Entire Migrant Caravan Has Entered US

Do you remember when the Alt-Right was boasting last month that they had stopped the caravan by calling their representatives and tweeting about it?

“SAN DIEGO — The last group of asylum seekers from the Central American caravan crossed into the United States this morning, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

Since arriving in Tijuana Sunday, approximately 228 members of the caravan entered the U.S. to ask for asylum. The odds of them staying, however, appear slim, as the asylum process takes months and often ends in rejections.

The migrants say they’re fleeing violence and poverty in Central America and hope they’ll find safety and security in the United States. …”

President Trump is tweeting about it too because he can’t do anything about it either. He is saying it is up to the GOP Congress to “act now to change our weak and ineffective immigration laws.” How many phone calls and emails do you think it will take to get them to do anything about it?

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  1. Technically, Trump needed Congress to Strike Syria, but that didn’t seem to stop him, even though Mattis brought it up.

    Technically, Trump DOES NOT need Congress to stop the Caravan, or build a wall; and even if he went around them, would there be any political cost to him? No, it would be wildly popular and Congress would do nothing. The same can be said of battles with the courts over immigration.

    Trump bought time, which was largely squandered, and here we are. If you ask me if I would like more time, or if I would like to go straight to the gulag now, I would answer as i did in November 2016: I would like more time.

    • America is the first country in world history to declare that our armed forces have no right to defend their country’s borders.

      • Is’nt civic nationalism great? At least we still have the Constitution…
        I used to believe White people would wake up one day.

  2. Are you racists getting it yet? We progressives run this country now, and have for a long time. Doesn’t matter that you elected a crazy fool, cuz it’s your last gasp anyway. Because after Trumpy’s gone, no Republican will ever rule the White House again. Believe me, we won’t make that mistake twice. But until Trumpy’s gone we’ll be busy sending assholes like Jacob Goodwin to a rape cage with more to follow. And did you incels really, really think you could stop the immigrant Caravan with your pathetic phone calls and emails to the White House? lol! Trumpy did NOTHING!!!! And you suckers really thought he could! lmao! You’re so pathetic. What a bunch of faggots! We own this country and we own you. We’ll even fuck your mothers if we want to because you can’t stop us. We’ll send anyone of you to a rape cage whenever we want. There’s no fighting us and one day you’ll join us because you will have no choice. Just wait and see what Jacob Goodwin’s like once he completes mandatory “sensitivity training. You won’t recognize him!

    • Using a term like social progress means you believe in predestination.

      To be progressive means you are accepted as a prophet who knows exactly how history is going to turn out.

      The word “progressive” means that things can only go one way. And if you think that things can only go one way, you’re always wrong.

    • SPLC , Now, now, that’s not very cordial of you. I thought that progressives loved faggots?

      Can’t we all just get along?

    • No what’s happening with the caravan/immigrants is nothing to do with progressives. It’s the karmic blowback from prots stealing land that was never theirs and trying to “disappear” the natives, like we see in south africa. Breaking the natural law/order never works out in the long run.

      • It isn’t karma. It’s that whites have become cucks. Whites let it all happen. It wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

      • @ulyx
        “If you believe your land is stolen, GET OUT!”

        When anti-Whites say that America was stolen from the Siberian “Natives”, they are admitting something very important. They are admitting that they are knowingly in possession of stolen property. Therefore it is their obligation to hand their part of it back and GET OFF IT! before anyone else does so.

        Now if Siberian “Natives” want to take all of the property that is held by non-Siberian anti-Whites in America, and tear up their stolen citizenship, I would support them.

        • Its the DNA: Great point! This is a point that needs to be repeatedly said to the anti-white liberals when they accuse us of having stolen land from the Indians or the Mexicans. Let’s see their responses.

      • ulyx: Since my Reply button isn’t working, I will reply in this way.

        There is no proof that there is a law of karma and even if there were, every group (race and ethnic) has oppressed another or in some way hurt another group. It is only whites who are expected to atone for their past history.

        If whites had said in response to the massive immigration and forced assimilation “No. No matter how our ancestors got this land, it is ours and we want it for ourselves. We will fight to keep it for us and our posterity” the invasion of nonwhites into this country would not have happened. This happened because whites were unmoved when the trickle of nonwhite immigration started, and whites were short sighted when it came to understanding the long-term consequences.

