Federal Prosecutors Drop All Remaining Charges Against DisruptJ20 Defendants

As I confessed in my speech at the League of the South national conference, I regret drinking the Donald Trump koolaid in 2015 and 2016.

By the time of the inauguration, I was already growing skeptical of the incoming administration. In January 2017, I was still in a wait and see mode though. It was too early to write off President Trump before he was even sworn into office. We had already made plans to travel to DC so I figured that I would give him a chance, keep an open mind and see what came of his first 100 days.

President Trump vowed to restore law and order during his campaign. “Make America Safe Again” was supposed to be one of the key themes of his presidency. I was disillusioned when my first impression of the Trump administration was seeing violent Antifa riot in the streets of DC as part of their DisruptJ20 campaign. I recall watching them assault MAGApedes outside of the Deploraball.

I was heartened when on the way home Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that hundreds of Antifa were going to be prosecuted for the violence they had perpetrated during the Inauguration. I thought it was the first step in making good on the promise to restore law and order:

“WASHINGTON — The United States attorney’s office for the District of Columbia is dismissing the remaining cases against protesters arrested on the day of Donald J. Trump’s inauguration, ending a legal battle that began more than a year and a half ago.

Federal prosecutors requested Friday in a motion that the charges against the remaining 38 defendants — including one journalist — be dropped. More than 200 people were arrested on Jan. 20, 2017, during demonstrations where some protesters threw rocks and bricks at police officers, set a car on fire and shattered storefront windows.

“After further review, the United States, in the exercise of its discretion, has determined that these matters should be dismissed without prejudice,” read the motion submitted by Jessie K. Liu, the United States attorney for the District of Columbia. …”

They all walked.

In hindsight, I should have known better. I never should have succumbed to the delusion that the system was going to be reformed. It was a mistake to get reinvested in it. I truly wanted to believe that the Trump administration could deal with these violent groups. We’re not going to solve this problem the easy way. It is not going to happen at the ballot box.

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  1. I’m more than ready to teach those tickets a lesson. I’ve got my eye on one particular loser in Berkeley, I think they call him Louie IDK. But I know his face.

    • Listen … you KNOW we have to keep voting for the least worst one till we have a new Confederate States Of America. If Hillary was in there wouldn’t be a chance. So it’s not that we shouldn’t have supported Trump … it’s that the alternative would be suicide. AS MUCH AS YOU DON’T WANT TO YOU MUST GO ALL OUT IN SUPPORT FOR HIM AGAIN IN 2020. The alternative is unacceptable. The alternative is suicide. The alternative wipes out the south.

      Now, on a lighter note :


  2. WTF, no edit? My spellchecker put the word tickets instead of fuckers and I don’t know why.

  3. I never should have succumbed to the delusion that the system was going to be reformed.

    I have spent years blogging trying to explain this very thing. If you remember, I was explaining this to you when I met you on Twitter.

    The entire, fake two party system is a jew scam.

    Basically, it is very simple:

    If a jew is involved, it is a non-starter. Period.

    If a candidate is surrounded by jews (and Trump is the MOST surrounded jew bag of any POTUS we have ever had), then they should be culled immediately.

    What is so hard for white people to understand about this?

      • I should have voted for Dr. Jill Stein. But it does look as if President Trump is finally trying to be more like Candidate Trump. Or is he just engaging in more election year flim-flammery?

        • I say that it’s more election year flim-flammery. It has not escaped my notice that Repubs talk differently in even-numbered years. In odd-numbered years they go back to their normal worthless selves. They’d have to pay me to vote again for any of them.

          Sessions is a huge disappointment. Hope he gets canned soon.

      • @ billyray: it’s hard to watch something you love get torn apart. I don’t blame anyone for voting Trump. Maybe 45 will be the last President.

  4. The real issue here is JURY NULLIFICATION in Washington DC. I don’t think Trumps people had any choice but to drop the charges. If you have a Jury thats 99-100% Black, good luck because its a waste of time. They will return a not guilty charge to screw Dat Cracka Trump Mofo every single time Na Mean?

