League of the South Holds Confederate Heritage Rally In Wetumpka, AL

I haven’t been feeling like participating in activism lately.

You would never know it from the fierce debates that I have been embroiled in for months now, but I have been personally taking a break from activism since Shelbyville. While I haven’t changed my view on the importance of activism, I believe we needed to reassess what we are doing.

The League of the South held a mini-conference and public demonstration in Wetumpka, AL this weekend. Dr. Michael Hill and Dr. David Duke delivered speeches. We showed up and participated in the event, but I wasn’t feeling like doing anything due to the negativity online. We’ve been embroiled in a debate about ‘optics’ with the Alt-Right that has dragged on for months.

To my surprise, this roadside Confederate Heritage rally in Wetumpka which was cut short by the rain and on overcast morning was a clarifying moment. There were about 45 of us out there with Confederate Battle Flags and Secede signs. We had an overwhelming positive response from the public. It was one of the best responses that I have seen in years. I will admit that it lifted my spirits to see so many people responding so positively to the sight of the Confederate Battle Flag.

The League has spent 2018 doing a series of these rallies. There was a Restore State Sovereignty Rally in Tallahassee, FL in January. There was a League of the South rally in Knoxville, TN on St. Patrick’s Day. This League rally in Wetumpka, AL was a celebration of Confederate Heritage Month. It is clear as day to me now that this is the direction in which we should be going.

We need to get back to focusing on Southern Nationalism. We’ve spent the last few years since the rise of Trump getting sucked into this vortex. I think we drifted away from our core message of Southern independence. I think that message is more relevant than ever as the US Empire slumps toward another attack on Syria and the glittering promises of MAGA are exposed as one long con.

As far as activism goes, we need to continue to focus on Southern themes and imagery. I think we should keep doing activism and refuse to retreat from the public square. At the same time, I think we need to focus on fundamentals and spend a lot more time articulating our own values, beliefs and vision of the future, which we have sadly been negligent in doing in recent years.

The Trump presidency has a shelf life. What is going to come after it? How will the South fare when the Republicans let us down again and the Democrats come back to power?

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  1. I don’t want to hear any more about “LARPing”, “THOTS” or “wignats”. Nor do I want to see any more images of Charlie Sheen or groypers. Just focus on Southern pride and independence, HW. And to hell with the Yankee alt-right.

      • Has “Hipster Racist” EVER proffered a solution to our current dilemma besides an angrier, LESS comprehensible form of “take back America”?

    • It’s interesting because more and more you’re seeing a widening split between what’s left of the Alt-Right and Southern Nationalism.

      I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that your garden variety Yankee is a White Rootless Cosmopolitan – there are exceptions, but this is still the general rule.

      This is why most of the time (again, with exceptions), you’ll see Yankee Nationalism evolve into something like Ricky Vaughn – there’s really nothing after Bunker Hill to be proud of in the NE.

      What can they do? Celebrate Abolitionists?

    • “wignat” is an anti-White hate slur.

      “This is why most of the time (again, with exceptions), you’ll see Yankee Nationalism evolve into something like Ricky Vaughn – there’s really nothing after Bunker Hill to be proud of in the NE.”

      This has nothing to do with nationalism. The Alt-Right was always a GOP created and run operation. That is how far the GOP are willing to go to get White votes. There is also at least one Ricky Vaughn on Stormfront that I have seen. These people are like a rat infestation that cann’t be gotten rid of, because the higher ups in nationalism won’t take action.

      Ricky Vaughn was never Pro White, he was and still is a hard core Republican fan boy. No different to those weird people who dedicate their lives to watching teams of blacks chase balls.

      If they call themselves pro right, then they are not pro flesh and blood. They are pro a wordism. Wordists always betray.

      • Technically it has nothing to do with true nationalism, but critters like Vaughn are still going to be the default in an area that has no real history to cherish, no unified culture, no genetic homogeneity, and no real ties to the region (unless you’re talking about Irish, Italian, or Slavic neighborhoods that are 100+ years old).

    • @Spahn…

      ‘ Just focus on Southern pride and independence, HW. And to hell with the Yankee alt-right.’

      That, Spahn – in light of the fact that you are Yankee Alt-Right, or, at least, close enough, is extremely generous of you.

      Thank you for that.

    • I’m hoping my old acquaintance Joe Manchin gets kicked out of the US Senate, and is replaced by Evan Jenkins who has Confederate bona fides. Morrisey the Attorney General of WV is from New Jersey, and convicted criminal Don Blankenship is at best lazy and stupid.

