Bush Family vs Kennedy Family – Which Was/Is Worse?

Barbara Bush has passed on – out of this world to another world. Here’s hoping she has to do her own house work and grocery shopping in the next world, because she didn’t in her mortal life; she didn’t know what a grocery store check out scanner was in this world. These types always demand lots and lots of low wage servants, slaves and promote national suicide type and levels of bad immigration. My take on history is that Muslims tend not to go for the job of personal slave to elite North Eastern Bush WASPs – it’s against Muslim laws to be a slave to non Muslims or to take a fellow Muslim as a slave. But, it is most definitely not against Muslim laws or customs to take our White Indo European (White) people as both the female, male or forced bi sexual slave (concubines, Jannisary slave warriors etc). M’thinks the Saudi Sunni Islamist royals openly refer to USA military forces stationed in SA or Syria as:

Our Janissaries -slaves.

Maybe the Israeli, Zionist, Neo Conservatives have some similar name – “soldier goys, shiksa something”.

I also think the Pakistani Muslim gangs in places like Rotherham England sexually grooming, raping 11 year old English girls tend to shrug and think, “this is part of our culture – plus English/American leaders like Tony Blair and the Bush family would never object – that would be racist”.

I was in New York City in 1988 when VP George W Bush was inaugurated as President after Lee Atwater erased a 25% point deficit to MA Governor Mike Dukakis by using the “Willie Horton Ad” to paint Dukakis as a soft on Black rapist crime Liberal. George HW Bush was supposedly “tough on crime”…

3 years later New York City suffered over 2,000 annual murders, Los Angeles was engulfed in the Rodney King Black race riots with 63 people killed, 2,383 people were injured, and more than 12,000 were arrested. The majority of those arrested were illegal aliens. President George HW Bush ignored all intelligence that this murder and mayhem was coming and instead instructed his Justice Department to re-prosecute the White LA police officers on bogus Federal Civil Rights (double jeopardy).

So I’m asking our readers and everyone in the Dissident Right, Alternative Right, Populist Conservatives, Immigration patriots which political family was/is worse:

The Bush Family or the Kennedy family?

Kennedys in Camelot – Noble Elites Who Champion MLK and the African National Congress

I’m going with the Bush family but it’s a close call – kind of comes down to which side you take in THE game

The football game between Harvard and Yale.


  1. Being of founding stock the Bush family deserves more culpability for treason against us than the immigrant Kennedys. It seems JFK wanted to curb the Federal Reserve and prevent Israel from acquiring nukes. Perhaps that’s why he was murdered.

    Teddy, absolutely NFG. Bobby, probably the same had he lived.

    • Bobby Kennedy also is of note for being much more of a “finger to the wind” – go with the flow type than Ted Kennedy who’s just an open Lib Leftist anti White traitor on all things, so you pretty much know where he stands.

      So hard to believe now, but both John F Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy were strong anti Communists in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Bobby Kennedy lobbied very, very hard to be the chief counsel for Joe McCarthy in the House un American activities Committee. That job ended up going to the vicious Jew Roy Cohn – another guy all over the map. This fervent anti Communist Jew was a promiscuous homosexual who died of AIDS but he seemed to be connected with most everyone in the New York City wealthy elite including our own Donald Trump.

      Remember the Kennedys “Best and the Brightest” campaigned and won the presidential election against GOP Nixon on the big issue that there was a “Missile Gap” with the Soviet Union and Republicans had lost Cuba to the Castro Communists. John F Kennedy tried the Bay of Pigs invasion of Castro’s Cuba and made huge speeches to Conservative Cuba expats in Miami about flying a free flag in Cuba. The Kennedy CIA tried to assassinate Castro and it does seem the favor was returned as Lee Harvey Oswald was a pro Castro “free Cuba” guy.

      Anyway, Bobby Kennedy was for anti Communist war in Viet Nam in the early 1960s but when Liberal campus opinion changed, he jumped ship and decided to be the anti war Dem candidate.

