Up From Nihilism

As I said in my previous article, I only wrote about the doxing of Ricky Vaughn because it dovetails with my current interests. I found it interesting because it struck me as being one of the rare occasions that I have seen a moral debate break out in the Alt-Right.

The Alt-Right doesn’t talk much about morality. The most striking thing about the optics debate was how much time was spent on it. There must have been hundreds of threads on forums and tens of thousands of comments and tweets about the importance of optics. It reinforced my view that the Alt-Right is more visual and interested in aesthetics than ethics.

It is also more interested in news and politics. It seems like nearly every podcast is about the latest news cycle and what Donald Trump is doing at the moment. We’re guilty of this too. I also tend to write about whatever Trump is doing at the moment and whatever happens to be in the news. There have been times when I have stepped away from this though to indulge my other interests.

I spent the whole month of February exploring my interest in black history. The month of March unexpectedly descended into a dumpster fire of acrimony. In light of everything that has recently happened, I now want to turn my attention to ethics. It is a subject which I haven’t really engaged with much in many years. This is going to be my new project here at Occidental Dissent.

I want to start with this sea of nihilism which exists on the internet. There is a strong vein of nihilism that runs through the Alt-Right. If I had to identify its sources, it seems to spring largely from Nietzschean philosophy, trolling and imageboard culture and post-libertarianism which have rejected the mainstream moral consensus. In its popular form, it is the belief that morality is a matter of opinion and it is characterized by the inability or unwillingness to articulate moral arguments.

Over a decade ago, I went through a nihilistic phase myself early in my internet career. As I grew older, I thought my way out of it and never felt the need to return to the subject. Looking around, I don’t see anyone but Jordan Peterson out there giving young men advice about how they ought to live. We’re about to wade into an important subject which hopefully will spark a larger discussion.

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  1. You’re right to a great extent, and in addition to some sort of basic moral code, the alt-right needs to come up with a viable economic plan as well. I suggest Distributism as a starting point.

    • Simply abandon the love of money, or as our fathers called it, the love of Mammon’s filthy lucre.
      A man’s value is NOT measured in shekels

    • New currency is needed in all (((central bank))) controlled countries. Silver is one option. “Nazi” Germany used trading credit for foreign exchange and quite attractive new currency for domestic use. In a few years they were building rockets and jet engines.

      • Scheming to replace the petrodollar with a new currency is dangerous business, just ask Colonel Kadaffy.

  2. “The Alt-Right doesn’t talk much about morality.”

    The Alt-Right was fuelled by one of the most decadent websites on the internet: 4CHAN. Of course it’s not moral. The so called intellectuals of racism like Richard Spencer and Hunter Wallace are in the minority.

    • The Alt-Right are young Men, grasping in the darkness that their Fathers created, trying to find the spark of the Torch that their Forefathers once held, which shone Light into the Darkness.

      Give them time, they will find the truth organically … It lies hidden in plain sight. Once they do, they will have not need for you Gothic Jew. Your days are numbered.

      • That sounds great, but I do not agree. Many people won’t find anything and are desperately searching for greater meaning. I think the various camps within the movement need to begin crowdsourcing to work on a sort Venn Diagram of agreed upon universal moral code for Euro peoples. A sort of moral and ethical universal code that will apply to Athiests, Christians, and Pagan / Folk Religion folks alike. This will help spiritually vacant young people find deeper meaning and can work to reduce the eternal infighting that has plagued White Nationalism.

    • “The so called intellectuals of racism…”

      It’s a real shame that you can’t see beyond your hatred for us. What you call “racism” is absolutely natural and life-affirming for all races, not just Whites… and all races do indeed have ethnocentric (racist) feelings towards their own. But you “anti-racist” types are hypocrites! Because you know perfectly well that tribalism is normal, and you encourage it for everyone except White people.

      Hunter Wallace and Richard Spencer aren’t “so called” anything, idiot. They are what they are!

      • Jews are the intellectuals of genocide and racial hatred. The proof is the fact BOTH follow them like their shadows wherever they get into positions of power.

  3. “There is a strong vein of nihilism that runs through the Alt-Right. If I had to identify its sources, it seems to spring largely from Nietzschean philosophy, trolling and imageboard culture and post-libertarianism…”

    I think that this is true, but the nihilism springs from the Machiavellian power-politics of the Left.. Since the Right — including the cucked-Right but especially the Alt-Right — has been completely been marginalized by Leftist hegemony, it becomes natural to view the world in nihilistic terms.

    “…which have rejected the mainstream moral consensus.”

    Here is where I disagree. The Left has utterly destroyed what USED to be the “mainstream moral consensus” on sexual relations, homosexuality, gender, abortion, the Constitution, etc. No moral consensus actually exists any more.

    “… In its popular form, it is the belief that morality is a matter of opinion and it is characterized by the inability or unwillingness to articulate moral arguments.”

    This has become the only recourse left to us. If Leftists parade around with images of Che, we respond with images of Adolf. If Leftists claim the right to mock Christians, we claim the right to mock Jews. The Left of course is horrified by such tactics and rejects the principle of equivalence, which is why they enforce P.C., which has become effectively a totalitarian tactic.

    The broader picture, though, is that people in power define morality. Just as our white forefathers defined their moral principles with the Constitution and the Declaration, now the Left is in power and defines their morality with P.C. and speech codes.

    If we were in power we’d define morality as we understand it… but we’re not in power.

  4. These may be times that try men souls, and if so, then it’s all the more reason for nationalist leaders to stand firm and provide direction for the movement. Let’s not get too blackpilled about some tactical setbacks. Instead, look at the long term strategy and rally the troops.

