Shi*cago Murder and Mayhem

I’m in and mostly out of Chicago these days. Chicago is still a very, very beautiful place to visit – the architecture and proximity to Lake Michigan and now the Chicago River Front, if you like cities, it’s as good as it gets.

That said, Chicago has descended in to a Brazilian style city – more similar to Rio or San Paulo than to some safe, orderly Midwestern or Southern town. Chicago politics is one party Lib Left Democrat rule featuring anti White identity politics. There are currently no heterosexual White British Americans like James Edwards, Hunter Wallace or I in the offices of mayor, public school chief, police chief, district attorney. We’ve been dispossessed. Our mayor Rahm Emanuel is a macher Jew, heavily connected to the Hollywood Jewish media mafia and Israeli, Israeli American zionist power brokers. Rahm Emamnuel served in the IDF – Israeli Defense Force, not in the American military. Rahm Emanuel’s father, Benjamin M. Emanuel, is a Jerusalem-born pediatrician at Chicago’s Michael Reese Hospital who was once a member of the Irgun, a Jewish terrorist organization that operated in British Mandate Palestine. It looks increasingly like Chicago Illinois will get our first Jew governor in the form of JB Pritzger – an American venture capitalist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and politician. He is a member of the Pritzker family who are known in business for the Hyatt Hotel chain, and has an estimated personal net worth of $3.5 billion.

Chicago Illinois’ Jewish political overlords are confirming every single negative Jewish stereotype – dominating finance, law, academia, the media and attacking all things White, traditional Christian, negating enforcement of all immigration laws, inciting criminal Blacks and La raza (The Race) Latinos to riot, loot and get away with murder and mayhem. The lunatics are running the asylum and Black & Latino criminals/perverts are running Chicago’s Cook County jail, that’s when Black DA Kim Fox and head judge Tim Evans (my former alderman – did an OK job) aren’t releasing all the inmates home to electronic monitoring, where nobody monitors them.

For those of our readers looking to get honest facts and reporting about Chicago crime – I highly recommend these two blogs:

I had to deal with all this stuff when I lived in New York City late 1980s – Tom Wolfe (RIP) brilliantly described this world in his novel “Bonfire of the Vanities”. That book could never get published in this PC age.

But for those of our readers who aren’t living in or like me, just outside Chicago – it’s best to get the true facts about Chicago and warn your children, your friends, neighbors, local pols about Chicago realities so…..

It doesn’t happen where you live.


  1. Oh the wonders of a vibrant diverse community.
    If people think this is a dystopia, just wait until the welfare spigot runs dry, via debt exhaustion.
    Collectively, Whites are fools, thinking they race mix to a better society. Venezuela, here we come, minus the lush tropical climate.

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    • @Haxo Angmark
      “And as with the old Left, so with the New: Jews, Jews, and more Jews. Just read (later, neo-con) (((David Horowitz)))’ RADICAL SON, ((Norma Barzman)))’s THE RED AND THE BLACKLIST, (((Judy Kaplan))) and (((Linn Shapiro))), RED DIAPERS: GROWING UP IN THE COMMUNIST LEFT, or any one of a thousand similar confessional memoirs. ”

      Not to mention after the Stalin purges the USSR funded the blacks terrorist groups that helped destroy the very prosperous White run states of Rhodesia and South Africa.

      “Jijcf is either a liar…a fool…or a neo-con.”

      He’s a jew. Behaving like a mentally ill fanatic, immune to facts, is a dead giveaway.

      • The “antisemitic” USSR funded and trained anti-White terrorist armies in Africa.

        You are a jew. Period.

      • “What does funding the return of Africa to its rightful owners ”

        The anti-White (((Communist))) justifies genocide against Whites.

    • you’re half-right

      in that the reason the “anti-Stalinist”, “ex”-Trotskyite communist Jews parted company from the Old Left during the 1960’s-70’s was because the Reds and the S.U. had turned against the Israel-in-Palestine project…which these newly-minted (((neo-conz))) wanted as a place of refuge in case politics in ‘Murka ever took a certain European Turn. Internally, these fake-conservative Jews maintained the Tikkun Olam: as witness what they made of the Conservatism Inc. and the Republican pty once (((they))) took it over during the 1980’s-90’s: a vehicle for keeping Israhell on the map while yielding everything else to the Left, including and above all taking down ‘Murka’s borders…while maintaining Israhell’s.

      as to your 2nd para, I’d “LOL” except Jack doesn’t like that sort of thing. So instead I’ll just

      laugh out loud, as I just did, repeatedly. TY for the comic relief.