      Bobby and Ted Kennedy championed all things non White, MLK, third world BUT… also championed all things Jewish including selling latest military supplies to Israel.

      One 3rd world, non White immigrant Sirhan Sirhan couldn’t understand this contradiction and so he killed Robert F Kennedy.

      The Lib media of the likes of Walter Cronkite try to spin all this as just the fault of Racist White Conservatives – like these Racist White Conservatives in Dallas created a “Climate of Hate” that sort of forced this Left Wing pro Castro Communist Lee Harvey Oswald to murder their Liberal Camelot Savior JFK.

      • the killer trail well hidden as usual. i think lew wasserman should be looked at closer. he had it in for rfk because of bobby’s decision to have the antitrust division of the Justice Department investigate possible criminal activity involving wasserman’s MCA. and the all-too-threadbare use of the proxy killer a crazy lone wolf type. (of course, bobby & jack didn’t help themselves either by helping themselves to the hollywood handouts of addled starlet objects offered them by the big boys.)

    • It would appear that the kill shot came from a Secret Service agent. This was well researched in the 70’s by an Aussie guy but amazingly has been (((obfuscated))).

      • The Russians investigated the death of JFK as rigourously as they could, even re-enacting the shooting in every possible detail. Thry showrd that Oswald was most likely the assassin. However, while proving the grassy knoll theory wrong they DID also find that a second shooter was likely there and where he must have been lying in wait.

  2. I say the Bush’s were worse than the Kennedy’s, old Joe Kennedy really wasn’t that bad, he was an isolationist before World War 2, was a big supporter of Senator McCarthy, gave money to Nixon. It was after President Kennedy died that the Kennedy’s went off the rail. I don’t think John Kennedy was that bad, he wouldn’t make Vietnam into a major war like Johnson did, tried to break up the CIA, tried to fight against the Federal Reserve Board. Ted Kennedy and the later ones have been terrible, but originally they weren’t all that bad. The Democratic Party has gone downhill as well, not just the Kennedy’s, the Democratic Party isn’t even a shadow of what it once was.

    • Good comment. What most people fail to recognize is that Prescott Bush was a globalist. His family is rock solid opportunistic globalists. They are traitors to nation, race, and all of humanity as a whole.

      The Kennedys should not be compared to the Bushes except as polar opposites. Although many now view JFK as being a traitor in regard to race, it has far more to do with our decline than the actual specifics of his intentions. Decent men try to do decent things despite being neither psychic nor far-minded. We now know, it’s not the immediate agenda that needs to be scrutinized but the potential implications of what it could become. I doubt most understood the immigration and civil rights would extend to the elimination of the white race and a rise of sexual perversions, population replacement, decline of morality, etc., etc. JFK’s many speeches indicate his true intentions for nation, world, and all of humanity. For Ted, the assassinations of both brothers, coupled with the Kopechne tragedy, had him controlled by the Zionists/globalists. The system was just as corrupt, just as controlled, back then as it is now without all the theatrics that we now get to see each and every day. The globalist agenda is performed through covert means. Good meaning people within government and corporate America are often unaware of who their enemies are, but their enemies are damn well aware of who their their enemies (and friends) are.

      Ted Kennedy went along with the globalists because he was a disgraceful man with limited self-control and little, if any, morality. Remember what he told his nephew? The whole thing was a charade that would collapse (not verbatim but to the point). So, he was enforcing a lie and knew it was a lie.

      As for the Bushes, what can I say that we don’t already know? They’re related to the Windors in merry old England (see Burke’s peerage). It’s all in the family. And let’s not forget the wives/husbands of these families which are often elitist as well and void of all decency, too. My observations is that sometimes the women are worse than the men.

      Has anyone taken the time to look into the aristocratic families of Europe like the Hanovers, Borromeos, and Medicis? The House of This and the House of That. And, observe their mingling with the higher ups of the major religious institutions. How have they managed to keep their their wealth and stations in life – for centuries or longer – despite conflict and a rapidly changing world? And, they really do marry each other with the occasional influx of new blood. Sometimes the most evasive answers are the most obvious. It’s one big club and we’re not in it. Logic rules.

