The Doxing of Ricky Vaughn

If you aren’t up to speed with the latest Alt-Right drama and infighting, Paul Nehlen has apparently doxed the social media personality known as Ricky Vaughn on Gab.

This has provoked a discussion about the morality of doxing in the Alt-Right. The general consensus seems to be that doxing is immoral and that Paul Nehlen should be disavowed and shunned by the movement. This is an interesting debate which dovetails with my current interests.

Generally speaking, if there is one subject the Alt-Right isn’t known for dwelling on too much, it is morality. Over the past six months, there have been hundreds of threads and tens of thousands of comments about optics. The Alt-Right is far more interested in aesthetics than ethics. Just as an observation, it is interesting to see a moral consensus emerging around the issue of anonymity and doxing. Paul Nehlen has dishonored himself by revealing (or attempting to reveal) Ricky Vaughn’s real name.

Ricky Vaughn, of course, is known for his relentless attacks on LARPers on Gab. And yet, the controversy here is that Ricky Vaughn’s own LARP may have come to an end. The real person behind the Charlie Sheen avatar who is ten foot tall and bulletproof on the internet may have been associated with his own opinions. The outrage is that his role playing and acting out his political fantasies on the internet under the cover of a disposable pseudonym has been terminated.

In light of all my current research, this episode just strikes me as a curious thing. In previous generations, a man was expected to be proud of his own name. A man of honor was a gentleman who commanded your respect. The culture of honor was focused on virtues like courage, piety, integrity, masculinity, pride, loyalty and probably above all else contempt for cowardice. It was considered shameful to be thought of and perceived as a coward. Insults were a serious matter and when fighting words were exchanged violence was expected to result. It was even permissible to kill people to satisfy honor. Andrew Jackson and William Lowndes Yancey killed other men who had impugned their honor in duels.

I’m struck by how the Alt-Right has turned this culture of honor upside down. Now, you are expected to be a coward and it is considered dishonorable to associate a coward with his own name. This would have been incomprehensible to our ancestors who would have never understood how anyone could tolerate living in a state of public shame and disgrace. The idea that honor can be used as a shield for cowardice illustrates the degree to which morality has radically changed over time.

To be crystal clear, I am not endorsing doxing. The subject really isn’t even on my mind right now. There are other good reasons not to engage in doxing. It is wrathful. It is uncharitable. It isn’t benevolent. When Christ commanded us to love our enemies and bless those who curse you, he was talking about deescalating these petty personal feuds. This is why dueling fell out of fashion over the course of the 19th century. I’ve had to confront this very same issue in my own life.

Many years ago, I gave this subject a lot of thought and just ceased caring about my real world identity getting out there. I did a lot of soul searching and decided that I am not ashamed of my own views. I decided that I wasn’t going to spend the rest of my life conforming to a fake morality which I believe is immoral and illegitimate. I don’t believe that “racism” or this laundry list of -isms and -phobias has anything to do with morality. My ancestors didn’t believe it was immoral, but they did believe that cowardice is immoral. They believed in honor which we have lost in our culture.

Leaving behind this minor episode with Ricky Vaughn, the three biggest influences on my moral views have been the culture of the Old South, Lutheranism and Aristotle all of which prized courage and uprightness. This is what I am planning to explore over the next few months.

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  1. Lameness of Vaughn:
    Be a big name with what seems considerable influence
    Expecting to remain anonymous.

    If you want to lead or be the main guy driving wedges your face must be known or it will get known to those you piss off.

    Now if we all had our faces out there what could they do? Not much.

    I do find it funny how they all screech aboutoptics are the same ones who kept kike-wife a secret. Then glossed over it, banned anyone who was pissed and act like it never happened. Same as now be team Vaughn or get banned.

    Anglin and his “white race should be bred out” people are surprised? Why? his colors are shown now. The entire DS TRS is in this for jokes and money

    • Most of the people calling for everyone to dox themselves and give intel to enemies that will try to get you fired and ruin your life are suspect to me. They sound like either infiltrators or bitter people who want you to share in their misery. Unless you are in a leadership position and taking money from people, I don’t see how the average anonymous has any responsibility to out himself/herself. You get nothing positive in return and only trouble.