    • I honestly don’t really understand “Southern Nationalism”. I would really like to see Hunter and Enoch have a discussion on the “Nazi vs. Confederate” differences. Winter is very much a silent part of european white identity and has a role in some of the suicidal generosity that plagues white countries. Best to understand these differences as soon as possible. The Greater South really includes Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic and likely will again if we fix our problems. Very different than Western Europe, Canada and the Mid and North West US. If there ever is a white ethnostate it will almost certainly be loosely partitioned into at least two blocks. Roy Moore pretty much proved this. Again, best to get these differences on the table as soon as possible and not to ignore them.

  2. Hunter I agree with you 4 out of 5 times. You do great work. But America needs to stay whole. I love the south and you guys are brothers. United We Stand.

  3. America isn’t perfect. You at least have the freedom to call for southern independence. Most other places in the world you would be arrested or killed.

    • If the Southern independence movement ever becomes a “thing” you can bet your tuchas ZOG will ruthlessly crack down on it, Branch Davidian style.

    • You think we have any kind of freedom for Southern Nationalism? That’s a laugh. Everyone knows if we tried anything 99% of our American white “brothers” would descend upon us like Biblical locusts.

      The future is Southern Nationalism but let’s not get it twisted that we have any RIGHT to any such thing from the USSA Government. Our only rights come from God and the Southern men and women themselves.

  4. I think sticking with SN message and SN imagery is the way to go.

    Also I think the unannounced rallies are the way to go so you don’t have to worry about the antifa-media alliance showing up.

  5. One of the guests mentioned on the last TCP show the strategy of placing flowers on spots where Confederate Monuments have been taken down. Wonder if local florists would place them for you on the former monument site if one calls in from out of state.

  6. Although he is not a young man, Dr. Hill is one of the few actual leaders (as opposed to polemicists) in any of the factions of the White Movement. IMO, both the placing of flowers at the site of removed Confederate monuments and unannounced small rallies are very good ideas.

    It makes sense for Southerners to adopt more of an Identitarian focus.

  7. Vaughn has no identity or loyalty outside his beloved Republican Party. He would throw the people that live near him under a bus, if they came between him and his chosen wordism of the week.

    I am Alt-Right (wordism), my website is Right Stuff (wordism), if you criticize me you are punching Right (wordism). Now these Right wingers (wordists) are calling White Nationalists “wignats” – an anti-White hate slur.

    All you have to do is listen to their speech patterns and it tells you everything you need to know.

    It was the same with Trump when he campaigned. He almost never talked about legal immigration, he talked incessantly about illegal immigration and bashed it. That is how conservatives (wordists) always campaign when nationalists are threatening them. Now he mentions and thanks every racial group except the Whites that elected him. He never ever says “white”.

    • I agree with everything you just said.

      We just need to realize that what the Alt-Right has degenerated to is a watered-down version of old school WN.

      But it’s a watered down version pushed by people who find true ethnic/regional nationalism terrifying – terrifying because they never grew up understanding what it means to be part of a unified culture and people.

      I guess similar to how a Jew feels when among the hated pale goyim.

      • They are fighting among themselves on Gab.ai, because they got themselves banned from mainstream social media, after deliberately seeking out and posting gas chamber memes at the most powerful Jews in the country for a year.

        They didn’t recruit much in the way of Whites except for hormonal 15 year olds that don’t know any better, but they sure scared up a ton of rich and powerful Jews. Hence the ban.

        They were always bad news.

  8. I grew up in the blackest state in the union (Mississippi) and went to college in Mobile.
    Knowing the demographics of the Deep South like I do, and regardless of how much I love being Southern, I don’t know how it would be possible to maintain the Deep South for our people without some extremely unpalatable doings.
    I admire your grit to want to stay.
    But when does it become too much?
    I look at the whites in South Africa and think, “get the hell outta there before it’s too late.”
    Driving in downtown Mobile today, I’m thinking I should follow my own advice and move somewhere more, shall we say, pleasant and safer than my current situation.
    Ultimately, I don’t believe in magic dirt. It’s the people that matter.

  9. Bitching about optics.

    Bitching about bitching about optics.

    And now the meta-bitching of bitching about bitching about bitching about optics begins.

    Can you e-celebs of the White Optics Movement ever stop bitching?