  3. RFK worked with Sen. Joe McCarthy to investigate jews and coloreds suspected of being communists, so that’s to his credit. Among those he investigated was Marchin Lootin Koon. As Atty General he also tried to go after the Mob, something which Jimmy Hoffa didn’t appreciate.

    JFK supposedly wanted the Israeli kikes to stop developing a nuclear bomb. He also supposedly wanted to dissolve the Federal Reserve, break up the Deep State and end the escalation in Vietnam. Naturally ZOG couldn’t permit any of that, so he had to be taken out. Rumor has it that Skull and Bones / CIA man George HW Bush had something to do with the assassination.

    Joe Kennedy Jr was a WWII hero who would’ve become president and Ted was a scumbag. Old man Kennedy schtupped Gloria Swanson and his daughter Rosemary literally lost her mind. So overall I would say the Kennedys were a slightly better bunch than the Bushes, all of whom are assholes.


    There is no scumbag so evil, worse than an animal like Ted Kennedy.

    He is one of the most evil men this earth has ever been cursed with.

    • Pure emotion. You need to re-think this. Ted was a front. Traitor yes. Should have been hanged. He neither originated nor authored the legislation. But, he got top billing for a reason while the true culprits basked in the background.

        • Yeah and Ted Kennedy gets more hate mail for it than Lyndon Johnson who actually signed it into law. This is why these things continue to this day. The (white) masses are asses.

  5. Funny that you wrote this: “Here’s hoping she has to do her own house work and grocery shopping in the next world” …. because as I was cleaning my toilet today I said to myself, “I bet Barbara Bush never cleaned one toilet in her entire life.” I hate the Bush family.

  6. Grandfather Bush was caught trading with the enemy in WWII particularly the Nazis. JFK may have had some integrity in comparison to others. Too bad John Kennedy died in that plane crash years ago; he would have added an interesting dynamic and was one of few Kennedy’s who did not make an ass of himself in public.

    Bush I has been around since the 50’s in politics and was in the Nixon and Ford administrations along with his buddy Rumsfeld and Cheney.

    Both families are blight upon the country.

  7. Bush is worse, if for no other reason alone, two different Bushes have been President for 12 years combined between them. Only one Kennedy was ever President and that was not even for three years.

  8. Both are families of devils destined to Hell. Eternity is such a long time, a thought that always puts a smile on my face.

  9. Old Lady Bush’s granddaughter (George Jr’s spawn) said how proud she was that granny was a prochoice Republican before it was popular to think that way.

  10. I would vote the Trump family as the all time worst, because Trump ran
    full well knowing what was at stake. He waved Coulter’s book around to get elected and screwed over his White base anyway. The Trump family should be tarred and feathered and run out of America.

  11. A 92yo woman who didn’t know what a grocery store checkout scanner was? Well I certainly won’t hold that against her.
    I’ve never lived in a city, and my wife drives into town three times a week where she shops and works part time as a vet. On the odd occasion that I do the shopping, I hate using self-serve. I want to be served! I’m great at fixing old cars (pre about ’85) but won’t take a spanner near the new stuff. Wifey wants me to learn how to, but I’m just not interested.
    I live in rural Australia and just work the farm, and fix machinery and fences. Wifey does the home and finances-its a great partnership. Like Barbara Bush, I’m terrible at some things, but maybe not to bad at others.

  12. The Arbustas. The Kennedy’s did a lot of damage, but the Arbustas have done far more worse real world damage to the White Race, America, and the world than the Kennedy’s have had a chance to do. Remember – they are CIA.

  13. John – are you OK with a 92 year old White elitist woman who when she was 60 years old spent her most important time organizing White House dinner parties to promote and honor Black ANC Communist, child murderers Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela and working to socially ostracize any Conservatives like Pat Buchanan and his wife who opposed this treason.

    When I was trying to survive the streets of New York City in the late 1980s I marveled at home Mrs. and Mrs. Bush living in the White House simply had no clue about what was going on in American cities – no clue.