      “Paul Nehlen has dishonored himself by revealing (or attempting to reveal) Ricky Vaughn’s real name.” No he hasn’t. Is all intel on our enemies immoral? If you had some important information about Soros you’d just hide it because it would be “immoral?” Apparently some people just don’t get it. We’re in a low-level war here. Having empathy for your sworn enemies is a mistake.

  2. All fine and good, but in this society expressing (((unapproved))) views can threaten one’s ability to make a living. You can debate whether or not this is better than being placed in jail by a government for speech in an “unfree” country.

    • Not just your ability, but also the ability of spouses, parents and children. If I recall correctly George Burdi dropped out of white nationalism for this very reason: his parents, who hated his views, both lost their jobs because of his notoriety.

  3. Paul Nehlen did not dox one of us, he doxxed a self proclaimed Anti-Racist activist who attacks White Nationalism. I personally would not do that to anyone but an Antifa since they have done it to me, but I am not particularly enraged that Nehlen is making Ol’ Ricky squirm.

    • I see that little subversive Greg Johnson is again defending a subversive like little Ricky.

      I still don’t see why people thought he was important, never made sense. It’s finally starting to click for people. Little Ricky acts like he’s schizophrenic. He says he’s not Alt Right, but then says “we.” He attacks the Alt Right, but then says he’s doing us a favor by dividing the movement from whoever he deems unworthy like he’s in charge, of a movement he hates and isn’t a part of. The guy is severely mentally ill with a grudge.

      Why is Spencer attacking Nehlen instead of Ricky?? Ricky isn’t even pro-white in the least.

  4. I don’t know much about Nehlen other than I wish he would drop the Pledge of Allegiance from his public meetings. Not sure where in the Constitution it says that the US is indivisible along with other factual problems.

    • Pledge of Allegiance to the state. Let’s indoctrinate the young with the idea that one should never question the state. I’m sure that’s what the Founders had in mind.

      Any proud American who has allegiance to his nation should oppose the Pledge of Allegiance to the state.

      Of all the problems up here Behind the Maple Curtain in the one-world socialist paradise, no one ever forced us, hand over heart, to pledge allegiance to the state when we went to school.

      And Americans wonder why they live in a police state?

  5. It strikes me odd that Nehlen outs Vaughn yet no one on the Left ever tried. I still support Nehlen. I suspect Vaughn’s role may have been to attack white nationalists within the movement. We have a lot of infiltrators, folks. A lot lot.

      • Re-read it. I was wondering why the Left wasn’t able to out Vaughn because it’s what they do!

    • When other Alt-Right people have been doxed, all the Lefty sites were doing articles on the guy, his friends, family, pets, etc. the same day. Yet, nothing from these people on ‘Ricky’ yet. Weird.

  6. Hunter: “it is considered dishonorable to associate a coward with his own name. This would have been incomprehensible to our ancestors”

    Maybe your ancestors didn’t live under a Jewish dictatorship and didn’t fear losing their jobs if they publicly gave a common sense opinion.

    “I don’t believe that “racism” (…) has anything to do with morality. My ancestors didn’t believe it was immoral, but they did believe that cowardice is immoral.”

    In Europe, people had the courage to fight in WW1, but they didn’t know what for. In fact, they were just obeying orders and afraid of being executed if they deserted. They were also afraid to dissent from the dominant view expressed by the government and the newspapers.

    Today, White Nationalists hiding their real names on the internet are intellectually more courageous than those in real life who accept the destruction of their nation because they lack the courage to disagree with the powers that be.

  7. The thing is-once you’re doxxed, you’ve nothing left to lose. You may as well just go all out and say what you really think. Its a badge of honor really. To those who have friends who are doxxed, be there for them and have their backs. Make them realize it was all worth it and support them.

  8. HW. Is your source of income for your family secure from attack by SJWs/the ADL? Because for most people, it isn’t, which makes anonymity essential.

