Tucker Carlson Last Honest Man Left on TV

The mainstream media, Democrat and Cuckservative GOP Congress critters are near 100% in support of a total US/Israeli war/attack against Syria. It’s regime change talk again. It’s nearly unanimously agreed by any and all impartial commentators that the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria was a false flag. The Russians warned that a false flag gas attack was in the works.

It’s my impression that Fox News Tucker Carlson might be the only remaining honest person on “American” mainstream television news. He does everything except “name the Jew”. But he does come out and say this deep state, media liar reversal to launch a new war on Syria will be a complete disaster – as bad as our 25 year disaster in Iraq.

Tucker Carlson

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  1. It looks like our Lords of the Universe will never give up trying to provoke war with Russia. Do these evil fools believe that they are immune to radioactive fallout?

  2. Everyone, please send prayers and thoughts of upliftment, protection and empowerment to Tucker.

    Also, please send thought-daggers toward the Evil Ones.

    Pray to God Almighty to destroy them, to severely punish and exterminate all Neocons, globalists, and all of their servants. Lord, weaken, destroy and remove all of the Evil Ones from this world!

  3. By not naming the Jew he is deceiving his audience as to the true nature of this issue. Presenting 90% of the story but omitting the one crucial element that ties it all together is as good as telling an outright lie.

    I realize he cannot name the Jew because he would be fired, but this means he has chosen money over truth and that makes him a dishonorable turd.

    Tucker works for the mainstream media and that means Tucker works for the Jew. He is fully aware of his role as a safety valve designed to divert white nationalist talking points into Jew-safe and impotent conclusions.

    Tucker is for the status quo, he is an obstacle in our path.

    • Carlson is a politician like Viktor Orban, not a metapolitician like Kevin MacDonald.

      The task of the metapolitician is to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth without fear or favor.

      The task of the politician is to influence policy in the near future. To do so, politicians must often avoid discussing certain controversial topics.

      If Tucker Carlson’s plan is to become president in 2020, he is going about it the right way.

    • “Coolest Monkey
      APRIL 10, 2018 AT 1:58 PM
      By not naming the Jew he is deceiving his audience as to the true nature of this issue. Presenting 90% of the story but omitting the one crucial element that ties it all together is as good as telling an outright lie.”

      Except for the fact he wouldn’t reach millions nightly if he followed your prescription. One wonders who side you are on?

      • Do you even watch the program? During the April 9th segment with Senator Roger Wicker, Tucker not only questioned the validity and veracity of the chemical attack narrative, he asked Wicker how retaliatory action and further involvement helps Americas national security. When the Senator started blathering about protecting Israel, Tucker held him to point about how this protects or benefits the US, not Israel. He is openly asking the questions we all would ask, ON NATIONAL TELEVISION, EVERY NIGHT.

        This is unprecedented, and the program is massively popular with steadily increasing viewership. He is literally 98% there. If he has to dumb it down more than that, you are appealing to people who aren’t going to watch the show or understand the content anyway. This may apply to you.

        How would it benefit our cause to lose someone with this much exposure, who is asking the questions literally no other mainstream host has had the courage and fortitude to ask? Think. Think hard.

    • Monkey – it’s better that Tucker is on air, vs canned, and replaced with a compliant Jew bot. Why don’t you understand this?

      • No it’s not better because what is urgently needed is a general consensus that Jewish power and tribalism is the source of our problems. Tucker is upholding the taboo against criticizing Jewish power and until that taboo is broken nothing will change.

        Just look at it this way: Do you think the Zionist owners of Fox would allow Tucker to get on their network and have access to their audience if he was good for us? He’s good for them because he takes people who are potentially receptive to a our message and leads them down the wrong path towards color-blind civic nationalism and Israel worship.

        It’s better to have 100% of the mainstream media radically opposed to our message because that way we are the only genuine alternative and people are forced to join the ranks of the awakened.

        • That exchange was about as close as you can get in polite society to the JQ.

          He asked a question and the Senator answered that the US interferes there on behalf of Israel.

          What’s not to like?

        • You need to read the comments section on more and more articles coming out about this. The goyim are definitively starting to know.

          We need more people like Tucker who do everything but name the jew AND STAY ON THE AIR, and then we make sure the jew behind the curtain is pointed out in the comments, to reinforce and hammer this truth home to the normies!

        • Monkey, do you seriously believe if Tucker said a bad word about Jews, that episode would ever make it to air?