  5. Pains me to say this, but the alt-right has a sort of “white privilege” problem.
    What I mean is that it lacks humility, and thinks people owe it something.
    For example: can you imagine a black civil rights movement or gay civil rights movement trying to build momentum with OVEN MEMES or GAS THE JEWS, etc.
    It’s unthinkable. No sane minority trying to defend itself behaves like that.
    Alt-right says: “They have no *right* to shut us down.” And that’s true, but the posture is still incredibly arrogant. A fair amount of that attitude derives from being white (and American). Our people aren’t used to toning things down and putting up a false smiling face as a self-defense measure (like the Jews and other minorities are). Doesn’t mean we have to shut up about JQ. The ADL viciously attacks white people, but they do it in a sophisticated way. We need public, non-anonymous activism, and that requires self-discipline, not a raging id.

    • Interesting comment. I think that the ‘raging id’ is baked in to white movements, given that much of it is based off the post-Darwinian, British-German eugenicist outlook, which developed from a position (and time period) of strength. So we end up with this weird dual stream of ‘arrogantly signalling our superiority’ and at the same time, ‘demanding sympathy for our predicament’.

  6. Good or bad optics spring from good or bad judgment, which spring from good or bad character. Ergo, debates about optics ultimately are debates about ethics.

    • Nope.

      Someone can be earnest, moral, but also goofy looking.

      Someone else can be slick, attractive, but also subversive and immoral.

      • Psychopaths (the actual clinical definition of Psychopath, not the silly Hollywood perversions) are the type who present a “slick and attractive” front to the world. They are vain, and want to show off this vanity.

        Greggy going on about “looking good” just shows the Alt-Right to be whores. Unlike the Psychopath, people like Greg show off, not to stimulate their own sense of self-worth, but rather to kowtow to lesser men. This makes them fundamentally lower than the average Psychopath. A Psychopath I can respect, because at least he is honest with himself, and understands that he does not have to dictate his actions based purely on how people he doesn’t like see him.

        People like Greggy honestly think that if they wear a $900 suit and walk on eggshells verbally, that they can infiltrate the Republican party and politely tell the Jews to go away.

        The difference being that the Psychopath understands fully well that in no Universe could this ever happen.

        By the way, Johnson could use what he has said to spit upon the Liberation Tigers, but no Tiger ever called me a Goy, like the fancy based Republican Jew, nor has one ever lied to me like the rich, gentile President. What about the Serbian Black Hand, or Hezbollah, or even the Unabomber. None of those people have done anything that could be used against me or against those I love. They are crazy in appearance, but far more respectable than the likes of Greg Johnson.

        • Honestly, I think the differences among the several AR factions are mostly or largely a function of the different class and cultural backgrounds of their leaders. I love Greg Johnson’s erudition combined with his middle class values, humility and groundedness.

          I can see why a lot of people feel put off by Spencer as a kind of rich frat boy, but he also has some stellar qualities and is not completely devoid of humility and values, though he likes to flaunt his upper crust manners and defiantly express that old-world “will to power” and empire.

          The lower and lower-middle class types can be equally off-putting to middle and upper class people even when they are sincere and virtuous.

          We need to learn to tolerate, appreciate and educate each other as to our different cultures.

          • Spencer’s “will to power” ethos also has the beneficial effect of counteracting the cucky Zeitgeist that says that, because we Europeans had empires and/or invaded such and such third world county, we therefore have to accept those people in our own countries as immigrants. We don’t. If anything, we should aim to re/conquer again. We have to stop apologizing for the past. It is a good thing that we won and not our enemies. We have to start winning again.

          • Spencer has no “will to power” ethos. If he did, he would using his financially privileged position to fund people in the Northwest Front. You say his actions have been beneficial but I have yet to see evidence for this. Jews still run the media and politics. The Yanks still voted in a corrupt, gentile politician.

            You call for re conquering yet you must bring this very important fact to the forefront: When a particular Race conquers the land of another Race, the conquering Race must either permanently expel or exterminate the subjugated Race, otherwise miscegenation is soon to follow. If one reads Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans, or William Luther pierce’s Who We Are, then they will see this scenario being played out time and time again in Aryan history.

            Richard Spencer has not the courage to order the extermination of another Race, let alone take their lands away from them. This is the same Spencer who considers Octaroons as White (I am not joking here), and mudblooded Europeans like his wife and Tara McCarthy can be granted amnesty in his Ethnostate.

            I don’t even know where to begin when you say “It is a good thing that we won and not our enemies”.

            What are you even referring to here? If we won, then why are we even here right now? Why do we need Spencer if we won but not our enemies? I don’t remember Hitler winning over the Allies. What I do remember though is a great man of our Race deciding to shoot himself after he realised the depths of his failures, and then something like this happening:

      • A goofy-looking person who takes his ideas seriously and wants to present them well will do his best not to look goofy, and if he does not, then you have to question his judgment and character.

        And as for the slick sociopaths, eventually the mask drops:

        • The Earl of Spencer is an interesting fellow but he isn’t going to be the next Sir Oswald Mosley.

        • I know some earnest, moral and well meaning people who have always looked goofy no matter how hard they tried. This kind of thing falls on a bell curve and there is no direct correlation with morality.

          Having some goofy looking people in the periphery of a political movement is not a big deal.

          The people who made a big deal about it had ulterior motives, in some cases these were not White Nationalist motives.

          • I understand. My comment was aimed at Greg, because I believed his comment where he shows the Spencer video was aimed at me. I soon realised it wasn’t and so felt silly for making that particular comment.

            Plus, that I have no reason to confront you for ignoring me, seeing as we are on the same chapter.

        • “eventually the mask drops” is just telling of the type of society that has you fettered. This unrealistic belief that after waiting some time “everything will fall into place”.

