President Trump Pardons Jack Johnson

This is one of those times when words fail me:

“WASHINGTON — For more than 100 years, Jack Johnson’s legend as the first black heavyweight boxing champion has been undisputed, but his legacy had been tarnished by a racially tainted criminal conviction.

His battles against white opponents, in the ring and outside of it, gave rise to “The Great White Hope” play and movie and he came to be lionized as a barrier breaker.

But the criminal conviction from 1913 that most would find abhorrent today — for transporting a white woman across state lines — haunted Johnson well after his death in 1946 and motivated politicians and celebrities for years to advocate for a pardon, however symbolic.

On Thursday in the Oval Office, Johnson posthumously found an unexpected champion: President Trump. …”

I look back in disgust on how I spent 2015, 2016 and 2017.

I remember going to Trump rallies, watching those debates, writing articles on this blog, tweeting about #cuckservatives, encouraging people to vote for Donald Trump, following the polls, analyzing the Trump presidency and driving all the way to Washington, DC to attend the Inauguration. In hindsight, it was one of the biggest wastes of time in my life and I should have known better.

We convinced ourselves that this guy was going to be our champion. We believed he was going to change the status quo in Washington and among other things, he signed the Charlottesville resolution, pardoned Jack Johnson and Shalom Rubashkin, attacked Syria twice, blew his political capital on a corporate tax cut, tore up the Iran deal and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

American politics is just a sinkhole.

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  1. In other news, the United States Postaal Service announced this week that they will be introducing the first ever “scratch and sniff” postage stamps. The stamps unveiled a couple of day ago will be available in June in time for the summer.

    The new “Frozen Treats Forever” line features a plethora of eye-catching ice-cold goodies, including kiwi, watermelon, blueberry, and strawberry fruit bars, plus chocolate, root beer, and cola ice cream pops. The mail service says these stamps will “add the sweet scent of summer to letters of love, friendship, party invitations, and other mailings.”

    If successful, the USPS plans to follow them up with a set of scratch and sniff postage stamps honouring Black History Month 2019. The public will be invited to participate in an online poll to vote for their favourite African-American odours.

    • Westminster Dragoon Your comment brought to mind something that happened when our son was only about 2 years old. I had to go for a checkup at the doctor’s, so my husband and son went into a nearby convenience store for water and a snack. Everyone in the store, except for my husband and son were black. Once inside, our son piped up (he had very powerful lungs) and said, “What’s that smell, what’s that funny smell?” Every black head whipped around and they all stared at my husband, who is fortunately a large, very strong looking man. My husband said, “Probably some bad milk in the case”, but the kid was having none of it and kept saying, “What’s that funny smell? What’s that smell?” They both got out intact, but out of the mouths of babes; he recognized a feral animal smell although we had never said anything about his at all.

  2. “American politics is just a sinkhole.”

    I lost faith in American nationalism after watching what happened with Trump. It was like everyone fell under his spell. Like the silly girls that screamed and fainted when the Beatles came to town. It was like ya’ll had never heard of a politician that lies to get elected before.

    I came to the conclusion that it is not the electoral system that is in need of reform, its nationalism in America that needs reforming.

    There are too many with massive egos, that believe they are geniuses that can turn their hand to anything. These geniuses have never been paid to do anything in professional politics before, and will never ever be paid by anyone afterwards. Their results speak for themselves. Too many who are too dumb or too egotistical to recognize and make use of a good thing when it comes along. Too many who don’t understand the meaning of simple loyalty. Who will stab a solid Pro White candidate in the back for a ZOG-publican every single time.

    All nationalism in America is the sinkhole.

    So where do we go from here now that we know the truth? Burn it all down and start fresh. Or continue doing what we did before, that got us to the point where the country is almost gone. I am betting it will be the latter.

  3. How nice of Trump’s jew masters to allow him to exercise this little bit of symbolic authority. What a JERK.

    • I wonder if Trump is going to pardon all those white political prisoners being held in Charlottesville? Not a chance. They’ll rot in jail. A black, brown, or yellow president is more likely to spring them from their hell.