          Perhaps you don’t understand how much power they have in the media.

        • Coolest Monkey, I for one do indeed see your points as very valid and refuse to look at anything you’ve said here as anything but heart-felt analysis on your part. What’s more, I agree with you. It’s a real shame that some of our comrades here are so taken in with controlled-opposition. But these are desperate times, and desperate people will dive towards anything that looks like a door or window when the building is ablaze. Even I must admit to desperately succumbing to – at some time or other – the best of ZOG’s “anti-establishment” mirages. Trump was one such mirage.

          For my own part, I do enjoy Tucker Carlson’s “straight-shooter, cis-gendered White male” act for its entertainment value. Because it is theater. Well, “enjoy” is wrong. I actually don’t enjoy his act any more than I do Trump’s. It’s rather, in his own words, revealing. Know what I mean? A learning experience.

          The most difficult thing in trying to convince some of our brethren is this idea that such-and-such “can’t jeopardize his/her career or platform by being explicitly pro-White or anti-jewish/anti-israel”. Well, that along with the “He’s/she’s playing the jews for fools! Beating them at 4-D chess!”. It’s difficult because our people are desperate, and will accept almost anything that offers even a smidgen of hope.

          Just know that some of us are in agreement with you on this… and for those who aren’t, don’t get your feelings hurt if they ask you “who’s side are you on?” Desperation contributes to creating the conditions for paranoia and distrust as naturally as security helps create the conditions for complacency. Some of those same people might see things your way next week.

          • The JQ can be raised in the comments directly under the clip, article.

            It’s surprisingly effective. For example, there have been no Iraq style invasions since the net has been weaponized with YouTube.

  4. Watching the Senate hearing on cable news.

    Zuckerberg literally looks like a giant rat.

  5. Right on, Jack! Tucker’s Syrian war monologue, followed by his interrogation of the senator, were about the most thrilling things I’ve seen on television since watching TV commentators break down and cry on Nov. 4, 2016. And perhaps the single most revealing sentence I’ve ever heard on television was the senator’s answer to Tucker’s question about why it’s in America’s national interest to make war on Syria and overthrow Assad, “If you care about Israel…”

    American Mideast policy in five words.

  6. Tucker never lies that I can see, but I don’t watch him regularly so, hence there is no fault to the Tuck.

  7. Its so obvious now. Trump didn’t want to spend a dime on the wall, because he wants to spend every sent of the 700 billion he got for the military, on more wars for Israel. Not even 3% for the wall would be tolerated.

  8. Tucker’s family is very attractive and White. We need tens of millions more Whites like the Carlsons. Many of the Whites I see these days are fat, slovenly and gross. Ugly tatoos and body piercings, overmedicated, lazy, unmotivated, out of shape, stupid, inarticulate, uncultivated, uncouth ignoaramuses with broods of unruly, out of wedlock mixed breed kids….Friggin’ Wal * Mart / Taco Bell /Jerry Springer / TMZ ubermenschen! No wonder the jews regard us as cattle.

    • “We need tens of millions more Whites like the Carlsons.”

      No. We don’t.
      Nor do we need tens of millions of whites like Alex Jones or Donald Trump.

      We need instead tens of millions more Whites like those who populated Germany throughout the 20s, 30s and 40s, those who happily and courageously fought against “us” in ww2.

  9. ““This shtick worked brilliantly for Carlson… Infowars and Breitbart… It went from there all the way up the rightwing media food chain to President Trump… He’s reaching an audience which normally doesn’t watch FOX News.


    * Boldface and Italics mine, for emphasis. “Shtick” is a (((Yiddish))) word, meaning “a gimmick, comic routine, style of performance, etc., associated with a particular person.”

  10. Will Tucker be the next Pat Buchanan, always stopping short of saying “White Genocide”?

  11. Re media…I heard Jew Mark Levin equate the U.S. moral imperative to “get involved” (i.e., militarily strike) in Syria as equivalent to the moral imperative the world had — and in his view failed to heed — during the Holy-cost, “when people were rounded and sent to be exterminated in ovens”.

    In “ovens”. … Seriously!

  12. We took down the bad man in Iraq but we are not any better off for it. In fact worse off. It would be the same way with Assad gone.

  13. A war with Russia will be suicide for the US. The womanize, politically correct military
    of the US will be soundly whipped.

  14. Tucker is absolutely on the right track, but I don’t expect it to last, it seldom does, this is Fox network for crying out loud.

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