Charlottesville Pedophile Announces Congressional Run

Nathan Larson is the latest face of nihilistic, crackpot internet autism:

“Nathan Larson, a 37-year-old accountant from Charlottesville, Virginia, is running for Congress as an independent candidate in his native state. He is also a pedophile, as he admitted to HuffPost on Thursday, who has bragged in website posts about raping his late ex-wife.

In a phone call, Larson confirmed that he created the now-defunct websites and ? chat rooms that served as gathering places for pedophiles and violence-minded misogynists like himself. HuffPost contacted Larson after confirming that his campaign website shared an IP address with these forums, among others. His sites were terminated by their domain host on Tuesday. …”

Check out his manifesto.

He makes a few valid points that I agree with like feminism being out of control, preserving free speech or Israel having too much power and influence over our government. He mixes it up with though with cringe positions like sex slavery, pedophilia and legalizing child pornography.

Taylor Larson is the sort of person who inspired the project which I began several months ago. I was repulsed by the cultural decline that I saw around me. At the same time, I was becoming more repulsed by the morals of some of people who were supposed to be on our side. I didn’t find either the mainstream or the alternative compelling and it made me wonder about my own beliefs, how we had declined to such a point and what a real alternative to the status quo would look like.

A deranged autist who wants to rape his own 3-year-old daughter … you know, it doesn’t get more sick than that. He really puts an exclamation point on the fact that sharing similar views about race and Jews isn’t enough. It is no substitute for having a common moral community.

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    • If you say so about the accountant.. whatever you say. But more important there are too many cities going by the same name Charlottesville.

      Too bad this is not the one in NC, if it were maybe Larson could enjoy getting high off the Asian American’s massive opium stash from the evidence lockers or warehouse;

      I can imagine this guy on his farm eating all the stray dogs and chickens is exactly the kind of neighbor you could be best friends with.


        The Judaists are known to do these scams.

        When some young Jewish boy tells his mother that he supports the alt right, and will leave the criminal cult of Judaism, because the Rabbis are open bordering women in his family in the mikvah to make sure they are not niddah, the Rabbi will tell him, see, look at this candidate.

        He is alt right and hates the Yehudim and he is a pedophile.

        And then the Rabbi will generalize using a logical fallacy called generalization and guilt by association: Therefore, all alt right are pedos.
        And All those who hate yehudim are pedos.

        • This looks like the Jews’ attempting to project their pedophilia onto whites while deflecting attention away from themselves.

          • More likely this is a Jewed attempt at taking the white mans’ rectal temperature. Here one finds “pro-white” ideas combined with sick perversion. Says the Jew, “Let’s see which has the most pull. What percentage of goy will buy into the idea of “acceptable” perversion if it supports their pet white issues? After we get a reading on that, we can figure just how “edgy” we can make the next candidate and from there, mold our next real candidate to suit the gullible goy, while fulfilling our full agenda.”

            As FDR is reported to have said, nothing in politics happens by accident – nothing .

      • Jews advocate for sex with kids. It’s even in their Talmud. I hope all jews on earth are incinerated. Jews know they deserve this.

        • Denise, is it true that liberal ladies stick their tongues out at you and mock you for being perpetually unable to attract a man?

          • @Gothic Jew – I’m married – but I know that you know all about attracting men. Or at least trannies. Now go take the bas pipe. Heal the world and kill yourself. Anglin will have to find another twink to fellate him – but too bad.

          • @Denise You BET I know how to attract men. Anglin isn’t my type, though – he’s such a manlet! But I can also attract women, specifically GOTHIC women who are ten times the woman you are.
            Serious question: Would you murder your husband if his genetic test came back saying he was one fifth Jew?

        • Actually I have to disagree with you there unless you give further detail and evidence. Jews don’t advocate pedophilia, at least not in the same way they advocate homosexuality and miscegenation.

          Pedophilia is still very much condemned by the jew-controlled media. Even pedophile kikes like Jared from those Subway commercials ends up behind bars and losing everything. The Age of consent has gone up in almost every part of the world and the laws for child pornography have become stricter and more broad. Pedophile advocacy groups like NAMBLA have been infiltrated and shut down by police. I just don’t see pedophilia being normalized or celebrated at all the way homosexuality and other perversions are. Think about this: A few hundred years ago a girl of 13 getting married and pregnant would have been considered normal even if the male was ten years older.