        • stefania,

          Now that was a reasonable comment. The southwest was conquered by usa against Mexico in a manner i disagree with but I admit it is part of the USA now. Mexicans and everyone else cannot retake the land for that reason alone. Otherwise Spain could reconquer Mexico and Britain could reconquer the 13 colonies of America. I think the Mexican revolt against Spain was unjust but it is irrelevant now.

          And no—-no one would be obliged to give up land they conquered a long time ago or else the Indians whites conquered would have to give it up as well to the other tribes they destroyed as well throughout history. Finding the original tribe/individuals on any particular piece of land would be ridiculous. If people had to leave the usa that would mean everyone would leave not just those who know some of the land was stolen. Since a denial of truth would be no defense in the slightest.

          Also even taking or stealing private property has statues of limitations. In Texas I believe if you build a fence/wall and you cross property lines openly the owner of the land has 10 years to get it back through courts. If he does not/cannot then the land belongs to the owner of the wall. They call it adverse possession.

          So I strongly disagree with DNA ——obviously much land was stolen like it has been everywhere in the world. German invaders -the Suebi conquered northern Spain 1500 years ago and still live there. They agree they conquered/stole the land from the native Iberians but no one in their right mind would say they should leave. There are some negro moslems in Albania who have been there for 500 years. Should they leave Europe merely for being negroes? No. They are not like the recent invaders who should be kicked out.

          I also disagree with ULYX. He is just the opposite of DNA. Meaning he is one form of evil compared to another. Most land in south africa was uninhabited as far as I can tell from a brief look at their history.

          I do not support the illegal invasion of America but I can note a fact. The southwest is going to be part of Mexico again. That is obvious. And very few people care. Mexicans generally are furious when central americans tresspass. I do not notice ferocity in usa.

          Christina Romana

          • Doubtful, it will be an uninhabitable wasteland, just as it was when ths U.S. bought it by treaty. And whites living there are going to resist too.

          • Arctic, be wary of encouraging this woman who thinks poor english is a smokescreen for prevarication. Her assertions are contradictory, in the same post no less, and overall her agitations on here read VERY jewish. Note that the logical conclusion of her incoherent screed is that jews cannot be expelled from europeans’ native homeland. ‘They’ve just been there too long.’

    • On the face of it evidence, again that the education system is a gigantic abusive mechanism. Oh wait you meant the prisons not schools.

    • @SPLC,
      Everything you said that will happen probably will. America will become minority white and a turd world shithole. The first people the brown hordes will come after are people like you-who they see as useful…..only up to the point of them no longer needing you. You’ll then be excess baggage, and a nuisance to them.
      No whites mean no war bitches for Israel or the Jooo’s. No more rights for fags. No more welfare first world nations to invade. Oh well….its what you wanted.
      Always remember-no whites=no West. Be careful what you wish for.

    • A progressive wouldn’t use a term like “faggot”. FAKE! This is just an angry nonwhite who wants Western civilization without white people in it.

    • Hey Kike, don’t you get it? You are standing on one foot on top of a tall rickety ladders and we just kicked it out from under you. Enjoy the fall and very hard landing that awaits all of you. The downfall of the Jews will after all be first and foremost their own twisted and evil nature.

  3. Dear President Trump in the words of Walter White
    “Grow some fucking balls” and be a leader and take command.

  4. Write, call or email your Congressman….anyone who still believes that bullshit deserves to be sent to the gulag. And that’s exactly where they’re going.

    • I’m out. I officially no longer give a fuck. Trump was the last chance for the system to redeem itself and not only do we have nothing, we are being punished for even wanting something better.

  5. We don’t even need a wall. Just a double fence with concertina wire, as the Hungarians have.
    We can build a wall later.

    • First you need strong nationalist movement. Bu by some reason, Western nationalists can not unite even behind few issues. Fences going up only after nazi victory and for victory comes only when pro white people unite.

  6. Two roadblocks I see Juri:

    1) They don’t call their organizations Pro White, they call themselves Pro Right. The Right abstraction always leaves an opening for Jews and non-Whites to infiltrate, take over, and subvert their groups.