          In real life, Greggy, the bad guys tend to win. “Good” people get punished while the “bad” live their own lives unharmed. WW2 is evidence of this (or was it because of Hitler’s bad optics?), as well as the American civil war, the revolutionary war (you Yanks were better off with King George), the creation of Israel, the Aryan girls who are being raped by non-Whites as the non-Whites are pardoned by the courts, the triumph of Christianity over the Greco-Romans and then the rest of Europe and so on and so forth.

          With real Psychopaths (you say “sociopaths” which is an entirely different thing, for example, you display symptoms of both disorders), the mask never drops. They will always get you on your knees if you continue with this defeatist attitude of “good optics” and “presenting yourself”. Who are you even presenting yourself to? To me they all seem like hominids of the White Race who have been Judaised on the one hand and Negrified on the other. So, why would you kowtow to these people?

          Again: You endorse Nietzsche yet exemplify the very Slave Morality which he hated. How do you expect to save the White Race while endorsing Transvestites?

          • Yes, we are in the Kali Yuga, no doubt. In Kali Yuga, those who are natural kings (noble, virtuous) have no power and are under the thumb of natural peasants (thieves, low-quality people in terms of character). However, the Hindu scriptures/prophesies say that a better, more virtuous era of 5K years within Kali Yuga has just begun. Perhaps the tables will gradually turn…at least we can hope so.

          • Your “hope” is petty and meaningless. The Northwest Front tells its supporters to be the change they hope for. Waiting for thousand year old prophecies or for Jehovah to turn up and rescue us is foolish. You pick the one, right tool.

        • Spencer has some interesting ideas, but he’s a garbage leader. Narcissistic and dripping with white privilege. We need grownups who hide their hand, and work in a spirit of humility, service and ethics for our people

          • What’s this “white privilege” nonsense?
            I have never heard a jew accuse another jew of jew privilege.
            How the AR languages critiques of its fellows should be with respect. Respect begins with refraining from using the terminology of our enemies to criticize ourselves .
            White privilege indeed.
            Btw, Spencer has massive potential precisely because he is intelligent and we’ll educated.
            He is maturing through a kind of suffering that purges the narcissism of many successful white men.
            He is a specific type of leader, with appeal for a specific type of white man just as street fighting Tommy Robinson, who doesn’t have any racial realism whatsoever, unfortunately, red pills an entirely different type of white man.

    • Good or bad optics spring from good or bad judgment, which spring from good or bad character.

      With respect to racial politics, Jews have surely exercised shrewd judgment. Did that flow from their good characters or might there be another wellspring?

      • All Johnson will say is “oh, but it’s different, because we can see through the Jews. They are evil and so the mask has dropped”.

        That is so reflective of Christian storytelling isn’t it? It is symmetrical to the belief that Jesus will come some day and all the sinners will be punished. In the real world, that will never happen. Like I said above, history shows that the sinners have a tendency to success over the non-sinners, the so-called “good people”.

        This is one of the millions of reasons why most movies are bunk – the “good people” always win and the villain always gets his comeuppance.

        One of the very few exceptions I have seen of this is a movie adaptation of the book No Country For Old Men by Cormac McCarthy.

        “Good” people never seem to win because they bring fingernails to a gun fight. Hitler was one of these people. He lost mainly because he was too compassionate to his enemies, secondarily, he should not have attacked Russia so early in the Winter. The point being that a Turner Diaries scenario is an example of “guns to a gun fight”, or quite literally “atom bombs to a gunfight”.

        Like Anton Chigurh says: “If the rule you followed got you here, of what use was the rule?”

      • No truly Revolutionary Movement cares about optics. Do you think Hezbollah care about optics? The Confederacy? The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam? The IRA (the same group who spray painted on buildings “go home British soldiers”)? Castro or Guevara’s mob? The Black Panthers (pure scum, by the by)? Lenin’s Communists? The Yank peasants who fought the most powerful empire in the world at that time?

        I understand we are on the same chapter about this, my questions are just rhetorical. Greg Johnson will just ignore us or side-step us, because he knows that fundamentally he is a failure.

        • Optics is contextual. Whether the optics are good or bad depends largely on what is considered admirable, permissible or repugnant in a given cultural context. Hezbollah and Hamas militants look repulsive to most westerners, but in the eyes of many Lebanese Shiites and Palestinians they appear heroic.

          For the time being at least, ‘neo-fascist’ (or call it what you will) optics repulse most westerners. It astounds me that this is even debatable. Neo-fascist optics give truth to Emerson’s dictum “What you are shouts so loudly in my ears I cannot hear what you say.” The message is rejected before it’s even heard.

          Optics surely isn’t everything, but only the foolhardy ignore it – to their own and to everyone’s detriment.

        • A truly revolutionary movement puts one back right at the very place he started.

          So transcending just isn’t your expression, Mr. Halliday.

          • Typing a comment in the real world that makes sense just isn’t your expression.

            And stop calling me Mr Halliday. I am not your principal at your school.

    • Jack…

      To put it plainly, you are anti-Christ.


      You are an anti-white (S)upremacist (witch, puts jew in the pot with jews).

      Possessed, in fact, you are.

      Demons are real, no? Or is this passion of yours dispirited, absolutely?

      These are the “guts” of the Roman (C)atholic’s meta-physical assumption.

      So in conclusion, you are against the original Roman’s worship of objective (S)upremacy.

      You DENY The Perfect Man as empirical fact and therefore submit to some variat of “universal equality.”

      And in doing so, provoke “collapse” in r/evolutionary movement.

      Transcending this “vicious cycle” of redundancy simply does not exist in your conceptualized “world.”

      Because you REJECT (P)erfection.

      Ergo… jew aren’t Roman.

      • None of the waffle which you have just typed has anything to do with anything I have ever said.

        You don’t realise it do you? You are a complete crank. Though I am suspecting of the fact that you are a troll. You are just here because you are pathetic and lonely and your mommy didn’t love you enough.

