Homework Assignment – Reach Out to Starbucks Workers

I was honored to be a guest on last week’s edition of The Political Cesspool hosted by the great James Edwards. We discussed the Starbucks Coffee racial hate crime hoax and related lies and hoaxes of anti Semitic attacks in Germany and the Syrian gassing hoax….. lots and lots of hoaxes slandering our White Indo European people and these lies and slanders are pushed world wide.

I have a homework assigned for OD readers – I’m not asking anyone to do anything I am not doing.

This week – go in to a local Starbucks order some food or beverage product and strike up a conversation with one of the workers/barristers.

Ask them how they like working at Starbucks?

Ask them if they are familiar with the incident in Philadelphia and the Corporate response that will include a massive indoctrination, reeducation program featuring the likes of former Obama Attorney General Eric “My People Holder” and the ADL.

Ask these workers if they are aware that the CEO of Starbucks Howards Schultz has a history of pushing Leftist, anti White, cultural marxist causes (boasting to hire 10,000 undocumented workers to oppose President Trump) and also paying Starbucks workers very low wages, and strongly opposing efforts to unionize Starbucks workers (Link) – this at a time when he Howard Schultz was pulling down $28 million in annual compensation with a Net worth of $3 billion.

Source Link

So the homework assignment this week is to just open a dialogue with some regular Starbucks workers/baristas and explain some “facts of life” that (a certain) people is virtual signaling, staging fake racial hate crime hoaxes and exploiting Starbucks workers while corporate leaders rake in $ millions.

We have to be “populist” and take the side of honest workers, regular poor people and oppose the worst traitor, enemy elites. Our propaganda enemies have to be like George Soros, or Howard Schultz – filthy rich, selfish bastards who pretend to be on the side of the poor, the oppressed.


  1. Coloreds and restaurants (or coloreds and libraries / swimming pools / hurricanes) do NOT mix.

  2. It would be worthwhile to put up a website linked to OD specifically aimed at Starbucks(tm) employees. There are bound to be plenty of workers there who are fed up with management’s kowtowing to race hustler organizations like the NAACP. You have to ask if the CEO is deliberately using this incident as an excuse to further indoctrinate employees.

    I have frequently seen “homeless” and people with mental issues shambling into Starbucks(tm) stores, harassing customers and staff. Sometimes the workers have to call the cops. Other times, they deal with it by quiet resignation. Be nice if management were to back up their own workers, but that ain’t happening here.

    So this affair is an opportunity. Show how corporations like Starbucks(tm) are inherently anti-White and, for that matter, against the interests of their own workers regardless of race. Show how nationalists will back up their interests. And perhaps recruit more people to the Cause.

    • Your intentions are excellent but They are not practical .

      Unless you/we open a one on one dialogue with individual White Starbucks workers they ll never know to come to us for education about these incidents

      Instead they ll only receive the anti White narrative of the fake news lugenpresse

    • I think the nationalist right needs to make more common cause with the real “leftists”–those who sincerely fight for workers and are not excessive about pushing anti-white policies. We can also feed them the leftist arguments against mass immigration. Employment issues are really very relevant for every working and middle class white person as well as all the other races. People like this lady/group who are fighting workplace bullying:

  3. Changing the name to WorldStarbucksHiphop?

    Introducing new menu items like Watermelon Spice Latte?

  4. This and the website ideas are lunacy. We would sooner convert a radical Islamist to suicide bomb a mosque.

    • I predicted that a nog shoved over the headstones in the Jewish cemetery in StL. The press expected it was a Neo-Nazi.

      lol and behold….

  5. The idea of trying to start a conversation with those unfriendly looking hipster-beatniks behind the counter does not appeal to me. But maybe if some homeless colored guy came shambling in while I was there, mumbling to himself and reeking of Thunderbird, I might be able to get out a few snarky comments.

    • @spahnranch1969

      “unfriendly looking hipster-beatniks”

      They’re more likely to be members of Antifa. Or just plain dumb as a fencepost. Besides, Starbucks getting niggered on is just them getting a taste of their own medicine.

      Years ago, they opened a Starbucks in my home town. It became a Colter’s BBQ.

    • Let alone drink their shit coffee.

      None of the happened until the Jew sold the corporation to a stupid goyim. Until that point, it was the da Jews’ “bomb.” As soon as the money was safely stashed in the Jew’s bank accountant, the shit hit the coffee.

