Surviving As A Dissident Minority

Editor’s Note: This is the transcript of my speech delivered at the 2018 League of the South National Conference.

I would like think I stand before you today older and wiser than I was three years ago. I want to talk to you today about my experience as a member of the League of the South: where it was when I joined, where it stands today and where it is going.

Public Activism

Since 2013, I have been a strong advocate of public activism. I have argued that public activism is necessary to erode the dominant taboos which have marginalized our community. While I still believe the League should engage in public activism, I now believe that we must be much more prudent in doing so in the current political climate.

When Barack Obama was president, I believe that public activism worked well for the League of the South. It was a net positive that attracted new members to our organization. The average, rightwing Southerner was alienated from Barack Obama’s America. We held public rallies about a series of neglected, hot button populist issues – immigration, refugee resettlement, free trade, Confederate heritage – which resonated with the public.

The mainstream Left was content so long as Barack Obama was president and as a result radical, violent Antifa groups failed to gain traction. In the Obama years, we became accustomed to seeing these people as a joke. We held nearly 20 rallies between 2013 and 2017 which never attracted more than a small, motley crew of mostly non-violent liberal counter-protesters. The Radical Left withered in the Obama years because the mainstream Left was satisfied, asleep and disengaged from participating in public activism.

Throughout the Obama years, the League of the South hosted our own public events. We tightly controlled our own members. We controlled our own message. We were careful to control our public image. There were no violent confrontations with the Radical Left in the Obama years and we were able to engage extensively with the public. In 2013, we held a rally against refugee resettlement in Shelbyville, TN and distributed hundreds of Free Magnolias. In 2017, when we went back to Shelbyville, TN and were treated like caged animals.

I believe this change in public perception and crowd control at our rallies is entirely due to the Trump presidency and the radicalization of the Left that followed in its wake. In the Trump era, the mainstream Left, which was traumatized by the shock of Trump’s surprise victory in the 2016 election, began to openly endorse political violence. Mainstream leftwing publications have defended “punching Nazis” in the name of “the Resistance.” We saw early in 2017 how leftwing bastions on the West Coast like Portland, OR and Berkeley, CA were failing to uphold law and order. They looked the other way while anarchists rioted and engaged in violence against even mainstream conservatives and libertarians.

As a result of the Trump presidency, public rallies, protests and demonstrations organized by the League of the South have been used as a foil by violent Antifa to harness the energy of the traumatized “Resistance” to recruit new members. Many of our public events, which used to attract little attention from these fanatics, have become a public stage for acting out the violent, leftwing backlash against the Trump presidency. Meanwhile, the conservatives who have reaped all the benefits of the Trump presidency have been content to ignore all their violence, the erosion of free speech and the censorship of social media.

In the current political climate, I believe it is necessary to reevaluate the prudence and wisdom of public activism and change our tactics. For starters, I don’t believe it is necessary or wise to announce public events in advance. This only gives our opposition advance notice and time to mobilize their radicalized supporters to engage in violence and create a climate of fear in the communities in which we are attempting to organize. It is not in our interest to absorb the costs of the anti-Trump backlash.

Insofar as we continue to engage in public activism during the Trump presidency, I believe that future events ought to be invitation only, unannounced and privately coordinated. This change in tactics will prevent violent Antifa from mobilizing to oppose our activists. We will have the opportunity to actually engage the public which we didn’t have when we were treated like caged animals in Pikeville, KY, New Orleans, LA and Shelbyville, TN. The costs of painting a target on our backs outweigh the benefits.

I believe everyone in the League of the South will agree that we need to adjust our tactics. The easiest way to fight Antifa is to deny them intelligence and targets to mobilize against. We should steer clear of violent leftists and cut them out of our events so that they will be forced to redirect their harassment to mainstream conservative targets.


The League of the South’s experience in Charlottesville shows why this is necessary. We announced that we were participating in a public rally months in advance. This gave violent Antifa groups from across the country months to organize and mobilize their supporters to come to Charlottesville to attack our group with all kinds of weapons. It also gave Charottesville officials the excuse they needed to cancel the rally.

In hindsight, I think we failed to appreciate that Charlottesville was demographically the most radically leftwing city in the South. We couldn’t have picked a worse place to hold such a large event in all of Dixie. We failed to anticipate that elected officials in Charlottesville were cowed and hostage to violent Antifa groups. We failed to anticipate that the Charlottesville Police Department and Virginia State Police would stand behind barricades and give violent Antifa a free hand to incite a riot. We failed to anticipate that the corruption in Charlottesville had extended its tentacles into all public institutions.

In Charlottesville, we assumed that with a federal court order we would be allowed to exercise our constitutional right to free assembly as American citizens. We failed to anticipate the degree to which the radicalization of the Left under the Trump presidency meant that the norms of law and order had been suspended in some places. Nothing symbolizes this misconception more than how the Alt-Right cheered in Charlottesville when riot police marched into Lee Park. They assumed that the riot police were being sent in to quell the Antifa engaging in street violence, but instead they were used to clear Lee Park by pushing out the peaceful Alt-Right demonstrators into the crowd of Antifa. The police on duty in Charlottesville were ordered to escalate the violence.

While several League of the South members were returning to their vehicles in the Market Street Parking Garage, they were pursued and assaulted in front of the Charlottesville Police Department in full view of Charlottesville Police Officers. These police officers failed to arrest the suspects which they had witnessed engaging in aggravated assault on their own doorstep. DeAndre Harris raised over $160,000 on GoFundMe. He walked away from that incident scot free while our brother Tyler Davis now faces being sent to prison.

Charlottesville illustrated in vivid detail the folly of trusting the ability of law enforcement in leftwing strongholds to maintain the peace at these events. We can’t trust elected officials in super leftwing cities to respect our constitutional rights. We can’t trust the judicial system in these cities to be fair and impartial. We’ve been taking for granted our constitutional rights as American citizens which violent leftwing gangs have been given the green light to nullify by sympathetic Democratic local officials.

There is nothing for the League of the South to gain from hosting public events in such demographically hostile cities which are announced months in advance. We can’t win in such places. We are only putting ourselves at risk by going there under those unfavorable conditions. It is neither prudent or wise for the League of the South to participate in public rallies in cities like Charlottesville, VA where few of our people even live.

I believe there is a consensus now in the League of the South that we should only hold public rallies in cities where we can recruit and organize potential sympathizers. If we are going to invest time and resources in public activism, we should go to where those people live.


From 2013 to 2016 the League of the South steered clear of forming alliances with other groups, but in 2017 at Pikeville we joined the Nationalist Front. In hindsight, I believe we did this out of a spirit of solidarity in a climate of rising leftwing political violence. In such a hostile environment, we began to see the value of strength in numbers and the ugly face of a violent, deranged common enemy.

In 2017, we began to participate in demonstrations with other groups who have different ideologies and agendas, but the price of the greater security at our public demonstrations was the costs of guilt by association. The implosion of the Traditionalist Worker Party in a sordid public sex scandal was one of the things which illustrated the costs of this alignment. We have paid a heavy price for ceding control of our public image.

Is there anything to be gained by participating in these public rallies where we are treated like caged animals and prevented from interacting with the public? I don’t think so. I believe we should discontinue this type of public activism. For the time being, I believe we should host our own private, invitation-only, unannounced public events. We need to reassert control over the messaging and images of our public events. James Fields, Jr., a young man from Ohio who none of us knew, showed the negative impact that unvetted people who aren’t under our control can have on our public events.

The last year has shown that we would be better off just showing up unannounced in cities like Shelbyville, TN and Newnan, GA. We could spend the whole day interacting with the public in cities across a region like Middle Tennessee or North Georgia which would be much more receptive to our message without violent Antifa tagging along and creating a siege mentality in the communities in which we are organizing.

The Alt-Right

In 2017, we aligned ourselves with the Alt-Right, and I now believe that those who had misgivings about this alignment were justified.

The fallout from the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville illustrated the lack of solidarity and cohesion in the Alt-Right movement. Many of our allies in the Alt-Right scapegoated the League of the South for the “bad optics” of Charlottesville. They announced that they were rebranding themselves as American Nationalists.

In the months after Charlottesville, many prominent voices in the Alt-Right have embraced the incel and MGTOW movement. Some have embraced miscegenation out of hatred and loathing of White women. They sneer about the bad optics of the White working class, denigrate Christianity and show contempt for their elders while wrapping themselves in the flag of the US federal government. They have publicly rejected the estate of marriage and discourage young men from starting their own families.

In short, many prominent voices in the Alt-Right showed how much they reject our faith-centered, family-centered, folk-centered worldview. In light of these developments, I have since come to regret jumping on that bandwagon. While I still believe we share some common beliefs on race, I am much more aware now of our cultural differences.

I don’t think we should continue to stray from our identity as Southern Nationalists. I believe we were more successful in appealing to our own people when we presented ourselves as purely Southern and nothing else. I believe we should return to what works and leave the baggage of internet trolls and nihilists to their own corners of the internet.

Donald Trump

In hindsight, I consider supporting Donald Trump another one of my regrets, and now believe the League was correct not to support his candidacy.

While I was right that the Trump presidency would be intensely polarizing, I was wrong that the average Southerner would undergo a political awakening. According to the latest polls, 90% of Republicans support the Trump presidency and that was before the announcement this week that Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring from the Supreme Court. The average Southern Republican has dozed off and gone back to sleep while his heritage is being systematically destroyed and the First Amendment is being eroded.

President Trump has failed to build his wall which was his signature campaign issue. He has failed to make any meaningful changes to our immigration system. He used populist rhetoric about immigration and trade in order to push the standard conservative agenda of tax cuts and greater military spending through Congress. He has succeeded in deregulating banks for donors who are now fully invested in his presidency. He has done countless things for Israel, but our own borders remain porous.

While I am happy about some aspects of the Trump presidency (for instance, peace with North Korea), I believe he has been far more devastating for our Confederate monuments and free speech than Barack Obama. I don’t believe we have reaped any benefits that are worth the costs. As I predicted at the Arkansas State Conference, we have been absorbing the costs of this political polarization at our demonstrations. We need to make long overdue adjustments to this new reality.

Social Media and Crowdfunding Websites

The precarious foothold we had established on social media and crowdfunding platforms came to a crashing end in 2017.

This is another cost to our movement of the anti-Trump backlash. It was going on long before Charlottesville too. I’m going to count our demise on Facebook as a hidden blessing. I gave an entire speech at last year’s conference in which I lamented how that platform has been misused to sow division and foster in infighting. Facebook was also an invaluable tool that our enemies used to engage in data mining and doxing.