        Tell me something, little shit: Why are you even talking to me? Out of all the people in this thread, why me? You think that you are somebody, but you are not. Your “God” couldn’t care less about your petty existence or the existence of your defective bloodline. Seeing as this “God” doesn’t exist, why on Earth would I, someone who does exist, care at all about your presence? The only reason I am speaking to you now is to give a message to all the other limp-dicked Xtian nutcases who can’t even talk English. I could see you being horribly tortured to death by millions of Mexicans in the street and I wouldn’t lift a finger. Not because I am afraid, but because you mean nothing to me nor the Universal Order. You are lower than a stain of ejaculation. And I will no longer be indulging your precious need to feel noticed in the future. Get lost.

        • Jack…

          I’m responding to you because you propagate Tortism.


          You are an anti-white (S)upremacist…

          Jews are anti-white (S)upremacy.

          Ergo, you are a “nationalist socialist” jew. Crypto.

          In sum, you are a Nazi jew who swings from Cesar’s nuts.

          • Jack…

            The “Aryan Problem” that jew subscribe to is DESIRE for “radical sexual autonomy…”

            Desire for self-annihilation by extreme miscegenation.


            This is not really an “Aryan Problem” is it?

          • Jack…

            If jew had balls, jew would call for the extermination of the white (S)upremacist… Your avowed enemy.

            Unprincipled Tortist.

          • I call for the extermination of Christ cucks like you. You call yourself an anti Semite yet you literally worship a Jew – Your beloved Yeshua.

            Yet you act like I am the problem. At least I have principles. Principles which can be defined. You are just a cranky mummy’s boy. You have nothing against me. All the things which you accuse me of are unfounded, and therefore have no basis in reality, and using ad hominem (calling me a Jew). You choose to ignore this glaring fact and continue to troll me, because you are lonely.

            Don’t worry, Jack Halliday is here for you.

      • Jackie…

        You have no principles.

        If you possessed an ounce of intellectual honesty, jew would concede to being an anti-white (S)upremacist who illogically loathes the worship of The Perfect Man.


        You can cry all day long about how Christ is not The Perfect Man* and was just a Jew and so on and so forth, but you will not have in mind any REAL substitute after your tears have dried.

        So I suppose that we could assume that you worship another man you imagine to be perfect, yet, principally, no one has a clue to who that might be?

        Of course, you could just whine about how silly it is to “worship a perfect (white) man” as a general disposition?

        I’ve never read this principled stance from you?

        I’d say that as a white (S)upremacist (inherently racist) worshipping The Perfect Man is logically dictated.

        In other words, if you are a white man who desires objective (S)upremacy THEN you will worship The Perfect Man.

        Jew are in that unhealthy, passive stage where you simply deny that The Perfect Man is Christ while failing to aggressively put forth your chosen “candidate.” And in failing to let the rest of us know exactly who is the perfect man that you worship as a testament to your desire for (S)upremacy, you are exposing your jew-like nature.

        * “We” know The Perfect Man exists BECAUSE “universal equality” is false.

        PS. Haven’t talked to “mom” in YEARS.

        PPS. “Trolls” aren’t around for 15 years under the same handle.

        PPPS. You are a childless self-annihilator. I am a racially-incarnated co-creator. A father many times over.

        PPPPS. You need to get your think-skull around the idea that you are TRULY anti-white (S)upremacy. So jew are it!

  7. Hunter: “I am leaving the movement and washing my hands of it! (But I will continue to write obsessively about it because I have nothing else!)”

    It’s pretty rich for Hunter to accuse other people of being nihilists when nihilism is *ALL* he has been offering his readers for nigh on a year now. Nihilism is the official line at OD: every day Hunter repeats the same mantra in different words: “There is nothing to be done; nothing to save. It’s all over folks. Retreat to your bunkers and await the end.” And when you ask him what we should be doing besides that, his answer is “well you’ll just have to buy my book to find out.” Pathetic. You are not a leader and probably not capable of being one even if your reputation wasn’t swirling the toilet bowl.

    The movement dumped you and now you’re obsessed with it like a jilted ex. This blog is objectively becoming anti-White. It exists for only one reason: to attack and tear down the pro-white movement in America.

    • Having a negative assessment of the political situation has nothing to do with “nihilism”

    • I have been reading Hunter’s blogs for over a decade now. I can assure you, he’s not at all big on practical details (then again, neither is any other purported WN ‘leader’). Hunter prefers to ruminate on broad themes and ideas, probably imagining that if agreement can be reached on these, the practical details can be worked out later (not an unreasonable assumption).

      He’s all excited about ‘ethics’ now. I sense this is going to be the new pet project. (Any post featuring chronological summaries is a fairly a reliable sign that a break with the past is brewing.) I’ll give it six months to a year before it fizzles, is binned, and replaced with the next big thing.

      I wouldn’t be so cynical if, each time he did this, he didn’t present his new thinking as the key issue in racial politics, that every other dope save him has overlooked – and not just overlooked, but overlooked because of some character flaw.

    • To Volkstaat (and Silver), what is your alternative?
      I ask this in true sincerity … show us the true path.

      • I really don’t know.

        I resigned myself a few years ago to the distinct possibility – distinct likelihood, even – that the fate of the west will be unremitting niggerfuxation. (Think of the soon-to-be four billion niggers in Africa and where they might wish to emigrate to.)

        That was certainly a depressing thought, but after the depression lifted and I began thinking more along the lines of harm mitigation strategies rather than the ambitious take-it-all-back objectives that even a measured thinker like Greg Johnson is given to.

        For now, I think far and away the best use of an activist’s time is to raise consciousness of white identity and the issues impacting white racial interests. The more whites are aware of their racial stake in politics, the more likely they will support pro-white policies as they perceive them. Whether all or most whites will ever see things this way is open to question, but without some critical mass of whites seeing things this way, nothing pro-white will ever eventuate (except by miraculous fluke).