      Do you see Stallone in that picture? What a mug. I guess he, too, like the Jews is getting what he was promised. Racially-conscious whitey gets zilch.

      Perhaps Trump is also virtue-signaling to virile black bucks and strong black women that the next generation of Trumps will be open to miscegenation.

      It’s all about commerce. And, blacks spend all their money and they often spend it wildly.

    • Trump was nothing but a xanax to whites to lull you back to sleep for another few years. Gigs been up folks.

  4. Tom Metzger at did a flowchart of Trump and the Jews behind him months before the 2016 election.

    Sure HRC was financed and backed by the nastiest Jews on the planet, so it came down to what appeared to be the lesser of the two evils in Trump and his MAGA platform.

    Both have Jewish grandchildren and financial bases in NYC.

    How shocking can Trump’s betrayal actually be in retrospect?

    • Terrible Tommy was right about Trump and Pence too. Mr Metzger lives in IN, so he knows from first hand experience that Pence is a real ASSHOLE.

  5. Trump is right about elections are rigged.Democrats could have come up a much better candidate than Hillary who out lived her usefullness.One party DC regime.

  6. DNC primary was handed to Hillary be design for Trump.Many register democrats and independent dind’t vote, or voted for Trump who received the same amount of votes as W Bush did.

  7. @Hunter,

    Yes you got sucked in, but like many, you supported Trump based on what you were told and thought at the time. It wasn’t your fault. Hindsight is always a dreadful thing-you always know what you wish you knew before, and yes it sucks.
    Its good that Trump got in-you learned that nothing will change no matter what is promised. If Clinton won, that lesson wouldn’t have been learned.

  8. The fundamental problem lies within We Whites. We simply don’t take our own side. That is the very very very bottom line. Time and tides are testing us. Will we learn, as a Race, to take our own side, or not?

        • Then when gangrene spreads to the festering white limb that was once healthy it can then be hacked off as planned.

    • That’s exactly the problem. Blacks don’t dare step out of line for fear of black retribution. The day of the rope should be for whitey. He is the real source of our dilemma.

    • It’s called guilt. Whether you admit it or not, whites are well aware of the havoc they have wreaked on every populated continent on this planet. The shame that knowledge causes prevents complete racial harmony in whites but you guys do well enough anyway. Case in point, the US.

        • Cracka please, you must have a mental disease.

          Now assume the position and get down on your knees…and serve your Jewish and Negro masters

  9. Yall get what you vote for. Jack Johnson is now free as DeAndre Harris. The tunnel vision that Yall got at “build a wall” backfired… Tissues, snowflakes?

  10. News flash Mr. Trump: No matter how much you bend over backward for them blacks will NOT start voting GOP. It’s already been tried and failed many times before.

      • Emmanuel Celler, supposedly a Democrat, but these days you don’t know what is what. Besides, Democrats haven’t existed since being purged during Reconstruction.

        • Perhaps blame it on the one party system if you need something to blame. Otherwise, just put up with it like everyone else.

    • “It’s already been tried and failed many times before.”

      What a pessimist! After 50 years of trying and failing, This Will Be The Year! Republicans finally convince under-employed blacks to vote for small government and low taxes.

      Republicans need and can get the white vote, so naturally all cuckservatives want Republicans to be for open borders & integration, black people, and IGNORE whites.

  11. The Trump ordeal is devastating for the single Jewish cause. This does not mean that Jewish power should be a forbidden subject, but I can claim to have been right on that since thephora (despite playing around a bit as well). I knew this would work to my advantage pretty early actually.

  12. Jude 1:7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

    • Mark,
      First the BiGod doesn’t give a damn about what the Bible says, only people do.

      Second, the elites all have other nice places they will flee to once your nation/neighborhood has burned the fuck down. So why not give the Bibull’s ‘Sodom & Gomorrah’ spiel a REST, as you are literally only preaching for the destruction of your own house.

  13. By the way… F the fin’ pope.
    It may sound crazy, but the afrikans are beginning to realize that
    the spanix hate them. If the amnesty rolls on through, the spanix
    will become their worst enemies. Too late to stop voting democrap,
    though. It will be interesting to see the ghettos erupt.