    2) American nationalist intellectuals don’t run for office of any kind in America. They just sit at home blogging, writing books, tweeting, protesting (very rarely), expecting the Jews that own and control American policy to listen to them. Until they run for office themselves, they are wasting everyone’s time.

    • I see about half a dozen more roadblocks. But I’m not so sure running for office is one of the more important ones to address at this time. Better to build a solid foundation than to waste time trying to send—usually failing to do so—a few people into the depths of Hell known as the American political system. Pro-White groups in America are too dysfunctional and disorganized to bring about change through politics. If you don’t have the foundation and don’t have the support network in place to shelter those who choose to stand up and speak out, then nothing will change with a few guys/gals getting elected to office. For all his bluster and bravado and promises of “draining the swamp,” look how impotent Trump has become to affect any real change.

      • It’s not a system of politics. The 200,000,000 whites in the US run a large global empire. The easiest way to run an Empire on that scale is to present as liberals prepared to gib-da-gibs to the dark natives.

        The only thing that changes the situation is that a revisionist power emerges and in the process breaks the back of Empire. A 1-2 punch through military confrontation that leads to bankrupting the government that organizes that military.

        Then whites in both North America and Europe can stop grovelling before darkies and start ejecting them.

        We’ll see if that’s China in our lifetime.

      • I get what you mean about additional roadblocks. They could read pro Whites who were paid to work in professional politics. People that no one wanted but were so good they were hired anyway. But they don’t want to do that. They just follow the rank amateurs.

        Federal politics is a waste of time. The only reason you would run for that is to get your message out. Local office, there are plenty of opportunities. If they had a brain in their head they would be running for every office there is from the bottom up, until they overwhelmed the system.

        If you aren’t trying to get your hands on the levers of power, you will just keep LARPing online in a meaningless and empty movement. A movement of useful idiots that are only good for herding Whites into voting Republican.

        “look how impotent Trump has become to affect any real change.”

        Trump keeps his promises to the Jews, but not to Whites. I knew he was a con-artist when he said he was 1000% for Israel and it was all down hill from there. Plenty of people did their research on Trump and tried to warn the movement, but no one wanted to listen. “Lah, lah, lah! I’m not listening!”

        • You’re presenting somewhat of a false dichotomy by insinuating that if you aren’t expending money, time and energy by participating in getting elected or getting someone else elected to a city council seat, then you must be content with LARPing online. Where’s the substance and social & economic leverage that lies between those two choices? Do you believe that politicians control corporations today, or do you believe corporations are the ones controlling politicians and dictating policies? Do you believe politicians end up corralling, controlling and influencing anti-White sentiments and the actions of Leftists, or do you believe the 24/7 mob mentality of Leftists/anti-Whites ends up corralling, controlling and influencing the actions of politicians?

          I’m not saying that politics and political offices aren’t important. But I am fairly convinced that politics is a worthless venture when you don’t have some kind of leverage to control the politicians. American pro-Whites have very little economic capital. We have very little social and cultural capital. Even the tiny portions we do have are rendered useless because we can’t form any kind of symbiosis to pool resources and get on the same page.

          Without a solid foundation made up of a core group of principled and determined people who have the necessary people skills to grow and nurture future leaders, everything we build up in the political realm will be easily torn down by people who have a uniform goal.

          • @Celestial Time
            “You’re presenting somewhat of a false dichotomy by insinuating that if you aren’t expending money, time and energy by participating in getting elected or getting someone else elected to a city council seat, then you must be content with LARPing online. ”

            I’ve been in this movement since 2008. The only thing I’ve seen change from all this online activity and sporadic protests is my hair turned gray and America turned a darker shade of brown. I’ve looked further back at the 1990s and 1980s, and nothing changed for the better there either. Its the same downwards trajectory.

            “Do you believe that politicians control corporations today, or do you believe corporations are the ones controlling politicians and dictating policies?”

            They are both in the same club. A club we are not allowed to enter.

            “Do you believe politicians end up corralling, controlling and influencing anti-White sentiments and the actions of Leftists, or do you believe the 24/7 mob mentality of Leftists/anti-Whites ends up corralling, controlling and influencing the actions of politicians?”