  5. “Antifa” are the anti-White storm troopers terrorizing on behalf of our anti-White overlords. They’re all on the same team.

    • Hunter neglected to mention WASHINGTON DC JURY. There is no way they would have been found guilty with a DC Jury. NO WAY IN HELL. Washington DC should NOT be allowed trial by Jury

      • DC is the heart of BRA. “Antifa” and BLM should be declared terrorist organizations and treated as such. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen. Typically, these thugs get off with a slap on the wrist or nothing at all.

        • The term is JRA not BRA thats a stupid Paul Kersey meme. I tried to explain this to Paul but he banned me., The Negroids are fronts for Jewish Supremacism. Without the following


          Every single Negro movement, every single Negro politician is 100% Jewish funded and controlled. Detroit is a good example. In the 1970’s Jews put all their money behind Negro Pols but in 2013 after Detroit was destroyed they pulled the Jewish finance and put it behind a White Man. The Result? Detroits first White Mayor Elected since 1969. Mike Duggan. The Negroes cannot do anything without The Kikes

          • I’m not holding my breath for the moment the blacks realize they are mere tools for the Jews. Moreover, I doubt most are aware of the hatred Jews harbor towards them.

  6. Somehow the Charlottesville UTR prisoners are in legal hell … couldn’t be politics, could it? …

    • (((POLITICS))). What is going on in Charlottesville is Naked Jewish Supremacism. Look up Ahed Tamimi in Israel. She is a Palestinian who slapped an Israeli Soldier and got 8 months in Prison for doing so. Her case and Cantwell’s case have great similarities because she was defending herself as was Cantwell. The same people jailed both of them


  7. Hunter, it’s a federal prosecutor in DC and there are many judges and prosecutors and police chiefs and other government workers who are anti-Trump and/or anti-American. There are many layers of corruption to our government and it will take 80 years, not 8 years, to undo all the damage and remove all the problems. We need a storm trooper with carte blanche, not a president, to do it efficiently and effectively. It ain’t happening.

    What we have learned by the destruction of the United States is that the sword should never — ever — be put back in its sheath. Liberty and sovereignty need round the clock protection and any attacks on them, however trivial, should be met with brutal force.

  8. President Trump has done many good things, but, there are so many problems, and, no, he has not come through on every one of his promises.

    Still he’s the best president I have seen in my lifetime, and it is not even close.

    Glad I supported him, and glad I support him.

    Southerners are not ready for independence, and, that so, we need someone who will help the sow the ground for that – and none better than President Trump.

    • I emailed a man in a southern nationalist group 15+ years ago about secession. His reply was that he didn’t believe our independence would come about by secession but rather by the destruction of the current USA. There would be a power vacuum which the South would then supply their own government naturally. Seems like that was logically the way this is all going to play out … time will tell … if it is true then Trump is just a “speed bump” in the USA’s path to destruction …

          • You got too many dindu to even try to succeed in the south. Why not just try White Nationalism instead of Southern Idenity? It’ll work if you’re not all too selfish.

        • Trumpenthal isn’t even a speed-bump:

          (((Ku$hner))), Trumpenthal’$ son-in-law,

          is in Wall $treet big busine$$ with ((($oro$))).

          and ((($oro$))) funds antifa.

          just follow Trumpenthal’$ money trail$:

          they all lead to our (((enemie$))).

  9. But when the destruction occurs – will it be chaos such that we can move in and claim our stake? Or will it be a repeat of the Bolshevik Revolution such that we are rounded up and sent to “re-education camps” (many to not reappear – ever).

    I finally understand (the journey of discovery never ends) that the Democratic Party is a cover for the Communists. Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, etc. – they are driving the Communist agenda. Complicit is the media (((of course))).

    My worry is that Trump will not be allowed to win in 2020 – even if he has the votes, they will sabotage the election with voting fraud, illegal immigrants voting, intimidation of Trump supporters (keep them away from the voting booth), etc. Regardless of what you think of Trump – he’s at least holding back the tide.

    This movement is very well organized and very well funded – we can’t hope to compete except at the grass roots level. The problem there is that there are too many brain-washed boomers (I’m in that age group) who act as infiltrators or may not participate. And there are many young people that actually believed that Bernie Sanders was a great candidate.