    Also, someone in a recent online article made the point that anonymity on the internet is like anonymity by pamphleteers: the lefties cannot use ad hominems as easily on those writing under pseudonyms – it forces your detractors to attack ideas not personalities, and the writer noted that Lefties have no ideas, so they lose when they can’t use ad hominems.

  9. I do think doxing is wrong – but does any-one know why Nehlen doxxed Vaughn? FYI – I use online persona names as a courtesy. Hunter -I know your real name – I think every-one does – but until you change your official name on this blog – I will refer to you as your online name. Period.

    I know the real names of a number of people. I agree with Armoric and Ronnie. Unless you can afford, literally afford to come out of the WN closet – I consider this a gross violation. Again – it’s about the families as well. If you can manage to fly under your own flag – awesome! We all play our parts, in anyway we can.

    Nehlen must know that doxxing is considered to be verboten. Does any-one know why he did this? I literally haven’ had the time to find out.

      • Ah ha! I don’t pay attention to Vaughn at all. I have so much going on w/ my family IRL right now – that I have very very limited time to follow every twist and turn of Internet Blood Sports. Why did Vaughn go after Nehlen?

  10. PS – and Vaughn – he’s so…………mainstream. Will doxxing be a problem for him? I don’t like him at all – but he will probably do just fine. I don’t want him to come to harm.

  11. There are lots of reasons why movement people choose not to use their names, Fade. So it can’t simply be reduced to cowardice, Hunter. If all movement people with something to lose doxed themselves tomorrow because they were weak enough to be goaded by antifa yelling “Coward!” the movement would be a lot weaker, right Prozium? So why not simply come out and say that you hate Ricky Vaughan for intellectually trouncing TWP and their allies, Brad?

      • @tunglet: You mean, “BRAD is not stranger to sock-puppets.”

        “Hunter” is a fake name, and rather silly at that.

    • The homosexual runs to the defense of the subversive Civ-Nat agitator. Imagine my shock.

    • I don’t hate Ricky Vaughn, Greg.

      I consider Ricky Vaughn a misguided, aggravating nuisance. I don’t support doxing him, Greg. I said above I wouldn’t have done so, Greg. I also gave specific reasons why doxing isn’t a great idea, Greg. My point was to note the absurdity of a circle of honor based on cowardice.

      It is true that I have used many pseudonyms, Greg. That’s hardly a secret. I explained above why I talked myself out of it since it was pertinent due to the fact we are having a discussion about doxing. I’ve used my real name on the internet for at least seven years and have given interviews under my real name to everyone from NPR to the New York Times to Politico.

      Here’s a challenge: explain how a movement to destigmatize White identity politics will ever go anywhere WITHOUT cultivating virtues like courage and integrity.

      • Sorry Brad, but you are obviously gloating about Ricky Vaughan’s doxing, and instead of using this as an opportunity to take the right stand, namely against doxing people, even if you don’t like them, you have chosen to indulge your personal resentments instead. Not your finest hour.

        White identity politics will never grow beyond a marginal freakshow populated by people who have nothing to lose unless we have an ethos that respects people’s privacy and shuns and stigmatizes doxers.

        Virtues like courage and integrity are all well and good, but only in the right people. When they are present in cynical and repulsive cranks like Matt Heimbach, they simply make them more harmful.

        • Greg,

          1.) Are you incapable of reading what I said above? I said the same thing on Gab. I don’t support doxing. I also gave the specific reasons why I wouldn’t have doxed Ricky Vaughn. If memory serves, I said it was wrathful, uncharitable and isn’t benevolent . Also, I specifically cited Christ’s command to love your enemies, so while I personally find Ricky Vaughn to be an aggravated nuisance and antagonist I wouldn’t have felt justified in harming him.

          2.) If I wanted to injure Ricky Vaughn, couldn’t I have doxed his name on this website with his real photo out of spite? I could have easily done that. I’m just discussing the matter as part of a larger project that I am working on for the next two months.

          3.) As I understand it, the central task of White identity politics is to become destigmatized, which is something that will never happen without the cultivation of moral values like courage and integrity and practicing our beliefs in public.

          4.) Finally, Heimbach was discredited by his adultery, not because he was brave or had integrity. Those were admirable qualities. I have no idea why you aligned yourself with someone as loathsome as Weev who advocates raping and murdering women and children.