    My guess: No.

    • The Optics Don’t Matter mindless repeaters, sound exactly like “anti-racist” White women in beauty salons who say they don’t care if their boyfriends are Black, because Looks Don’t Matter.

      Silly (((SPLC))) memes never make sense.

      Of course Looks Matter. That is why we are all here.

      • The only thing dumber than an argument over subjective criteria is constantly bitching about such an argument never being resolved.

        I challenge all white whateverists in the e-celeb movement to refrain from using the word “optics” (or synonyms) for the rest of the month.

        It’s simple to explain what is happening:

        The endless infighting and splintering is taking place because there is nothing left to do but fight.

        We are too afraid to fight our real enemies and so we are fighting each other.

        Things we know won’t save the white race:

        Engaging in optics debate, doxxing each other, being anonymous, debating the finer points of an imaginary ethnostate with libertardians on jewtube, writing blogs, writing scholarly books, commenting on blogs, commenting on scholarly books, posting gas chamber memes, making groyper avatars, trolling normies, appealing to normies, activism, inactivism, book clubs, political parties, electing presidents,
        flyer campaigns, running for Congress, the KKK, republicans, building a boat, eating vegan, lifting weights, crypto currency, swastikas, Confederate flags, black clothes, polo shirts, red tennis shoes, skull masks, 4ch, copies of siege, an army of Jared Taylors, odinism, the founding fathers, hashtags, private conferences.

        What will save the white race:

        Having lots of White Children + Ethnic Cleansing of US.

  10. Like the Romans (who were on the brink of annihilation many times, but ended up creating something so great instead), never give up – until we get what we want.

    There is one thing that needs to be said. All these other sites and people are just transit to get people to do IRL activism and to groups like yours. With that thought and just for myself – I will be kind to them and thankful and ignore their little tantrums. They are (for the most part, anyway) White people too.

  11. Having used the Bible to turn South haters on their heads who think the South is/was morally wrong and since this American continent was named after an Italian explorer who like Columbus captured people for slaves — who pray tell on this continent has more right to the name “America” than the Confederate South who allowed slavery and who like ancient Israel claimed this right from the words of God. If you go out and debate the South’s position and know the Bible and know what actually happened leading up to and during Lincoln’s war to deny the South’s independence, you will win … the whole world is living this abolition lie which will be revealed when the true Jesus Christ returns … not this PC fake these people have created in their own image……

    The South was morally and Constitutionally RIGHT!!! Never, ever forget or doubt that! We will win!!!

    • @Turn Hearts

      “The South was morally and Constitutionally RIGHT!!! ”

      Morality is exactly what the Neo-Yankees use against the South. They reframed a Legal/Political argument that they couldn’t win, as a moral one that they thought that they could. They constantly focus on slavery and the welfare of negroes in order to avoid the political and legal questions that they don’t have an answer for.

      When you force them to stay on the Political/Legal question, they falter.

      When they say Slavery, say:

      “Why should Southerners have had to defend themselves Legally, Politically and Militarily against their supposed fellow Americans in the Northern States?”

      “What Constitutional amendment grants the Northern people superior rights and authority in the Union, grants them special exemptions from the laws, and makes the Southern people their subordinate subjects?”

      “Why should Southerners tolerate political, legal and criminal abuse by their supposed fellow Americans in the Northern states?”

      I guarantee that you’ll not get an answer. Nor any further comments.

      “The South was morally and Constitutionally RIGHT!!!”

      Saying “morally” sets you up for attack by the morality obsessed and self declared “morally superior” Neo-Yankees. They’re obsessed with morality because they can’t win the real argument.

      The South was Legally and Constitutionally RIGHT!!!

      Morality and Law aren’t the same thing. No honourable court accepts Morality as either a legal argument or defense.

      As an aside:

      The Left frame Gun Control as a moral debate, because they know that what they propose is unconstitutional and therefore against the law.

      The Abolitionists seldom ever spoke of the Laws and Constitution, except to disparage them. Because, quite simply, their, and by extension, the North’s, whole argument is extralegal, extra constitutional and completely outside of the Union. Hence the constant appeal to “Higher Morality.”

      • Thanks for your comments, Mr Owen.