    I’m feeling like Hunter Wallace’s twin in the sense of his gloomy outlook for the future. When you put all of the pieces together – it’s very grim.

    Has anybody thought about the levels of violence that we’re seeing (that’s rhetorical as I know you have)? I’ve never seen anything like this in my life-time – it’s surreal.

    Steve Calise – shot by a “deranged loner” (Democrat). Rand Paul attacked his neighbor for “non-political reasons” (Democrat) – and then recently threatened again (to have his family chopped up). Katie Arrington, Republican who beat Mark Stanford in the primary – seriously messed up by “accidental” head-on collision (as others have said in different forums – that was no accident). “Deranged” gunman takes out 50+ people who were likely Trump supporters at a Country Music concert in Las Vegas. This list goes on and on.

    Then there’s the violence committed by Antifa against those on the Right that want to protest. Remember the people that protested for free speech in Boston? They had to be evacuated by the police in armored vans because thousands had gathered to counter-protest and were becoming violent. Of course there was Charlottesville but I mentioned the people in Boston because they weren’t even “right wing”.

    Then there’s the potential of losing your job if you’re found to be a Trump supporter, right-wing, Alt-Right, whatever – anything to the right of Communism.

    Folks – we are the Jews of 1920s/30s Germany. I don’t like using this analogy because I actually believe Hitler saved his country and I don’t believe the Holocaust bullshit – but we have to learn from history. My point is that we’re seeing the same tactics – smears against us in media, personal violent attacks, etc. – all of it ramping up. The Communists are working hard to overthrow the U.S. government as we understand it – the lead up to this point includes hard coordinated attacks against those of us that oppose them. The Communists have infiltrated the universities, the schools, the corporations, the media, various govt agencies (Dept of Education, FBI, State Dept, etc.).

    It’s easy to be in denial – these things happen to other people on the other side of the world and in our history books. We can’t conceive that our country could be taken over by Communists and all of us shipped out to “holding facilities”. But all of the signs are there. I never in my wildest dreams ever saw this happening.

    And I’ve said this before – for those that say “we’ll stand and fight – we have our guns!!”. Ok – so when they cut off your cell phone and internet communications, how are you going to stay in close contact with your fellow armed patriots? If you have no alternative communications system, then these groups will be picked off one at a time. The model to follow might be the Suidlanders of South Africa – but I don’t get the feeling we have any large groups like them here in the U.S. So being armed is great (I am) – but if you can’t communicate with your brothers-in-arms, then you’re no threat.

    • “The Communists are working hard to overthrow the U.S. government” – you’re right, we are.

  10. Hunter you did the right thing to vote for Trump if nothing more than to buy time for your son to have time to grow up. You don’t want him being in a hot civil war at his age any more than I want my children (8 &11) to be in one. We bought ourselves 4 years, maybe 8 for them to be able to fight in what’s inevitably coming by kicking the can down the road.

    Hillary would have appointed two or three left leaning SCOTUS Judges, the 2nd Amendment would have been illegally outlawed by SCOTUS and a hot civil war would have ensued. Use the time we bought our families to prepare. You don’t have enough ammo for what’s coming. I don’t either and I’ve been stockpiling it by the case for over a decade.

    The pendulum will swing back hard left in either 2020 or 2024. We have until then to get ready.
    America ends under the next Democratic Administration.

    • If a hot civil war broke out, it would be Antifa, SJWs, BLM on one side. The other side are Trump’s base. Who are most of Trump’s base?

      Like it or not, WNs or the “Alt Right” were an extremely small percentage of who voted for Trump. In fact they are a tiny part of the US population. A larger percentage of Americans are racially aware Whites who are not WN – most of these voted for Trump if they voted at all, they certainly didn’t vote for Hillary.