          This is not to say one should advocate pedophilia. I’m just pointing out the reality that pedophilia advocacy in today’s world is not something you’d want your face or name attached to. It is widely considered unacceptable and it is not being advocated by the jewish media.

          If anything jews will use pedophilia to try and tarnish a person or group by trying to associated them with it.

          • “Actually I have to disagree with you there unless you give further detail and evidence. Jews don’t advocate pedophilia, at least not in the same way they advocate homosexuality and miscegenation.”

            *GASPS* What’s THIS? Are you actually using facts and reasoning and truth to defend Jews from slander? You must be a crypto!

            If I were you I would start running. The fanatical “Burn the JOOOS!” squad led by Denise the Bitter will be after you! 😉

    • “Alt-Right is Jews”

      Alt-Right are a bunch of hypocritical anti-Semitic clowns. It’s not bad to be Jewish but it is bad to pretend you’re not just to justify your disgusting bigotry. Shame on Weev, the self-hating Jew!

  1. A.H. had a place for such scum-bags. Right there working their sicko arses off beside the rest of the scum-bags in the “death camps”. Friggin douches like him deserve worse, though, much worse.

    “sharing similar views about race and Jews isn’t enough”

    ^^^That’s for damned sure.^^^

    “According to Larson’s campaign manifesto, his platform…includes protecting gun ownership rights, establishing free trade and protecting “benevolent white supremacy,” as well as legalizing incestuous marriage and child pornography. In the manifesto, Larson called Nazi leader Adolf Hitler a “white supremacist hero.”
    He is working for the Jews.
    No doubt about it.

    • It’s also known as Gay Adoption.

      Which used to be banned before the left legalized it.

      • This is why the Republican Party is so hopeless. It’s one thing to say “Oh well” about gay marriage which allows already legal relationships to feel legitimate, but quite another to refuse to address the obvious questions raised by gay adoption. A Republican doesn’t have the guts or visionary imagination to look a “social scientist” in the eye and say This is bad for the kids, whether you say so or not! If one did, the Trump voters would stand behind him but all a Republican cares about is the big Jewish donors who will pull their money if he stands up for traditional values.

    • El Chap0… your insults are a ringing endorsement of those you insult.
      So thanks for continuing to endorse myself, Spahn, Marcus and the gang.

      On the other hand, if ever I find myself being praised by the likes of you, I’ll definitely consider re-evaluating everything I stand for.

  3. He looks like an ‘Asian wife/mixed children’ kind of dude-theres plenty of them we’re I’m from these days.

    • And you’re probably one of them yourself. You’ve already admitted to finding Asian women attractive.

      • @T’Challa,

        Obviously you don’t read any posts properly-I said they’re attractive, yes……but still belong in their own nations with their own men. Whites have enough attractive white women who DO belong with us.
        You’re obviously an unemployed mud with too much time on your hands-and I’m enjoying watching how immature your rants are. Your trying to annoy us, but all your doing is entertaining us. Your M.O. is typical leftard-become petty when you lose the argument.Please keep it up….I need the laughs.

        • Asian women look like Asian men, literally their bodies are exactly the same stick straight up and down. They even have one clothes size in Asia for all it’s called “free size”. Not only that they look like aliens wtf are you on about attractive?

          And their fake “femininity” falls immediately to the side when they’ve got a white man they rule the roost and eventually leave in the middle of the night with all the money and the mongrel kids in tow. It’s a well known story. This is of course after said white man has paid for all their family to emigrate. Attractive my ass. You know Down syndrome was called “Mongol Disease” forever for a reason right?

          • @Deep South,

            Ummm….there’s no point telling me all this-I’m converted. Tell it to the many men already involved with them. Call them out for their treachery against their race. Call them out for the weak little race traitors they are. Invite him/them to live in his ‘wifes’ country with her and their little inbreds. Tell him he’s helping to destroy his people. Shout it from the rooftops!