We should be thankful that Mark Zuckerberg has kicked us out of his community. I would argue that the costs of remaining on Facebook outweighed the benefits. We continue to think of ourselves as normal, ordinary people when we should be thinking ourselves as political dissidents. Discord was an even worse and insecure platform than Facebook, but thankfully we never made much use of it.

The loss of access to crowdfunding platforms has been a real financial blow. It ought to teach us a lesson in free-market economics. In the contemporary United States, the free-market consists of two or three leftwing controlled corporate monopolies which are more than willing to use their concentrated economic power in order to harm our community to virtue signal to their to their fellow leftists. We can count on the U.S. Post Office, but not on private crowdfunding platforms like PayPal or Stripe.

What Now?

I used to believe that had to get out there and “do something.”

I believed we had to go into the public square and assert our identity and values. We had to break these evil taboos. We had to defiantly assert our will as a nation to continue to exist as a distinct people on this earth. As a nation, we are headed toward the abyss and those of us who love our people are desperate to change this suicidal course.

Lately, I have been having some second thoughts about this noble, but naive worldview. I’ve begun to wonder if this dystopia we are living through is the just chastisement of an angry, righteous Almighty God. I look at our people who have forsaken their God, who no longer honor their mothers and fathers, who murder their own children and call it “liberty,” who would be proud, patriotic citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah, which they would toast for being “free” and “tolerant” and “modern” and “progressive.” Have you ever wondered if people who are so indifferent to the fate of their own children and their own folk deserve this punishment because of their own wickedness?

In its final days, the degenerate Roman Empire deserved to fall to the barbarians. Now it is America’s turn to lay on its own funeral pyre, a victim of its own ideology, liberal democracy. If ever there was a nation in history which deserved to fall, it is this one, which defies natural law by calling “good” by the name evil and “evil” by the name of good, and which justifies every sin under the cloak of “individual freedom.” The country in which we live holds up moral degenerates as role models. These celebrities have millions of social media followers and set the tone of America’s debased popular culture. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, not people like us, have the ear of the President of the United States.

We are a hated, besieged minority in this dying country – no more than 3% of the population. A common theme that runs through our misfortunes is our failure to recognize how we are strangers in this land. We want to think of ourselves as normal people with all the rights of other American citizens, but we are no longer the mainstream. Instead, it is evil, perversion and injustice that is normal and flourishes in this country, which if our religion is true must be an abomination in God’s eyes. Have you ever thought about what America must look like in God’s eyes? Is there anything we can do to forestall God’s damning judgment?

I believe we should repent, and try to separate ourselves as far as possible from the abomination that is modern America. We’ve tried voting. We’ve tried protesting. This system isn’t going to be reformed and it has never listened to us. When we protest something, we operate on the assumption that American politicians care about what we think, which isn’t true. They only care about serving their donors. The Southern people are sunk in their own personal lives and try to avoid thinking about their future. We’re never going to rouse them to action with a Republican in the White House who is perceived to be successful.

We still have a great task before us, but it involves returning to our roots. We need to become an intellectual movement again. We need to offer our people an alternative vision and way of life. I believe that we have neglected that due to our singleminded focus on public activism. I think we need to emulate the church and focus on morality and education. We’re not producing nearly as much Southern Nationalist content as we need to be. A lost generation is growing up that has been severed from its roots and lacks moral guidance. It doesn’t even know what morality is anymore because it has never been exposed to it.

I don’t think we have taken advantage of all the activities we can hold on private property. It would be nice to have other buildings like this one in other Southern states. We’ve been too focused on forcing the world to change and not enough on developing and articulating our own beliefs and making a persuasive case for them. While I believe we should still hold public events, I don’t believe that public activism should be our primary focus. I’ve found that private family gatherings are the most enjoyable activities I engage in these days. We have sons and daughters to raise and they need to be brought up among peers.

I think we have been putting the cart before the horse. Southern identity is extremely weak and our people lack the strength and will to rise up. They lack a sense of national consciousness. They have too much faith in the system. They lack a sense of moral urgency. They even believe Trump is Making America Great Again. It isn’t true. Nothing about our fate has really changed, but normal people will grasp that comfort blanket to shield themselves from having to face hard truths. These things have to change before we can start to accomplish our goals.

It is the responsibility of the League to articulate and nurture our Southern identity and to show why Americanism has failed and is doomed in the long run. We have to show our fellow Southerners that a better world is possible than this one to entice them to move into a new paradigm. We have to be able to clearly explain to them what is the right way to live and what is the wrong to live and why this is the case. Finally, we have to create an atmosphere that will make more people comfortable and willing to join us. We always have to keep in mind that we are a hated, stigmatized minority.

We’re not accomplishing this by being locked behind steel cages and metal detectors, fighting off frivilous lawsuits or by wrestling with violent leftwing fanatics in the streets. I believe that offering a sense of identity and place, deep roots, new ideas, a new ethos, content and fellowship is a better alternative for our people who are trying to untangle their lives from the abomination. In the year ahead, I believe we should focus more on ourselves and less on the world.

Thank you.

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  1. You’re still making a mistake in trying to revive ‘Southern Identity’, you should be pushing for ‘White Identity’. You’re excluding a vast number of people by harping on this Southern stuff. And considering how infested with blacks and browns the South is, you should be starting to look to the north for a White homeland.

    • Which White identity is that? Because I can assure you that Southern Nationalists do not have the same cultural identity as American National Socialists, let alone normie Whites in Nebraska.

      Also, have you considered the possibility that the League wants to be Southern rather than shitlibs from Jew York?

      • FNP is right. However, there are a LOT of whites outside the south who identify with us and would move here and be on our team. This – and that we need more farm / ranch / water / minerals lands – is why we need a very enlarged Confederate States Of America for white Christian SOUTHERN NATIONALISTS only. Picture a line up the middle of Texas to the center of the country then cut straight across east and dip quickly under just before DC. Then add all the islands in The Gulf except Trinidad. Relocate all the 3rd world darkies to Mexico and South America 🙂 Dream big. Get r done.

    • White Cooperationism, not White Identity. Cooperating means we have the same OVERALL GOAL but then we have our particular group goals. As Hunter points out very well, you can Cooperate AT TIMES but you cannot force everyone to fight under one banner.

      Every region has their own particular issues indigenous to their own region. Southern Nationalism is the only thing that can work in the South. You will never get Southrons waving the National Socialist Flag, it just isnt them. Let the South be the South PERIOD

      • No, Billy Ray–Southern Identity is not a matter of “regional issues.” It is sui generis and, moreover, ineradicable. It is unlike anything else in the white world, and, in fact, is not even white in anything other than the most basic biological sense. The South would never be part of a reinvigorated white world.

        • What a bunch of crap. John you are absolutely clueless. Southern identity is a White identity, however White Identity is not always Southern Identity. What it simply is is nationalism. Just like Catalans are Spaniard, but they are also Catalans with their own history and heritage. One can be both. The whole point is, cooperate, do NOT forsake your indigenous heritage

    • The League of the South has been shifting toward becoming just another White Nationalist group for over a year now. In light of everything that has happened since then, I think we need to go in the opposite direction.

      • I’m old enough to remember when the LOS was a bunch of niggerloving civnat cucks. It wasn’t that long ago.

      • Hunter I remember I became very disolusioned with LOS ie Dixienet back in the late 1990’s when I read this that Dr. Hill posted on there. While I understand he probably put this up to keep the SPLC off his back, it didnt work. THIS WAS ON THE SITE IN 1998

        Dsclaimer regarding Hate Groups: DixieNet is aware of the fact that some disreputable web sites have hyperlinked to to DixieNet out of the mistaken belief that we are a racist or white supremacist organisation. They are sorely mistaken. The League of the South repudiates these unsolicited and unwanted links and denounces the abuse of Confederate symbols of Southern heritage by neo-Nazis, Klansmen and other know-nothings.

        • I never met Dr. Hill but from his videos I sense that he is a deeply sincere man, who simply wants his people to be left alone to seek their own destiny. I could see a man such as Dr. Hill disavowing militancy. Ironically this was on the site on Feb 24th, 1998 and James Byrd Jr, was killed in Jasper TX on June 7th of the same year. Of course the media called all the murderers Southern Nationalists because of their tats now didnt they?

          Personally if it was me Hunter, you guys would be called a White Supremacist Hate Group anyway and in the medias eyes the LOS is just Atomwaffen without the Meme’s. My thing is if they are going to call me X, screw them I will be X. Id rather not hide behind BS formalities

      • I respectfully disagree with you, Hunter, because you and the other LOS folks are so busy re-fighting the War Between The States and secede again rather than seizing the opportunity to restore the country to what it was before the Founding Fathers first shafted their constituents by writing the Constitution and then talked them into Federalism rather than simply strengthening the Articles of Confederation as promised.

        You are fighting another losing battle, because you are a generation who has been so subconsciously indoctrinated into the propaganda of the Northern victors that it was only about slavery that you have been forced to lose the Stars and Bars and resort to a Black X for a flag.

        You and the other LOS folks need to lose that black X. It is a tactic admission that the Stars and Bars has been rendered by the (((opinion makers))) as something as shameful as the swastika. You need to change your approach from “The South Will Rise Again” – it has, but Charlottesville has shown what a mutant the New South has become.

        What you will acknowledge that though the Federalist Papers are touted as the ultimate American ideological wisdom, everything that the writers of the Antifederalist Papers warned about has come to fruition.

        There is a growing Antifederalist sentiment in this country and it sweeps across one region after another as FEDGOV has forced one unfunded mandate after another on cities and states across the country. Especially the very unpopular HUD Section 8 mandates.

        This is a prime opportunity for LOS members to stop re-fighting TWBTS and emerge as leaders if they are willing to network with like-minded people from other regions and states in this country and push Antifederalist positions.

        You will not get a single disagreement from any American anywhere in the country that FEDGOV has become too big, too powerful, and too intrusive to anyone simply wanting to live a free life.

        The Black X is a tacit admission on your part that the Stars and Bars, while a beloved iconic symbol of the Old Confederacy, is hurting more than helping your cause. So, pick up the Gadsen Flag again and save the Stars and Bars or the Bonnie Blue Flag (preferably in a museum along with any Confederate statues that still exist by then) until after you succeed in restoring the original Articles of Confederation.