        Hunter would disagree. He seems to think enough whites – especially southerners – are ‘already there’ in some vague way, ie they already value their racial being and are subconsciously concerned about their racial future, but just don’t have a way of explicitly expressing this yet, so they fail to support the necessary policies and instead fritter their time away on useless Conservatism Inc causes. What these whites require is leadership, which is why it’s important to get out there in public and show people the way, not swap gossip, meme and shitpost on the internet. There may well be something to this thesis, I don’t know. Trump’s ascension is evidence for both views (although I dismiss out of hand the eccentric notion that shitposters put him in power).

        • The current African Black bumper crop is our own fault, White man opened Pandora’s box by large scale agriculture and advanced medical technologies. We enabled a population boom to occur in Africa. Had we not contained disease and ended famine mother nature would have kept things in balance and there would be no civilization threatening mass deportations immigration into Europe.

      • The way forward is to get over all the ego stroking and start working together again. Stop all the mutual accusations and recriminations. Stop all the navel gazing. Stop focusing on ourselves and start focusing on the mission again.

        • Don’t be ridiculous. Division is most definitely justified when a movement is faced with massive ideological differences. For people to consider themselves apart of the same movement, they have to agree on at least 90% of the issues at hand.

          The Alt-Right, so far as I can tell, is full of thousands of different sects who oppose each other on major levels. The best thing your Movement can do now – the sanest thing – is the very “navel gazing” which you hate so much. Both this site and DS disagree on many major issues, so why are both sites considered Alt-Right? Or what about Renegay Radio, they consider themselves Alt-Right, yet they believe in all sorts of rubbish. Alt Hype also considers themselves Alt-Right, and yet doesn’t like DS (and is himself an uninformed moron).

          And tell me, because nobody has given me an answer: What is this “mission” you speak of? Red Pilling the Normies is a dead end task, and is a car crash for any true revolution to taker place. All the Alt-Right speak of are “Ethnostates” yet never say in fine detail how they will get them and what they will really look like.

          And by the way, the Ethnostates that Spencer, Anglin, Enoch, and Gariepy speak of – despite all being somewhat different – Don’t appeal to me whatsoever. These people are still stuck in petty Enlightenment values and sesame street-tier crap like “property rights” and “freedom of speech”. Basically, they are stuck in the past. Enoch genuinely believes that Whites will be safe if the Jews are deported to Israel – Have we learned nothing? It seems likely.

          • Alt righters are certainly a divided lot. Although there are important areas of agreement, the extent and severity of disagreement among alt righters often makes me think WN is a hopeless aspiration.

            What does the alt right agree on? That race is real and it matters, that having a positive white identity is superior to a negative or no white identity, that living in a homogeneous white society is desirable, and that white racial existence is threatened.

            What does the alt right disagree on? Everything else! Who is white, which territories to claim, pan-Europeanism or ethnic nationalism, what to do about non-whites in white lands, revolution or electoral politics, interim objectives or maximalist aims, and more – and those are only disagreements on racial issues. On top of this there is still every form of mainstream political disagreement – economic policy, welfare, religion, morality etc.

  8. One fundamental moral principle we must affirm is that we have the right to exist. Those who deny that principle are profoundly immoral.

    • Look at it this way: Jews are a Race. They have a genetic predisposition to “heat up” the genocide of the Aryan Race. The reasons for this are god knows what.

      Essentially, they see us as a threat to their survival as a Race. I see them as a threat to the survival of mine. White people who are indifferent to the extinction of Whites are immoral, but the Jews who have similar feelings are not, because for all practical purposes, they are not Aryan.

      • Jews aren’t a race any more than their Ay-rab cousins are. They are an Afro-Asiatic tribe or ethnic group.

      • Your race is your father, Jack.

        So every son is a race in and of himself.

        You want a collective solution to a personal degeneracy and a personal solution to collective degeneracy.

        You can have neither.

        You can though, as a racist white son, strive towards (S)upremacy.

        Or you can self-annihilate?

      • Jews as a race is not the “Aryan Problem,” Jack.

        Aryan desire for self-annihilation is the Aryan Problem.

        In other words, Aryans who reject (S)upremacy are the Problem.

        Jews are just a race.

    • Johnny Halliday: A “right” isn’t worth jack-squat if you aren’t willing to fight for it.

      • Human beings don’t have “rights”.

        Jews are a Race in relation to Whites. But yes you are correct. They are “cousins” of the Arabs. The key difference being that an Arab has the audacity and common decency to stab you in your front.

  9. Mr Wallace, I think you may be on the cusp of beginning something interesting. I will observe with a certain keeness your unraveling of the morality problem confronting the entire West. If in the end you offer something new it will be really something. To my mind what needs to be done has been done and it only remains to each generation the task of finding out what was always known and pursued.

    I have been reading in the Alt Right for many years now and have made the observation often enough stating that the absence of a future vision and thus any sense of an underlying metaphysics guiding that vision is the ultimate failure of the Alt Right outlook. It has been good at pointing out the problem while lacking in any solution that might rectify it.

    I offer you best wishes in this new endeavour and hope to find something worth discovering here. My suggestion is to go back, way back and read the Christian/Catholic thinkers of the Middle Ages and there you will find most everything needed. What remains afteword is the reinterpretation and implementation of those ideas into a world presently lost and without guidance. There are many writers upon which you can rest your thoughts and many others providing modern insights into that past. Good Luck, you are onto something vital if the West is to be saved.

  10. Nietzsche was not a preponent of Nihilism. He used the term to describe a particular malaise he observed in Europe and specifically Germany at the time. Why do so many people lie about Nietzsche?

