Alex Michael Ramos Found Guilty In Charlottesville

This makes me sick to my stomach:

A Charlottesville jury says a 34-year-old Georgia man is guilty of malicious wounding for his role in the attack on DeAndre Harris.

Jurors in Charlottesville Circuit Court went into deliberations in Alex Michael Ramos’ care shortly before 3:30 p.m Thursday, May 3. They handed down their verdict a little after 4 p.m.

The jury then considered a punishment for Ramos, which entailed possible fines and a sentencing of somewhere between five and 20 years behind bars. The jury came back with a decision around 5:45 p.m., and recommended a six-year sentence with no fine …

Alex Michael Ramos is an interesting case.

He isn’t a “white supremacist” or a “Neo-Nazi” by any stretch of the imagination. He is Puerto Rican member of the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights who came to Charlottesville to support our First Amendment rights. When he was leaving Lee Park, Ramos also saw Corey Long and DeAndre Harris attack Harold Crews and attempt to steal his Confederate Battle Flag. He intervened to break up the fight and is now facing six years in prison for defending someone who was getting jumped.

The fight happened in front of the Charlottesville Police Department in broad daylight while Charlottesville police officers stood around and watched as Harold Crews was attacked twice. He was attacked by DeAndre Harris with the maglite the first time. A few moments later, he was attacked by an Antifa with a club in the back of the head the second time while another female Antifa attacked another League of the South member returning to his vehicle in the parking garage.

DeAndre Harris was rewarded with $166,000 and was allowed to walk even though he started the whole incident. The Charlottesville Police Department has refused to arrest several of the people who were captured on video committing assaults on August 12th including DeAndre’s associates and the two Antifa who were involved in the brawl at the parking garage. The only people who have been prosecuted were on our side. The only reason there was any violence at all at that parking garage is because the Charlottesville Police Department stood down and allowed anarchy to erupt in the streets.

I hope this gets overturned on appeal. Charlottesville is a joke and is far worse than Jason Kessler ever made it out to be. The local authorities are incapable of protecting the public and coddle mobs of vigilantes who are allowed to roam the streets commit crimes without fear of arrest.

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    If what you are saying is true, there was a gross miscarriage of justice.

    He should appeal. He needs to start a gofundme account and everybody needs to help him get good legal counsel who can get this appealed.

    Fake verdicts of this FAKELEGALSYSTEM should not go unchallenged.

    • They shove that nonsense “innocent until proven guilty” down our throats from cradle to grave because it’s better that a guilty man walk than an innocent man languish in jail! Really? I don’t want either. Compromise. Isn’t that always the answer? Everything we are fed is bullshit. All of it! It’s all about control.

      Where the hell is Jeff Sessions with these men’s civil rights being violated? The trials are a charade. I wonder whose sides their attorneys are really on. They were doomed from the beginning and are being used to stop white men from defending themselves. What’s the message? Whitey, don’t you dare touch a black man after he assaults you. The nigger instigator is almost meaningless in this. He has no power. It’s the kikes and the king cucks in control. That’s what black civil rights is all about. Not only using them as shock troops but controlling us in every single way through them.

      • Where the hell is Jeff Sessions?????? Surely you don’t expect integrity from a southern boy? They’ve all been turned into prison punks, happened long ago!

    • Supposedly a large majority of Charlottesville residents support keeping the statues. The city has opposed holding a referendum. Such a referendum would likely affect the judges to a degree It is generally accepted that Chief Thomas ordered the officers to let the opposing protesters come together and fight so as to create an excuse to declare an emergency and abort the rally. This would seem to count as a “conspiracy to deprive of the right to assemble and petition for redress of grievances.” But we’ll see if any lawyers or partisans are brainy enough to pursue this idea, used so effectively against the KKK back in the day.

  2. When taxpayer money is used to crush freespeech, where are the free speech advocates, libertarians and respectable conservatives?

    They are hiding in the bushes wetting themselves.

    • How about you? What are you doing to protect the rights of your fellow citizens? It may be too late for Harvard Law School but you could still go to night school or study journalism or ….