        • I said they’re attractive, yes

          I bet it, john, you have a thing for sushi.

          …become petty when you lose the argument.

          Then it’s fortunate i haven’t lost any on here.

  4. Well at least this particular creep is honest about his perversions, unlike those born again conservative fundamentalist types.

    El Puto, you greasy brown taco niggers are attracted to
    prepubescent girls, right? Is that because certain parts of your “brain” are malformed and underdeveloped?

        • I definitely see the hierarchy of the Mormon Church being aligned with a control mechanism similar to what is within Judaism. Maybe the same one.

          Like the Second Vatican Council, I think something went on within the Mormon Church over the decades since WWII. I also believe there is a good possibility that Lucifer is who they worship although I doubt the rank and file have a clue. The symbolism is there and undeniable.

          Does anyone else question how all the Christian churches including the Mennonite churches have welcomed diversity almost simultaneously? Abortion, gays, etc. all of a sudden all acceptable? Not sure about the Amish but something sure has negatively infected their communities as evidenced by that TLC’s Talmudic show Breaking Amish.

      • Which is why Washington D.C. New York and Hollyweird are dens of pedophilia, sexual depravity and sex trafficking. Where Jews gather in number, pedophilia follows. Where Muslims rule, pedophilia and child rape is the norm. Especially when they rule over non-Muslims.

      • @Denise

        “Kikes and other shitskins revere child rape. The Talmud advocates for child rape.”

        What would you expect from half Mongolian savages and Niggers?

        We’re being invaded by the hordes of Africa and Asia. We’re getting a combination of Ghengis Khan and Shaka Zulu shoved down our throats.

        • We’re getting a combination of Ghengis Khan and Shaka Zulu shoved down our throats.

          Are you saying you hate multiple Grammy winning singer-songwriter Chaka Khan? You’ve gone too far now!

          • And let’s not forget the multi race sounds that came out of Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals. I’m betting all these inbreed LOVE the sounds of the Swampers.

  5. At some point, Sir, you are going to have to come to grips with the fact you are a traditional Southerner Klansman type, living in an era when such is not only very rare, there is little sympathy or support for it.

    I remember a lot of straight-lacet, pro-White, pro-Southern people like you in rural and smalltown Dixiecrat North Carolina, when I was a kid, but, they have mostly died off and not been replacet.

    Your crime is to be out of time – though, times change, and the last part of your life may not be like the first, in that regard.

    There is always hope for that, but, in the meantime, you have to wrestle with this, I am afraid.

    But, hey – you do have your wonderful wife, family, and The League, so all is not lost!

    • I remember a lot of straight-lacet, pro-White, pro-Southern people like you in rural and smalltown Dixiecrat North Carolina, when I was a kid, but, they have mostly died off and not been replacet.

      As they say, “All is well that ends well.”

      • That’s the damn truth. But really y’all. Donate to this site and whatever other internet based panhandling Hunter has. Being an admin of e-Hate is expensive and we all know Brad is absolutely unemployable in Barbour County, Alabama. He has a white wife and child that need to eat, and as a Proud Southern Man, it is his God bound duty to feed them, even if it means begging online when his SNAP runs out. And have you seen Renee lately? Clearly she likes to eat. Also, travel to all those hate fueled rallies to weep publicly about the struggle of the white patriarch aren’t free. There is no government assistance for that. Y’all. Help this poor nigga out!

        • You’re white. That’s obvious. You’re male which is apparent by who you attack and why. And, you’re extremely immature as evidenced by your focus of certain issues. You may even be a regular here under a different avatar with a different approach. And, apparently, you are stalking the Griffin family. That’s dangerous territory.

          • Dude. Everyone in Eufaula knows who this joker is. Ain’t no stalking. And y’all! Help this white nigga out! No one in Eufaula likes them nor will hire him! White nigga is broke! And his fat white wife needs to eat!