        Though more conservative media is tending to use the term White Nationalists more than White Supremacists these days, they still see the former as a simple rebranding of the latter. But if the LOS allies with other secessionist-minded states like California and push for restoring the original Articles of Confederation and come out as Anti-Federalists, you will throw the media for a loop and force the National Conversation to admit what a nightmare Federalism has become.

    • I’d rather be dead than live in the North. I’d rather be down here with all these Delta bucks than a bunch of damn Yankees.

      • I know the feeling. I’d rather you be dead than living in the North, too.

        • John! So glad you are here to grace us with your presence again. Since you’ve been gone, the quality of trolling has degenerated completely. Welcome back! How’s the weather in Philly?

          • Quite hot, as has been reported. Taking a step outside my door yesterday (July 2) was like walking into a hanging blanket.

      • Hey! In the North they are simply Yankees (which my Southern friends tell me is bad enough). Damn Yankees are those who’ve relocated to and now live in the South or that is what I was told after I found out that the Southern state I was visiting had a Damn Yankees Club.

        But seriously, you need to to at least visit the North. We have great Italian and Greek food. And we Yankee gals love guys with sexy Southern accents. For that alone, Youse Guyz are always welcome.

  2. Good to see Griffin is getting woke on the Seppo Question. But there has to be a better solution than retreating into a monastery.

    Maybe just give up on this land that was stolen from the Indians and go back to Europe? 3% is still a numerically large number; I imagine most of those are Anglos. They could easily overwhelm Cuck Island. How ’bout we move en masse back to Cuck Island and besiege (and I do mean be-SIEGE) their parliament, kill Theresa May and the rest of the ZOG-lings and set up a totalitarian dictatorship?

    • @Jijcf,

      I’ve been to Britain-and have British ancestry. I’ll give you a heads-up……your average Texan wouldn’t feel at home there. It lacks the warm, open outdoorsy feel of much of America, and Australia. You would visit there and enjoy it. You would feel an ancestral connection to the land-but it wouldn’t feel like home, if that makes sense. After a month touring there, you’d be hankering for the open space and sunshine of your birth country.
      Britain is cold, full of creepy medievil buildings, and has no space.
      The answer for many Americans who feel the need to escape is possibly rural Australia-the only other nation with Americas culture AND climate. The U.K.?… thanks.

    • I think there are better ways to advance Southern Nationalism than marching through freedom cages in Pikeville, New Orleans, Shelbyville, etc. We can start with the fact that all the activism has come at the expense of producing content.

      • Most people don’t read anything not condensed down to twatter-sized bites these benighted days. If you want to reach the most people possible (without having to go through the mess associated with public appearances), you’ll have to concentrate on making video content. You could try YouTube to get initially noticed, but less-controlled outlets like Steemit are becoming more popular.

  3. I used to think at times that a white homeland somewhere within the United States might be the answer, but anything that is to be done is going to be a tremendous amount of work, there would a constant hostility from the U.S. government, if it remains at this time.American society has declined for a good number of reasons. I think the future is probably going to involve being much more local with people gardening, working with chickens and growing their own food.

    It’s painfully clear that the organized left, if it’s called that, has gone completely insane since Trump showed up on the scene. They are openly advocating stalking, attacking anyone who works for Trump. Maxine Waters said it openly. If the Republicans had any guts, which they don’t, they would vote to expel that spook lunatic.

    It’s a scary environment out there, I watch what I say in public, and I live in a mostly white town. Most of the people seem to be Trump supporters, the people I usually call ‘flag wavers’, Reagan type conservatives not the alt right, the kind of people who want to cheer lead for the military and war like it was a local football team.

    Trump has been pretty weak from an alt right perspective, mostly just mainstream Republican.

    • Trump serves one purpose and that is to fan the fire that will turn into the Communist explosion. We are the firefighters. When the Commies begin burning down our states, then it will be our time. Not before. Right now we prepare for the anarchy thats coming

      • When we Communists start burning down the decadent Jewnited Snakes and unleashing Pol Potian agrarian collectivist terror, no one is going to stop us. All reactionaries and Jews will cower in terror before the thunder of National Bolshevism, because they know that there is no place to hide.

    • A White Bantustan is not a good idea for several reasons. It would serve as nothing more than a red flag to a hostile government and a Whiteopia for HUD Section 8 to target for low-cost housing filled with Vibrant Diversity.

      A better idea is to seek out and resurrect older towns and cities (which are already majority or completely white, because they have no amenities or social programs to entice diversity) and are dying out because they are off the major highways.

      The infrastructure is already there and with a little investment, you have low-cost Affordable Family Formation for Whites. You can build churches with schools that will keep your kids out of the public school sewers that teach fisting and transgenderism. You can exert more local control.

      Several of these small towns and cities exist all over the country and they are about to go rack and ruin, because young Whites are too busy moving to the cities or, when they have children moving back out to Whiteopias ironically not too far away from these towns going to seed.

  4. Before deciding on a strategy, the LOTS should have a clear understanding of what is has to work with, county by county. Furthermore the League should accept that the core area may only now include a few states and parts of others. It is obvious that much of the Old Confederacy is lost, at least for the moment.

    • The best strategy for the LOS is the TRIAGE Strategy. First face the facts. FLORIDA IS LOST except for the Panhandle. Parts of Texas are lost. Virginia and North Carolina are a mess because of the military bases, research triangle and No Va. Even Tennessee will have its problems what with all the Immigrants in Nashville. As it stands right now there are a few places that are culturally largely still pure because of low in-migration.

      Kentucky, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, parts of South Carolina and Georgia. This is where you should concentrate your efforts. I am afraid Texas will have to do its own thing for awhile, until you stabilize a solid core. From the core, you move outward in every direction. However until the core is solidified, you have nothing.

      I said this a long time ago. Work from the center (ALABAMA IS THE HEART) and work your way out North South East West. Unless the center is secure, you will have nothing.

    • I agree.

      For the record, the article above is just my own personal view. I’ve spent several months reflecting on it. Basically, it boils down to the fact that we are being damaged by people who show up at public events who we don’t know and who we don’t control. I would rather cut those people out of our events.

  5. VERY good article. I give it a 9. Let me explain why not a 10 though : 1. You must understand what a LONG journey we have ahead repairing the BRAND that is Dixie / The South / The Confederate States Of America. You can’t NOT support the least worst candidate at every election and think we’ll actually make it to the end. If Hillary were elected it would be over now. She was the closer. If you don’t know this you’re not informed enough. Throughout our LONG “re-boot the south journey,” we MUST heavily campaign for the least worst candidates in every election … until we win. It’s called buying time and you better do it !

    2. You need a PLAN, ( for crying out loud ! ) Form a think tank. Create a plan. Hire THE BEST internet marketers and launch your campaign. You need donations. You need TV ads too. You need to point people to things like Gone With The Wind … Mayberry … 1950’s America … and come up with your own vision of a new super south … AND PRESENT AND SELL IT TO WHITE CHRISTIAN SOUTHERNERS.
    Also, before you launch your plan … lose the Hitler hielers. Huge numbers of those you’re trying to recruit fought the Nazi’s AND, there’s nothing Nazi about Dixie. Don’t try to force / jam it in. That’s shooting yourself in the foot.

    Get the $$$ rolling in. Create your own mini data center and BUY your dotcom names so no one can erase you. Think HUGE. Create your OWN things like Kickstarter in the south ? $ = power, but there has to be a dream … a vision behind it.

    Other sites to get “more informed” =

    * Caravantomidnight

    * Vdare

    * Hagmann Report

    * Infowars

    * Altright

    * Stevequayle

  6. There is an ABSOLUTE NEED for home schooling… while it’s still legal.
    If a young couple needs to work 2 or 4 jobs, old retired folks like
    me can help. The ziobanksters have forced this on us.

    Second, investigate the Church of Christ. It started in the South
    as a restoration to the first-century religion practiced by the believers
    when there were still living apostles to correct errors…. see 1 Cor:5.
    Each congregation is autonomous and lead by its own elders, if there
    are any men that meet Paul’s standards in Timothy and Titus. Some
    churches are small and meet in individual’s houses, just like they
    did in the first century. Any religion which has a person influencing
    more that his own congregation is false, like the SBC or the catholics.

  7. The most important thing we can do now is to follow the example of the early Christians in the Roman Empire. That is to build a counter-society of people deeply committed to their faith and cause–and to one another.

    • Your understanding of the early Christian church is faulty, to say the least. There was plenty of infighting, with Gnostics, Marcionites, Arianists, Catholics, etc accusing each other of heresy. It was only the weakening of the Roman state and its institutions that made the spread of Christianity possible.

      • @Spahn,

        Yes my daughter loves the Kinks. She’s just brought herself a 1968 Chev Impala and plays all her favorite 60’s music with the USB equipped sound system when she’s out cruising on weekends. She enjoys cars, and music thats older than me!
        She said to say ‘hi’.

        • Your daughter sounds like an awesome young woman! Please say Hello to her for me as well. I just bought a late-model Chevy Camaro and listen to Cream, the Kinks and Bon Scott era AC/DC on its Sirius XM radio.

    • I share this sentiment.

      I want to build a network of likeminded people who share common values. For a while, publicly announced rallies were a means to that end, but this was just a tactic and now it is one which needs to be adjusted.

  8. In its final days the Roman Empire wasn’t degenerate at all, it was weak.
    It could be argued that the most morally sound age of the Roman Empire was in its final century.

    • The Roman Empire was probably no more decadent than California in the 1970s or Berlin in the 1920s.

    • Rampant homosexuality and pederasty aren’t morally sound, and both were features of Roman society from its early days.

  9. It is not easy to be unified with everyone on everything, but if you agree on the fundamentals, that should be the glue that unites us. Division is what the left wants-don’t give them the satisfaction. My wife and I disagree on many things……yet live in the same house. We agree on the major things, and all the rest? Well its just not worth bitching over. We agree to disagree.
    We certainly don’t plan to fail, but we’re failing to plan.
    Its a little defeatist to call Charlottesville a failure. Instead of preaching to the converted, you went to a liberal city and exposed the hypocrisy and violent nature of the left, and the corruption of numerous layers of authority. And it was all caught on smartphones.
    Let petty things divide you if you must, but in the meantime, the third world is changing your country. Its one minute to midnight for us.

  10. The only the White race is going to survive is if some kind of underground guerrilla resistance army is formed to fight for it. In the words of the late, great (((Barry Goldwater))) Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice!