    • Remember when the anti-whites rioted against Trump’s right to free speech and the GOP backed the THUGS?

      Allowing heretical views and extremist views AND THE RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE despite thugs was PRECISELY the reason for the first amendment.

      Thug Rule

  3. This is the reason “integration” was forced on us. Muds serve as thugs to suppress Whites.
    The majority of whites won’t realize it until it is too late. They serve the (((agenda))) in the polls and in the streets.

    Whites are too foolish.

    • The anti-whites consist of “minority” THUGS and their white anti-white TOADIES.

  4. Don’t throw Kessler under the bus. Right now he has my praises for organizing another rally. Something we all need to attend.

      • Kessler is currently not allowed on the UVA grounds and employees are ordered to call 911 if he is spotted. But have fun with your fantasies.

    • Are you kidding me. My advice to anyone is that bastard was in on it.

      He hasn’t vocally helped any of those caught in the cross-hairs. From what I see, it’s the same with Spencer.

      • This is why the Alt Right needs to use polygraphs. Once you start throwing around accusations there’s no end in sight and you might as well call the whole thing off and go back to your porn and video games.

  5. The defedant’s lawyer (assuming he had one?) should’ve asked for a change of venue. Expecting a fair trial for right-wing activists in Commieville was a mistake.

      • Were they put in prison without bail? They should have gone to a safer state and fought extradition.

        • That probably would have produced a better result for Cantwell. Judges don’t like scrutiny.

    • And a jury of your peers as well. Blacks can get an all black, pro-black jury but whites and white looking people cannot. He should have had a white conservative jury.

      Perhaps appeals will straighten out the injustices.

      Perhaps everyone swarming down there – unannounced – causing havoc with the lefties just by being there will cause dismissals.

      • I’d think even a few whites would have changed the verdict. Reports claim the jury was all black.

        Anyone know if that’s true? How on earth did that happen spontaneously?

      • Funny how the kike press complains about “all white juries” when a nigra or a Klansman is on trial. The implication of course being that Whites are incapable of rendering just verdicts because of teh racisms.

        • Nice try, idiot. You can’t even fake my name right, you white racist moron. But no matter. My people are going to get all of you in the end, one way or the other. Brown power lives.

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          • “You could at least space the comments to make your fake posts appear more realistic. The timestamps tell all, and I know it’s you “you’re not even a real beaner, faggot” trying to pose as me.”

            I think YOU’RE the one posting multiple “El Chapo” posts because you’re so lonely for attention.

          • “What’s a chapo?”

            It’s an extremely small cocktail sausage. Much smaller than the American version. My son has one.

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  6. Why aren’t the defense lawyers using Harold Crews as exhibit A of all the violence that took place that day? He had a bruise on the side of his head caused by Harris that actually looked worse than the injuries that happened to Harris. The defense lawyers appear to be not as aggressive as one would hope about what really happened to Harold Crews. And these guys were in a fight to protect Crews and others and they didn’t have the luxury of hindsight at them time to know if they were in a full scale brawl with many more on these blacks and antifa coming at them and if the hits they were taking against Harris were enough to completely knock him out of the battle so he would no longer be a threat to anyone in this skirmish (remember, the police were on a paid vacation). And in this 11 sec fight after Harris was subdued they stopped and told him to get up and leave which Harris did and he staggered off….

  7. All of this has me dusting off my old copy of “Straight Outta Compton” and blaring “F*ck The Police.” If they are going to protect those who would murder them, then they deserve exactly what they get. I bought a used C.D. from a pawn shop when it first came out in the late 80’s, because I thought that it was important to know what these people were saying (know your enemy). Little did I know at the time how relevant it would be in the present, how magnified the sentiments expressed in that magnum opus would become.

    Pig kills Nig, Nig kills Pig, either way, I win Big!

  8. The Police are like Respectable Conservatives in that their job is to protect The Establishment. Charlottesville is Jew run, so naturally the Cops won’t be free speech friendly, nor will they be nice to pro Whites.

    • The boys in blue serve the jew.

      That is 100% accurate and should never be forgotten for one second.

