Also, you and your colleagues have all these grand visions of feeing the south or turning the USA into a white ethnic state….but when questioned how you will go about this and what your specific plan is, you don’t have any answers? How are you going to go about removing undesirable elements from the south and/or the USA? Perhaps you should quit changing your mind every day and explain to us an actual plan to achiever your goals, and then people might listen to you more.

  4. Let me tell you something interesting: I am seeing more people using Alt Right terminology, especially among the young: “Keckistan,” “Getting Zucked” and “Red Pill” are entering into popular discourse. I am seeing more mainstream conservatives and libertarians concluding that the GOP establishment has sold out, especially on the culture war front.

    There is a real opportunity here for the Nationalist/White/Alt Right movement to move forward if you show some leadership.

    Charlottesville may have been a tactical setback for the Alt Right, but also a strategic victory. The System threw everything it had at the groups involved in Unite the Right – rigged courts, antifa, lawfare, crazed cat ladies, de-platforming – and yet the Alt Right bounced back and is still here. For a very loose analogy, look at the Tet Offensive, 1968. The Viet Cong came out into the open in January 1968, suffered a military defeat, but went on to win the political victory which was the real payoff.

    The recent Leftwing anti-gun offensive, centering around the children’s crusade, has really rankled a lot of people. They’re concerned over the Republicans cucking on the issue. And they’d like to do what the Left does, which is get out into the streets and take action. But the firearms lobby tends towards establishment methods, mainly cheerleading GOP candidates, thereby surrendering the streets and campuses to the Left.

    It might be feasible to use the 2nd Amendment as a propaganda line to rally a wider segment of the populace than could otherwise be reached via nationalist memes. Look up agitprop tactics: create slogans and causes based around popular themes as opposed to ideological objectives. It’s how the Left reaches mass audiences and creates mass movements.

    There are millions of Americans in Flyover Country who are fed up with the tearing down of the statues, fed up with leftist attacks on so-called “white privilege,” fed up with BLM mayhem, fed up with being silenced in the classroom and in the workplace. And mostly they are fed up with the GOP cucking. They would be willing to march if they were provided with an alternative.

    The old order has discredited itself with its equivocations and duplicity. It’s time for a rising generation on the Right to cast aside the doubts and infighting, and seize that leadership.

    • Look up agitprop tactics: create slogans and causes based around popular themes as opposed to ideological objectives. It’s how the Left reaches mass audiences and creates mass movements.

      This is backwards. Agitprop explicitly links topical issues to political and ideological objectives. The ideological objective isn’t lurking in the background out of public view; it’s front and center.

      That said, the left often does indeed keep ideological objectives out of sight. When the left campaigned for ‘civil rights,’ it didn’t say “Grant negroes equality – join the communist party!”. It pretended it was standing up for good old American freedom.

      Can pro-whites do the same thing? Probably. Gun rights, immigration (legal and illegal), the diversity-industrial complex, affirmative action, the anti-white status quo – these are all issues in which pro-whites have an inherent interest, and which pro-whites could challenge without revealing themselves.

      • Agitprop explicitly links topical issues to political and ideological objectives.


        I was summing things up in a sentence or two.

        Gun rights, immigration (legal and illegal), the diversity-industrial complex, affirmative action, the anti-white status quo – these are all issues in which pro-whites have an inherent interest, and which pro-whites could challenge without revealing themselves.

        Yep. These are all “implicitly White” issues, and ones on which mainstreams conservatives have dropped the ball. An up and coming movement can take control of them.

    • Gun rights is a helpful issue because there is a long tradition of activism and it’s socially acceptable. However, NRA types are old guys who have little understanding of politics and a lot to lose by getting involved. During the Cold War they could think of their enemies as dirty Communists but with real communists gone, they are reduced to fighting “liberals.” … Trolling remains the way forward, together with baiting the left into foolish assaults. Also polygraphs. Future rallies should be in venues where the authorities will be sympathetic or at least neutral. Antifa is said to be keen to bust up private rallies so there could be good opportunities to bait them into doing something that will get them a lawsuit or jail time if properly handled. I don’t understand why the Charlottesville plan to allow violence and then declare a state of emergency did not constitute a crime, namely “conspiracy to deprive of civil liberties” since the attendees had obtained a proper permit. “Can’t anybody here play this game??” Mind you I’m not even a racialist, I’m just sick of lefties telling me what to think and generally pushing everyone around. Trump was supposed to stop this crap…