    Not that I am calling H.W a liar. I will, however, speculate that Wallace will just suck up to the words of biographers and people like J Peterson when speaking on the topic of Nietzsche. It reminds me of how recently, Spencer claimed to be a fan of Nietzsche in a talk with Jay Dyer, yet refuses to denounce Christian dogma, axiology, and ethics.

    Claiming that Nietzsche was a Nihilist because he uses the term is like saying that the man who invented the term “rape” must be himself a rapist.

    Here are some of the German’s views:

    “This is precisely why the Jews are the most disastrous people in world history: they have left such a falsified humanity in their wake that even today Christians can think of themselves as anti-Jewish without understanding that they are the ultimate conclusion of Judaism.”


    (This is more about him as a person)


    • Thanks for offering this important correction for the public. I really hate the author’s faux-intellectualism and abuse of Nietzsche. These are people who have never, and will never, read primary sources. Just a week ago I was looking up a Nietzsche citation that I found on a blog and it was completely wrong.

      • It is not just this site, but thousands of people who do not understand Nietzsche. Whether they spit on him, like Wallace does, or they pervert his good name, like Spencer and Greggy do.

        Nietzsche could not be considered “one of us”. He said many stupid things, like claiming he was Polish for whatever reason, and calling anti-Semites aborted fetuses.

        I have noticed many who want to make the 3rd Reich sound silly will say that the National Socialists “misunderstood” Nietzsche. They would have you believe that Hitler genuinely thought that “ubermensch” was Nietzsche speaking about the Nordic Race.

        Of course, Hitler understood that Ubermensch was a spiritual concept, but they appropriated the term to refer to a racial type.

        Just more people who know nothing about Nietzsche. Many who give him a bad name are Christians, because God forbid someone criticises their religion. That is why they falsely claim that he was a Nihilist, when really he was trying to describe a particular malaise he observed in Germany and the rest of Europe at that time.

        When Spence and Greggy claim to endorse Nietzsche, they do so in the same sentence as they embody ideas and actions which go against his philosophy. For example, Greg says you are not allowed to consider people like Tara McCarthy, Michael Imperioli, Frank Vincent, and Spencer’s wife as non-White because it might hurt their feelings. I am dead serious – He actually said once something along the lines of “how would a Sicilian feel if…”

        Does this not exemplify crippling slave morality? About Greg: The “man” harbours a faggot, who also happens to be a transvestite (always a nice combination). What would Nietzsche have to say about this? That’s not all: Greg also once said “Hitler killed thousands of people, and that’s immoral”.

        Pathetic. How can you claim to be a fan of Nietzsche and abuse his ideas like this? of course I could go on all day, but I don’t want to keep you.

        • Most people have no clue about subraces and they’re important just like race is.

          Spencer has more of a Eurasian standard and Latin American standard of white. If we took a vote I’m confident that the majority of Alt Righters would NOT agree that North Africans (12% Negro on average), West Asians, castizos and quadroons are all white and allowed into the ethnostate as Spencer does.

          All those rape gangs in Britain and Europe? Yeah, they’re just white guys like you and me. Fuck that nonsense.

          The MENA addition to the US Census can’t come fast enough. Arabs want it because they’re counted as white and don’t like it. Jews I suspect are behind not including it because Jews could be identified as MENA and not white. Semites are MENA not white.

          It was amusing reading the back and forth court rulings on Asian Indians. They’re white, then they’re not white, and then they’re white again. Indians themselves write in that they’re Asian Indian not white. Our gov is staffed with buffoons.

          I don’t believe Nietzsche’s words have anything to do with nihilism and depression in the Alt Right.

          Greg not only harbors a fag, he is a fag himself. Then he rewrites history as pro-sodomy propaganda, writing that homosexuality is normal and the only reason we don’t like it is because of Christianity. He’s another snake in the grass.

        • For what it’s worth (not much I’m afraid), I completely agree with your reading and your sentiments.

          The man himself was an important theoretician of western history and western culture. He wasn’t interested in the politics like we are, but wrote about society and culture. Maybe in his work the political is subsumed into the social. Anyhow our movement, shitty as it is, cannot write intelligently about these things.

          He would absolutely brutalize our e-celebs and expose them as the frauds they are. Your example is perfect: the effete, degenerate half-man at the end of history, saying we can’t hurt someone’s feelings with the truth. Lol! Where is the blonde beast? Where is the high-caste warrior? There is no better example to show the completeness of the rot. God damn, maybe we are well and truly fucked.

  11. “Over a decade ago, I went through a nihilistic phase myself early in my internet career. As I grew older, I thought my way out of it and never felt the need to return to the subject. ” This is the answer right here. The nihilists aka immature kids will grow up, as you did. But they will be replaced by a new batch. The answer to internet nihilism is the mute button.

  12. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DKVXu2HD26c&time_continue=526

    While this guy makes some good points about the ineffectiveness of gun bans and regulation, he fucks it up by confusing the six city blocks of the City of London with Metropolitan London.

    The City of London is a small independent municipality where the commercial banks are. It has its own Mayor. In the City of London there are 51 gun permits.

    In Metropolitan London there are around 90,000 gun permits. That’s not substantially all that different from Manhattan and the Five Boroughs.

    Anyway, this guy took what was valid criticism of the pointlessness of gun regulations, by comparing restrictive London and a slightly more gun permissive New York and drove it off the ledge because he can’t read a map.

    Anyway this data should be used to now implement a equivalent second amendment right in the UK. Restrict guns to whites without violent felony convictions.

    Then everyone if they so wish can buy an Armalite to exterminate the darkies.

    • Not a fan of Anglin myself, but HW has zero charisma. He could never pull off the support and popularity Anglin has achieved.

      • I see that there have been no new articles here at OD for two days. Looking forward to new ones!
        I think I understand your longing for an honor culture. With all you have said, this thread is filling up with comments by pseudonymous commentators without pics for their avatar. You are right that an anonymous internet culture will never build a real world honor based society.

