Tommy Robinson Has Been Arrested And Thrown In Prison For A Year

The UK under the Conservative government of Theresa May is arguably the most evil, the most culturally degenerate regime in the world today:

“Tommy Robinson was arrested today in Leeds, in the UK, outside the court.

A few hours later he was sentenced to 13 months in prison.

I’ve never heard of that before.

Normally, there’s an alleged offence; then an arrest; then the lawyers get involved; then a first court appearance; and maybe bail; and then disclosure of documents; then a trial; then a conviction; then a sentence. Normally that takes months; maybe years.

It happened today in a few hours. …”

I’ve lost count of how many articles I have written about Theresa May’s government whether it is the routine terrorist attacks, the Muslim rape gangs, police twerking in high heels or everyone from Matt Heimbach to Lauren Southern being banned from the country.

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time reading about Tudor and Stuart England and the English Civil War. It was a time when Catholics and Protestants were martyred for their faith. In those days, the English believed the salvation of their eternal souls was at stake. Now, blasphemy and heresy has resurrected as a crime in England for the perverted purpose of punishing those who offend aliens.

How in the world did the UK evolve into the dystopia that is today? How did morality become so confused? Those are two questions which I will try my best to answer in my book.

Note: This is a good thread on Twitter about this:

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  1. The end result of giving the tribe the upper hand or any rights at all, frankly, to play any part in the civic affairs of Christian people. The Popes segregated them from Christians for a reason.

  2. How could you be bashing the Conservative government in Britain? Are you a Communist Muslim member of the IRA? Theresa May is a proud British patriot who follows the based Reagan/Thatcher tradition and wants lower taxes on the deserving rich such as my friend Mr. Finkelstein, the hard-working banker who got rich stealing from stupid white trash who deserved it for being born into a poor family.

    Tell me, you KGB spy, why you attack Theresa May? Would you prefer Comrade Corbyn instead? The man who wants to raise taxes on job-creating multinational corporations and steal more of their money to give it to Palestinian terrorists. He literally wants to fund the murder of our greatest allies, right-wing nationalist Jews in Israel. Are you sure you are in the right site when you praise NORTH KOREA but attack a Traditionalist aristocratic lady like Theresa May. You sound like an anti-White Commie to me.

  3. I’m scratching my head wondering what the copper in the background of the photo is thinking about all of this.

    He’s got a very particular expression on his face.

    A mix of contempt and astonishment as he towers over the rather small looking Yaxley-Lennon. “Why are you doing this to yourself Tommy?” He’s thinking.

    It’s really past time that the judges peddling their decisions on the bench faced serious consequences for passing down their Learned opinions though.

    • The Bois in Blue belong to the Jew. Period. The Badge fag copper isn’t thinking anything at all. They are golem. Drones. Puppets.

      Their lives are anti-White.

      • Found the Red infiltrator.

        Do you realize only Marxists, Muslims, niggers and junkies hate the Based Police Force? The boys in blue are the ones who protect civilization from Communist revolution sponsored by Cuba and North Korea. They also love shooting lazy welfare bums with low incomes, including white trash ones, which cleans up society for the hard-working Christian bourgeoisie and based high IQ Asian immigrants like my waifu. Blue lives MATTER, you damn COMMIE.

        • Bullshit, law enforcement are agents of the anti white state and are pension pussies. Napoleon Bonaparte was right: the hand with money is above the hand of the receiver. Those who control money control society.

          I don’t think you are a hack, but you are dead wrong about the police force. I’ve listened to these guys and military types talk about getting their pensions, sometimes two of them, multiple times over the years. When you work for the state, your loyalty lies with the state.

          The boys in blue protect the property of the monied class. I’ve even seen a clip of multiple police cars responding to the Kardashian residence with fucking MACHINE GUNS over some sort of perceived break in.

          • “The boys in blue protect the property of the monied class.”

            You say that like its a bad thing. Dont you have an antifa rally to attend you lumpen welfare prole? Do you seriously think the Kardashians OWE you all the money they have acquired through their hard work? Reds like you need to be thrown out of helicopters, you are threats to civilized society.

        • And whom did the police defend at all these pro white rallies? Dude, come on.

          The commie vs fascist argument belongs in the last century. They are both totalitarian leaning, which makes them rival forms of leftist government.

          • I am still libertarian leaning. Have been for over a decade. I criticized the police and used the Kardashians to illustrate, so fuck you. You are a loser boy hack. No, I think Lloyd Blankfein, Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke and all those who make their money through favors from the state should be jailed and their assets confiscated.

            I’ve argued repeatedly against social conservative types for years that at least so called degenerate entertainers actually make their money through ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY sales to their fans. Don’t change the meaning of my thread, you fuck.

            Lloyd Blankfien and his jewish friends stole my money, you fuck. Please defend them and the wall st. bailouts now so that everyone here can know what a fucking hack you are.