  11. This new direction sounds to me like: ‘in it for the long haul’. One of the first things to be addressed is the complete debasement of the culture of the White nation demographic in America – the heritage of the founding stock. The culture of this population base has been stolen by (((those))) who created the infotainmentplex and associated industries. Previously they were pushing alienation and cultural revolution. Now they are pushing Satanism.

    All the music, poetry, stories and art works of our history is censored, suppressed, ridiculed and sidelined by the mainstream (jewstream) gatekeepers.

    However, there will be a wealth of music, novels, plays, poetry and art works that are taking up the themes of White heritage and dispossession across the West. A lot of it will have Dixie heritage. None will pass the gatekeepers of the infotainmentplex.

    Why not consider publishing some of this material through the Occidental Dissent website.

    • OD needs to become the CNN / FOX / INFOWARS of the south. By doing this and targeting your audience through expert digital marketers … you will cause the south to rise again.

      After grits of course.

      • You realize that most Europeans from Ireland to Ukraine have Celtic ancestry in varying percentages. Also there are many whites who are entirely or partially of Slavic heritage. Alienating them or worse is a huge and likely fatal mistake.

        • I said “ideally”, as in “it would be nice for the sake of tradition and homogeneity.” I would never propose such a thing as law.

        • @Arctic Warrior, I 100% agree. We cannot split or alienate our forces.

          @ Spahn, read “The Dispossed Majority” by Wilmot Robertson for groups that can assimilate well into a White society.

  12. I fully endorse the sentiments expressed in this article! I have long thought that the trials and tribulations that America is experiencing are attributable to the material and physical satisfaction that Americans have come to value over their spiritual and familial needs and interests.

    And, though, I agree that there is a shared sense of a European – White – Ethnic – heritage, I also believe that, just as there are many differences between England and France, there are distinct characteristics and mannerisms that differentiate Northerners from Southerners. We have a collective concern for perpetuating our race, but we also have our own unique, regional qualities and heritage that are worth maintaining for the sake of identity and posterity.

    I understand (as well as I can without having been there) the situation that Germany was in between the World Wars. I can appreciate much of how Hitler felt about the Jews and Communism (although, some of his anti-Semitic views came from Henry Ford). And, I respect and admire the progress in technology that Germany was responsible for.
    But, in the final analysis, I don’t believe that National Socialism is a suitable model for America.

    A truly representative government, that recognizes, as Jefferson did, that each section of the Country is different, with particular socio-economic conditions, is, in my opinion, the best option. To those who advocate a dictatorship, I have to ask, “Who will be the Supreme Ruler?” Is there any individual that you would currently entrust with every decision, and every choice, that you, and the Country as a whole, makes? Yourself? I’m certainly not qualified to occupy such a position, and I would not want a responsibilty of that magnitude. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    New Metrology is correct about Home Schooling. Within our ranks we have all varities of tradesmen and professionals. They should use their knowledge to mentor our youth. The old trade guilds and apprenticeships should be reestablished.

    Finally, I agree with the Gray Ghost. We need to emphasize our Southern culture and strive to insulate and distinguish it from the mainstream. We shoud be using the model set by the immigrant communities who have established their own media outlets. They have effectively created subcultures within our borders. The Hispanics are at the forefront, but the Asians aren’t far behind. With their own radio, television, internet, cultural markets, ethnic festivals and religions, their interaction with the rest of the Country is minimized as much as possible. And, most importantly, their children are taught to emulate and respect their elders, rather than to defy and ridicule them.

    • The Jeffersonian Model of extreme decentralization was why the South lost the war in the first place. Davis and the politicians worshipped Thomas Jefferson like he was some form of Southern Christ even though John C Calhoun had repudiated Jefferson. The Jeffersonian ideas end you up with no working roads, no working railroads, no infrastructure, no cooperation, no law enforcement nothing. Davis for all of his studies forgot the lessons of Rome.

      In Ancient Rome a Dictator with absolute power was given power by the Senate to wage war then he was to relinquish power after the war. Obviously Julius Caesar didnt do this but thats beside the point. The CSA attempted to fight a war where governors openly defied the Congress and the President and actually hoarded thousands of guns, ammunition, uniforms, shoes all to themselves. Had there been a Dictator who put these disloyal Governors to the wall and shot them, as they should have been and placed the entire nation under martial law with shoot to kill orders for any insurrectionist, the war would have ended in a victory. Davis learned this too late and by the time he did, he didnt have the political will nor power to do any of it.

      We best not see this repeat again. If there is to be a New Confederacy, it will have to be a martial law dictatorship for at least two decades, to rid the nation of the insurrectionists and trouble makers. Then once it is purified, it can have freedom. If say Alabama and Mississippi seceded tomorrow, even if Washington did nothing, the Negroes would rise up and begin murdering whites en masse, thinking slavery was going to return. You would have to be prepared for this and respond in kind. You would also have to be prepared to round up their white supporters and (((Fellow White People))) and respond with extreme prejudice. Either have this conversation NOW, or be prepared to see the Negroes take everything you love dear and give it to Shlomo.

      • Jeff Davis, who was born in 1808, was named in honor of our President at that time. You are clearly no fan of TJ, but surely you are not a Hamiltonian???????

        • The Immigration Act of 1802, which gutted White Anglo-Saxon Scots Irish America and quickly changed the fabric of the country in 30 short years is enough reason to hate Jefferson. Even though many of these immigrants were our European cousins and blood wise the same, culturally we were incompatible. Especially after 1848 when millons of Central European Leftists and (((LEFTISTS))) darkened our shores, thanks to the 1802 Immigration act we had no enforcement whatsoever nor any way to keep anyone off of our shoes. In fact it took a couple decades to ship one Russian Jew, Emma Goldman out of our country even though she was involved in the McKinley Assassination.

          Alexander Hamilton had many faults, but he was right about Government, although I would have differed with him on the banking issue. Nations that cannot police their borders are soon nations no longer. Jefferson made an open borders deal with the devil, it led to a Civil War less than 60 yrs later

      • Very good points, but I am afraid very authoritarian, if not military dictatorship might be required for two or more generations. Even after that comes to an end, muh rights will never make a comeback if the South succeeeds in going its own way.

  13. The war against whites comes in many forms in most of our nation’s. Everything from all-out raping and killing us to subtle things such as mixed race ads on TV.
    In Australia this week, the Miss Universe Australia pageant fielded around 30 women with the potential to go on and win the crown… represent Australia internationally, and all but one or two were white Australian. The lady that just happened to win……just happened to be Chinese-Francesca Hung in a win that was obviously politically driven. I don’t feel this woman represents me, and she went on to state that this was a win for ‘a new diverse Australia’. Another ‘rub it in your face’ to the whites.
    Mixed marriage, 90% non white football teams,Chinese new years festivals in Sydney, the loss of our manufacturing and suburbs-I could go on-and all by people who don’t belong here. We’re being sucked in pathetically. We don’t notice it because its gradual-not all in one big hit, but gradual and subtle-thats how they’re winning.
    We need to unite, get fit, and do something about it.

    • White women should boycott these stupid pageants or start raiding the ones that are ethnic or racial.

      Our biggest problem and our biggest enemy is other whites. They’re the crusaders for our replacements and their own replacements. Yet they see us as the menace. The worst type of enemy is one that is crazy and suicidal.

      I read an article on the web about a year or so ago. Not sure if it was counter-currents or tomatobubble or some other site. But it was authored by a white American male who was teaching in China. He said the same white vilification/anti-white lies and the same negro worship was being pushed on the Chinese. Who has that kind of influence in China? What purpose does that serve? I guess we really are the only ones standing in the way of global government and global control. The hive mentality of Asians is perfect for it though.

      Genuine self-sufficiency is key to the success of any breakaway civilization. When that even starts to show and is recognized as a possible threat to the monopolies that rule the world, the iron fist will come down.

      • Class warfare is our biggest problem.

        So everywhere we should be exposing the jews and their tactics. Many whites and coloreds don’t realize that even ‘middle class’ jews benefit in terms of scholarships, and other group survival strategies that whites don’t practice.

  14. Mr. Wallace, with all due respect I have to say that if worrying about whether or not ‘God’ is upset at what America has became is paramount in your mind, you’ve already lost the war. Seeing America’s decent into chaos as “punishment from God” is just a form of defeatism. True, it’s probably best that America (and Western Europe) does get deathly sick from the massive ingestion of the (((poisonous mushroom))) and its myriad toxins over the last two centuries… so that we can puke it all up and eventually recover…, but I personally reserve the right to call it what it truly is rather than “divine punishment”.

    Either way, we definitely need to circle the wagons and be better prepared for future attacks. And we ought to also keep a “the best defense is a good offense” watch on things, too.

    As Whites (world-wide) become more and more persecuted, as truth becomes absolutely illegal, and as our monuments and traditions are destroyed by Semitic-led hordes, many shocked and angry White people are going to finally be prepared to come over to our side. Do we offer them religious fervor or racial reality? It has to be one or the other… because, no matter what the C.I. folks mistakenly believe, Christian superstition and race-realism truly are incompatible.

    • Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Christianity is true and that the Bible is the word of God. Is it unreasonable to assume the God of the Bible takes offense at the actions of His people and punishes them?

        • Christianity is not atheist (coded or not), because atheism just means not believing in God(s).

      • “Punishment from God” is a nice figure of speech, but to literally believe that is irrational. And the last thing any serious political movement needs is to be controlled by religious superstitions.

        • @Spahn,

          Yes I never took to the Kinks much, but my daughter likes them. She just bought a 1968 Chev Impala that she bought off a friend’s friend. When she’s out cruising on weekends she plays all her favorite 60’s music that she puts onto USB sticks. She loves 60’s cars and music. Her friends love being out with her. She said to say gday. She’s wondering what state you live in?
          She’s 20 this year!

          • I must admit I am blushing a bit right now…..

            Although I reside in one of the Northern “bad guy” states, there are plenty of honorary Rebels around here.

      • From the Biblical perspective it is reasonable to assume more than just God chastises his people. The Great Commission was to nations: Ethne/nations were to receive the Evangel, be baptised and become disciples of Christ to whom all authority in heaven and earth is given – in perpetuity.

        “And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness unto all nations, and then the end will come.” Matt 24:14 KJV

        The Gospel has been preached in all the world and to all nations. All have rejected it as nations. And the nations which did receive it and make the faith and morals of the Evangel and the Church the basis of the social order – have now uncrowned Him and rejected Him from being King.