    If a Martian were to land his space ship in the United States he would have as much of an idea about the lives of regular White Americans trying to somehow work and survive the daily murder and mayhem and just the constant visual insults and assaults of sight and smell.

  14. The Bush family is the worst. We only had one Kennedy in the White House. We had to put up with two from the Bush family and idiot Jeb Bush. Go see the movie Chappaquiddick!

    • agree. The younger Kennedy’s were awful stuff, but I doubt if JFK or RFK would have gone so far as to front for the (((neo-conz))) who arranged 9/11.

      Bush43 did.

  15. @Jack,
    I’m not really up with Mrs Bushes association with the necklacers-whom I’m certainly not a fan of, but yes, what you’ve just said sounds about right, given the path Western politics has been on for sixty years.
    When profiling people, focus on the important things they’ve done, whether good or bad.
    As anyone here who’ve read my posts knows, I hate the ANC and wish this sight would delv into it and South Africa a little more.
    If you still live in New York or Chicago, do yourself a favor and get out of there. Live in the country-it will bring you back to life!

    • I tried that once back in the mid 1990s. It just didn’t work – something like a bad “Green Acres” bad trip. Country and small town locals don’t accept single people, they naturally despise Lib Leftist college miseducated people, but they also don’t like any educated people, people with real knowledge about history, literature, positive art, alternative right ways of thinking and acting. Though there are great vegetables being grown in the country, the people tend to eat bad diets and are fat, sit on their asses all day. These types tended to fall for “Wave the flag”, “Bomb Iraq” Let’s get the Russians like we did those EVIL NAZIS” politics. Who do you think elected George W Bush both times?

      I also found I have terrible allergies to Oak Pollen so it would be healthier for me to live next to a coal burning power plant than those terrible trees. People judge others by their car or truck. If you work out, play tennis, have an interest in the arts they accuse you of being gay.

      Gun nut idiots are another big problem.

      It would be nice to be the top guy a “Lord Summerisle” on some contained country place/island. But that’s only if you are the top guy, noble. Being down there with….

      The People

      Even if it is our rural White People….


      Just didn’t work – like the “Stranger” from UpState New York that tried to come down to Mayberry and be a part of that great Mayberry NC world of the Andy Griffith Show.

      • Oy vey, those goyim with their pitchfawks and their dirty overawlls, it was like a bad episode of Hee-Haw, or something. And the smell of those farm animals…It made my eyes water and I was sneezing awl of the time, I’m telling you! I’d rather live back in Brooklyn, next to the schvatzes and the Puerto Ricans.

      • Mr. Ryan,

        Well said. I accompany my grandmother when she inspects some of her property in rural areas. I recently went in with her to a country Walmart. I was shocked. The people looked like caricatures of humans. The overwhelmingly majority were fat. The average american woman is 5 foot 3 inches and weighs 167 pounds. The average country woman is worse. And yes these are overwhelmingly white.

        The people in the country are worse than the suburbs in my experience. So much for country values.The anglos in the suburbs seemed relatively reasonable and more intelligent.


  16. Trump gets credit for putting a stake through the heart of the nauseating Bush dynasty.

    If Reagan hadn’t caved to the GOPe in 1980 by picking GHWB (whom he disliked) for VP and instead had chosen his friend, Nevada governor Paul Laxalt, as he wanted, we would never have had to endure these bastards 41 and 43.

    Their crimes are too numerous to mention. It was Jorge W Bush who wrecked the ME for Israel and brought the neocons to the peak of their power.

  17. Don’t forget that it was JFK who ordered the predecessor of today’s AIPAC to register as an agent of a foreign government.

    He was dead shortly afterwards.

    They never did.

  18. Let’s see some articles on the countries, people and entities under attack economically by the US in the form of sanctions.

    Also, on the federal courts taking over the immigration system.

  19. whatever. no more picking lesser evil come election time.

    country people might be rednecks, but they are our rednecks.

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