          • Re (3) Up until the paragraph beginning “To be crystal clear”, the purport of your remarks was that not only didn’t Nehlen do anything dishonorable, he probably helped Ricky become a better man, and helped the movement develop the right values.

            Re (4) Uh, I think people were more upset by his betrayal rather than his adultery. I’m surprised you missed that.

          • Re (1) I don’t support doxing. I also gave the specific reasons why I wouldn’t have doxed Ricky Vaughn.

            This reeks of insincerity. If I “don’t support homicide” then I don’t need to give specific reasons why I wouldn’t have killed such and such person. Giving specific specific reasons suggests that, although you don’t think Ricky deserved his doxing, if the details of his case were different, perhaps you would have gone ahead and doxed him. People with a blanket opposition to doxing don’t need to explain themselves like this.

          • Rather than worrying about the doxing of this Ricky, HW should in my opinion be looking to further investigate this Andrew Anglin. The fact that this pusilanimous punk sings Ricky’s praises is enough to disregard him.

            Anglin to me is so suspect that at this point to give him any credence is absurd. I believe Will Williams posted on here once that he is a cancer. I agree, and there are real questions about him that need to be answered, and I for one think he and his website need to be marginalized.

            For one thing, what happened to the lawsuit from the SPLC that he used to generate 100’s of thousands of $$ in donations? What happened to the money while we are at it? He claims to be broke already due to his legal fees. What legal fees? He has not been arraigned. He has not gone to court at all. It is quite possible he is a creation of the SPLC.and the ADL. He has been intimating he is possibly in Ukraine. I would suspect he is living off the money donated to him, if he is not on the ADL’s payroll directly. He keeps showing pictures of himself with some young Ukrainian women bragging he is a stud, in a country where it is common knowledge young women will sell themselves for an income stream – remember David Duke and his love of Ukraine.

            The way he constantly still shills for his “God Emperor” Trump and deliberately omits details that would leave anyone with a brain sour on Trump has to be even more concerning. This domain name game also looks like a Jew scam.

            There was some discussion of WN1 a month or so ago. Alex Linder was the internet personage of the day. Lunder put his boots on the ground. I saw him at the rallies. No one has seen this little punk anywhere. Has anyone even met him? One poster on here claims to know him, and that he is a degenerate drug addict, of questionable heritage, who’s appearance is so laughable due to tiny stature and years of drug abuse that he dare not show his face anywhere.

        • Slightly conspiratorial note. Vaughn was extremely successful, influential and heavily promoted during election.

          He recently lost a lot of credibility because he’s attacked active political candidates who openly espouse anti-Semitic and racist ideas.

          The “doxxing” re-establishes a measure of credibility with a rightist following.

          All so bloody convenient for him. The Doxx ironically bolsters his cred.

  12. If so many of our people are up in arms about the doxing of an enemy, how the hell are they going to implement an ethnostate? That’s a hell of a lot harder and even Jared Taylor calls it “immoral.” We have a lot of whiny little boys who are not yet men.

  13. Ricky Vageen and his harem of fanboi eunuchs were making total assholes of themselves in recent months, so they shouldn’t be acting like victims of some cruel injustice. They wanted to “bullycide” everyone off the internet whom they disagreed with – including me. The pro- White / alt-right movement doesn’t need such toxic and divisive people like them stinking up the place. Good fucking riddance.

  14. Espousing the message of Truth should always be held in higher regard than the actual identity of the messenger of that Truth for this is the very passion of the Truth-telling messenger.

    The immorality of doxxing is in the traditional assumption that a smearing of the Truth-telling messenger is for the purpose of obscuring Truth. In other words, an anonymous Truth-teller offers no “identity crisis.” Doxxing reveals his “identity crisis” and the passion of a Truth-teller is negatively impacted.