        So yes, I think Divine chastisement goes a bit further than just ‘His people’ or those who constitute themselves as Christians. It is nations as nations that are designated here. The White race as post Christian nations must crown Him again as King.

      • The bible IS true. Read : The Signature Of God, by Grant R. Jefferies. It’s more likely at this point because we don’t have much time before the end, that God will NOT punish us but use us. We – a very enlarged Confederate States Of America for white Christians only – can be one of the few nations that are a “thorn in the side of,” the antichrist. Seek Gods blessing, protection and guidance. The south will rise again … and it’s YOU guys that will make it happen !

      • Well, there’s the various forms of heathenry I guess…

        …as sympathetic as I am to my heathen friends, I have to note that they weren’t able to hold their own. first time around. against Christians. I’m not sure if it can be expected to do better against post-Christians.

        • The problem is here, every nation and people need an ideology. You either have Christianity or Islam really to choose from, the pagan religions are racially indigenous to their inventors and Atheism, Secularism Agnosticism Hedonism Reason, Deism have not worked as they do not inspire the people to be anything bigger than themselves.

          If I were not Christian, I would still support Christianity only in this sense. IT IS AN ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE. Cultures and Peoples need organization. Neo-Odinism Neo-Greek Paganism and the rest are untested weak emotional, and as such would collapse to Islam like wheat before a combine

      • Jews invented a God out of a Jew named Jesus just so they could physically kill God… That makes Christianity far more atheistic than secular atheism.

  15. “In 2017, we aligned ourselves with the Alt-Right, and I now believe that those who had misgivings about this alignment were justified.”

    The Alt-Right isn’t Southern. Isn’t Southern Nationalist, and isn’t sympathetic to our cause. That includes Spencer, Kessler, et al.
    Not all White people, unfortunately, are our allies, simply because they’re White. A great many are tools of the enemy.

    “The League of the South has been shifting toward becoming just another White Nationalist group for over a year now.”

    Southern Nationalism is a form of White Nationalism. That’s the default priori assumption. So much so, that we need not even articulate it. Southern= White, just as American= White, up until the 1960s. We just assume we’re talking about White people, when we’re talking about Dixie, or Southern Nationalism. When the Japanese speak of Japan, they don’t mean Niggers or Arabs. They mean themselves.

    • The problem is most don’t understand the difference. Southern Heritage is grounded in certain moral precepts. White Nationalism as a whole brings in all types of opinions with no solid moral precepts, just this devotion to certain ideas such as White Superiority. That being said, there is an element of hooliganism present in the overall community that isn’t so among SN’s as most have families. I would not call the WN’s tools of the enemy, but I would say that the problem with malcontents and dangerous people in these other groups, does invite law enforcement’s prying eyes. If you are going around with 14-88 tattoed on your neck, the chance you will get to know the Police is pretty good.. Charlottesville wasn’t the fault of any one White Group, it was Bill and Hillary Clinton and their bagman Terry McAuliffe mobilizing the entire apparatus of Communism against us, then controlling the courts to make sure we got prosecuted for fighting back.

      The flip side of this is some would say Southern Nationalists are p_____ and should have begun the rebellion already. While you can admire the guts and the craziness of a true vanguard, a Siege type of guy, the problem is these guys usually end up in prison or dead. Bob Mathews=Died at the hands of US Gov Richard McLaren=Prison Byron De La Beckwith=Died In prison, Edgar Ray Killen=Died In Prison Dylann Roof- will die in prison or on the table and the list goes on and on ad nausem We have to wait for our enemies to implode the system. Its coming, BE PATIENT. Though sadly enough by the time it does come, the Negroes could be mobilized enough in the Deep South that our side could be destroyed there. We have to pray it comes fast

  16. The bad elements you speak of shouldn’t just be termed “alt right.” The alt right took shape in the late Clinton and Bush years as a right wing opposition to globalism. Alt-right are Buchananites, Paulites, white nationalists and other good guys. We were the people opposed to Clinton’s bombing of Serbia and the “PATRIOT Act.”

    The faggots promoting MGTOW and incel garbage are something else. I call them the “troll right.” These people only emerged after Obama was elected. Mostly they have only been politically active since around 2014 or later. The defining trait of these people is they got involved in politics through edgy humor and trolling platforms like and 4Chan. Alt right people started out paleocons and libertarians. Troll right people started out as edge lords and fans of shock humor.

    The troll right comes to politics with little knowledge of history or recent events further back than Obama. They prioritize satisfying their emotional impulses. They have a tendency to attack allies. They think all publicity is good publicity.

  17. Great post, Mr. Wallace. We do need to turn to God and pursue righteousness. The real South is made up of peace loving people who are family oriented. We are not political activists like the Marxists.

    “I think most Americans would feel that the participation of Marxists in the planning and direction of any movement taints that movement at the outset . . . . Others may argue that Dr. King’s thought may have been merely Marxist in its orientation. But the trouble with that is that Marxism-Leninism, the official philosophy of communism, is an action-oriented revolutionary doctrine. And Dr. King’s action-oriented Marxism, about which he was cautioned by the leaders of this country, including the president at that time, is not compatible with the concepts of this country.”
    — Jesse Helms

    I think this anti-South movement can be turned around to our advantage. I think that instead of trying to keep these monuments out in areas where they can be vandalized every time a Southerner pulls a Dylann Roof, we need to let these communist cities spend money to have these “offending” monuments relocated to a private land owned by heritage organizations in very pro-South areas, such as Alabama. We can then fix them up in protected settings and make the whole area an attraction for families to visit and turn this into a safe place to get away from the Marxists. And not only make an area to preserve Confederate things but all the other people and organizations that have been condemned by these radical Leftists such as those from the Jim Crow era and those political figures today who have been demonized like Jesse Helms, etc…

    I think for every street or school renamed because the current name is one that honors a Confederate or white supremacist, the real conservative areas in the South should start renaming the streets and buildings in honor Confederates or white supremacists just to let these Marxist radicals they have a long way to go…

    And after the South is no longer a soft target, these Marxists will next turn on the other white targets like the man they now worship who said this:

    “While I was at the hotel to-day, an elderly gentleman called upon me to know whether I was really in favor of producing a perfect equality between the [black] and white people. [Great Laughter.] While I had not proposed to myself on this occasion to say much on that subject, yet as the question was asked me I thought I would occupy perhaps five minutes in saying something in regard to it. I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, [applause]-that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of [blacks], nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race…”
    –Abraham Lincoln, 4th Lincoln-Douglas debate, Charleston, Illinois, 9/18/1858, transcript courtesy of the National Park Service

    • Oh you didn’t see it? They already burned a Lincoln bust in Chicago and they vandalized the Lincoln Memorial awhile back. NOT THAT I DISAPPROVE PER SE, but just as I said before, the Southern Monuments were the soft underbelly to taking ALL Monuments.

      General WT Sherman Quote. As far as Im concerned they can vandalize his monuments all the want. This quote is golden!

      I like niggers well enough as niggers, but when fools and idiots try and make niggers better than ourselves, I have an opinion

      • “The more Indians we can kill this year the fewer we will need to kill the next, because the more I see of the Indians the more convinced I become that they must either all be killed or be maintained as a species of pauper. Their attempts at civilization is ridiculous…”
        — Gen. William TECUMSEH Sherman

        The way Sherman went after the Indians reminds me of the song: “A Boy Named Sue”

        But in Sherman’s case a more appropriate title would be: “A Boy Named Sioux”

        (I haven’t looked up what tribe Tecumseh was of.)

      • Guess where the movement to destroy Confederate monuments began ? C.A.I.R. Yes, that’s correct. Towel heads who shouldn’t even BE in our country, with $ from Arabs they organized and funded it … while less than zeros sat back watching monkeys toss a ball around. Listen to archive episode 807. Start at 19:00 minute mark. Enjoy 🙂

        Repair the “brand” of Dixie … and promote and sell it. Make $$ doing so, but careful not to let that become the reason.

        An enlarged Confederate States Of America for white Christians only. Present and sell it.

        After grits of course.

        • You will never get Florida in a new CSA except for the very top nor will you get Texas. You may get them LATER, but they will require massive ethnic relocation programs. Southern Nationalists claim Maryland, but the ethnic relocation+Re-Southernization process would take at least two decades. Missouri also has to be Re-Southernized, as its culture has become more Yankee since the war. As it is right now you have the following

          East Texas, that is except for Houston, thats New Afrika/New Mexico/sewer
          Louisiana except for New Orleans aka Chocolate City
          Oklahoma at least the Eastern and Central Part. Would West Oklahoma be that symathetic to the Southern cause? Maybe.
          Georgia except for Atlanta Metro Area and certain heavily Black Areas
          South Carolina, except for the Low Country (TOO BLACK)
          North Carolina except for Charlotte, the college towns, research triangle and military towns.
          Most of Virginia south of Fredericksburg, except for Richmond and Norfolk
          West Virginia,
          Possible new state of Delmarva, Maryland proper would only come after a a massive war and ethnic cleansing
          Southern Missouri below Interstate 70


          • Sir … be quiet and think. You UNITE America into 5 Republics with ours being an enlarged Confederate States. You perfect then present and sell the idea of a restructured America and watch the jigaboos and other lefties DEMAND it happen ! DEMAND their own Republics ! Porch monkeys won’t be killing whites. They’ll be threatening to riot if they DON’T get their own section. Stop running in the little wheel like a hamster. You’re getting nowhere and time’s flying. To succeed you must have a product people want. What is your product ? What is your brand ?

          • Gray Ghost that would work UNFORTUNATELY we have Communist Jews running around riling up the Negroes 24-7. If you dont think thousands possibly a million whites could be murdered in the South if the Jews agitated the Negroes enough THINK AGAIN. Like i have said before, we have to think of all the possibilities, even those possibilities that aren’t likely to happen and then establish redundancy plans to deal with them.

            Any effort by any Southern State for Freedom will result in a Jewish Led Negro Mau Mau uprising. Southern men may respond in kind and the rebellion may be quashed, but either way men will die. DO NOT KID YOURSELF. This won’t be peaceful at all.

        • The Jews were the number one organizers behind taking the money down, I don’t doubt CAIR had a part, but the Rothschilds are using the Confederate monuments as a pretext to destroy all White Christian Culture. It is commanded in the Talmud for Jews to exterminate all Christians so that the KING OF THE UNIVERSE can from his Satanic Temple in Jerusalem rule the earth with an iron rod.