    • Yup, if the Pope’s Iberians and Kneegrows were able to get rid of whitey, the next thing they will turn on eachother.

  14. Should have known better than to trust a rich yankee from Jew York. They don’t have the same morals as working class whites from rural areas. Greedy psychopathic con men who have no problems with lying to get what they want. It’s truly disgusting.

    • The “wall” promise was up there in ridiculousness along with Obama’s “change” as well as the stupid MAGA slogan.

      Seriously, walls are what planes fly over. Boomers especially fell hard for the wall trick.

    • Most sites do. So what if it does or not?

      For the sake of irony, I will vote for President Strump for 2020 to make up for not voting for several decades.

      Campaign slogan is a work in progress
      STrUMP 2020, Oh yeah!

      • The reason why websites censor my comments is because they are terrified of my views. American politics is a cancer and National Bolshevism is the answer.

        What is so HORRIBLE about being a pro-White Communist? “Pro-White” Capitalists and Christians are accepted even though those things come from the Jew and are doing infinitely more to promote White genocide than Marxism-Leninism is. Why do WNs have such a Boomer fear of Communism?

        • Nobody is terrified of your lonesome weak squeaking.

          Now if you can somehow manage to get an army of mice squeaking whatever it is you are pushing then maybe you’d be right.

        • @Jijcf
          “What is so HORRIBLE about being a pro-White Communist? ”

          A “Pro White” anti-White communist who says he supports White Genocide in Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

          “The reason why websites censor my comments is because they are terrified of my views.”

          Repeatedly spamming contradictory drivel isn’t terrifying, its childish and moronic.

          • When did I ever say I support White Genocide? I want an all-White Europe and I dont want White colonialism in Africa. How is that contradictory? I am just supporting Nationalism for all peoples except Jews, which is the Marxist-Leninist position.

            Why do you hate National Bolsheviks so much? What did we ever do to you?

          • Jijcf, you almost seem sincere. If you truly loved our God Emperor Trump you would worship his success as a business tycoon, Reagan impersonator and actor rather than insulting him with your aimless squeaky Communist ramblings.

  15. I used to work with a colored guy who could whistle the guitar solo for that song “Baker Street” – true story, honkies!

    • I am a Nazbol Marxist-Leninist and a fanatical anti-Semite who is fanatically committed to the preservation of the White race. I am a warrior for the White working class and the 14 words. I also stand in solidarity with Nationalists and Socialists of other races resisting capitalism and Jewry.

  16. Come on, Hunter, all you have to do is have a block button that we can apply to louts like elchimpo to negate their foul presence here, you wouldn’t even have to try to permanently ban them when they sneak on under a slightly different name.

  17. Wow. Who let the JIDF take over the OD comments section? The regular reddit-tier troll posts are easy enough to ignore, but some of this recent schizophrenic posting could really be confusing for new readers that don’t understand history.

    For example:
    “I am a Nazbol Marxist-Leninist and a fanatical anti-Semite who is fanatically committed to the preservation of the White race. I am a warrior for the White working class and the 14 words. I also stand in solidarity with Nationalists and Socialists of other races resisting capitalism and Jewry.”

    I am a Nazbol Marxist-Leninist [jew] and a fanatical anti-Semite [jew] who is fanatically committed to the *destruction* of the White race. I am a warrior *against* the White working class and the 14 words. I also want to infiltrate your movements and help the goyim resist (((capitalism/Jewry.)))

    No Whites I know would use variants of ‘fanatic’ in the manner of the op, let alone bother to capitalize ‘jewry’. As anyone with a thorough understanding of history can see, (((they’ve))) been using the same infiltration tactics for hundreds (thousands?) of years now and it’s really getting old.

    • Of course…
      I fully expected a reddit-tier personal attack reply rather than an honest refutation, but man you’re quick. Thanks for proving my point. Surely no normie has the free time nor desire to police this comment section to the extent you do. They must pay you guys a lot of shekels.

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