      All this rigging causes me to point out, to all the misogynists among my own people (I do not care about the opinions of non-northwestern europeans), this is what it’s like to be an anglo female in America. Horrible violence can and will be acted out upon you in the public arena, in plain view, and any attempt to subvert it – to even name it – gets you imprisoned and tortured.

      I am the anglo female who warned everyone this was a set up.

      I’m not even sure these show trials aren’t part of it, given how such absurd sentences are being handed down without any cover.

      The anglo female doesn’t even get her day in any court that can be scrutinized.

  9. @Billy Bob,

    Some police are conservatives and some are respectable, but it is no doubt that they protect and serve their masters at city hall and the governor’s mansion. They generally appear to have very little concern for the plight of the common White subject dwelling in a barrio or ‘hood, where they are in the minority and are routinely subjected to all manner of insults and crime.

    One of my biggest problems with the police is they don’t care about what is right or wrong, they only care about what is legal or illegal. A line from the film, “The Untouchables” sums up the attitude of most law enforcement officers. At the end of the movie, a reporter asks Elliot Ness, “What will you do now that Prohibition has ended?” Ness responds, “I think I’ll go have a drink.” So, after spending thirteen fruitless years pursuing and prosecuting Gangsters (who would have amounted to nothing more than penny-ante pimps, pick-pockets, and shake down artists, had it not been for “the law” propelling them into criminal tycoons) for supplying a commodity that had been readily available and widely consumed before the legislation was enacted, belatedly decided that drinking, in and of itself, wasn’t such a dastardly offense after all.

    You find this trend repeating itself throughout the country’s history. After reading the book “Gangs of New York,” and another book about the local red-light district in the late 1800’s – early 1900’s, and how the police alternatively “cracked down on” and, at other times, “facilitated” the vices, I began to notice the patterns. It’s like how the police often entrap and jail prostitutes and johns, but seldom arrest pimps. The reason is because the john likely has a job and enough money to make bail, but the prostitute has no money and she needs the pimp to come bail her out. If he’s in jail, it makes it more difficult for him to continue business and keep the money machine running.

    If Bruce Jenner wants to put on a dress and go into the rest room with the little girls, then that’s O.K, because it’s legal. If a homosexual wants to take little boys into the woods as a Scout leader, then it’s alright because there’s no law against it. But, if you make any effort to stop these things from occurring, you will be arrested.

    The police often use the excuse that they are only enforcing the laws that Congress makes, yet, when it comes to verifying the status of illegal aliens, they will claim that it is outside of their job description or will harm their relations with the illegal alien community.
    I’ve witnessed the police standing against subjects that wanted to prevent illegal aliens from moving into their communities, and permitting the undocumented to enter freely.

    I could go on and on about the corruption in our legal system, but I figure that most of you know these things.

    • Traditionally in London a lot of the people who might become criminals would alternatively become cops. A couple of very early decisions made the difference. So that sort of thing isn’t historically surprising.

      The social class who become cops in the US are not the same. At least since the 1940s. It’s a somewhat bourgeois occupation in the US.

    • @Cowtown: Closing down the whorehouses no doubt made the Christian morality activists feel good about themselves but it put “working girls” out on the streets at the mercy of pimps and johns. I have no use for do-gooders. They almost always cause more harm than the social evil they were trying to eradicate.

      • Spahn, right on! Look at the abolitionists. They really fucked things up big time. Over 650,000 dead men will attest to that, not to mention the property destruction & the end of a sovereign independent nation.

    • The legal system: A nation wide industry that is not dedicated to justice, it is dedicated to meeting quotas so it gets paid.

      A terrifying thought.

      • All functionaries of the state operated thusly.

        Acknowledgement of that reality is intrinsic to the foundation of the United States of Anglo-America.

        Every decade since has been a battle waged by Jews, Roman Catholics and their Masonic enablers to re-establish their centralized tyranny.

        • It should not be lost on anyone that the Jacksonion era, with the (((central bank))) abolished, ushered in the largest, fastest (white) population expansion in history.