          Of course as a Christian we know that will not happen, but this is the sick ideology that drives Jews

        • The Darkies never noticed statues or flags until the filthy Shlomos told them to do so. Southrons are woefully Jew ignorant as a people. This was why during the Civil Rights Era they thought it was Yankees coming to Freedom Ride when in fact it was (((Yankees))) you know denziens of Northern States who had a certain culture and racial heritage.

          The Jew bitches will screw a Nigger faster than a Pit Bull will seize a raw bloody steak in his mouth

  18. Turning towards God is never wrong, but in terms of political planning, the enemy gets a vote.

  19. So here’s one problem in this whole discussion. Controlled opposition. That’s what led you into a trap, although having toured a bit of west Virginia I can see where some of you may not have grasped the danger. But then, people did warn against the Judeo-Roman hold on it and Spencer went to UVA.

    Now an hour ago Red Ice posted their reaction to the left’s declaration of war against white women – ‘They want you dead white man!’

    Where’s Celestial Times?

    Anyone who is so idiotic as to not recognize their agenda by this time, and by the brazenness of this video coming on the heels of two months of constant white women-scapegoating by the jewmedia (and even law enforcement in South Carolina), deserves to go extinct, basically.

    It’s that simple, and that obvious.

    • Was it you who accused BRJ of presenting historical fiction as fact, madam? If so, I suspect you were right in doing so.

  20. “it is evil, perversion and injustice that is normal and flourishes in this country, which if our religion is true must be an abomination in God’s eyes. Have you ever thought about what America must look like in God’s eyes? Is there anything we can do to forestall God’s damning judgment?

    I believe we should repent, and try to separate ourselves as far as possible from the abomination that is modern America.”

    Amen to that. If you have a Biblical perspective of history, you must come to the conclusion that we are currently being judged. All of the horrors facing white people are occurring because we committed apostasy. If unbelief is the ultimate cause of our problems, repentance is the solution. We must strive to reform the existing churches, and if that isn’t possible we must start our own. We deserved to be destroyed long ago, but our God is full if mercy. The Eastern European countries that have ever so slightly returned to Christianity are already being richly blessed. This can happen to us as well, and in much greater measure.

  21. You hit the nail on the head sir! Though I am not yet a member of the League of the South I am prepared to join the cause wholeheartedly if the League fixes some of the problems you mentioned. I first learned about the League about a year and a half ago and was at first on fire to join, but my enthusiasm was chilled quite a bit when I saw them ally themselves with national socialists. I believe that nothing good will come of joining with national socialist, and that their goals are antithetical to our despite their being pro-white. We don’t seek just to be pro-white but to revitalize a culture that is rapidly being lost. The national socialists are, for the most part, atheists who hold up science and the reason of man as their god, and they propose a authoritarian central government as the vehicle for their political views. Our cause is almost the opposite, seeing as we want to establish a God fearing nation from a culturally unique nation of white folks in which the government is from the bottom up, as in the anti-federalist/Jeffersonian Republican tradition. Allying with national socialists may temporarily bring our numbers up but in the long run it will do more damage than good as most Southerners who might otherwise be sympathetic to our cause will be repulsed by the presence of nazis LARPing in stahl helms and military uniforms in our midst. I will also say that, as a staunch Reformed Christian, I refuse to associate with heathens who worship a German dictator whose been dead for 73 years.
    Also, you are absolutely right about the movement needing to focus more on internal issues then external ones at this point. The best way to ensure that the League will survive the tough times ahead is to strengthen our sense of community and identity. I believe homeschooling will play a major role in this since we can’t split from this corrupt and degenerate society if we continue to send our children to be brainwashed by the enemy on a daily basis. Also, getting out there and meeting others member routinely is critical. It would be optimum if you worked with or worshipped with fellow members as doing those two things create even stronger bonds.
    Anyways, that just my two cents worth.

    • With a mentality like yours it’s no wonder the South has been under Yankee occupation for so long.

      • @spahnranch1969

        Be that as it may, national socialism sure as hell ain’t the answer to our problems. National Socialists have more in common with leftist socialists than they do with true Christian pro-white nationalists. Sure, national socialists claim to be right wing, and on some issues they are, but that doesn’t disguise that they advocate socialist policies and the very socialist idea of state-controlled everything. National Socialism and Liberal socialism are like arsenic and cyanide, they might be different, but they are both poison. Thankfully, national socialism has been visibly waning in recent years, and most groups that still exist are so riddled with character issues that a slight breeze will bring down the whole house of cards(I’m looking at you TWP).

  22. “Throughout the Obama years, the League of the South hosted our own public events. We tightly controlled our own members. We controlled our own message. We were careful to control our public image. There were no violent confrontations with the Radical Left in the Obama years and we were able to engage extensively with the public. In 2013, we held a rally against refugee resettlement in Shelbyville, TN and distributed hundreds of Free Magnolias.”

    Yes, and no one except for you and those who directly interacted with you ever heard a thing about it.

    I knew what the League of the South was at that time, mostly via Kieth Preston’s website. It was just a part of my recreational study of fringe ideologies of any kind; I never really had a special interest in the organization, let alone had any plans on joining, until Unite the Right, I don’t think I would have ever joined had it not been for what I saw at Shelbyville.

    So, whatever else that kind of activism does, at least it does give you publicity. Bad publicity perhaps, but is that worse than none at all? No one cared who you were before you bought a Dodge Challenger.

    “In the current political climate, I believe it is necessary to reevaluate the prudence and wisdom of public activism and change our tactics. For starters, I don’t believe it is necessary or wise to announce public events in advance. This only gives our opposition advance notice and time to mobilize their radicalized supporters to engage in violence and create a climate of fear in the communities in which we are attempting to organize. It is not in our interest to absorb the costs of the anti-Trump backlash.
    In the current political climate, I believe it is necessary to reevaluate the prudence and wisdom of public activism and change our tactics. For starters, I don’t believe it is necessary or wise to announce public events in advance. This only gives our opposition advance notice and time to mobilize their radicalized supporters to engage in violence and create a climate of fear in the communities in which we are attempting to organize. It is not in our interest to absorb the costs of the anti-Trump backlash.”

    The League did that in Knoxville over Saint Patrick’s Day. Some of us did it in the area around Newnan before the rally. My brother and I have passed out Free Magnolias and some homemade anti-war literature at a couple of events around Collinsville, Alabama. It’s more fun than rallies, and less expensive. You get some enthusiastic responses, have a few good conversations…

    …buuuut… it’s a relative drop in the bucket, unless you’re able to distribute a large quantity of them over a long period of time. You’d need to be an accepted figure in the community, like how black nationalists are in many black communities. People who are already political may respond positively to us, but it seemed to me that most of the “normies” treat us the same way they treat the kind of people who go to public places and hand out Chick Tracts.

    (there was someone doing that at Collinsville)

    “From 2013 to 2016 the League of the South steered clear of forming alliances with other groups, but in 2017 at Pikeville we joined the Nationalist Front. In hindsight, I believe we did this out of a spirit of solidarity in a climate of rising leftwing political violence. In such a hostile environment, we began to see the value of strength in numbers and the ugly face of a violent, deranged common enemy.”

    You think they’re deranged now? Wait until they get permission to start killing us.

    We need our allies, in the NF and anywhere else we can find them. We can’t just focus on our own thing and then ignore the rest of the world. We’re going to have bring down the entire Pig Empire and one small organization operating on one corner of the planet can’t do that. That’s the problem I’ve always had with the likes of Northwest Migration (i.e. Gated Community Nationalism).

    If the empire doesn’t die then even getting our own country wouldn’t matter in the long run. It didn’t matter for the Serbs. At the end of the day, our overlords have more zombies than we have bullets.

    On that note, I think we should dispense with any idea that we’re ever going to get what we want without fighting for it. We could, eventually. Get a hardcore cadre reasonably free of infiltrators… how many of us would it take to overrun Barksdale Air Force Base or Kings Bay Naval Station then announce to Fedgov that they need to clear out from Dixie?

    (Maybe in that case we wouldn’t need allies. North Korea is doing well enough without any.)

    “In 2017, we began to participate in demonstrations with other groups who have different ideologies and agendas, but the price of the greater security at our public demonstrations was the costs of guilt by association. The implosion of the Traditionalist Worker Party in a sordid public sex scandal was one of the things which illustrated the costs of this alignment. We have paid a heavy price for ceding control of our public image.”

    I still think we haven’t seen the full story on what really happened to Parrot and Heimbach…

    …anyway, what about our public image? What wrong with the likes of TWP or NSM? They’re “Nazis”? They turned Anne Frank into soap and lampshades?

    Big fucking deal. We beat Uncle Tom to death and sold black babies down the river. Of course that’s all nonsense and most Southerners know it, so let them see Southern Nationalists standing proudly beside National Socialists and maybe they’ll start to wonder just what else they’ve been lied to about.

    • Keep in mind that I ain’t saying the article is wrong in its key message, and I do actually favour the kind of low-cost, low-risk, low-intensity activism being suggested here. In particular, I’d like to see us making our own fliers or tracts in addiction to the newsletter (which is a lot to absorb for someone who is not more-or-less on our side already) and plastering them over friendly, contested and hostile territory, .

      I just don’t think we should retreat from big news-grabbing events either, not unless we plan on doing something else that causes as much butthurt to the System and its lackeys without causing the kind of problems mentioned here.

  23. As an aside, what is y’all’s thoughts on Italy? I had said in the past that if Lega Nord was able to set up a government there then maybe elections weren’t a dead end for America either, but now… eh…

    …if Merkel finds a Tyrone Mohammad Hannibal to lead her troops across the Alps and put Rome under siege then I’ll believe Salvini is for real. Otherwise? It was probably all just sound and fury.

  24. We are more than just dissidents, we are heretics against the holy Church of Progressivism. “All men are created equal” is no less an article of faith than “There is but one God and Mohammed is the Prophet of God”. Both must be accepted completely on faith, for there is no physical evidence of either. A dissident is a part of a society that dissents. Heretics are not part of society, they have been excommunicated. The heretic will receive no toleration.

  25. On one hand sometimes I feel like Hunter is being too pessimistic – but then when I look around me, I realize that indeed we are a minority and for the moment we are losing ground.