  5. I knew when Trump showed up what would happen, because I had seen it all happen before. Many WN vets called it. The neophytes who came in with “the alt right” would never listen because that was just WN 1.0 and they know better. But now we have supposedly “red pilled” white nationalists going on about “winning” the midterms as if it is a crucial fight that will accomplish anything. Even worse some advocate entryism to the GOP. It’s like they can’t even see what is apparent right before their eyes today. The Republican Congress exists to serve the US Chamber of Commerce and AIPAC, neither of which have interest in defending the borders of the Union.

    The funniest part is you can go back and read Rockwell talk about the same things before most of us were even born. Pierce talked about it as well. Everyone in the alt right likes to ignore the fact that the National Alliance was the largest white nationalist organization in history, bigger than any clown shoes nationalist group or eceleb fanclub, and they did it all in the pre-internet days. They just lump that in with “WN 1.0 failure” and refuse to take the lessons from the past.

    • Dart, I would like to better understand your last paragraph, referencing Rockwell & Pierce…who is lumping Rockwell & Pierce in with “WN 1.0 failure” and what lessons from past? I can’t tell if you are putting down or commending these men from the past, is all. Just wanting some clarification, thanks.

      • First MILO, now a tranny? I see why the alt-right is crumbling… it’s just THAT ass-backward(s)

        • @El Chapo,
          The Alt-Right is not crumbling. We’re having these problems because there’s so many of us-but we’ll work through it.
          The Left are panicking and trying to shut us up because, like you, they can’t counter our arguments. We’re not going away, and we will not shut up. It won’t happen…ever.

    • the National Alliance was the largest white nationalist organization in history,

      That is not saying very much, though. At its biggest I think it only had something like two or three thousand paid-up members. That is small potatoes compared to other organizations. Also, it was more like a WLP personality cult rather than a serious organization – a point made clear by the way it quickly collapsed after WLP’s death.

      It’s true that both GLR and WLP were contemptuous of ‘system’ conservatives and had little faith elections would fundamentally change anything. Their analyses were often on the money, but they never proposed any plausible alternative to participating in the mainstream political process. Their supporters had racial facts coming out of their ears, but were left all dressed up with nowhere to go.

    • The argument for getting involved in either or both mainstream parties is not that they will eventually nominate Julius Evola for President but that rightist ideas are not even heard outside of fringe websites like this one. You need to break the taboo by showing up in public where you can do so without being killed or arrested. Hire bodyguards if you must but get into the conversation. Crash the Party and you might leave with a date. If nothing else, people will get used to your presence. The concept is not to water down your ideas to gain acceptance but to get people used to hearing your un-watered ideas.

  6. White conservatives have a lot more to lose and lose it quickly as opposed to the left when they come out and protest or even reveal themselves publicly. They also usually have families. There are no large charities of Jews willing to sponsor the right and bus them to rallies or care for them when they lose their jobs. Don’t forget this when criticizing the conservative whites. Their situation is very bad.

  7. Mr. Griffin, your article sums it up most appropriately. You must not be too judgmental on the movements failures though. The reason the idea of the alt-right didn’t take off in psyche of the general public is because the Trump blow off valve has worked. I believe Trump is that pendulum swing which saved the system.

    On the subject of these political valves, my starting point was Reagan, he was the blow off valve the country needed from the 70’s. As i’ve told my kids, no president would ever do the things Trump has. Do we trust him? Not really. When viewing his action so far, he’s about the best you’re gonna in a politician.

    Now, as to the Alt-Right and Nationalism in general, your success has been monumental. You’ve brought the discussion out to the nation, the youth know about it, they have hope and are connected now. What we as a movement need to do now is remain visible and work on stabilizing the foundation we have created. The youth are able now to question official history openly without condemnation. Things have changed greatly, just not as much as many wished for. Time is on our side, but we must realize when the masses are content and as for now, they are.

    • Agreed.

      As I noted elsewhere, more people (especially the young!) are using Alt Right memes, and I see others reading the works of Faye, Evola and Dugin. The foundation for a wider nationalist movement is being built. The clumsy attempts by the System to suppress the Alt Right are rebounding.

      It’s a matter of looking to the protracted struggle.