            Republicans and Democrats ride the waves made by their paid activists and useful idiots who work for free, and the best wave riders win the elections. When in office they always dump their base, and make their big money donors dreams come true.


            If you have no political arm you can meme and protest all you like, but you aren’t getting anything.

            “Without a solid foundation made up of a core group of principled and determined people who have the necessary people skills to grow and nurture future leaders, everything we build up in the political realm will be easily torn down by people who have a uniform goal.”

            You can mime riding a bike for fear of getting your knee scraped, but eventually you have to get on the thing and ride it. You can’t get good at a thing except by doing it.

            Pro Whites running for every local office in the land will expose the turkeys.

        • Actually there is very little Trump can do. Trump victory was razor thin and one sudden move will freak out cucked electorate and wipe out he,s zero something per cert majority who put him over the top in key states.

          Liberals learned their lesson and they need only one victory to launch Merkel style mass migration and turn US majority nonwhite within very short time. Or at least in key states. They testing this system already in Greece, where Government giving citizenship to all refugees.

          “””…Until now, candidates for Greek citizenship had to be vetted by a committee. Under the new system, applicants will be granted citizenship automatically if they correctly answer 20 out of 30 questions online. In addition, the government is planning to allow immigrants over the age of 65 to obtain Greek IDs, without testing their knowledge of the Greek language. In other words, it will be easier to obtain Greek citizenship than a Greek fishing license. As a result, a total of 800,000 immigrants — almost one-tenth of the native Greek population — will soon become citizens. Transposed to the United States, that would be the equivalent of 32,000,000 new voters….””


          And of course nobody protesting and Golden Dawn poll numbers are where they have always been, pathetic 8 %.

          • @Yuri
            “Actually there is very little Trump can do. Trump victory was razor thin and one sudden move will freak out cucked electorate and wipe out he,s zero something per cert majority who put him over the top in key states.”

            Republicans run to the right to get elected and when in power they move to the center and start losing.


            “We need and can get the white vote, so naturally all cuckservatives want Republicans to be for open borders & integration and ignore whites.”

            “You can either hold onto political office at any cost or you can have real, long-term political power. If you want to move the country to the right, you lose elections by being just a little too far to the right. You keep ahead of the curve, and force politics in your direction.”

      • Celestial Time: You are correct.

        I have been saying for a while that the pro-white movement needs a leader, goals, a minority of dedicated whites, and of course financing. We can’t seem to organize any of this. As a result, our enemies are laughing at us and constantly winning to the point where we whites will become a minority in America. I shudder to think what will happen to us after that.

        • Americans already appear to run the world. Every geezer in a Veteran emblazoned ball cap or T-Shirt spent their 20s enforcing that hegemony.

          I’m not sure it’s possible to disentangle that identity without a shocking defeat someplace.

  7. Well it was only 228.

    We have to seriously guard against overloading our people with negativity and push the meme that all is lost, our enemies are all united and all powerful. This isn’t true.

    Here are some suggestions:

    Don’t do 24/7 negative news politics
    Completely tune out the likes of CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post or any remaining cuckservative news portals like National Review.

    Promote implicitly White identitarian activities like ice hockey and college baseball. Southerners need to give up their allegiances to SEC football – it ain’t Archie Manning’s Ol Miss Rebels.

    Hockey does well in the South.

    And here’s a big one.

    Consider making alliances with Whiter Hispanics and basically throw the worst Black AA under the bus.

    We’ve been trying to work with Black Americans for ~ 30 years to get them to take our side on immigration, border controls – it hasn’t worked. The Black Congressional Caucus is as bad on immigration as the Jews.

    So in most places in Southern California Anglos and Hispanics have basically agreed to favor Hispanics over Blacks and Black African Americans have been basically marginalized or even ethnically cleansed. The Only remaining Black pols in California are very, very old – they and Jewish Leftists keep going on and on like it’s 1963 in Selma Alabama – it’s not.

    Whiter Hispanics are pretty solid – after your first Hillary type White anglo wife divorces you, consider marrying a Whiter Hispanic gal – I see lots of good relationships White older guy, Hispanic girl – children are White just not blue eyes. Give your children Hispanic last names and they might get affirmative action.