    I work in a large defense company in a major city in Alabama – it is totally run by the Social Justice Warriors – from the top down. Those of us that are conservative (to whatever degree) just keep our heads down, don’t talk politics, etc. The emphasis on Diversity is almost blinding – this includes putting women in positions of power whether they deserve it or not. The White man is the lowest form of life in this company. And my friends tell me it’s the same in a couple of other local large defense firms.

    Bottom line is that this “movement” – whatever you want to call it – Bolshevism, Communism, Socialism, anti-Christism, etc. has penetrated every major facet of our society – the universities, the schools, the government, and the corporations. It’s not just just Google on the West coast – it’s here in the heart of Dixie.

    No matter how well Trump does over the next year and a half, I have the gut feeling the this “movement” is very determined not to let him win again in 2020. They are working 24 / 7 behind the scenes with a firm battle plan. The Hispanic gal winning the primary in the Bronx was all part of this plan. They realize that they must go all out with minority leaders to galvanize the large “minority” population. Hillary blew it – they are not going to take another chance with a White candidate, no matter what gender.

    These “people”, this organization, is very well funded and they are very determined not to make a mistake again like they did in 2020. Our country is being fundamentally transformed – enjoy your 1A and 2A rights now because in 10 years or less they will be gone. If you really want to know what our future is – imagine living in London or South Africa as a White person. Short of a civil war, this is where things are headed.

    Yes we have the guns but as one person pointed out on Russian Insider – we’re not organized. How many of you are well connected with other patriots – have plans in place, communications hardware for when your cell phone and internet are cut off? The answer is very few.

    60+ Million of us voted for Trump. But the other 60+ Million are very well organized, and they are supported by the major entities of our country – the universities, the schools, govt agencies (FBI was just the tip of the iceberg), and corporations. Then there are the Cucks that are too afraid to support us. You may have a boss that’s middle-of-the-road but he / she will fire you in a heartbeat if he / she finds out that you were at an Alt-Right rally because he / she doesn’t want to take the heat (even if secretly sympathizing with you).

    I’m normally an optimistic person but looking at reality, I can’t help but see a dim / dark future unless our side really gets organized in a big way.

  26. One further comment – this “movement” is very violent – similar to the Bolsheviks of the Russian Revolution. It’s important to watch the trends and not discount what we see and be “in denial”. Kathy Griffin’s stunt of holding Trump’s bloody severed head was just part of the symptom of violence that we’ve been seeing. It started with attacks against Trump supporters at rallies. Then there was Griffin’s stunt, then people on Twitter openly hostile to anything / anybody associated with Trump (including talk of death and killing). Now we have Bill Maher saying that another deep recession or depression may be needed to get rid of Trump. Then Billionaire (((Tom Steyer))) said recently that a nuclear war might be needed to get rid of Trump.

    Point being that all possibilities are on the table – an engineered economic collapse ahead of the 2020 elections is not implausible. These people are fanatical in their beliefs – from the Soy Boy Antifa protester all the way up to the top of the organization – people like (((Steyer))), (((Sorors))), and many others.

    We potentially may be living in an environment similar to the year before the 1917 Russian Revolution.

  27. One last comment regarding “engineered economic collapse” – it wouldn’t take much. The national debt stands at around $21 Trillion. If the interest rate is 5% – just paying interest alone would cost the govt a little over $1 Trillion per year. Interest rates in the 90s – which were normal – averaged 5-7%. So if you’re wondering why the Fed is barely raising interest rates … it’s because they can’t allow the interest rates to go back to “normal”, otherwise the Federal govt would have to severely cut back on social security, medicare, and defense (the major parts of the federal budget) – in order to make the $1+ Trillion per year interest payments – which would plunge the country into chaos and an economic depression.

    In addition – I’ve read articles here and there that indicate that the Fed is having a harder time finding buyers of the debt – not just new debt but rolling over the principal of previous debt. Buyers are opting for shorter term debt notes with higher interest rates. Then on top of that, Russia and China are working to get off of the dollar standard.

    So a “perfect storm” is forming … and it won’t take much to ignite it.

  28. Excellent speech Mr. Griffin. The LS came out publicly, played whack-a-mole with the Left and Center-Right. Now it’s time to walk it back and reinforce what you have created. Trying to get converts while Trump is in charge is a very difficult task, most folks I speak with are very content now. Raising hell in public at the moment only alienates us from the Right, they will see us as anti-Trump, a figure to whom they are loyal to.

    All of us in the LS know the truth about current events, pointing them out to a blissfully loyal public is a daunting task. Instead, your tactic of building the movement quietly is an excellent method. When we face the anti-white socialists in power in the near future, it will be the time to go public again.

    During this Obama-Trump time frame, the only mainstream Southern group, the SCV, has lost all credibility. Now with the implosion of the SCV we are the only group which represents what it is to be Southern. We should seize the moment and lead the way. In this action I am proud that God has chosen a man such as yourself to be our tactician.

  29. I can appreciate how a lot of young men feel in this movement. They want to do battle in the streets with leftist groups like Antifa and BLM and come out victorious in the struggle. But we must realize how counterproductive this is at this point in time. Our struggle is currently for the hearts and minds of the Southern people. We must work on increasing and solidifying our base since this movement is about the people, not making shows of resistance. We are secessionists not reformers and that is the goal that our people need to focus on. The League needs to stop allying itself with groups and individuals who harm this goal.

  30. One more thing. If you can’t take the Bible and show that both God and Christ allow the buying, inheriting and possessing of servants you are going to allow these heathen Communists to keep coming at us screaming we have committed the unpardonable sin of slavery — which is a LIE. And God allowed the separation of the original 12 tribes of Israel into two separate kingdoms — the House of Israel and the House of Judah. Clearly God allows both slavery and separation (secession). If you fail ton teach our children to stop accepting these false accusations that the South is guilty of sins against God — we will never win! NEVER!!!

    You need to challenge these false ministers who keep telling us that the South is guilty of unpardonable sins because God does indeed allow the possession of servants, which is plain to see even in two of the Ten Commandments — in fact we are all to become God’s servants. He wants us to be His servants, just as He freed ancient Israel from Egypt to become, what, godless Marxists? — No! He freed them in order to make them HIS SERVANTS!

    We need to wake up and quit accepting these John Brown radicals’ false religion of abolition which is found no where in the Scriptures! NO WHERE!!!

    I’ll stop preaching for now …

    • The religion of John Brown is Calvinism, the perversion of the Jew John COHEN Calvin or whatever his name was. Still a good percentage of churches, Primitive Baptists and other Baptists hold to the Calvinist belief system. The idea of the Elect, which means that if the Elect are in all nations, then you’d better not enslave anyone because they could be a member of the ELECT. The leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps, was a Miss. Native who moved to Kansas and advocated on behalf of Negroes for years.he was a Calvinist Baptist and had some of the same beliefs.

      The South was not founded upon Calvinism, New England was. The South was invaded by Baptist missionaries, who because of being unsuccessful in unseating the Congregationalist Church in New England, went South and made History. This was in the 1700’s. Most of the Aristocrats remained Anglican/Episcopalian for decades while some were Presbyterian Calvinist, by 1860, most the Presbyterians had become Baptists.

      This distinction is very important. NUMBER 1. The Anglican Culture was a Racialized Culture, it was the CHURCH OF ENGLAND ie ENGLISH PEOPLE. NUMBER 2. The Anglican Culture practiced tradition and it did not question them. On the other hand, as Calvinism always evolves into Liberalism, it wasnt long before those ex Calvinists in New England began applying Cromwellian ideology to everything, and all sorts of pet causes.


      • Whatever flavor of Protestant one may have been the Word of God trumps all. The Book of books was actually read by these people instead of the thousands of distractions diverting people into other areas today.

        The leader of the South, though he himself was not very religious, seems to have been in the company of men who were and had actually read the Bible.

        I have used these quotes before:

        “Why, then, in the absence of all control over the subject of African slavery, are you agitated in relation to it? With Pharisaical pretension it is sometimes said it is a moral obligation to agitate, and I suppose they are going through a sort of vicarious repentance for other men’s sins… Who gave them a right to decide that it is a sin? By what standard do they measure it? Not the Constitution; the Constitution recognizes the property in many forms, and imposes obligations in connection with that recognition. Not the Bible; that justifies it. Not the good of society; for if they go where it exists, they find that society recognizes it as good…”
        –Jefferson Davis, speech in Boston, 10-11-1858.

        “Let the gentleman go to Revelation to learn the decree of God – let him go to the Bible. … I said that slavery was sanctioned in the Bible, authorized, regulated, and recognized from Genesis to Revelation. … Slavery existed then in the earliest ages, and among the chosen people of God; and in Revelation we are told that it shall exist till the end of time shall come. You find it in the Old and New Testaments – in the prophecies, psalms, and the epistles of Paul; you find it recognized – sanctioned everywhere.”
        –Jefferson Davis

        Lincoln must have gone to John Brown 6:6 which probably states that all slavers must die … come on and try to kill the rest of us if you dare … I am with Amerigo Vespucci, Davis and the Word of God … and I know that in the Scriptures it states that when Christ returns He will allow regathered Israel to take and possess servants once again…THAT’S IN THE FUTURE… Christ and God allow for men to possess servants … you liberal cut off from God, heathen Marxists who may be reading this! GO READ THE BOOK OF BOOKS!!!

        • You forgot one thing here, Jeff Davis was not a Calvinist, he was a High Church Episcopalian RE TRAD ANGLICAN. The majority of the Old Aristocrats tended to be Trad Anglicans. As such they didn’t believe in this ridiculous election doctrine.

          I think you mean Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner saying all slavers must die.

          Abe Lincoln had no strong feelings on slavery in fact Abe’s entire rise to power was partially funded with slavery money, his in-laws and friends were shall we say comfortably wealthy in tobacco and hemp in KY. Lincoln was just a social climber, who wanted to rise up from being Poor Southern White Trash into a gentleman. He believed that by marrying into the Aristocracy, one could BECOME Aristocracy, however one is either born with class or one is not born with class. The only reason Lincoln put out his so-called Emancipation was a threat. If you actually read it it said that any state REMAINING IN REBELLION their slaves would be free. Slavery was still legal in the North, it was legal in Delaware and New Jersey. In fact both Delaware and New Jersey freed their slaves LAST in 1866 to be exact. Lincoln actually believed the Southern fighting man would surrender and go home to stop a Negro uprising and the Richmond government would fall. It was a complete misreading of the Southern desire to be free. Something based in things much higher than either slavery or economics.