      Let’s not kid ourselves though, most Trump supporters are mainline conservatives, usually evangelicals, concerned about abortion and tax cuts for the rich. Some are also anti-illegal immigration and anti-immigration of Muslims, but not liking Muslims is not a particularly extreme position in the US (it is subtly promoted when it increases support for Israel and foreign wars) and it is absolutely not a sign of a racially aware, pro-White agenda. The typical American “islamophobe” would probably be an overweight Christian Zionist, probably boomer or Gen X, who thinks mixed race babies are cute.

      So would all of these people suddenly go full 1488 if a civil conflict broke out and they noticed the huge horde of mud on the opposing side? Or would they continue to find their Token Conservative POC to fight alongside then and prove they don’t be wayciss this is about Muh Constitution and not about race, like the boomers and cucks most of them are? Would they go with the usual modus operandi and attack WNs for being “collectivists” and “deep state plants”? (They kind of have a point on the latter.)

    • Had Hillary gotten in office – we wouldn’t be writing on this blog, or any other. We would have been rounded us and destroyed. Remember Huma the Sand Negress Lesbo would have been running the show, Remember – we are the Deplorables that cannot be redeemed.

      NO ONE in power is going to save us. We MUST SAVE OURSELVES. As far as being rounded up and slaughtered like the Russian peasants were, by Jews – we have knowledge, and weapons. And tons of orcs. The kikes are really busy managing their pet ferals NOW. Whites are wising up and getting REALLY sick of being the “savior” slave and cash ETM card of every subhuman on Earth.

      USE the resources we HAVE.

  11. High Command should be drawing up war plans… against the EU.

    I’m thinking a naval blockade at first to let them know we are serious and if they start something or if they don’t bow out gracefully, a 1 to 2 month bombing campaign against EU infrastructure, and pro-Eu-party headquarters.

    Declare it a war of liberation and let the national governments take over all sovereignty within their borders.

    Vlad would love to jump in with us, and I’m sure we can get some UKIP/Brexit Tories to stage a coup.

    Literally the Allies of WWI and WWII getting the band back together.

  12. I was thinking about the “Robber Barrons” of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and how, in their old age, Carnegie and Rockefeller contributed the bulk of their fortunes to civic projects. I thought about Trump and the Border Wall, and how his children are independently wealthy and are not in need of his money. Now that Trump is older, why doesn’t he follow the example of the titans of industry that preceded him and use his vast resources to at least kick start the construction of the Border Wall? Whereas, Carnegie emblazoned his name on libraries across the country, and Rockefeller established performing arts centers and funded educational facilities and scientific research, Trump could make his philanthropic contribution by building the wall.

    I’ve also been thinking a lot about the WWII era, Lend-Lease program. Someone in the Trump administration should review all of the records associated with the arms and material that was supplied to China, Russia, Britain and France, in addition to all of the aid that was supplied to Japan and Germany through the Marshall Plan, and calculate the amount of money expended to assist them plus interest and send these countries an enormous bill. I feel quite confident that the sum total would more than satisfy the National debt.

  13. I invite everyone on this blog to take a major red pill by going to YouTube and watching the Karate Kid episode cut from How I Met Your Mother, followed by The Karate Kid: Daniel is the Real Bully, followed by
    The Karate Kid: The Untold Story. I highly recommend Cobra Kai (the sequel told by Johnny’s POV and probably inspired by HIMYM).

    The one thing that White Nationalists blogs can’t seem to understand is that Americans Hate A Bully. Snivel Rights won because the (((Media))) intuitively understood this and portrayed the South and ultimately any White American who was vocal about not wanting to integrate with POC as a bully. Just as the REAL Bully of Karate Kid was presented as the victim and the real victim was presented as the bully.

    When Little Rock was forcibly desegregated by Eisenhower, the Southerners there played into the (((Media’s))) Bully Theme by violently opposing rather than aggressively subverting desegregation.

    Little Rock had two or three years advance notice of what was coming down the pike. Had the Whites of Little Rock organized and had a private school system in place and ready to go, the rest of the world would have been treated to the South making a big fool of FEDGOV rather than being further humiliated by watching their children prodded into going to school with Black children at bayonet point.