  13. Kind of off topic, but at least a nihilistic question for H.W. about a situation in Alabama. How did western Jefferson County get suckered into taking in train loads of shit from metro NYC?

  14. “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.”
    — Jesus Christ

  15. There was a debate over ethics recently between Richard Spencer and Jay Dyer (Dyer, offering apologetics for the Orthodox church).

    Dyer was able to push Spencer into revealing, what almost seemed to be, a Hegelian-type epistemology. Spencer, of course, has alluded to his Hegelianism many times, but this was the first I’ve ever heard him expound, if only briefly.

    At any-rate, the entire debate was, in a real sense, pointless. Spencer and Dyer would both agree that murder is wrong, for example, even though the one thinks it’s wrong by divine command, and the other thinks it’s wrong by virtue of an evolutionary norm.

    Well and good until we get into finer ethical points or attempts to judge the merits of this or that action (such as if someone doxxes someone else). What is the evolutionary norm for doxxing? (Appealing to evolution for ethical norms is philosophically dubious anyway, but even if we grant that it’s possible, the particulars of complex contexts renders it almost completely arbitrary as to how any given actor will perform).

    So while it might be a meme to say: “let’s put religious issues to the side for now…”

    …in practice, the majority of complex ethical judgments required to function within a harmonious political movement are so numerous, a prior agreement on morality (and meta-ethics, more broadly) is a necessity.

    Time to move religion back to the front burner…

    • HW has the right idea in talking about actual concrete aspects of morality, rather than “religion”

      Objectively speaking, Whites in general are not particularly moral or admirable people at this point in our decline

      And this moral weakness cuts across the different belief systems. There’s no specific group of White people you can hold up and say “X group is morally admirable”. Not Christians, not Pagans, not Atheists (lulz), not White Nationalists, not NatSocs.

      And morality is not some abstract issue, where we are just trying to be “ritually pure”. The moral element of war is the most important, it’s why barely functional third worlders can form an effective resistance against ZOG and whites cannot even get started. We’re moral cripples.

      • In Ranulph Fiennes The Feathermen (also made into a film Killer Elite) he lays bear the psyche of the white man.

        In the book an Afrikaner/Canuck adopted by an American family who becomes a USMC Officer then runs an assassination team hired by an Omana Sheik. The sheik commissions the ex-Marine to execute a list of British SAS, RAF personnel responsible for killing his numerous sons during a 1960s insurgency in Oman. The assassination team consists of an ex British Soldier, a German engineer plus Danny Bryce. The book suggests that European Man has little honor and less compassion.

        We like to joke about Jews liking money but to be fair it’s really white men who actually covet the shekels (or dinars). We can’t get enough of the bullion.

    • Spencer has said some very bizarre things and never recanted. He said (twice) that pedos watching child porn is okay because it’s therapy. That’s insane and makes you wonder about Spencer himself. So no, you shouldn’t take ethics advice from someone who says dumb shit like that.

      • I’m not the biggest Spencer fan but accusing him of supporting child pornography is a serious charge to make, especially when it’s not true. I happened to have watched the stream when he offered his observation on pornography (as potential therapy in some cases), but it was a throw-away comment and not in any way an endorsement of pornography, let alone child-porn more specifically.

        I only correct you here Jack, because so many people in the Alt. Right take little things like this and run with them. There are still people claiming Cantwell is a “fed”, for example, merely because he has cooperated with federal law enforcement agents who were trying to bring justice to ANTIFA.

        Too much vicious hyperbole, willing belief of the fantastic, and malicious gossip being directed towards those who, ostensibly, our allies.

  16. I give advice to young men all the time, here at OD and on the Political Cesspool radio show. I give advice/recommendations about music, books, movies and suggestions for what to do and not do with women.

    I strongly recommend some White form of partner dancing. My best dance is CEROC – C’est le roc, it’s a bit like Swing dancing, but not as fast.

    You’ll need to practice a lot to get good, but the time and money will be well spent. In the best forms of partner dancing, the man takes the lead and the woman follows. This leads directly to romance and procreation.

    Some other advice I give to men is to take women out on dates where you are in a group or at some activity like a hockey game. Women like to see and be seen, like to see who is with whom, what people are wearing etc.

    You want to avoid pretty much any one on one activity except sex. Even if a woman has good or decent politics, you don’t want to talk to her about politics, you don’t want to hear her opinions. Usually one on on talking will end up with her ragging on you or trying to contradict you or try to change you.

    I think it actually works better where the women doesn’t know much English.

    • Lol – past middle age, no kids and never married. Can’t imagine why but do keep giving these pearls to the kids, keeps everyone in stitches in between the morality debate.

  17. “How did western Jefferson County get suckered into taking in train loads of shit from metro NYC?”

    I think that would make a great topic for our next gubernatorial debate.

  18. “Jack Halliday” is the old filthy delusional satanist spic known as “Chechar.”

    It seems that after failures in life or internal demons or mental issues some people – and it occurs in many countries and also with non europeans- turn to swastikas, nazism, worship of criminal stupid clowns like Himmler, gross insults against Christianity, as their way to tolerate and go on with their own lives.

    It’s like an old American movie I watched some time ago, the teacher asks the Hispanic student why he feels so much hate. The beaner student responds, it’s the only thing that I have.

    • Woah dude. Listening to bitter and confused beaners, mischlings and quadroons is what White Nationalism is all about.

      • Perhaps, but the Chechar who the animated fish is referring to is a criollo, basically a Mexican with pure Spanish blood.

        This clownfish has something hidden against Cesar. Not only does he not realise how insane he is, but he also seems to be the type who desperately wants attention (I am the fool for giving it to him).