  15. Greatest power leftists (even full-on Stalinists) have over the right:
    Right is ashamed of its opinions
    Left is not. The left is proud

  16. I’m with Paul Nehlen all the way! I don’t trust Ricky or the fake AltRighters that clearly seek to undermine the movement. That said, I’ve been using my real name on Gab ever since I was banned by Twitter. I use my real name on Facebook too. There comes a time when we must risk it all. I feel prejudice is a normal natural human trait. Nothing to be ashamed of. Racism may be different. I see nothing wrong with pre-judging someone, based on real life experiences. That’s not RACISM IMO.

  17. To be crystal clear, I am not endorsing doxing. The subject really isn’t even on my mind right now. There are other good reasons not to engage in doxing. It is wrathful. It is uncharitable. It isn’t benevolent.

    But when you get down it, there’s nothing really dishonorable about it, right?

    (Note: Hunter was making a general point, not referring specifically to the Ricky/Nehlen incident.)

    • If it is a demon doxxing an anonymous Truth-teller then that doxxing is dishonorable.

      But who believes in doxxing demons and anonymous Truth-tellers, anymore?

  18. I found this post over on Counter-Currents:

    Greg Johnson posted:

    “1. Any movement person who doxes another movement person must suffer the social equivalent of a death sentence: they must be completely shunned. They must be expelled from all movement organizations, barred from all movement gatherings, and blocked on all social media.

    2. Their friends must be forced to choose sides. It is no deterrent if doxers are shunned by strangers. They must be disavowed and shunned by their friends. And if their friends stick with them, they must be shunned in the same way.

    3. These principles do not apply to the retaliatory doxing of doxers, whether they come from the system or the movement. On the one hand, retaliatory doxing is both just punishment and an excellent deterrent. On the other hand, it could initiate an escalating cycle of retaliation that could be harmful to the movement overall. So, although I cannot condone retaliatory doxing, I understand it, and I cannot treat it as an offense on the same level as initiating doxing.

    4. One of the virtues of instituting a policy of shunning doxers is to give victims both justice and solidarity and prevent such cycles of retribution.”

    Another poster responded to Greg Johnson’s “Four Rules”:

    “In regard to the above, I propose a 5th rule:

    5. No one in the white nationalist movement who aspires to a leadership role, either on or off the Internet, can both aspire to leadership and/or influence and ALSO remain anonymous. Such individuals must choose to be either an anonymous member of the “rank & file” or to identify upfront who they are so that later, if they betray their WN base, they cannot slink away into the shadows.

    That said, all reputable leaders (and some not so reputable) have authentic identities known to us, and WERE known to us, right from the beginning. Some examples: Jared Taylor, David Duke, Don Black, Thomas Robb, Jeff Schoep, Matt Heimbach, and so on. Others, like “Millennial Woes”, hid behind a false identity, and yet simultaneously aspired to having a large influence on our Movement. Later, he was doxxed.

    On the other hand, had MW wanted his true identity kept secret, he should have remained a member of the “rank & file”, without any of the perks and privileges of a leader or “influencer”. For with power and influence must come transparency and responsibility. And that transparency and responsibility means the greater body of the WN movement has a right to know who you are from the beginning, as insurance that you cannot slip away into obscurity when the going gets rough. And it’s a very fair policy: You want power and influence? Okay. Then you must be upfront with your true identity. You want anonymity? That’s fine too. Then remain a foot soldier in our Cause.”

    Sounds like “Rule #5” is a rule we should follow…

  19. wn is not a movement.

    White nations are a given in various degrees of existential crisis.

    All the KNOWN leaders of pre-internet wn ARE EXACTLY the rationale for the wn of the Internet beginnings to go anonymous.

    Now, we are at a new place in relation to the Internet and there is not much good evidence to suggest that any one openly reveal one’s self as a wn. The rationale for anonymity as a means to spreading wn truths unimpeded has seemingly never been greater.

    Then again, what’s in name?

    David Duke doesn’t say much about “David Duke.”

    “thordaddy,” on the other hand, maintains anonymity without being a true pseudonym.

    So there was a time at the very beginning of anonymous blogging of racist ideas where one could choose a handle that didn’t reveal an attackable identity, but did reveal something of the Truth-teller that was beyond his racist rhetoric.

    We’re still at this time.

      • It’s no wonder we’re spinning our wheels, the infighting will be the death of us.