    I mean, imagine what a propaganda coup it would have been for the television cameras eager to film righteous Federal Marshalls putting down rioting Southern White thugs only to record NO violence, no action, Blacks going into the school without incident, but ALONE, because not a single Southern White child was attending public school once the edict went down! How long do you think it would have taken for Whites in every city of the country to put in their own similar guerilla private school system?

    Little Rock could have provided the rest of White America with a roadmap, put any more desegregation actions to a screeching halt and made forced integration measures like school busing impossible.

    My Polish immigrant grandfather told me that Heritage White Anglo Americans lost their country because they pay no attention to their local elections. They don’t vet candidates who run for their school boards and city councils. They only pay attention during the national elections when all their candidates are already owned by (((special interests))).

    Voting works as long as his constituents have worked to put in the right candidate. That’s how so-called people of color made so many inroads in this country. They voted for the Useful White Idiot until s/he facilitated enough of their numbers to vote him/her out and put in ONE OF THEIR OWN whom they had already vetted.

    Voting for Donald Trump in 2016 worked as long as the main objectives were solely to keep Hillary Clinton from parking her broom at the White House again and to get industry and jobs back into this country. Trump was shrewd enough to exploit White weariness with political correctness to blunt the usual Republicans are Racists volley from the Democrats’ Praetorian Guard in the (((Media))) so that he could win White Independents and the Nervous Nellies of True Cuckservatism. Especially regarding his (((family connections))), White Nationalists should have recognized that was all there was to it rather than taking him at face value as One of Ours.

    Like it or not (((the media))) have successfully portrayed White Nationalists as dumb, ignorant, violent bullies and they have been helped a lot with this by White Nationalists themselves. Craig Cobb comes to mind. Like or not, White Nationalists are, have been, and will be persona non grata for a long, long time. Public support for Donald Trump should have never been more than grudging and skeptical.

    I honestly think the average White agrees more with David Duke than some blubbering leftist like Chris Matthews, the blond Himbo reporter with the thrill up his leg for Barack Obama, but they subconsciously want a David Duke Without The Baggage running for office.

    Antifa’s antics aren’t necessarily as bad for White Nationalism as you may think because, as long as they are in the streets bashing Trump Supporters, Libertarians, True Conservatives and any one that holds even a slightly positive opinion of Trump or an opinion of their own, they are radicalizing all of the above to White Nationalism. The Left loses as long as they bully the Normies or even any left-leaning person with Normie tendencies remaining.

    Antifa violence is helping us. There is a reason Liberal blogs have shut down their comments, because increasingly, more and more comments are looking like those you would find in Stormfront. The only way White Nationalism can snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory again is by engaging with Antifa on the streets again.

    I think Leftist Bullying contributed a lot to Trump winning 2016. A lot of people went to bed Election Night thinking Hillary Rodham Clinton was going to be the president. Some were happy about that, others were very depressed. But everyone was going on the exit polls saying HRC had it in the bag. Frank Luntz, a pollster who had predicted HRC’s victory based on those polls, admitted in retrospect that Trump Supporters wouldn’t help the pollsters at all that night, because they refused to talk to them. I suspect that, in other cases, Trump Voters had lied and said they voted for Clinton.

    Trump is going to win again by even greater margins in 2020 because of Leftist Bullying as long as White Nationalists don’t get personally involved and intervene. All we need to do is sit on the sidelines, put out our blogs with constant underlying themes of “This Is What We Foresaw and Fought Against for Years” and “WE TOLD YOU SO!” Believe me, Red-Pilled Normies will come from conservative shows like Fox and conservative news blogs like Breitbart hungry for raw, red meat and consume WN blogs voraciously.

    Aside from We Told You So, WN Blogs must hammer home the importance to Normies of vetting their School Board and City Council candidates in order to find their David Dukes Without The Baggage and then organizing voter drives to push them into office. The one thing we can take away from Eric Cantor being deposed by David Bratt on the right and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez deposing Joe Crowley is that an organized people of one mind can beat billionaire bucks at the polls.

    Crowley’s defeat was simply a higher-profile of changing demographics ultimately hurting the Useful Idiots who are White Liberals every much a the average White out there, but Cantor’s defeat illustrated how ordinary, beleaguered Whites can defeat highly funded Whites just as easily as any increases of so-called People of Color changing the Voter Demographics.