  10. @Spahnranch,

    No argument here. That’s why I subscribe to a Paleo-Conservative ideology, in where certain moral choices are left to the individual. As you so aptly pointed out, it is the good intentions that pave the way to Hell. Whereas, at least in the South, and, often, in the West, a traditional cathouse was run by a Madam, and girls were free to come and go as they chose. Occasionally, but not usually, these women found a man who was willing to marry them and transform a “soiled dove” into a “respectable woman.” This could often be accomplished by moving to another State, but even then, someone might recognize them and their reputations might follow them. More often than not, these poor women ended up destitute and frequently committed suicide. But, it was a choice they made for themselves, as opposed to being beaten, gang raped and forced to work out of cheap motels, and sold or traded in the underground sex slave market.

  11. @Captain John,

    The first “Coppers” so-called for their copper badges, were often Irish gangsters who targeted the Italians. When the Irish moved into politics, the Italians became police as well as gangsters and politicians. Prohibition, and Jewish powerbrokering, rocketed the Italian mobs into a ruthless juggernaut.

    The Kennedy’s were catapulted into wealth by Joe Kennedy’s rum running, and Harry Truman was known as the “Senator from Pendergast” because his political career was launched with aid of Kansas City, Irish, mob boss, Tom Pendergast. I believe that the Kennedy administration was the last futile grasp of the Irish mob’s control outside of South Boston. Think how doggedly young Bobby, as Attorney General, worked against the Mafia, and how closely connected the Italian mob was to John’s assassination.

    But, I think you’re right. After WWII, the Italian mob had such a complete monopoly on organized crime, and so many politicians in their back pockets, that they had little need for inflitrating the police departments on a street level. The departments just recruited ex-military men who were full of patriotism and believed that America could do no wrong, and the mob paid off the commanding officers. Disillusioned, rank and file, policemen simply chose to look the other way and waited to collect their pensions. Except for Serpico, and look what happened to him.

    Today, every minority gang has members on the city councils, in the mayor’s offices, on the police forces, in the military, and in Congress.

    • The irish didn’t ‘target the italians.’

      And the italian mob was controlled, from the beginning, by the jews.

      JFK was killed by the jews, who are intrinsically mafia in every respect, and their lackeys because he wanted to end the Fed, withhold nukes from the Israelis and base his civil rights package on class as opposed to race.

      • That is exactly right. JFK at least correctly saw Jews armed with nuclear weapons as a threat to the whole world, not just the U.S., not to mention the Fed. Reserve, which is neither federal nor accountable to the people.

    • You didn’t do all your homework. The Italian mob was always controlled by the Jews. I believe Meyer Lansky admitted that.

      • There was a Welsh guy in Chicago called….Humphries. Said to be the real mastermind.

  12. The federal precedent to move trials from biased venues is extremely solid, strong and recent.

    This is central to Daniel Holtzclaw’s appeal. He’s the half japanese half white Oklahoman cop framed for sexually assaulting black women on duty, all pure fabrication.

    In the last couple years SCOTUS handed down a decision in favor of exposing white jurors’ comments about a defendant’s ‘minority’ ethnicity to overturn guilty verdicts.

  13. @Genie,

    If you think that there wasn’t competition and animosity between the Irish and the Italians, then you haven’t studied that particular subject very deeply.

    As for the rest of your post, I wouldn’t take exception with it. It sounds accurate to me. In addition to the reasons you listed, I submit: Kennedy’ s failure to back the “Bay of Pigs” invasion; threats to dismantle the C.I.A. and the firing of Alan Dulles; a desire to withdraw from a policy of intervention in Vietnam; the ambition of Lyndon Baines Johnson; and the fact that J. Edgar Hoover hated him, as reasons for his assassination. He managed to make a lot of people very angry in a very short amount of time.

    • ‘Targeting’ the italians is pure italian projection onto the irish.

      These original crimmigrants were called ‘WOP’s’ for a reason.

      I don’t need to study this topic. My people – my direct family – lived it.