      • @Arch Stanton

        “Let alone drink their shit coffee”

        My wife and I got a bunch of Torani syrups, Irish Creme, Russian Mudslide, bourbon, flavoured creamers, raw sugar, cane syrup, and some good quality ground coffees. We got a percolator and made better coffee than Starbucks.

  6. It Was Not Preached To The Crowd
    It was not proclaimed by the state

    When the Hipster Began to Hate.

  7. You deleted my perfectly reasonable comments, Jack you really are such a Jew. Can’t take a slight bit of criticism that maybe the 8$ an hour baristas serving 20 people at a time, actually aren’t responsible for their CEOs decisions?

    Just like the queers who harassed the poor Chic fil a workers.

    • I deleted some embarrassingly stupid comments that showed failing reading comprehension skills.

      This is a very good incident/issue for us. Some conniving filthy rich Anti White Jews staged a fake racist hate crime hoax and now are calling in Eric Holder and the ADL to do anti White re education indoctrination programs for minimum wage White Starbucks workers .

      The ass hi&& Starbucks Jew is Howard Shultz worth $3 billion but he strongly resists union organization to give Starbucks workers a living wage.

      This is perfect for us – we would have to be complete morons not to jump all over this .


      Too many of our readers commenters are complete morons .

    • I agree that Deep’s comments were reasonable. Having worked in retail stores in the 1980s, both as a clerk and as lower management, anyone coming in to talk politics with the staff while the store was busy would be very annoying.

  8. The vandal in the Jewish Cemetary in StL, turns out to be a middle aged black man.

    • If only the white nationalist could convince them to take on live Jews down at the TV station. Of course perish the thought of the use of firearms. It should be the African Negro’s weapon of choice – the Machete. After the Negros are finished, the station might be turned into a pizza parlor featuring hot Jew toppings.

    • It must’ve burned your ass when the waffle house psycho killer turned out to be a peckerwood.

      Worst still; the hero turned out to be a handsome, young Black man. Ouch! XD

  9. Are there Starbucks here in Australia? I wouldn’t know as I don’t drink tea or coffee, but I’m guessing that if there were, they’d be mostly staffed with low paid third world guest workers. Good luck in finding a whitey to speak to…if indeed they want to say what they really think at all, with their non white colleagues hovering nearby.

  10. Jack, Howard is no longer the CEO of Starbucks. It is now some super-duper-cucked goy named Kevin Johnson. And, just as committed to the New World Order as Howard!

  11. Yes I am aware that Howard Shultz supposedly “stepped down” as Starbucks CEO … but he created some new position and continues to draw a $22 million a year salary ! That s another scandal and we plan to make an issue of it at Starbucks shareholders meeting along with his/their anti White, anti Trump agitation .

  12. From the Motley Fool:

    Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) has been one of the best-performing stocks of the last generation as it’s built a global coffee empire. However, its recent performance has been wanting. Over the last two and a half years, shares have traded sideways, gaining just 2% while rival McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) has jumped 63% and the broad market has climbed 38%.

    Starbucks’ once-impressive stock growth has slowed as comparable sales and earnings growth has faded. After posting comparable sales growth of 5% or more better for more than 20 quarters in a row, same-store sales growth came in at just 2% in its most recent quarter, following a 3% increase in the fiscal year ended last October. The company also lowered its long-term earnings-per-share growth target from 15%-20% to 12%.

    For investors counting on a new set of ideas to revamp the stock’s performance, this week’s shareholder meeting seem to primed to bring them. However, Starbucks simply touted the same set of growth initiatives it’s been taking about for more than a year.

    • I assume falling profits is why Howard Shultz reduced his ownership to 4%.

      Starbux is exactly like those blacksploitation movies from the 1970s, except they are exploiting White Hipster culture. They stole the idea of those cute little Whites Only coffee houses hipsters like to create, and twisted it into something homogeneous and boring like McDonalds, Amazon, or Costco. Did you know Starbucks deliberately targeted white neighborhoods when they placed them?

      I think your idea is good Jack. If people here are too shy to talk to the staff, prepare fliers for them to leave on the premises for the staff to clean up.

      • @Starbux Sux

        “Did you know Starbucks deliberately targeted white neighborhoods when they placed them?”