    Every White guy I meet from Chile is solid.

    Or just consider changing your legal name to something hispanic, do spanish language immersion courses.

    If Elizabeth Warren can get $300,000 a year as a law professor at Harvard posing as a Native American Indian, maybe we can do some similar scam as “Juan” something.

    And just try to have some healthy fun out there – don’t OD on negativity.

    • jack ryan: It sound to me like you are telling us White Europeans to assimilate to Hispanics. That could still lead to the destruction of our people. I have found that even the “white” Hispanics, who do look European and have mainly European genes, still favor the mestizos. I thought that they could be an ally of ours, but I have found that this is not the case.

      • I agree with you there, there is no other option but for whites to stand only with other whites. There has been far too many betrayals already for that idea to even be considered in passing.

    • Mr. Ryan,

      Well said. We are way more race conscious than anglos. However, my experience with anglos on this website has made me dubious about being their ally. My grandmother said if I went on a site like this that the anglo would spit in my face. She was right.

      Stefania is sort of right. There is no way in hell I am going to be an ally of people who are on this website. I do not currently know any Mexican or Mexican American who is pro anglo. I used to be. But this website has cured me of that.

      Christina Romana

      • when the current Jew debtPonziconomy collapses, there will be

        hot civil war in ‘Murka along racial/urban-rural/Left-Right lines.

        any “White” hispanics who fight on the side of the Whites

        will be accepted as White.

        same for the occasional Jew/Asiatic/Negro.

        this is called: Operational Nationalism.

        • Haxo,

          A negro becomes white if he fights for whites? So blacks fighting for the Confederacy should have been classified as white?

          Christina Romana

      • I somehow doubt your little granny cares about ‘sites like this.’

        I think you’ve come on here from the start to incite division amongst my people and cause trouble. Please take your ROMANA Catholic sermons elsewhere. We aren’t the ones following anyone around here.

      • Christina Romana Alva H can you shoot me an E-mail jackryanod@protonmail.com

        I would like your assistance trying to find a somewhat White Hispanic second wife. I’m looking to have at least one more child and I just can’t stomach Chicago/Big city Anglo women like Hillary. Can’t stand em – hate em.

        Hillary Rodham Clinton is from Chicago!

        No wonder there are so many gays/queers here.

        Take care,


        • Mr. John,

          I did not know you were Jack Ryan until I saw Denise’s comment. So Jack is a nickname for John? Okay. Yes, the Political Cesspool has less agitators and deranged nuts than this website.I had wondered why you were giving out Jack Ryan’s email.

          I am not allowed to contact anyone by personal email by parents/grandmother unless they approve. I do not even own my own computer. My impression with rural anglo women is they are nothing to brag about either. I do not blame you for switching to latin women. We are far more feminine.

          In dealing with latin women a certain flair and dash is expected. Always dress well and be groomed. The worse thing a man can be to a latin is a coward. That is usually worse than any ideology. Kindness to a latin female has to come from a position of strength. Sensitivity nonsense is laughable. The old American teenager movies from the 1980’s/90/s where some goofy looking boy gets the wonderful girl is fantasy. My familiarity is primarily Mexican and Mexican American experiences. The latin girl should know how to cook. You do not want one who has been corrupted by WASP liberalism. I do know a Puerta Rican girl, and an Argentinian girl. They are more liberal than the Mexican girls I am more familiar with but they are heaven compared to the anglo.

          A traditional latin girl will try to dress decent even if she goes to the store. At least if she comes from a decent family. Never marry a slob. Most of my advice is universal. Only anglos have sunk into the sexual equality pit more than the latin. I know personally of no Mexican girls who show lip to their fathers. If you meet the parents of your chosen latin girl make sure they know you are being respectful to her. I have a friend who has an older sister that got married to an anglo Catholic man. When they were engaged the girl’s father did not let her anglo fiance stay in the same house as his Mexican fiance. That made the anglo guy furious.

          So there are alot of homosexuals on this website? Care to share what made you come to that conclusion? Besides the high level of insanity here of course.

          Christina Romana

          • Rest assured, Jack Ryan is roundly despised on this website.

            Your attempts to litter it with your Roman anglo-female hatred and pathetic appeals to the irish catholic who occasionally claims anglo heritage only demonstrates how direly we need to purge our ranks of such filth.