        As for morals, I rather doubt we can win this war against an enemy without conscience. This isn’t a war against the Left, this is a war against compartments within our own government, corporations, and other global entities and their control mechanisms. They have DARPA and other black ops methods for determining how to control the global masses. We have morals to stick to. When it comes down to it, both sides are controlled by the same entity and that entity is a foe to both sides. The destruction of an entire civilization using vast quantities of that civilization’s own people was no accident, it was the plan. Do you really believe that the synchronicity of the events that have occurred around the globe that led to our current dilemma was just happenstance? How do you win a war when the clarity of your enemy is absent?

  20. This whole fiasco is meta “identity crisis” whose sole purpose is to muddle the message of the Great Sortition..

    So in the same way that one ruins the NATIONAL football league by “manning” it with stooged niggers…

    One upends a great sortition by castigating all as final charlatan.

  21. The stag-nation is explained.

    White Christian Southrons will not attest to being white (S)upremacists. White Christians, in general, will not attest to being white (S)upremacists. And of course, the original Roman (C)atholic will not attest to white (S)upremacy.

    So it is a global “identity crisis” all about for the racist white disapora.

  22. There can be no philosophical foundation in a movement that is not just “movement” itself.

    “white nationalism” is not a way of being. wn is not movement. wn is not action.

    White nations ARE NOW.

    And the healthy racist states within SHOULD BE spearheaded by white (S)upremacists.

  23. If you are a white Christian Southron then DEMONS ARE AT PLAY in the “identity crisis” that ricochets all throughout the white race. What “we” understood as Right is the submission of the “identity crisis.” The “ingredients” to “what is Right?” be origin and final destination. To know exactly where you are from and to know exactly where you are going is the solution to “identity crisis.” In other words, white Christian Southron is your answer to “identity crisis.”

    Secularly-squeaking, you have chosen white (S)upremacy as solution to “identity crisis.”

    Once you make this lexiconic leap then you can start contemplating The Southern Monopoly in alliance with The Land of white (S)upremacy to contain “liberated” Cucklands and colonize Canada.

  24. anyone that uses their anonymity or pseudonymity to attack people to their right deserves the dox. the purpose of secrecy is to be able to speak truth to power safely, whereas “ricky vaughn” was doing the exact opposite, speaking power to truth i.e. telling someone who was publicly using pro-White rhetoric under his real name to stfu and stfd.
    if “ricky” had been actively naming the jew then i’d regret seeing him dox. otoh after seeing him attack people actually pushing the overton to run for office in their real names, hell, if i’d have known who he was, i’d have dox him myself, just as i would have dox the jew-fucker had i known his wife was a yid.
    the first rule of pro-White morality should be, “be pro-White.”
    we’ll have plenty of time to debate the finer points and clean up our own family issues once we’ve thrown the unwanted guests out of our home.

  25. Anonofool said: “we’ll have plenty of time to debate the finer points and clean up our own family issues once we’ve thrown the unwanted guests out of our home.”

    You’re fucking naive, dewd. Whoever throws out the “unwanted guests” will be the same ones calling the shots. There won’t be any “debate”, just a fist knocking your teeth out then a gun barrel shoved between your eyes. At that point you will submit to whatever WN power has taken control or your fucking brains will be blown out. “Debate” my ass. What a fool you are.

  26. Speaking of pseudonyms. The 18th Century Enlightenment was squared away on the subject of personal honor and found no fault with the nom de plume. Voltaire could hardly have operated without one. It is fashionable to condemn the Enlightenment, yet I wouldn’t give up freedom of individual speech for anything. The MSM is a different story.

  27. Ricky Vaughn probably got what he deserved.

    Interesting that you mention a culture of pride, courage, and honor. That sounds a lot like Nietzschean master morality. Master morality values strength over weakness while Christianity, which Nietzsche identified with slave morality, values good over evil. Cowardice can certainly be sinful, but weakness is not. Christianity values kindness, sympathy, and empathy, incidentally traits more associated with women. Maybe that’s one of the reasons women have always been more likely to attend church and are more spiritual.

    Pride can be sinful. Christianity is all about humility and recognizing that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). That’s why whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted (Matthew 23:11-13).