          • Oh FFS…. Y’all are the ones constantly doxxing people. So if I say publicly that Hunter is Brad Griffin and he lives in Barbour County Alabama and has a gross fat wife and they live in squalor out in the county, well, he will deny it on this home page. Also, everyone in Barbour County knows who this piece of trash is. In fact, his ugly kid has been denied private preschool due to the trashiness of poor kid’s parentage. Poor little Geordie.. Brad was a fat little kid at EHS and tried out for the football team and didnt make it. There were a ton of big black kids who did, because they were awesome athletes and that is how we are State Champs and have alums with Super Bowl Rings. Poor little Brad couldn’t play with the big boys and maybe that is why he is a racist..or wait…..poor son of a bitch was raised that way… for him. Either way, Brad is a poor, white, loser.

    • @Junius Daniel
      “I remember a lot of straight-lacet, pro-White, pro-Southern people like you in rural and smalltown Dixiecrat North Carolina, when I was a kid, but, they have mostly died off and not been replacet.”

      They are going extinct because they don’t use what works.

      “Your crime is to be out of time – though, times change, and the last part of your life may not be like the first, in that regard.”

      On his headstone it will be written: “To the bitter end, he didn’t use what works.”

      “But, hey – you do have your wonderful wife, family, and The League, so all is not lost!”

      The genocide of your people is not so bad, when you have a club membership and family…

  6. Where do they dig these clowns up from?
    They’ll find someone who shares our beliefs, except he’s a filthy pedophile.
    So they’ll find a similar guy who’s not a pedophile, except he will really love Israel.
    So they’ll find an anti-Semite far-righter, except he will be married to a gook.
    And on and on the silly circus goes.
    Anyone but another Hitler.

    • Anyone but another Hitler.

      And he was in love with his niece and enjoyed eating shit allegedly. Wait a minute — if you replaced “niece” with “daughter,” Trump would be the new Hitler.

      • His niece was having an affair with the chauffeur Emile Maurice and they planned to marry. Hitler was almost certainly saving up his niece for a political marriage to a European royal family as a bargaining chip. This is what Napoleon tried too. Perhaps a Windor or the Swedes or the Dutch. Controlling yes, but not incestuous.

        • A “Windor”??? Is that white trash for “window”? So Hitler was gonna marry his niece to a piece of archetecture? You stupid piece of trash. Go kill yourself.

      • Not so. The Christ story in the gospel (fact fiction myth poem sacred) reads like an anti-Semitic parody.

    • But he is one of y’all! Why aren’t y’all defending him?? He hates black people and Jews and Catholics. I would think a little bit of kiddie fiddling would be passable to you group of awful people.

      • I generally make a policy of never responding to anti-whites (anti-whites should be extirpated) but I will make an exception this once.

        This man is profoundly evil and the only reason he is being promoted in the media is to defame white racial self-defense, white nationalism, and the right of whites to self-determination.

        If this defective sack of flesh were returned to his maker by a white nationalist tomorrow, the media and the SPLC would turn this pedophile into another Heather Heyer martyr overnight and write article after article on the dangers of “far right domestic terrorism.”

  7. I think the guy may be a plant to further undermine the ALT Right. What better way is there?

    On another note, Gov. Chris Sununu (NH) plans on passing transgender activist bills. Let me point out that this is the son of John Sununu, Lebanese/Palestinian Zionist and fervent globalist, who influenced Reagan to legalized the invaders during his term. Now why isn’t this family being attacked by racially-conscious whites with the same zeal as they attack Jews? Too much work to focus on so many at one time? Zionism is rooted in Satanism. Judaism is not a mono-theistic religion despite it being advertised as such. Islam is also Satanic. The Second Vatican Council was Satanic. Bella Dodd testified before Congress that the communists sent over 1,000 men into the ranks of the Catholic church who became priests, bishops, etc. Stop using excuses and start using logic. Deception is job #1.

  8. Another push toward universal acceptance of pedophilia. Muslim rape of 10 year old White girls is being normalized in Europe. Only a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews will oppose this latest enlightened trend of Diversity’s strength.

      • Why do all the Jews hate Russia? My guess is that they can subjugate the Slavs in Poland and Ukraine with the help of NATO, but Russia is proving a tough nut to crack. Putin refuses to let Jewish oligarchs and their shills dictate more than 30% of the time. Am I right?