    • Dear Mr. Saint – and others, as well…

      I don’t understand why y’all think that The Alt-right Movement, per se, is dead.

      Neither the Yankee Nazis, and sundry Southern sympathizers, have gone anywhere, nor, for that matter, has The League of The South.

      So, we must be talking about something perceptional.

      From my point of view, I agree with Mr. Saint – the conversation has been started, and, barely begun, it’s going to go through many evolutions, until it becomes some kind of tangible governing reality.

      I think The Judeo-Bolshevist Left reacht high-water mark in 2008, and, as well ,The One World Order Corporate Globalist forces.

      They are struggling to maintain the status quo, and, if their words are anything to judge by, not feeling so good about the results.

  8. I’ve been tired out the right’s endless desire for respectability for years. The Republican Party is often a complete waste of time, the difference between the Democrats and Republicans is usually the difference between the Capone mob and the Gambino Family, and that is giving this bunch of hacks probably more respect than they deserve.

    Western civilization has degenerated greatly from where it was 50 or 60 years ago, it may not even be possible to stop it, but I believe the effort should be made. The right’s ability to organize and share ideas is much better than it was 30 or 40 years, the liberal media controlled everything, they are still there but don’t have the power they once had. In certain respects, things are much better than they used to be. There a long way to go, but the right can organize if it wants to. But, it has to be about blood and race, not tax cuts, or obsessing over original intent of the constitution, in other words, throw the abstract propeller head horseshit out and get down to what always matters when the chips are down, family, community, God.

  9. @junius daniel, yes I think it is the perception of the fear of the movement from the left and center and the lack of an out of controll wildfire anticipated by right and the nationalist.

    It appears to our antagonist, that they have vanquished our movement and have dealt us a major blow with the platforms we were using to spread our message and our leadership is in disarray. Far from it. The freakshows such as Milo and others burned out, but what remains are the same folks we’ve always had.

    Just last night there was a national talk show host making fun of the Alt-Right and proclaiming it dead; what a fool the neo-con was for he didn’t even understand the irreparable damage inflicted upon the establishment by the Alt-Right.

    In the past, it has always been the left which questioned the official history laid out by the establishment wether the establishment be left or right. Now for the first time in my lifetime, the right is questioning the establishment. Good things will come from this.

    Our side has broken its conditioning, our youth have different responses to things like the plight of Baltimore, Chicago and Memphis. They don’t have the evangelicals double-mindedness concerning most social and religious issues.

    The youth have awakened and it is up to men like Mr. Griffin to guide their course.

    • I completely agree with your analysis, Mr. Saint.

      Politicks are formed by culture, and culture is formed by a collective mental conversation that is influencet by events and blood.

      Thus, the conversation held is a vital cog.

      To understand just how much the national conversation has changed, because of dissident sites like OD, think about this…

      In 2008 – The National Conversation was held by The New England Yankee-Jewish-run Corporate-Globalist Left, and it was : ‘Now that we have finally broken the legacy Southern White Supremacy, and now that we, the anti-White coalition, have permanent control, let’s overhaul this society, from top to bottom, to make an even bigger ‘New Deal’ than the one that originated the name.’

      In 2017, The National Conversation is held by the same New England Yankee-Jewish-run Corporate Globalist Establishment, it now in a panick ,screaming : ‘Oh my God, people, y’all ain’t gunna allow a bunch of hateful ignorant rubes to spoil our control, are ye?!?%@!?’

      That said, I am going to now share a secret for why there is every reason to be optimistick.


      The New England Yankee-Jewish-run Corporate Globalist Entity has not only learned nothing – they CONTINUE – at this very moment, to push forward those things which have not only created the circumstances for an ‘Alt-Right’ to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes, they are pushing forward those very things which will promote it.

      They are going to be victims of their own success – addicts to foisting tyranny and piracy on all those into whose contact they come.

      All we have to do is keep pointing them out to family, neighbours, and online friends, and the paradigm shift will occur – because it IS occurring.

      Doubt me?

      Just follow George Soros’s travel log – an endless sequence of futiley trying to patch together crumbling anti-Nationalist coalitions.

      Moreover, as you have correctly alluded to – our points of view are becoming the gold standard of rebellion, for the youth.

      I see this in my area, and I post this little video as an example of someone growing into our positions…

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