The False Dilemma – Nehti, Nehti

I was honored to be a full hour guest on last week’s edition of James Edwards’ “The Political Cesspool”.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the final hour 8-9 pm.

James and I discussed how our adversaries/traitors use the false dilemma fallacy – what our ancient Indo European Indian kinsmen called “Nehti, Nehti” to confuse and deceive us. While our best leaders and activist are working for the truth, promoting the legitimate interests of our people and being fair and honorable to other decent people, our adversaries/traitors jump in with false either or courses of action:

“Which would you rather have – all US Presidential candidates from both political parties be from either

Harvard or Yale”.

“Which would you rather have – all our colleges and universities dominated by Communists, radical Muslims, homosexual extremists or….

Promote National Review Conservatives, Libertarians and Constitutionalists to have some free speech?”

“Which would you rather have – American leaders being from either the Bush family or the Clinton family?”

“Would you rather our daughters were sexually assaulted, drugged and raped by Hollywood J producers and directors like Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski or….

Have our daughters sexually groomed and raped by old Pakistani Muslim men in not so merry old England”.

It’s a false dilemma – there are always other/better choices than what this corrupt anti Southern, anti White, anti traditional Christian system gives us.

So I ask our OD readers this difficult question today:

Who do you think is the most beautiful, honorable woman in the United States is it:

Jewish Supreme Court Justice from Harvard Ruth Baeder Ginsberg or is it

Jewish Lesbian Supreme Court Justice from Yale Elena Kagan?”

Well make your choice…. (hint there are other choices).



    Sir, you are so right. Thanks for the great article. This is called Hobson’c choice.

    Out of the 5 who supported the scam called “gay marriage”, 3 are Judaists as above. It is very clear that these 3 are mentally deranged themselves. We have mentally ill savages in suits telling the normal people how to behave.

    Even animals have better morals than many Judaists.

    The solution for the American people to get out of the clutches of Jewish terrorism under the color of law is totally boycott all Jewish institutions, Jewish media, and stand up and resist and fight constantly against this Jewish barbarianism such as this.

    No state or individual should respect the corrupt crooked and bogus rulings by these 3 animals. They have proven to us they are mentally deranged.

    • Don’t forget a compromised White president in Bill Clinton and an (((Alinsky’-Soros))) acolyte obumma nominated those three heebs to the scotus.

      If you recall, back in the early 1990s, George H.W. Bush got the ball rolling on the assendancy of lesbian Puerto Rican Sonia sotomayor.

      Reagan chose both Kennedy and O’ Conner. Both have been the deciding votes on anti-White cases (e.g., affirmative action).

      Sure, both Gentiles in name only were following their kosher master’s script. My point being that we can’t trust people to be on our side just because they’re melanin minimums.

      Back to Jack Ryan’s column, the first such either or quandary was live in paradise but in ignorance, or eat from the tree of knowledge. At least in thiatfairy tale, Adam was red pilled to seek out knowledge and thus the promise of wisdom.

      The vast majority of what passes for “our” people are content in their ignorance to the JQ, racial IQ differences, and any other pc verboten subject. Only those that have the inclination to pull back the Jew wizards of ZOG’s curtain can become enlightened.

      • The story about Adam isnt about Sex it’s about knowing too much. It’s a cold icy blast of wind as you exit bliss.

        • A bestial culture of sodomy, multiracial harmony, McDonalds and rape. What’s not to love?

          • Indeed it is very sexy and entrepreneurial. Women are so sexy when they are down on their knees servicing big black tubesteak.

    • Sotomayor is a sephardic Jewess. That’s 4/9 of the Court = Jews. Had Obama’s nominee gotten on, it would be 5/9 kosher. Of course it’s not all that important since on any given issue (Obamacare, faggot fake-marriage, etc.), one of the White shabbatz goy justices is always assigned to go over to the (((Dark Side))).

      • Obama-Romney Care very sexy for health insurance middlemen merchants. Fuck the sick, dying and weak American, they aren’t good enough to breath our master multicult-Race’s air. Put them all the morphine drip and save the fast food industry from paying more taxes!

      • Obama’s nominee was Merrick Garland and if Hillary had won he would be on the court today.

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