        • Unfortunately, Putin is no Cossack when it comes to dealing with the jews. But he’s no Boris Yeltsin either. Putin won’t allow them to have total control of the Russian economy and mass media like they want, nor will he allow Russian interests in Syria or Iran to be threatened by Zionist aggression.

          • The Jews loved Yeltsin far more than they like Putin, but what they fear most of all is a revival of Communism. The USSR was hell on Earth for Jews who couldn’t stop whining about the “evil anti-Semitic Reds.” There were no Jew oligarchs until the CIA and Mossad orchestrated the overthrow of People’s Revolutionary Democracy.

          • Yeah the USSR was much “hell” for the Jews that anyone who didn’t love jews was exterminated by the Communist government.

          • Putin does what’s good for Putin. Sometimes that aligns with our views but sometimes not. I mean he’s allowed both his daughters to marry non whites so he’s definitely not pro white. I don’t think he considers himself “white” anyways.

            Plus over half the Russian army is Muslim now anyways and Russia has like a 40% Muslim population or something crazy. I don’t think anyone has to be 100% pro or anti Putin, he kisses a lot of jew ass but most Jews outside Russia hate him. He’s a character but his biggest draw is that he calls out Yankee hypocrisy.

        • @Clarence. They already have subjugated the Slavs in Poland, which wasn’t such a hard task as Poland nevber stopped being severly “enriched” by Jews. Many survived both the “Shoah” and the alleged anti-semitism after WWII. You find them as bishops in Poland’s RRC and in its parliament’s both chambers, not to mention the media.
          According to Andrzej Duda, Poland’s president, married to Agata (((Kornhauser))) Duda, Poland is the homeland of two nations: the Polish and the Jewish. All four children of Poland’s PM, Tadeusz Morawiecki, were students in a Lauder Morash Jewish school. Since he had himself boasted of having Jewish roots, it is hard to believe that he placed his children in a Jewish school just because this school, unlike the rest of Poland’s schools, “stands for quality”.

          • When England kicked out the Jews for 500 years Poland took them in. Same with France and Germany.

          • How’re you doing, Lucy? I’m not always a fan of slavic attitudes towards women, but I look our for your informative comments. Thanks for the updates. Hope the summer in Sweden finds you well.

          • @Lucy. You are an idiot. Pretty much EVERY SINGLE JEW IN POLAND WAS KILLED. DEAD. Stahp with the conspiracy theories. You look like an idiot.

        • Clarence Rutherford
          June 2, 2018 at 4:12 pm

          “Why do all the Jews hate Russia?”

          Its simple. They hate anything they don’t control.

          They used to control it under Communism, now they don’t control it any more their butthurt is off the scales.

    • More likely he’s just insane and a useful idiot. The guy spent over a year in prison for threatening to kill the president. There is something seriously wrong with him, he’s not your typical cowardly shill or undercover psyop. He has the signs of somebody with anti-social personality disorder. Of course the media will ignore his obvious mental illness and instead focus on his politics even though the guys probably doesn’t even know what he’s saying half the time and lacks any kind of filter for his thoughts. If somebody identifies as a “hebephilic rapists” then they need to be put in a mental institution.

  9. Expect the bull dyke and the fags at the $PLC to be pushing this jew plant for all the shekels next week.

    • Honestly, if some pro-white person did kill this deranged freak, the SPLC would run an article saying “White Supremacists Brutally Slay Political Advocate for the Mentally Ill.”

      The anti-white media and diversity industry are purely evil.

  10. Hello Southerners!

    I’m here! I’ve finally come down for a tour around NC and some of Tennessee, after years of wanting to and never getting the chance.

    What fine people, culture and fun.

    No guineas!!!

  11. I keep trying to post video tributes to the Smokies with no luck.

    Is JR at it again or is there some other tech gremlin at work?

  12. Gothic Jew has crawled out of the sewer, so I guess the AIDS he got from his nigger boyfriends hasn’t killed him yet.

    • Forget the Jew Question! I only want to know the answer to the Pimple Question.

      Pimple Question: Why do so many men in the Alt-Right have so many pimples, and why don’t they invest more of their money on pimple pads?

      Serious question guys!