  28. Since everybody and their mother already voiced their opinions, here’s mine:

    ricky was a friend, but the kind that makes having enemies superfluous. This movement, or race will not be suffering another principled defeat and will not die on this mountain.

    Nehlen is currently an embodiment of what trump expressed when he said that he: “could shoot someone in the middle of 5th avenue and not lose voters”. I am not going to defend someone who wants to bring more of the same (crap of the past 100 years) to us vs. someone who names them like there’s not tomorrow. Screw ‘muh principles’. The only thing that matters is the race.

  29. SPLC has not disclosed Ricky Vaughn’s identity, which can only mean Ricky was pretending to be a white nationalist to subvert the movement from within. It is a trick jews have used throughout history.

  30. I read Ricky Vaughn’s tweets in 2016 until he was suspended. He seemed to me just to be an aggregator of other people’s interesting tweets. No idea why he was/is a big deal.

  31. An interesting point touched on in the article…

    It’s true, the Alt. Right hasn’t spoken much about ethics, other than to dismiss theorizing about ethics as so much “autism” (a tired metaphor to describe any attempt at rigorous academic work of any kind).

    Even in this very thread, we hear phrases like: “Our race is all that matters!” or other such nonsensical standards.

    See children? See what happens when neither you nor your friends have a sense of morality? When all you obsess over is what you’ve been told to obsess over by a handful of memes? One guy thinks he can doxx another guy because it’s what’s best for the white race. One guy thinks he can endlessly snipe and maybe even blackmail, without consequences…because it’s simply what’s best for the white race. It’s what’s best, what’s best, what’s best!

    Remember this most-recent dust-up the next time you brag about how “pragmatic” you are, and how you’re “unconcerned” with morality.

  32. Greg is right.

    The idea that it’s somehow more “honorable” to be a public persona is just brazenly stupid. The left has been privately communist since the beginnings of the coldwar.

    There is nothing wrong with using treachery and deception in a war. The founding fathers used pseudonyms, so do most people who lead revolutions. Coldwars(and we are in a cold civil war, believe me) are fought with a lot of propaganda, espionage and manipulation. That’s how power is gained in the 21st century. You may not like it but it’s the truth.

    Brad simply has no idea how to win a cold war because he doesn’t want to know. He doesn’t read books about influence and persuasion. He doesn’t read about propaganda and 4th generation warfare. He doesn’t follow Jay Dyer or read William Lind. Scott Adams? Robert Cialdini? He’s never heard of them. If you try to explain to Brad that our enemies engage in real conspiracies and wage psychological warfare against us he scoffs and laughes(and then hypocritically complains about how unintellectual the movement is.)

    It took Charlottesville to happen for him to realise that the government is not a neutral party. Then he laughably blamed Trump for the Charlottesville catastrophe(even though Trump has zero power in that regard because he has no allies in the establishment.)

    Brad is simply more interested in bloviating about how “honorable” he is(status signaling) and refighting the civil war. He wants to lose gracefully just like his ancestors did.

    I suspect Brad will read this and strawman me about wanting to “vote my way to victory.” No we are not voting our way out either. You may not like it but we simply have two choices, we either fight a 4th generation war or we have our entire race destroyed.

    The balls in your court.

    • Charlottesville was a well prepared Ambush.

      The lack of instinctive survival…instincts, that’s what’s lacking.

  33. I disagree with Hunter that using pseudonyms is cowardly, but then again, I’m not sure that’s what he’s talking about.

    We can’t really compare a man with strong convictions, who uses a pseudonym when he writes to the local paper, to the kid who scrawls dicks, swastikas, and the “n-word” on a gas-station bathroom stall, then runs away giggling.

    That latter describes far too many in the Alt. Right. They have this thumb-on-the-nose, finger-waggling attitude towards anyone who defies them in anyway. It’s disgusting. It’s cowardly. It’s being ingrained into entire generations of government-school children, and unless we stop it, it wont matter if a few statistically-relevant genetic trends are rescued from oblivion.

    Who needs a white body if the soul is sniveling, wretched, and black?

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