        That’s because they know that if they set up in nigger town, they wouldn’t stay in business long. They’d have to be niggerproofed like the convenience stores are. Furthermore, niggers don’t appreciate the kind of products they sell. I know of two local coffee shops that sell pie and cookies and what not. I’ve never ever seen any niggers anywhere near those places.

    • Ain’t ye heard, Miss Denise ? : the SPLC has posts all over the internet about how we, here at Occidental Dissent, are a bunch of hateful Rednecks…

  13. Gunny writes:

    “Just who’s side are you on Jack?”

    I respond:

    I’m on the side of regular (White) American workers who are being set up by BlackLiesMatter, Jewish real estate scammers in Philadelphia and opposing the as bad as it gets $3 billion net worth, $22 million a year compensation for the former CEO of Starbucks the vile, anti White, anti Trump supporters Jew Howard Schulz. These vile anti working class, anti White Jews, Black Lies Matter folks are now brining in former Obama AG Eric Holder and the ADL to institute anti White, re education, sensitivity indoctrination programs for regular White minimum wage Starbucks workers.

    OK, so that’s the side I’m on.

    It seems rather easy to see which side I/we should be on. Victor Orbin and his party swept to over whelming victory in Hungary by doing a similar campaign championing the interests of regular (White) Hungarian people agains the vile forces of another $ billionaire anti White “Jew” George Soros – Soros is virtually identical to Starbucks’s Howard Schultz.

    Again, this seems very easy to understand – good guys and bad guys, and the bad guys are mean, hateful Anti White Jewish $ billionaires – Soros and Schultz.

    Seems really easy to see who’s side I/we should be on.


    So often it is the simple, easy things that our people just can’t do. Maybe it’s the influence of 50 years of bad Jewish television, drugs and alcohol abuse or maybe it’s

    Too many of our people are morons – Jews call us goyim/cattle that sort of thing.


  14. The Starfucks business model: charge 10.00 for a cup of shitty coffee served by a pink haired hipster dyke while snobby metrosexuals play Minecraft on their IPADS. Watching the leftists tear down their own bastion of assholery Starfucks is almost as much fun as watching Amy Pigface Schumer writhe in agony in a hospital as her kidney stones rip thru her flabby guts.

    • A different view is that Starbucks came up with the successful idea that people need some place to “go” to hang out that isn’t

      A bar
      A church
      A homeless shelter

      The expensive coffee is really paying for the space.

      Liberals are successful in so many things bitter “movement” people are not – they lack social skills being able to go places and do simple things, engage people and places.

      Life isn’t all about sitting in a car, truck all day, then sitting on a sofa and staring at a TV screen – this type of life will make a person


      • If you can weed out the hipster fags, militant dykes, BLM niggers, tranny freaks and various homeless crackheads, Starfucks might be alright, because then it would be 99% empty with plenty of room to put up your feet and read Mein Kampf without having to pistolwhip some Antifa cuck in the tranny approved restrooms. Until then, me and Mr Glock will be happy to get coffee at Dunkin Donuts and avoid the multicultural Petri dishes known as Starfucks, malls, McDonalds, or any other groid infested shitholes where you need body armor just to hand over your cash for shitty overpriced kike goods, and will remain,


        • Boutique coffee and a mosaic of mystery meats have no sway over a man who is one with nature. The trees do not get lippy from behind a counter, the deer never try to carjack me, and the wild turkeys are more intelligible than any ebonics yammering nigger.

          Ask me what time I got out of the woods last night.

        • A yakubian spending hours in the woods?

          The first thing that springs to mind is, “how many mass graves are there?”

          Seriously, though, I hoped you buried them deep…

  15. Here’s one Southern regular guy pol who has taken up my advice to use the Starbucks anti White policies as a rallying point. The pol is local from Louisiana:

    MONROE, La. — A national Islamic advocacy group is calling for an apology after a Louisiana politician shared an “Islamophobic” post on his personal Facebook page Thursday.

    The post featured an altered image of a bearded man wearing a Taqiyah, or skull cap, sitting on a toilet. The post, which also included the Starbucks logo, said, “This is a Muslim they don’t use toilet paper they use their hand. This is Starbucks they vow to hire 10,000 Muslims Enjoy your coffee.”

    Jack Clampit, who represents Ouachita Parish (La.) Police Jury District B, shared the post on his personal Facebook page Thursday morning. Ten hours later, it had 40 reactions, 21 shares and six comments.

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