          • If only Thomas Lincoln had taken his family South instead of North, Abe would have died a dirt farmer scratching out a living living in a puncheon floor cabin and no one would have heard his name. The South had a CASTE SYSTEM and those in the PWT Caste did not usually rise to the Aristocratic class.

            The North didnt have thousands of Poor White Trash like the South, this was because the North didn’t have Convict Slave Labor from England the way the South did for over a century. Thus Yankees could never understand why Southerners designated some people WHITE TRASH. In the North an Abe Lincoln was just a white man who could work and become someone, in the South he was an unsuccesful dirt farmer ie White Trash

          • “Davis was raised a Baptist, but he chose to join the Episcopal Church at the urging of his second wife, Varina. They attended St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Richmond, where Charles Minnegerode was the rector. On May 6, 1862, Minnegerode came to the executive mansion and baptized Davis “hypothetically,” or conditionally, uncertain if there had been a previous baptism. At noon that same day, Davis went to St. Paul’s Church, where Bishop John Johns confirmed him.”

            “Abe Lincoln had no strong feelings on slavery ”

            I have read where he detested the institution and challenged pro-slavery people on their support of it. Maybe these were just myths … I wouldn’t be surprised …

            “The only reason Lincoln put out his so-called Emancipation was a threat.”

            I agree, it was not over his desire to free the slaves but rather his desire to cripple the South…He even added a disclaimer after the the original draft failed to accomplish an uprising … but it is quite plain to see that he and the North funded segregated black USCT units to fight against mostly white Southerners — how much more does he have to do to get to the point where he considers that he just might be the head of and instigator and truly involved in a real race war? After the war, one third of the occupying troops in the South were the blacks … no, I guess it wasn’t a race war … sure …

            “Boston maritime mogul and friend to abolitionist Senator Charles Sumner, Robert Forbes, concluded that Sumner’s followers genuinely wanted the slaves to “be made free by killing or poisoning their masters and mistresses.” US Representative Thaddeus Stevens who was a primary abolitionist leader and chief architect of Civil War Reconstruction validated Forbes’s conclusion. Stevens later admitted hoping the slaves would be “incited to insurrection and give the rebels a taste of real war.” Similarly, the Continental Monthly of New York urged that a “thousand mounted men” be recruited to raid deep into the South with authority to assemble and arm the slaves.” Finally, Senator Sumner himself said, “I know of no principle…by which our [Southern White] rebels should be saved from the natural consequences of their own action…They set the example of insurrection…They cannot complain if their slaves…follow it.”

            (And by the way: here is the change Lincoln added to the EP when a insurrection failed to materialize)

            “And I hereby enjoin upon the people so declared to be free to abstain from all violence, unless in necessary self-defence; and I recommend to them that, in all cases when allowed, they labor faithfully for reasonable wages.”


            Peter’s version:

            “Servants, be subject to your masters with all fear; not only to the good and gentle, but also to the froward.”

            North’s apparent version (“paraphrased”):

            “Servants break that yoke of bondage and come and join the Union’s segregated USCT units and make your former masters eat lead….”

            The unCivil War ….

          • Turn Hearts, Davis was schooled in a Roman Catholic School in Kentucky and had warm feelings for the Catholic Church and had supposedly wanted to Convert, but the Dominicans would not allow it, stating that he was bound to his father and had to obey him. Years went by and I am unsure how religious Davis was, it was obvious that he didn’t feel any great attachment to the Baptists, especially after Varina, who was from an old Aristocratic Family in New Jersey, but she was born in Mississippi. New Jersey most don’t know was the last state to free it’s slaves, it had a whopping sixteen left when the 13th Amendment became law.

            The Baptists hatred of all other faiths probably weighed on Davis’s decision to become Episcopalian and remember Pope Pius IX was the only foreign leader to actually signal his desire to have aided the CSA. Unfortunately for the Pope, the Austrian Empire had very little Navy and its army was too weak to stand with the CSA, and Spain and Portugal were shells of themselves, their militarys decimated by Napoleon I. Napoleon III in France though Catholic, was about French Nationalism and barely listened to the Pope but when he wanted to.

            The CSA was stratified, the Blue Blooded Aristocrats largely Anglican/Episcopalian, and everyone else largely Baptists with the other groups having a smaller share, What is odd is how once the war ended, the Baptists just literally took over the entire region and ruled it with an iron fist

          • @TURN HEARTS. You can never make Poor White Trash into anything but Poor White Trash. You can dress them in tuxedos and hoop skirts and they’ll still be Poor White Trash. Scarlett O’Hara remarked on this in the book GONE WITH THE WIND.

            Now you know why Robert E Lee would barely mention Lincoln’s name. True gentleman of Noble blood do not talk of the servile

  31. Gas prices this July will be 60 cents per gallon higher than last year. The Jew media is not emphasizing news which affects every American because higher prices are caused by ZOG sanctions on Iran.

  32. Until you do not admit the genetic white liberal problem, the genetic white liberal will infiltrate and corrupt every last thing you have.

    “”””…We potentially may be living in an environment similar to the year before the 1917 Russian Revolution…..”””

    Yes, you do and when you do not get the things right you will end up like we did, 73 years of horror and approx 50 million dead and we still recovering.

    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were published 15 years before. Everybody laughed that Jewry is so small that they can not. But nobody except Jewry saw forest behind the tree`s.

    There were millions of genetic white liberals waiting only licence to kill. Jew does not do the dirty job. But Jew has genetic white liberal for that.

    Lenin and Trotsky did not commit murders. Genetic white liberals did the job You have the same problem. Mr Soros did not runned for presidency. He had Bushes and Clintons and lot of genetic white liberals to do the dirty work.

  33. A few points of discussion come to mind. There was a common joke about Prussia that said all other nations on Earth have an Army. Prussia, however, is an army that has a nation. Which comes first? The nation or nationalism? In the case of the Afrikaner people the nationalism came first born out of British persecution of its women and children that lead to Afrikaner nationalism. Americans seem to think the the United States is the only nation that will live forever and never collapse. It is, after all, an “exceptional nation” and hence immune to natural law. Rest assured the malevolence of our enemy will generate a virulent form of Southern Nationalism in the decades to come via persecutions, defamation, and prosecutions. Also rest assured that the incompetence of the United States and its foreign policy has just about alienated the entire world and we should have no lack of allies willing to help when the time for independence comes. Think not on red states and blue states. Instead visualize blue states as red counties surrounded by hostile blue cities. Who can deny that the American heartland states did not have a substantial Southern influx population that helped populate these states. Self-determination for all! Let there arise a liberal Pacific Coastal Republic, Aztlan, A New England Federation,a Republic of New Africa, A Southland Confederation, and a Heartland Republic. Perhaps in time the latter two can merge. After all anything you cannot leave voluntarily is either a toxic relationship, a criminal enterprise, a psychotic cult, or a tyrannical government. To be sovereign is to be in control of your own destiny. White people and white Southlanders in particular, are NOT a sovereign people because they have lost control of their destiny to a deeply entrenched hostile elite. For what is Liberal Democracy but a facade behind which trans-nationalist elites rule for the good of Globalism and the New World Order? Is the United States government truly a free agent or has it become a globalist occupied government? (GOG) Regardless people can never be truly happy and free unless they are in nations of their own ethnicity firmly in control of their own destiny! That is what it means to be sovereign!

  34. Stop drooling about “Southern Nationalism”. It’s about being White, all over the word. FYI – have your read “Terror in the Night: The Klan’s Campaign Against the Jews” by the vermin Jack Nelson? Your own Cavaliers killed White People fighting against White dispossession and persecution. for sheeny shekels There’s the tragically idiotic story of Jeff Davis and Judah Benjamin. I just found out that your beloved Bull Connor was married to a woman named Beara Levin. LEVIN. Beara LEVIN. WTF? The south has been screwed blue by the Jew since the BEGINNING.

    Countless Southerners have sold out their own kind, and done the bidding of the jews that DESPISE them, again and again and again. Things are actually going our way – and the titanic struggle is just BEGINNING – but you want to run away, and be divided and conquered. SNAP OUT OF IT.

    • Most White Southerners are hopeless, madam, even more so than the Germans, Swedes and Boers.

    • “To go even further, a person who is truly aware really needs to look no further than what he finds around him here, in the present day. That may be asking a bit too much as practically all living vestiges of a great past have been erased. Still I hold that a person who is strong and natural within will know by the filth and disease all about him that things are not right and will be able to arrive at his own conclusions (also based on who is running the show, and who it is they most curse). Charles Manson, to be sure, has never cracked open one of the Right Wing books about the llluminati, etc., and his grasp of things is total (and how the Establishment curses him!). Indeed, as he himself points out, books can be dangerous as they have the power to suck one into them and the era and place they are representing. How true this has been of the entire Right Wing- if they haven’t been living in 1933, they’ve been living in 1865.”
      -James Mason, Siege

      “The Conservative as Eighteenth Century Freak. He can’t stand the twentieth century. He doesn’t think much of the nineteenth century either. But the eighteenth had certain charms (those country-houses were delightful), and people knew their places. A few thousand pounds a year, his wool spun for him by an old family retainer and he would spend the rest of his days reading Edmund Burke in a Latin translation (this type loves his Latin). He hates cities, all mechanical objects and any group of over ten people. A good education means Latin and Greek, a smattering of the Bible, perhaps a dash or two of the Book of Common Prayer and discipline. He likes people to tip their hats and mind their manners. He loves little things and hates big things. When you ask him to name his favorite modern novel, he’ll say Sense and Sensibility. And every now and then he wonders aloud why so many young Americans think conservatives are irrelevant.”
      -William Gavin, Street Corner Conservative

      To be fair to Hunter, I don’t think he’s ever suggested a literal carbon-copy of what we had in 1865, as some who would call themselves Southern Nationalists might. We did, after all, lose the first time around. I mean, heck, half of my ancestors were Georgia Unionists in the first one (and at least two were apparently Tories in the one before that).

      Southern Nationalism doesn’t give us some kind of escape into the past. What it gives us is a piece of the planet with a reasonably-large number of disaffected whites who are inclined to revolution against the pre-existing order, and who have the material and more importantly the COHESIVENESS (“asabiyyah”, as the Arabs might call it) to carry out such a revolution.

  35. A better method is to announce fake events. You can announce an event in one town, but then hold the true event in another town.

    Say some antifa organization such as Refuse Fascism get a $50,000 grant from the Tides Fund. They have to budget that money for chartering buses, paying organizers, etc. Announcing fake events diminishes these resources.

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