      • Gothic Kike: Why do jewboys (like you) engage in coprophagia and have Oedipus complexes? Is it because jews are inbred and mentally ill?

        Serious question, goyim!

        • Fun fact: Insulting a white supremacists mother on a white supremacist forum will have a large blast radius.

      • I want a like button. Hey Brad, can you get on that? Or are you too busy trying to get your food stamps upgraded to WIC?

  13. Larson is definitely an extreme example, but I agree that it’s not surprising that someone so sick and nihilistic would take on some Alt right views. I like Hunter’s poiny that the Alt right is not really an alternative to modern leftism, just a different kind nihilism. I think a real alternative to nihilism has to be a biblical reform of society.

    • No, a real reform lies in Marxist-Leninist revolution. Nazbols are not motivated by nihilistic edgelordiness, though our extreme hatred of Jews might make it look like that. We are motivated by a supreme love for the White race and a desire for a better future for all White children in the world.

      • I like the way you think, Jicf. I guess I should consider myself a NazBol / Menshevik.

        • Thanks.

          Can someone tell all of these anti-Nazbol idiots to shut up? I don’t understand how ANY WN could defend (((capitalism))). Half of capitalists are literal kikes and the other half are cucks wno are committing White genocide.

      • @Jijcf
        “We are motivated by a supreme love for the White race and a desire for a better future for all White children in the world.”

        Riiiight… And that is why you supported the USSR backed Genocide of Whites in Africa.

  14. Past time you should actually go back to your blog, Brad.(This response, like the 20 messages you post other than here was initially posted on Gab.)

    I got a question for you:

    “Who is more moral, this blight-wing LibberToon whigger pervert accountant Nathan Larson or whigger slacker with a .45-cal Glock Dylann Storm Roof?”

    I’d say that both of them are inevitable given the times we live in. And that one shouldn’t rail against the inevitable, but rather keep out of its way as best as possible…


    Additionally, the crap that has been going down the pike to where the White Aryan People are being destroyed by Under Satan’s Administration (USA) has its roots not in the pre-Reformation period but more like the World War One era which spawned Khazar War Duex-ch, then the Rise of the Mighty Evil Empire of ZOG/Babylon The Third and Final and now its Fall & Collapse.

    I myself have pointed out that there was nothing Robert E. Lee or Adolf Hitler could have done differently tht would have yielded different results — YHWH decided to bring His Servant Nation to the great Tribulation so that His Plan could be achieved. Realing the Books of Enoch and Jasher from the Days of Adam there were two columns made, one of brick to predict the Flood of Noah in the Tarim Basin 1651 years after the Expulsion from Eden, and one of stone to predict the end of today’s world six thousand years later by the fires of the Apocalypse. Thus we must each endure what is soon to come.

    Since the morning lie-paper is fake news, yet Ramsess II lied about the Battle of Kadesh in 1279 BC, “History” is always suspect. Besides, your excursion into memory lane is bootless. Whigger nature never changes; very few are actually fuly human. As Christ said, “Wide is the gate and broad is the way which leads to destruction, and many there be that go in thereat. Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leads to life, and few there be that find it,” cf Matt 7:13-14.

    So given that most of the whiggers are mere sick diseased animals their public institutions reflect that. Our own bowel Movement has had the Alt-Right/Kike fall apart recently; Whigger Nutsionalism v 1.0 is merely the same old ZOGbots & ZOGtards going through the motions.

    So Brad, in your 20 posts on Gab every day, can’t you string together four or five of them together to make a new post onto your neglected blog? The blog post is Internuts permanent’ Gab is ephemeral.

    And yes, I prefer Dylann Storm Roof, but this based Alt-LibberToon ZOGling whigger pervert running for Congress is just what the sundry Charlottesville gliberal poop-chute(s) deserve.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  15. Also, in high school, Brad was a little fat kid who got bullied by the, wait for it……COOL WHITE KIDS!!! So little chubby Brad found his solace with the black kids. Just truth telling.

    • Your theory sounds pretty logical. My theory was that he’s still bitter about getting cut from the JV basketball team (because he sucks), and used “anti-whitness” as his excuse

      • Why are you ugly little brown squatemalan “males” attracted to prepubescent girls? If I ever catch you molesting a kid I will kill you right in front of everyone.