          • The problem with libertarianism is that liberty for all will never happen. Just liberty for the chosen few. Communism and Fascism both resort to force and censorship, but directed against different people for different purposes. That is why nobody is really indifferent between them.

          • At Jifcf,

            LOL. It just took me a frickin’ day. I’ve been under the gun. I am off work today and relaxing. Take care.

      • He’s thinking something. But maybe that’s what a Golem thinks of course.

  4. For Hunter: Kings and Queens of England is a pretty gud series on youtube. In Search of the Dark Ages with Michael Wood also. You have probably already seen them but I thought I would mention it in case you have not.

  5. Who is paying for the gigantic Mosques going up all over the West? Why was everyone in the Middle East bombed except for Saudi Arabia, when 80% of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis? Why were all the flags in the UK at half mast when the head chopping Saudi King died?

    If you think sucking up to Zionists and declaring yourself “anti-racist” will protect you from (((the establishment))), you are dead wrong. Jews and Saudis are Semitic blood brothers.

  6. I have mixed feelings about this guy. After all, he’s no hero like Dylann Roof or Tim McVey.

    • LOL, fuck off.

      When are you, spahnranch, going to become “a Hero”? Like Brevik? I want to see -you- personally become ‘heroic’ in the same way as Roof, McVey, Brevik. Until then shut your fucking piehole. Its easy to talk the talk safely behind your keyboard. Tommy is out there fighting the propaganda war, and he has been in LOTS of scrapes with muzz and (((supporters))) now. So what do you you with your goofy swaz flag? I can’t stand keyboard jockeys…

      It is easy to talk violence and action when you don’t get off your ass except to grab a bag of cheetos. Nigga please…

      • True fact: In the USA the government made it legal incite OTHERS to commit terrorism, as long as you are an agent of the FBI.

        So the people that incite either work for the FBI, or they are Useful Idiots the FBI is watching and using and will jail when after they have no further use for them. See Hal Turner.

      • Apex Peehole: You want to see me do something heroic? But how will that be possible while you’re watching your wife getting tag-teamed by muscular Negroes as you beat off in the closet? Please, help me to understand.

  7. Tommy Robinson addresses the Oxford Union on growing up White, English working class in Luton and the routine experience of White racial abuse by Pakistani Muslim gangs.

    Tommy Robinson – Main Speech

  8. Bad, BAD move on the part of the UK Establishment to put him behind bars. His following is going to skyrocket now – more Brits will get truly WOKE, yo – and you can bet the white prisoners will form an Iron Guard to protect him.

    • The triumph of hope over experience. BTW, someone please tell me again exactly why we consider Britain an ally.

  9. I would also check out Jez Turner and Alison Chabloz found guilty this week of challenging the hegemony of the tribe. More to come. I can’t say any more as it makes me so angry.

    • Yes – good summary here –

      Near the end of the article:

      “Some of us know where the Jews want this to end. They want — and are, as you can readily see, building up to — a new version of the NKVD, the early Soviet secret police, whose knock on the door at 3 AM meant you were never going to see your wife or son or daughter or father again. The NKVD was heavily staffed by Jews, and in Bolshevik Russia — note this well — “anti-Semitism” was punishable by death.”

      I’ve been saying this for a long time – this is where it’s headed. You can stick your head in the sand and think that this nightmare is a thing of the past – or you can prepare yourself and your family and get to a safe place. It will be too late by the time it’s happening to your neighbors.

  10. Some koranimal (who the government let in) blows up a whole street and its ‘not all Muslims, we are a successful melting pot don’t be so waycist’ yet if some guy speaks the truth on behalf of the silent majority……its get him behind bars, he’s talking too much sense!
    I’m sure Tommy will happily take one for the team, and come out of it stronger and more determined.
    Teresa May is a treacherous witch and a criminal with no morality whatsoever.
    The three M’s-Merkel, Macron and May are going to reinvigorate the white movement in Europe in a way my generation has never seen and its a great thing.

  11. Tommy Robinson is a Zionist shill who is always going in and out of prison. I’ve seen the videos of him saying he supports the jews and Israel. Now, he will take more time and money away from the true cause. Based Stickman, who is an Alex Jewnes disciple, supports him all the time. Based Stickman got me banned from FB for asking him his position on jewish political power in America on his FB page. What a piece of shit!

  12. @ps-mike,
    Many pro-white groups outside the U.S. don’t appear to be well versed on the J.Q. On the ground, they see moh’s blowing people up. They see muds stabbing and mugging people. They see curries in child grooming gangs. They don’t see Jews, and don’t understand the complexity of their role behind the scenes. They shouldn’t (for the most part) be judged, but taught.
    My own father, who is very pro-white in every way, shape and form, has no concept of how and when Jewish fingerprints are on something. Its too complicated to explain to most people. Also, they can’t spot a Jew-who are generally pale looking-and have GERMAN sounding surnames, disguising their true identity from those not familiar with them.
    For our part when explaining it all, we have to be clear, patient and determined.