    White Nationalists screwed up by thinking that Donald Trump was the end in himself rather than simply the first step. I truly believe that Trump had and has benevolent intentions towards his White supporters. Watch him respond to the crowds at his rallies and its one big love fest. He is basking in their adulation and affection.

    But Charlottesville has demonstrated that Trump is not above throwing even them under the bus if his hand is forced and he has to, because aggressive use of the Separation of Powers from his resistors in Congress and the Judiciary have stymied many of his efforts to help his White Base. And sorry, but the Charlottesville Debacle greatly weakened his hand and strengthened theirs.

    Any Hitler Afficionados on this board should remember how Herr Hitler dealt with some of his more fanatic opponents in Operation Hummingbird or the Night of the Long Knives when he assassinated hundreds of his Nazi Storm Troopers. Charlottesville should be taken as a warning shot, if need be. White Nationalist support of Trump should be tepid. Let the Normies battle it out with Antifa. Let the White Nationalists man their blogs.

  14. I entered a lengthier post about this that somehow never materialized.

    Americans hate bullies – most people do.

    Snivel Rights triumphed over the South, because the Southerners violently opposed desegregation by openly brawling with U.S. Marshals rather than passively aggressively subverting it by setting up a private school system (even though they were aware of how the desegregation winds blew two or three years ahead of the actual event). The (((Media))) was able to portray Southerners as bullies and that was all she wrote.

    Since then other White Nationalists have walked into the Bully Trap rather than using the infinitely more efficient tools they already had to effect change: finding, vetting and advancing candidates that really represented their views. Instead, like all Americans who can’t understand why they are losing their country, they paid no attention to the people running for local elections like their school boards and city councils and only got involved in the national elections when all the candidates were already bought and paid for by (((Special Interests))).

    White Nationalists walked into The Bully Trap again playing Fa to Antifa in street brawls under the questionable guidance of (((Richard Spencer))) and (((Jason Kessler))) despite the fact that they should have known they would get very hostile coverage from (((The Mainstream Media))). Thus, they are the only ones who seem to be surprised over the Charleston Debacle.

    The (((Media))) is churning up all this resistance to Donald Trump by trying to portray him as a bully. This was from jump street. David Duke publicly chiming in to support Trump’s candidacy did more to hurt Trump than help him. Sig Heil Gate right after Trump’s win was no help to Trump. Why any of us were surprised that Trump threw the Charleston Defenders under the bus is beyond me, I was surprised that he even offered a tepid defense where they were concerned.

    Note: The Charleston Debacle should be considered a warning. More Hitler afficionados on this board should remember how Herr Hitler dealt with his most ardent Nazi Storm Trooper fanatics during The Night of the Long Knives during Operation Hummingbird. White Nationalists are most successful with their blogs. People who would be afraid to pick up a WN flyer and distribute it, can visit a WN blog in the privacy of their homes and cull your material for right-leaning talking points.

    Prior to street theater, White Nationalist Keyboard Commandos were very effective, because more and more liberal blog owners were forced to shut comments down because they were being flooded by comments more radical and reactionary than those you would see on Stormfront

    White Nationalism brawling with Antifa is a bad idea. That’s why the sharper knives in the drawer, like Nathan Damigo, bowed out for the time being. However, Antifa beating the snot out of the Normies and berating and terrorizing even left-leaning centrists for any unacceptable opinion (and what is acceptable was changing practically every day) is a great thing for us.

    Trump is going to win by a landslide, because average Americans from moderate Republicans to Libertarians to True Conservatives to alienated leftist moderates are going to quietly enter that voting booth and pull that lever for Trump to prove to all the Commie Leftists and the Media that they will not be bullied.

    The question is, are White Nationalists going to pull their heads out of The Turner Diaries and make use of the tools where they can take back power without firing a shot? Will they start getting involved in their local elections? Find and vet their local candidates and then produce drives of great voters to counter any money from the likes of George Soros and the Koch Brothers?

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