    • Thank you Jack Ryan. This change in comment moderation policy was much needed. OD’s comment section could stand to be a little more Zero Hedge and a little less /pol/. I look at comment moderation like pulling weeds in a garden, allowing the healthy plants to take root and grow. On topic: Chicago is like so many places where the White rule has been deposed: Haiti; South Africa; Zimbabwe; California. A descent into comparative madness soon follows. One of White’s many gifts is the ability to implement and administrate civilization, even if the body politic are wild Negroes. Cut off the head, and the body dies.

      • Yeah countenance once called me diseased and criminal for pointing out that no white middle class men want to be identified with him and his.

        If I hadn’t been so 1,000% right – take Charlottesville, for example – it would be hilarious.

        But I actually like white middle class men. And contrary to his mediterranean delusions, they like me 🙂

  3. Boeing moving (((their))) headquarters to Chicago followed by the election of half jewish half negro Obama probably indicated peak (((power))) for Chicago. Only federal money can keep this (((gravy train))) moving. Like all perpetual motion machines this will eventually come to a halt.

    • The only way open air freakshow cities like Chicongo could make a pretense of functioning are punitively taxing whites in the rest of the country. Why should er be forcef to pay for these urbsn leeches at the expense of our own people?

  4. Its funny how ‘progressive’ only means progressing to a leftist, degenerating, decaying society hostile to whites, rather than to the opposite. We’re the true progressives-we want a better society.
    Crime, diversity and white genocide are the symptoms. Jewish control of our institutions are the cause.
    Its not just Chicago, but Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Dallas, Paris, London, Malmo, Melbourne….would you believe-everywhere!

  5. White people living in remote, rural areas don’t have to worry about the niggers or the spics venturing out that far, because they’re afraid of the woods and would quickly become lost. But ZOG’s long-range plan is to forcibly remove everyone from the countryside and make them live in the cities.

    • Nogs are afraid of water too. The strip of beach in Gary, Indiana is actually quite nice even if the Subway and other stores close at 2pm before the homies come out.

        • that’s actually a good point. Which explains the peculiar acrid stink that most Blacks exude. I always knew they didn’t swim or skate. Apparently bathing is also a problem for them. Here’s my hypothesis:

          it all goes back to those crocodile-infested rivers in Africa.

          • Whites have subcutaneous fat suggesting a semi-aquatic ancestor. Of course this can’t be discussed scientifically. Basic training instructors typically have really funny stories about nogs apparently innate fear of water. Summer camp councilors also.

  6. Jack,
    That first picture reminds of a weather report. Chance of getting shot today 30%. Chance of getting mugged 10%. Chance if rape 60%. Chance of riot 50%. etc.

    Chicago sounds like a nice city. When the revolution comes Whites will take their cities back.

    • For that matter, why bother taking Germany back after the “nogs” have burned it all down? Lets just give it all to them!

    • More like burn them all to the ground to eliminate the vermin and pests that abound in them first. Things like bed bugs, one of many unwelcome non-white imports.

  7. “The policeman isn’t there to create disorder, the policeman is there to preserve disorder.”

  8. Sorry, we had one serious troll causing trouble here. I deleted most everything of his/its and references to him.

    The Alternative Right, Race Realist, patriotic immigrationists are being targeted for all kinds of abuse – deplatforming, doxing, and just trolls.

    Most Alt Right blogs no longer allow comments – we do, but we need to moderate.

    Hope everyone is good this night.

    • If my comments had no merit; you’d leave them alone. If your beliefs had merit; you wouldn’t need to “edit” things.

  9. Whites are mostly like the two White guys trying to outrun each other with a bear chasing them.

  10. I visit Chicago every now and then, usually riding the train, often going to comic book shows. I don’t feel really unsafe there, riding the elevated trains and Metra, just somewhat out of place, like visiting a foreign country. Of course you stay out of the areas where the worst of the gangs are.

    If you want my opinion, the Jew liberals presently running things, don’t really care about anybody but themselves. They put every nigger in jail they possibly can. When I ride around town, I take cabs, and almost all of them are driven by foreigners. Out of city that’s half black you can’t find 6000 black cab drivers? This the kind of entry level work the colored can do. It shows me the ‘white’ liberals don’t give a damn about the colored.

  11. The Irgun murdered, tortured and raped their way into history. They are the very definition of Jewry unmasked. Anyone who thinks this cannot happen again in America is sadly mistaken. The push for gun control is merely the prelude for mass rape, torture, imprisonment and murder of white Americans, who have every right to resist with any and all weapons and tactics available. You can be sure synagogues are covert storsge sites for weapons, ammunition ans explosives just as mosques were exposed as such in the wake of the Paris massacre. The Irgun were terrorists who attacked mostly defenceless and unarmed people. They were murderous cowards. Jewry has the same intentions towards us.

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