Salon Publishes Libelous Article Linking League of the South To Annapolis Shooter Jarrod Ramos

While I was at the League of the South conference this weekend, published this libelous article which attempts to link the League to Annapolis shooter Jarrod Ramos:

“When the identity of the apparent gunman in the massacre of five journalists in Annapolis, Maryland, was revealed, Jonathan Hutson, a communications consultant and writer who lives nearby, had a shock of recognition. The suspect, Jarrod Ramos, had contacted Hutson in March 2015, taunting him about his role in alerting law enforcement and thwarting a potential mass killer who threatened schoolchildren and Jews in far-away Montana. …

Clarkson sees this as tied to Peroutka’s old allies at the League of the South. “Ramos came to see himself as some kind of vigilante for righteousness, casting himself for example as a ‘crusader’ and gunning down innocent people in a newsroom,” Clarkson said, which “is not unlike the militaristic, millennial vision of Michael Hill, president of the League of the South. Last year [Hill] rallied what he calls the Southern Defense Force, which he envisions as not just a modern Confederate army but the ‘Army of the True Living God.’ This is the group that played a prominent role in the Unite the Right march on Charlottesville.” …”

Here’s the alleged connection:

1.) Jarrod Ramos tweeted about Donald Trump and Michael Peroutka.

2.) Several years ago, Michael Peroutka was a member of the League of the South.

3.) Therefore, Jarrod Ramos is connected to the League of the South.

The League of the South had never heard of Jarrod Ramos until the Annapolis shooting. There is no proof that Ramos has ever heard of the League either. Anyway, this is another example of the garbage journalism that is posted on, but it is something that I wanted to respond to. We’re tired of being “linked” by journalists to mass shooters who have no ties whatsoever to our organization.

Note: This is the sort of irresponsible reporting that inspired Ramos to shoot journalists though. It is also why the public has so little trust in the mainstream media.

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  1. C’mon now people, let’s put our thinking caps on, shall we?

    Who really believes that this shooting could be so spontaneously tailor-made to perfectly continue the narrative the rich and powerful anti-whites are massaging?

    Ramos’s case cuts off any rebuttal from the NRA. The criminal justice system prosecuted him to the full extent of the law and won. For about a year following all he did was tweet out hostile passive aggressive comments after his failed lawsuit, but supposedly not directly to his targets. So the application and execution of the law weren’t the problem – the law (Bill of Rights specifically) itself was here, we’re led to believe.

    Then, this supposed attention-craving hardcore co-dependent addict who is so lacking in the most basic interpersonal boundaries and skills, sits dormant for five years. He couldn’t summon the self control to avoid a criminal conviction for harassment (of some woman he’d passed in his high school hallway a couple times years before) BUT he manages to hold down a full time job and avoid clashes with co-workers, women and the law in general for FIVE YEARS, after which he goes and pointedly kills five people who had nothing to do with his rejection by women and society or the paper’s report on him.

    So where did all that drive go that impelled this whacko loser to criminally harass this woman…to even look her up in the first place? And then to sue, and appeal, a paper that reported his conviction?

    Five years and not one problem with the law, not one other woman with complaints of criminality or even workplace harassment.

    All this is is a way to force americans to allow or even ask for legislation that destroys the Bill of Rights’ due process requirements.

    At specific issue in this chapter of Newthink is the ‘imminent danger’ clause. I guess the cabal has decided to punt on the issue of real psychosis as a hallmark and criterion for mental illness, since it would probably be way too hard to paint all their political enemies as truly psychotic. Instead, extremist crank views of any political nature constitute ‘mental illness’ and need to be screened for, so that guns can be confiscated and bodies interned without any ‘imminently dangerous’ signs exhibited or even alleged.

    And they rarely create white male shooters because white men only scrutinize and sense psy op’s when directly framed or targeted. Somehow very few recognize that the law is all that needs to be changed and nebulously ‘white’ shooters make the perfect vehicles.

    Common sense, that’s all this takes.

  2. Oh look. The screed was created be Paul ROSENBERG. Kikenvermin. I don’t need to use those ((())) echo thingies, do I?

    Ramos himself looks like a Yeshiva student. LITERALLY. There are pics on GAB, and the thread in newslinks, on SF, that are skeerily kosher……………why not rebut this slander by citing all the JEW shooters? The last one was little Nicky Cruz, in FL, I believe………there have been so many…..

    That said – I’m glad you’re back on your blog, Hunter. Welcome home! We’ve missed you.

    • @Denise

      “Ramos himself looks like a Yeshiva student.”

      He looks like an extra in a Passion or Christmas Nativity Play. Put him on with Gene Simons.

      P.S. I’ve seen pictures of Mideast Yids that look like they could be members of Ghengis Kahn’s retinue. In other words, they look downright Turco Mongolian.

      • Those would be those Yids from Southern and Eastern Russia. That is actually very rare, as most of them are phenotype Semites. If you are covered in body hair, and have a hook nose, you are a Semite. Now if Jerry the nutty CI guy comes in here, he will say otherwise, but thats what genetics says.

        • Chances are Ramos is a Puerto Rican. Ramos is a fairly common Puerto Rican surname.

          The newspaper is just as crazy as Ramos is, for getting into a literary feud with a crazy Puerto Rican.

  3. He followed Michael Peroutka on twitter? I follow Louis Farrakhan on twitter. I personally met Bob Avakarian once. If I ever go crazy and shoot a bunch of people, are they going to accuse me of being part of the Nation of Islam or the Revolutionary Communist Party?

    Jesus Christ, I almost wonder if we should agree and amplify on things like this. “Uh, that castizo who shot up your office after you ruined his life? Yeah, he was one of ours. Hate to lose him in such a way but then when y’all do what y’all do then things like this are bound to happen.”

    (Hmm, bad idea. Jordan Jereb did that with the Parkland Shooting and they charged him with felony jaywalking.)

  4. It’s funny. First they give you free publicity. Secondly, they open themselves to a lawsuit from you from which you could maybe get $, but certainly would get yet more publicity 🙂

  5. Those newspaper employees in Maryland were not murdered, it was an act of justifiable homicide.

    • This video by the faggot Carlos Maza complaining about Free Speech on Twitter and the Comments section are golden. In fact the Leftists are saying NO ONE SHOULD BE SHIELDED FROM THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR SPEECH. I pointed out to them that this only applies to citizen journalists that if John X went and beat up or killed NYT reporters you would be screaming Free Speech. Of course I got no response back from them.

      The media is fine with assaulting reporters from INFOWARS or anywhere else or murdering Michael Hastings, who was a LEFTIST OBAMA GUY who began to realize that Barack was just another NeoCohen doing the bidding of Soros. Thats okay but dont you dare harm a leftist reporter. Do you think the media would stand back if someone lobbed a rock at (((Paul Krugman)))? No the media would scream attempted murder for 2000 years.

      Remember Goyim. INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM-BAD Corporate Jewish Journalism-GOOD

  6. Wow I said it would take a couple days until they blamed WHITE IDENTITARIANS for this shooting. My timing was just about right. Niggers shoot 22 people in Trenton NJ and the media buries that story because REMEMBER GOYIM ONLY WHITE MEN ARE EVIL MASS SHOOTERS

  7. The left has been slandering and libeling the right for decades because the right never fights back effectively. Jews and news doesn’t work but the Mantra does. Unfortunately too many on the right still refuse to use the latter.

  8. League could probably get a lot of advertisement out of suing them. Might even get some money out of them.

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