        Nemo was sexually abused by his priest when he was 10 years old, and then his parents decided to join in on the fun. He thus developed Stockholm Syndrome and cannot cope with somebody criticises the very cult which traumatised him, and made him into the very lonely and obnoxious loser that he is.

        True story.

        • Yes, you’re very obnoxious lonely spic loser.
          You’re an old virgin mongrel that spends your last years on earth to worship people that despise you, to give moronic opinions about religion to a couple of degenerates to read, and to whine like a weakling faggot about how your daddy was mean to you 5 decades ago.

          • More projecting coming from you. You were raped by your priest when you were young and your parents joined in. Now you hate those more fortunate than you. Sad.

          • You are sad because people pay attention to what Cesar says, unlike you. Nobody cares about you. Mummy and daddy don’t love you. And it pains you to see people who aren’t as unfortunate in life as you are.

    • @”jack Halliday, a sexagenary who writes like a teen. A failed lonely old man who whines about his daddy.
      A Mexican worthless subhuman who doesn’t have a penny writing about people that despise him.
      Delusional biotrash thinks I care about “paying attention” to me in nazi sites
      You’re a funny and grotesque joke, you serve only as a bizarre entertainment, psycho.

  19. I have 4 posts about this current situation
    —First: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/828933119766224896
    ‘Ironybros’ are completely ineffective against #Hogg – and all trolls will be ineffective so long as he is underage. Just acknowledging him actually makes him more powerful, so long as he’s protected by the excuse of ‘being a kid’. And no respectable right-wing #politics personality is going to perform the long-term exploitation of a teenager that will take a place against Hogg. When Hogg is no longer perceived as a ‘victim’ is when he’ll lose protection-status. It could very well be .. a long time before that happens, receiving pity points for the shooting.

    However pathetic it may seem, he is the ‘leftist’ face for naturally socialist children, and he’s a white male for a reason – to get young white men feeling like they’re no longer isolated. Against POC, he’ll be protected as ‘victim of a shooting’. Hogg is actually a direct counter to nihilistic trolls, who are perceived as only trolling for ‘lulz’. It’s an emotional counter – just like trolling is an emotional counter. This is targeted at the youth.

    To defeat Hogg, you need an element of higher purpose, of nobility, to make him look weak. None of the ‘ironybros’ have anything resembling that – they call all standards of virtue ‘LARPing’. At most ‘ironybros’ will embarrass Hogg’s followers, causing resentment. Alternatively, Hogg will have to embarrass himself – which can happen by going on debates or other engagements where he’s challenged. However, Hogg (being young) has the excuse either not to or to do so, whenever he likes, with a bunch of media personalities running interference for him.

    The reason for this is that virtue, which a parent should be expected to have some measure of for the sustaining of their children, has been replaced by modern ‘love’ or ‘tolerance’. It is talking to a youth of single mothers and feminized men.

    —Second: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/828936303712722944
    The morally nihilistic ‘racists’, or even ‘civic nationalists’, are not against doxxing because it hurts some higher purpose or movement – only because it may hurt them personally. In their minds, or minds like ‘baked’, there is this ambiguous zone of comfort or ‘love’ where they project sentiment or pity at it becoming injured. In white nationalist movements, this is restricted to white advocates and there’s conditions which make it go any broader in scope than that. The liberal and milquetoast just don’t really have any standards at all except “don’t be violent towards me, personally – or people who I’d be included in.” This lack of standards, which cannot be replaced with mere hatred, is what all cuckservatives have ‘fallen back on’ – and now it occupies them, not as a backup, but as a habit.

    The resentful sort have abandoned this zone, making out their misanthropy as if it were measured antipathy. At bottom, they only end up becoming troubled when it is that they’re confronted on it. A consequence of misanthropy is that one doesn’t have an identity – since one has no reference point of others to construct it from – so they only become rooted when they’re addressed directly and their attention is put off of the ‘general’ and onto an individual they have to countenance.

    —Third: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/829138970946031616
    There are two options with #Cantwell : disown him or own him. Disowning potentially gives a moral victory of Cville to the left. Those who disowned typically think it was ‘bad optics’ and languish about it. These people care about optics and presume themselves more ‘realistic’ about injustices, accepting them where they grant their enemies the highest morale boost.

    Then there are those who have been owning him up to this point. They see Cville as yet-to-be-resolved, as it is, since there have been no actual convictions yet. Cville turns into a moral victory if none are imprisoned. These people care about unjust imprisonment of activists, signalling safety. They are conflicted about Cantwell’s doxing approval as a signal of ‘not safe’ – here is where Cantwell might be offloaded/burned. Progressing time will make their impune vindicated or worthless. This is the entropy.

    If Cantwell is let go, you’ll find a lot less of the radical activists being in your ‘reserve’. These people have contingency plans, that don’t involve blackpilled idiots.

  20. There really never was a real ‘optics’ debate, except for the contrived issue some of us needlessly engaged in. Just show up at rallies a notch above casual, or a ‘clean cut’ casual, and all will be well.

    The IRL rally thing vs. staying online and put out propaganda thing- this too was or should not have been a real controversy.. Just do both, wisely. Gradualism is key.

    As far as ‘infighting’ goes- if it doesn’t concern you directly, keep your mouth shut. If it does concern you directly, try first to use direct private communications to resolve the issue.

    There- most of our problems are solved.

  21. To Hunter,
    The Weev info is not new.
    People like me and many others have telling anyone that would listen (which appears was nobody) weev is a jew and here to cause trouble.
    But since all these “leaders” egos are far too big, well here we are. Maybe you faces should pay fucking attention to people calling attention to infiltrators.

    All of this info on weev is well known and well documented far before C-ville

    Keep a better pulse on the people rising to popularity over night

  22. A strong belief in Jesus Christ is an excellent way of fighting the negative crap of the modern world, and it works against nihilism. We have to believe in something positive.

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