    • While I’m highlighting Roman Catholicism’s subversion of anglocelt/germanic american populism, I should add that the german and irish, possibly a majority catholic, were supposedly the drivers behind the 1924 Immigration Act designed to limit dissolution of the founding stock by southern and eastern europeans, if you consider southern/central italians and yids europeans.

      Who looked the other way when these anti and non-whiteys flooded (and in the jewish immigrants’ case, ‘organized’) the labor force? The Jewish-Anglo elite. They represented the interests of the jews in general and a tiny segment of anglos specifically.

  14. @Genie,

    Thank you for proving my point. By stating that the Irish and Germans were behind the 1924 Immigration Act, which was designed to limit immigration by Southern (Italian) immigrants, you highlight the fact that there was a coordinated effort by the Irish to combat the Italians. I’m not saying this was a bad thing, mind you. I’m merely pointing out the facts, and it seems that you aided me in doing it.

    While we’re on the topic, is it just a coincidence that Irish, Italian and Mexican gangs are all composed of devout Catholics?

    As for the Jews, I think we’re probably on the same page there.

    • The Irish weren’t invading this country illegally, like the italians (after 1924) and Mexicans.

      The Irish legal authority wasn’t their freakin’ thugs, who were just a bunch of rum runners, ultimately. There simply is no parallel with the italians. The mafia was and is the central authority at all levels of the italian culture from Sicily to Florence. Even northern Italy is controlled by jewish mobsters, albeit ones who don’t waddle around in penguin suits.

      Most irish people, including cops, weren’t ‘targeting’ italians at all, much less ‘combating’ any who were innocent – a definite minority.

      A story: some retired guinea from Essex County, NJ, complained about 10 years ago that his grandmother was told to not walk on the sidewalk by an irish woman in the neighborhood. The WOP reported this as some ‘targeting.’ Uh, the reason irish women did this was to PREVENT guineas and their ape-men from sexually assaulting irish females! These sandniggers continued to do this in surrounding counties and still do!!!! I lived it in my lifetime. I think you have no idea what these very hairy knuckle draggers are like to exist around.

      Another guinea complained around five years ago that ‘the irish were snotty to her grandmother.’ What did the irish owe these invaders? Really? She then had the nerve to say her disgusting ‘men’ abducting and molesting irish female children was equivalent to this ‘snobbery.’

      The irish did nothing to these lowlifes but dare to defend their space. That’s not targeting.

      Most irish people looked down on their organized criminals. Even those who looked the other way did so with some disgust and reservation; at best profound ambivalence characterized some irish people’s stance towards their criminal element when they resorted to illicit funding, for instance, of the IRA. The opposite applies to italian culture. The worst thuggery and criminality is celebrated and upheld as the ultimate paragon of national pride. It’s utterly pathetic and degenerate. I would be embarrassed to even report details of how truly vile these…’people’…are.

      The greasy thug and child molester are the italian heroes. The sublime bookworm is the irish’s.

      Let that sink in.

  15. In Germany this type of left wing state terror is absolutly normal. Last month they convicted some young white german guys to 10 years for throwing a firecracker on an migrant house. NOT ONE VICTIM!
    And the subhuman afghan rapist who killed a girl will be negotiated in court like a youth criminal even he is allready over 20 years old. This means that this scumbag will be a free scumbag after two or three years. In Germany this type of injustice is an everyday issue. God bless Ramos and Goodwin!

  16. Almost every comment thread under OD articles these days is polluted with off-topic tangents. Do you need some mod help, HW?

    • I’m curious. What does the comments section accomplish when it’s just a peanut gallery of crankiness? Does anyone want to do something about the travesties in Charlottesville? Or does just bitching about it serve some purpose that escapes me?

    • And how does studying Terry McAuliffe’s anti-white Roman Catholicism qualify as ‘off topic tangents?’

      Only according to a jew or roman catholic.

    • @Mark S – Unless you want to be perma-banned, I suggest you shut your fucking mouth.