            I had JR confused at one point in terms of his photo. He only fantasizes of resembling the anglo saxons; his real pic lends credence to rumors of him being a crypto jew.

            For your kind, it shouldn’t matter 🙂

  8. why on earth would congress do anything to stop immigration when big business is gonna make them rich if they FAIL to stop immigration?

    And why on earth would anyone think that would change if we ‘vote the bums out”?

    The new bums wanna get rich, too…and there is NOTHING we can do (within the political process) to stop them…there are no political solutions to this mess…

    • What’s the difference if you control the pliant workforce with the domestic police and prisons at home, or the army with bombs and bullets if abroad?

  9. Trumpf had over a month to prepare our glorious armed forces (whose annual budget is greater than the annual military budgets of the next two dozen countries combined) for this invasion of squatemalans – and did absolutely nothing. So why should anyone give a damn if the Democrats want to impeach him?

  10. Republicans want to make war on the world whereas Democrats want to invite the world in. Regardless, the United States will not live to see its Tricentennial. No nation can long survive on deficient spending , open borders, a massive welfare system, and outsourced industry and insourced labor. Especially one that no longer has a core ethnicity. To put it bluntly the United States has become too big and too diverse to govern itself effectively. Its done. It is a failed political experiment. I am reminded of a conversation I once had with a Russian student whereby he explained to me the United States would eventually collapse just like the Soviet Union did. He also explained it would be much worse for the U.S. than it was for the Soviet Union because they had an identity to fall back on, that of being Russians, whereas, as he pointed out, we do not because we have no separate identity apart from being Americans and citizens of the United States.

    • Excellent analysis, and I concur. Having a core ethnicity is how my Ukrainian and Russian ancestors survived one genocidal non-white invasion after another. Another important factor is religon, which has welded Slavs together for 1,000 years and more. That is why Jewry has been relentlessly attacking our core ethnicities and religion. The Russian student is unfortunately telling the truth. When the USSR caved in the ethnic conflicts the Jews were fomenting for decades erupted into open warfare. The bloodshed in Ukraine is one such Jewish instigated war, and they will instigate wars just like it here. They planned the current war in Ukraine for decades, just as they have been setting us up for a civil war they hope will be disastrous for us.

    • No. Just not posting as much on OD. I am however a regular guest on the best ever Southern Populist Conservative radio show the Political Cesspool with James Edwards. I’m getting very good reviews.

      Go to the show and download the podcasts and share my contribution. James and I work well as a comedy team.

  11. Jack Ryan: “Whiter Hispanics are pretty solid – after your first Hillary type White anglo wife divorces you, consider marrying a Whiter Hispanic gal – I see lots of good relationships White older guy, Hispanic girl – children are White just not blue eyes.”

    That’s the ticket, Jacko. Hopefully every WN here will listen to you. Dump your white anglo wife and switch to a “whiter” (but not white) Mexican woman. Pussy’s still as tight (maybe tighter!) so when the lights go out who cares if you’re banging brown nookie, right? After all, Mexican chix are “whiter” (but not white) than nigga bitches and don’t stink as bad. And if she pops out a few mixed-race babies they’ll look “whiter” (but not white) than mixed-race nigga babies. This will make the Browning of America easier to accept for you white nationalists, following Jack Ryan’s plan. He accepts that the total miscegenation of America is inevitable, but by mixing with “whiter” (but not white) Mexicans, the eventual erasure of whites will be more gradual, so you won’t notice so easily that you’re becoming extinct. Thank you, Jacko. You’re very brave to accept your extinction, and maybe you can help your fellow white nationalists accept it as well. Because you’ve lost the Race War, and the acceptance of every single member of the Mexican Caravan is proof of that. After all, even Trump has said he “loves” Mexicans, so why shouldn’t you?

  12. @Stefania

    One of the main reasons non-white mass immigration has happened is because it has made the 1% extremely rich.

    It’s hilarious when people try to blame this on “communism” or say Democrats want to bring “socialism” to America. Like the Tyson scabs in Shelbyville, the rich want mass immigration because it destroys the middle class and economic security, which means the rich can take a larger slice of the pie.

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