    • I think that is the case with the general population, but not with Mr. Robinson. He’s been around for a while, and the interview I saw made it fairly obvious he was aware of the JQ. If I had the clip, I’d post it.

      Knowledgeable, experienced people who don’t bring the JQ to light are not worthy of support imo.

      • Don’t you understand? The British authorities will put you in jail if you talk about Jews. Tommy is playing 3D chess! LOL

        If Tommy wants to play real 3D chess he would be talking about White Genocide. Massive non-White immigration + forced assimilation aimed at all White countries and only White countries is Genocide. Africa will still be black, Asia will still be yellow, only White countries are told to turn into freaky mix blended brown people – or else.

  13. For those who wanted fascism, even “jokingly”, here it is.

    The movement that will cross the finish line will embrace limited franchise republics and Ordered Liberty.

  14. Your understanding of fascism is rudimentary to day the least. Why do you allow the (((enemy))) to do your thinking for you, eh?

    • Under fascism one man gets a vote and everyone else is told to fuck off. Too bad for you if your one man that gets a vote is anti-white.

      In Brazil the right wing fascists are pro assimilation.

  15. Just for pointing out the obvious will land you in jail? PC is well crafted by Izzy media to stigmatized whites.

  16. Will Trump be imposing sanctions? Just kidding. UK is dedicated to the proposition of White Genocide. Proposition states can’t allow free speech because it’s heresy to question or object to the proposition. Our anti-White ZOG is not far behind.

  17. I have been advocating for a while that the Nationalist Right/Alt-Right set up a decentralized autonomous organization. This is a special type of organization that does not possess formal leadership and by its structure allows its members to be anonymous from other members and everyone for that matter. Its decisions would be made through the patterns of participation of its members. The website would exist on the darkweb and therefore be far more resilient than anything on the open internet.

    The primary purpose of the DAO would be to raise cypto-currency – probably Monero or Dash. These funds would be used to finance perfectly legal investigations into business leaders/institutions, religious leaders/institutions, media personalities/institutions, elected officials, and non-elected officials by professional investigators or to offer bounties to whistle blowers on these enemies. Many of these people are extraordinarily corrupt and would be weakened if not rendered harmless by unveiling their criminal, ethical, and moral lapses to the public. It would be very sweet justice for instance if Russell Moore of the SBC were targeted and brought down.

    It can’t really be subverted by infiltrators since its purpose is to pull down the system completely and to usher in a revolutionary phase in politics. Currently politics in the US and in most of the West is a gordian knot trap as far as reform goes. Attempting to reform the US political system only drains resources from dissident political movements and sends our resources into the system we oppose. Reform through conventional politics is impossible. We must practice unconventional and asymmetric politics.

    Target selection for the investigations would be based on the funds raised towards specific targets. Members contribute/pledge crypto-currency and earmark it for whichever target they want. There could be a forum as well where members make the case for their preferred targets in an attempt to persuade other members to target the same individuals or institutions. Members would be permitted to up-vote or down-vote the comments of other members to build a reputation ranking. A member’s reputation ranking would define the extent of his ability to participate in the forum. This would lessen the small possibility of infiltration. Keep in mind the purpose of the DAO is to destroy the system. Therefore even if infiltrators were to use it to target relatively nationalist individuals or institutions the relative “casualties” would still favor us. Besides there is no point in infiltrating other than to gather limited intelligence on target selection. Which would be a risk in the case a forum was established. There would not be any other advantage since they could not divert any funds contributed by our people to targets of their own choosing. It would be simpler for them to set up their own DAO.

    This is a form of activism that imposes very little risk upon our people and it should be expected that even many in the more main-stream right would participate given the ineffectiveness of the GOP. I’m bringing this proposal up under this article because with our current strategy our activists, content creators, and leaders are being targeted in an effort to harm this movement and it’s working. Our people even run the risk of jail time in many nations as the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson shows. He is not the first and he won’t be the last. This new direction would could easily be adopted in every Western nation.

    This is our Samson option. Its purpose is to delegitimize the political systems that make our practical participation impossible and ultimately to destroy these hostile systems so that the default of tribal politics will take its place.

  18. The JewK has been an asset of the Judaic Supremacy since the founding of the Corporation of the City of London. It has done the bidding of the their Empire of the City for over 300 years. And their Jew Bank holds the title deeds to three nations in allodial title as the collateral on the loans the English Parliamentarians and the Scottish Convention of Estates put up with the Jews of Amsterdam for Cromwell’s Civil War 1642.

    Tommy the lad from Luton is from England. And he is going to jail for England.


    Look at this jew cunt in action. Hunter, if you are not jew wise on this, you need to to look around and do a little more research. There are also youtube clips out there somewhere which I don’t have now, but they exist.

    You need to condemn this POS and educate you readers!

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