  17. @Genie,

    As I said, I did not take issue with the Irish trying to protect themselves from the Italians. Nor, do I question the indisputable fact that the Irish, Catholic or otherwise, are far more desirable than Italians, particularly Southern Italians. This doesn’t detract from the fact that the Irish Catholics have a propensity for crime and violence that the Irish Protestants do not possess. I really have no respect for organized criminals, or the individuals in authority who partner with and enable them, no matter what ethnicity they are. And, I am no proponent of the laws they want you to break in order to keep their criminal enterprises and revolving door justice system operating.

    Although, I’m fortunate enough to not have never lived in some God-forsaken, Yankee cesspool like New Jersey, I’ve seen enough examples of Southern Italian attitudes in books and television to have a good idea of their modes of conduct. I’ve certainly had more than my fair share of interactions with Negroes and Mexicans to know where I stand with them.

  18. @ Cowtown Rebel

    “This doesn’t detract from the fact that the Irish Catholics have a propensity for crime and violence that the Irish Protestants do not possess. I really have no respect for organized criminals, or the individuals in authority who partner with and enable them, no matter what ethnicity they are. And, I am no proponent of the laws they want you to break in order to keep their criminal enterprises and revolving door justice system operating.”

    The ironic fallacy of this statement is that a. the United States was founded by a brand of ‘organized criminals’ and b. we are doomed to the same fate as the native irish (as opposed to the protestant immigrants) if we fail to follow our predecessors’ example.

    Worse, like the native irish we lack the literal space to foment revolt against a distant colonialist government. We are the occupied, the slaughtered and hunted down enslaved.

    Criminal we live, law-abiding we die.

    Whatever leaders emerge in the void will have to understand how to walk the tightrope between ‘legitimate’ and ‘illegitimate,’ both in a moral and legal sense, to succeed.

  19. @Genie,

    Again, I think that we are more in agreement, than we are in oppositon. If you mean “criminal,” as in taking a stand against unreasonable encroachments by the government, or throne, then I am in accord with such actions. But, If you mean “criminal” as in the brand of drug dealing, extortion and fratricide as practiced by the Aryan Brotherhood (for an example) then I am wholly against it. There truly is no honor among thieves.

    Most “criminals,” by my definition, care more about their own personal gain than they do about their communities, or their own people, and are more likely to prey upon their brethren than band together for mutual protection. In many cases, they will turn on, or betray, their friends and families if it furthers their own personal interests. This is very different from resorting to certain extra-legal measures to ensure your freedoms and survival.

    Anyway, I, for one, feel as though I have unintentionally derailed this thread for long enough, so I will sign off for now.

    Top O’ The Morning, and Best Wishes, to You!

    • Agreed. You only have to look at how the black criminals target their own people. Yet criminality is celebrated in black culture. Go figure.

      • If by “black culture” you mean “white American culture,” then you’d have an intelligent point. Look at the intrigue that surrounded the “Midwestern crime spree” of the early 1930s that gave us such luminaries as Fred and “Ma” Barker, George “Machine Gun” Kelly, “Pretty Boy” Floyd, “Baby Face” Nelson, John Dillinger and Alvin “Creepy” Karpis.

        Look at the movies, made by whites, glorifying criminality from “American Gangster” starring James Cagney to “Goodfellas,” ” Casino, ” ” The Godfather Trilogy ” and, most recently, ” Black Mass. ”

        And don’t get me started about the cult-like, largely white fan base surrounding white serial killers like John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer. Go figure.

        • Our National Socialist allies in WWII used America’s gangster-oriented pop culture as a propaganda tool. American troops were portrayed as cigar-chomping goons wearing pinstripe suits and armed with “Chicago Typewriters”.

        • I’m not talking about a tiny minority of white American gangsters before I was born. I’m talking about the ongoing, widespread criminality that permeates black America – and has done since the 1960s – and which the blacks continue to glorify in their language, music and culture. Even though these criminals prey on other blacks first and foremost.

          T’Challa – don’t be a stupid KAFFIR all your life.

          • It’s irrelevant when they occurred — though the serial killers I listed were active in the late 20th century so, unless you’re a teen, they happened in your lifetime — the point is they’re celebrated in white American culture, as evidenced in the films I mentioned and the cult status of these serial murderers. I love the lack of even a single example to illustrate your point that, “widespread criminality…pervades black America…and blacks glorify in their language, music and culture.”