        Spirituality, a term that I would use in place of morality is a term I avoid using because it definitely puts a discussion over into the area of religion. And as you know, the pro North side thinks their “big nuke” weapon on morality to pull out and blast the South and win all arguments is slavery or more specifically abolition. I merely, sidestep the usual arguments on tariffs, (I do use them) but I start hammering on the fact that God and Christ most indeed allow for slavery and start hitting them with scriptures and soon their moral high ground has sunk down into a pit where they are shaking their heads and saying, “I don’t care what the Bible says, I just know that slavery is immoral.”

        And I love when they try to modify their attack and come back with the one about the South’s version was something totally unique – it was the dreaded race based slavery. I immediately point out that, no, there is no such thing as “affirmative action” in selecting slaves. The Bible nowhere states that for every black you buy as a slave, you have to also buy a white slave or one from another race to make it “kosher”. Show me in the Bible were God and Christ make any statements about race based slavery….

        The South was Right!

        • @Turn Hearts

          I tell them that the North violated the Constitution, broke the law, and broke the Union. Morality is not a valid excuse or defense that any court would accept.

          I also ask them the three questions. Which shuts them down.

          • I hit them with BOTH barrels equally. Because if you really read the Bible, you KNOW that the South was right and that slavery is an accepted institution. God even acknowledges that men can possess servants in two of the Ten Commandments which is not some document written by corruptible men but was written by God Himself on two tables of stone…no wonder the Left hates the Ten Commandments…

        • @Turn Hearts…

          I. too, use the Christian argument – saying that God, The Father, Chryst, The Son, and St. Paul all tacitly approved slavery, they not condemning it, but, rather, passing out instructions for how the master & slave could best treat each other.

          As well, I also mention that, in my experience with many races – most do not wish ‘freedom’, but, the two Cs – Comfort & seCurity.

          Like you, I have had a lot of success with these tacts, for they never fail to take arguers aback.

          They are NOT expecting a defence of slavery – nohow noway – and therein lies the strength of that approach.

          Be well!

        • @Junius Daniel

          ‘Neo-Yankees’ … Dang, Son – that’s plain witty! Is that yours?”

          I’m not sure, Mr Daniel, where I got that.

          • @Mr. James Owen…

            Well, in that case, Sir – I am planning on borrowing that from you!

            ‘Neo-Yankees – I love it…

            God bless you and all the Owenses!

  12. “We need to get back to focusing on Southern Nationalism.”

    I never liked Spencer, Kessler, et al. They’re not Southrons or Southern Nationalists. Charlottesville was supposed to be an SN event. But it got hijacked by outsiders, both Alt-Right and Antifa.

    We need to use the Confederate Summer of 2015 as a model. No costumed creeps or Antifa. Just thousands of Southern Normies. There’s a wellspring of Southern Nationalism in the Southern people. It was tapped in 2015. It can be tapped again.

  13. Turn Hearts: American was founded long before we are told in history. Columbus brought a bunch of kikes that had been kicked out of Spain in 1492 and founded Hispaniola. These kikes ran and financed the atlantic slave trade. No kneegrow was “captured” and brought to slavery in our country. All blacks were all ready slaves to their tribal chiefs many of whom were criminals or captured from another warring tribe. I suggest you read negroes in negroland by Hinton Rowan Helper to find out what the many white explorers actually found in Africa in the 1800’s.

    • Jerry, I did not mean to imply blacks were not captured by their own people. I was just trying to be precise in describing that Vespucci took natives he had captured back to Spain to be sold as slaves. Thus he was involved with slavery — the man that two whole continents are named after … can’t wait until the sjw’s start trying to rename them because they bear the name of an explorer who had dealings in slavery.

      ” …and we thereon made sail for Spain with 222 captive slaves: and reached the port of Calis (Cadiz) on the 15th day of October, 1498, where we were well received and sold our slaves. Such is what befell me, most noteworthy, in this my first voyage.”
      — Amerigo Vespucci


  14. >We need to get back to focusing on Southern Nationalism

    Yes, please do! Every since OD turned into a strictly anti-white nationalist bad-jacketing operation the quality of the content has dropped to almost zero.

    If you go back to focusing on the one area where you where knowledgeable and relevant it would probably make a huge difference.

    I want to go back to reading OD for the content, not because I have a morbid fixation with watching train wrecks.

  15. If y’all want to participate in a street-level demonstration in the South, be in Newnan, Georgia, on Saturday, 21 April. Check back here or on The League of the South website for details as we get closer to that date. Antifa, BLM, and assorted Commie scum from the Atlanta area will likely be there to great us. This is your chance to get away from internet activism and out into real life.

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