    • We can pick our own lettuce, we don’t need you ugly little brown mongrels to do anything for us. GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY.

        • Wow, so you picked up cigarette butts around the motorpool every morning after formation. A grateful nation salutes you

          The following men did nothing wrong:

          Adolf Hitler
          Tim McVey
          Dylann Roof
          Andres Brevik

  16. I did pick up tons of cig butts, but that’s not how I got a C.A.R.

    you’re welcome, coward.

  17. Please donate. I’m almost out of food stamps. The information is below

  18. Seriously people. I need your donations to keep my free website up, and people like El Chao out

    • I will continue to inform the decent people off Barbour County if exactly who you are. My Mama met you once. She called me and asked me if you were in Meth. You and Renee are a blight on out decent, democratic community and DEFACS should take your child. I’m on that. Expect a visit.

  19. Shit there are times when I think 80 to 85 percent of the people aren’t playing with a full deck, and it’s through out society, from top to bottom. The liberals are by and large scum bags that want to normalize abnormality and sin. What passes for conservative is primarily a bunch of reactionary flag wavers who want to start wars for other people’s kids to get shot up in, and give the military a blank checque.

    I find the stupidity maddening if I think about it too long.

      • Dabney let the Southern Democratic Bourbons off the hook who were in every way bad and I say WORSE. The Bourbons were willing to literally enslave poor whites in the place of the Negroes after 1877 and it was men like BEN TILLMAN who stood up to them and called them out for what they were. It was the Populists who put Segregation on the books. The thing was Southern Democrat Bourbons went out of power, they gave only lip service to Segregation. When the Klan got going again in the 1920’s it was staffed by Populists. When the South modernized POST WWII, the Bourbons made their play to get back into power and cut a bunch of corrupt deals and the corporations made sure the Populists were repudiated by the late 1960’s.

        If you look up Southern writers, you will notice how the Southern elites were literally mocking the Klan as early as the 1920’s, the newspapers were as well. It was the commoner, the Populist who made sure the South stayed white.

        The Bourbon ascendancy of the Late 1960s brought us leftists like Fritz Hollings, Dale Bumpers, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Al Gore Jr. and countless others. After 1970 populism was dead. Even George Wallace had to change his views to get back into office.

        The State that has done the most to DESTROY WHITES is Texas. Texas has been worse than the worst Yankees and Abolitionists, in fact if I had to choose between a Texas Oilman and Thaddeus Stevens, I think id take my chance with Thaddeus Stevens. Texas was the only Southern State untouched largely by the war and afterward it just boomed but it needed infinity cheap labor. I have posted elsewhere how Texas bullied the government into keeping Latin American borders open and has done so since 1845. Texas’ Big Oil, Big Agriculture, Big Ranch, Big Tech have been the NUMBER ONE PROPONENTS OF OPEN BORDERS ahead of everyone else. Even California was not as bad on the Immigration issue as Texas. Lyndon Baines Johnson was a traiterous Bourbon who told Mexico that our border would never be militarized and always be open.

        Remember when LBJ told the Texas Establishment to desegregate schools, Texas did it without any buildings bombed or burned or anyone shot. In Alabama they had to literally use M14 Machine guns with Bayonets affixed to force Integration, in Mississippi the Mississippi State Police and Federalized national guard KILLED WHITE BOYS fighting Integration at Ole Miss. Texas didn’t have anything like this happen, mostly because LBJ and the Bourbon Wealth/Texas Oil establishment said that Texas would be quiet and it was. The common Texans never had a chance agaisnt the billions of dollars and private armies at the hands of this scum.

  20. “liberals are by and large scum bags that want to normalize abnormality and sin”… like spahn doesnt?

  21. What type of socially deviant behavior am I seeking to normalize, CAR recipient? Is that like the Iron Cross?

  22. I really want to know who Denise is. She is such a horrible person, she can only be invented by the Onion. A person that awful can’t be real. Girl, if your sorry ass is real, meet me in real life. I need to see someone like you, a real Nazi, in person.

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