            What does it say in the Book of Matthew — something about noticing the speck in your brother’s eye but failing to notice the beam in your own?

            Jannie, don’t be a stupid Cave Bitch all of your life.

        • I don’t know – and have never met – any white people who laud serial killers. But the majority of blacks I’ve met worship Suge Knight, Snoop Dogg and all the other crime-glorifying kaffirs. Plus the amount of blacks actually involved in crime. And yes, T’challa, I lived in the ghetto for several years, so got to see kaffir behaviour and parasitism up close. I don’t harbor any illusions about white sainthood, but the height of kaffir aspiration is to be a “pimp” or “OG”.

          • You’re obviously both biased and a liar. I’ve never met a single black person who lauded, much less worshipped, Suge Knight or Snoop Dogg. They have their fans just as Marilyn Manson ( does his last name ring a bell? — I wonder why he chose it…) and GG Allin do. Btw, let’s see if either of these two will be remembered nearly a century later like many of the white criminals I mentioned.

            As for the obsession white Americans — particularly white women — have for serial killers, there have been multiple articles and books written about it. So, while you may not have heard of it, it definitely exists.

            As for crime, white Americans commit more violent crimes, against other whites, than the Japanese, South Koreans or Western Europeans do against their own…

  20. Didn’t he have any competent legal representation? It should have been obvious that he couldn’t get a fair trial in the corrupt Communist town of Charlottesville VA

  21. In the modern world, you can and will be jailed for almost anything. The U.S has about 2% of the world’s population, and 25% of the world’s prison population, that alone should tell you something. I detest this constant glorification of the police, they are basically security guards for the money classes, I am equally sickened by the endless glorification of the damned military. They are seldom if ever fighting for freedom, they make us less safe with every unprovoked invasion. I don’t blame the grunt soldiers, they just follow orders, I do blame people like Grahamnesty and Grave Digger McCain, and the flag wavers who never tire of saying how much they support the troops. The flag wavers never seem to get tired of sending somebody else’s kids off to get shot at either.

    • Before the Normans invaded England historians reckon that jails didn’t exist there. Slavery and Outlaw rules took care of the social engineering. The jail is a very interesting thing in English tradition. For a time it was preferred to have prisoners banished to new colonies to give them a second shot at happiness.

  22. OD should have a strict policy against allowing jews and coloreds from posting any comments.

  23. Females of any origin shouldn’t be allowed to comment anywhere.
    Females are annoying and stupid, if not for their pu**ies, nobody would pay attention.
    It’s a surprise to see how Americans take really seriously or are intimidated by females. Their “feelings” should be taken in consideration.
    It’s even worse than being intimated or take seriously blacks.

  24. “The local authorities are incapable of protecting the public and coddle mobs of vigilantes who are allowed to roam the streets commit crimes without fear of arrest.”

    HW: you know that the local authorities are quite capable of protecting the public – they made a conscious decision not to do so.

    Yet, you wrote the above sentence. I have noticed that many other commenters/writers on our side have made similar statements – attributing actual malice to incompetence.*

    Why? Well, we have been trained to believe in our society’s institutions and, subconsciously, we do not want to accept that they have been corrupted beyond the point where they can be supported.

    I believe that your conscious position is that the current system/institutional arrangements are irredeemable, but, your subconscious has not yet come to that conclusion (like the subconscious of so many others).

    Your subconscious is still in the 7 stages of grieving for America. When your subconscious and that of many other young AngloWesterners finally get through those 7 stages, the Boomers, and the (((Boomers))), will no longer be able to control the situation.

    Hearts are hardening as people come to the realization, deep in their souls, that the system is irredeemable because it can, and has, been commandeered by sociopaths.

    The days of reckoning cannot arrive too soon.

    * That it was malice is not in dispute. The facts are in – we know that McAuliffe, Singer, and Deputy Mayor Nog, along with Police Chief Nog, made conscious decisions to have the situation unfold as it did.

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