GOP Plans To Rally Base In Midterm Elections By Attacking Silicon Valley

Is the GOP trying to win us back?

“Republicans are turning their grievances about biased tech companies into a rallying message for a difficult election year.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel are among the GOP leaders vocally complaining about a host of Silicon Valley slights against conservatives, ranging from Facebook’s stripping of ad revenue from the video-blogging duo Diamond and Silk to a Google search result that paired the California GOP with “Nazism.”

No one has suffered more viewpoint censorship from Silicon Valley than us since the 2016 election.

– We’ve had domains seized.

– We’ve been kicked off the payment processor monopolies like Paypal and Stripe.

– We’ve been purged Facebook and Twitter.

– We’ve been purged and demonetized on YouTube.

– When we haven’t been purged from Twitter and YouTube, we have been shadowbanned and had our videos limited.

– We’ve been banned by AirBnb, Uber, Lyft and other tech companies.

– Google rigs its algorithm against us.

I could go on and on, but it will suffice to say that Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election radicalized the Left, which has pressured their fellow leftists in Silicon Valley to effectively purge us from the public square on the internet.

The Left has been allowed to seize control of the internet and set itself up as the inquisitors of “hate speech” which is defined as any viewpoint they happen to disagree with. SJWs are free to be as hateful, vulgar and violent as they want to be though because they are on the side of the angels in the eyes of Silicon Valley.

Everyone who isn’t on the Left has been negatively affected by this issue. We have more legitimate grievances about this issue than anyone. If I was convinced the GOP was actually going to do something about it, I might even be persuaded to vote for the Republicans in the midterm elections.

The problem is that GOP rhetoric during election seasons has no correspondence to GOP legislative accomplishments. The GOP used its control of the White House and Congress to end net neutrality for the cable companies and to pass a massive tax cut that sent tech stocks soaring. The Trump administration has been great for Silicon Valley.

We have no reason to believe the GOP will act to do anything about Silicon Valley censorship. Where has the Trump administration and Congress been on the issue for the last two years? Are we supposed to believe they have only recently heard about what has been going on?

As with the big, beautiful wall, I will believe the GOP’s rhetoric about Silicon Valley only when I see them taking meaningful action against the tech monopolies. Until then, I will write this off as just more of the same empty political rhetoric.

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  1. I doubt even if Trump wanted to attack Silicon Valley that he would because the Jews would A him. Silicon Valley is Skynet Folks and Skynet is self-aware. Soon it will be killing all of us with Terminators. The Terminator was NOT fiction, it was a Prophecy

  2. WE need a lobbyist ! Among many other things. Regarding Trump … AGAIN … he’s the least worst and until we’re ready to rock, we MUST keep heavily supporting and even campaigning for, the least worst. It’s over for us the minute you stop. Keep doing it and we have a chance to push OUR plan through.

    Most sheeple are not as informed as you so, it’s good any exposing of the “bad” Jews they do. Word is, a whole bunch of child traffickers are about to go to Gitmo and guess who’s on that list 🙂

    I believe the wall will appear right after the massive high profile arrests, just in time for re election.

    Too much time is spent on blogs like this, “bitching about what they are doing to us.” Let’s spend more time PLANNING HOW TO REBUILD THE SOUTH AND KICK “THEM” OUT.

    Peasants bitch.

    Founders fix.

    • That’s what I’ve been saying all along, what ever White identity you specify as or what, we’re all the same, WHITE!
      We’re losing guys, lets get our shit together, fast like in now! Tic toc….

  3. Republicans do have a longstanding habit of telling supporters one thing, then legislating the opposite. But I do feel that things are moving in a better direction than they have for a long time, and I credit Trump for it.

  4. I’ll believe it when I see Anglin’s website domain restored. Free Speech must be FREE.
    (Except for Jews, of course)

  5. 90% or more of our problems are the direct or indirect result of the ongoing White Genocide. The GOP will NEVER say the G word. They will ban & excoriate anyone who does. Republicans occasionally attack some of the symptoms of our Genocide but attacking symptoms doesn’t cure the disease. They will never rid us of our racial destruction. They implicitly support it.

  6. I would not count on the Republicans to reign in the out of control power of Silicon Shtetl. ZOG is inextricably linked with them and they are basically accountable to no one.

  7. When it comes down to the nut cuttin’, we’ve got Leftist NGOs that can do whatever they please and the people are utterly defenseless because the Left simply bypass and ignore the Government, Constitution and Law, except when they’re using them themselves to enforce their will and ruthlessly suppress and destroy their opponents.

    Hitler defeated the Left in Germany by ruthlessly enforcing the law and by crafting new laws that the Left simply couldn’t ignore or bypass.

    If we had a government that ruthlessly enforced the Constitution, and governor’s and mayors who ruthlessly enforced the Law, all of this would come to an end.

  8. – We’ve had domains seized.
    – We’ve been kicked off the payment processor monopolies like Paypal and Stripe.
    – We’ve been purged Facebook and Twitter.
    – We’ve been purged and demonetized on YouTube.
    – When we haven’t been purged from Twitter and YouTube, we have been shadowbanned and had our videos limited.
    – We’ve been banned by AirBnb, Uber, Lyft and other tech companies.
    – Google rigs its algorithm against us.

    Hunter, I implore you to look at the enemy you are facing, the resources you have, and the quality of the men that you can field at your rallies. Then ask yourself a simple question: can you achieve your aims (secession from the USA) with the resources (a few thousand Whites, many of whom are cranks) that you have at your disposal?

    The answer is no. I live in America but am not an American so it is much easier for me to accept the facts that: 1) America is the worst place in the world to build a White ethno-state, 2) Your movement does not have the resources to make this happen either way.

    This means that you must adapt and change strategies. What you should be doing is trying to get as far away from America as you can. There are thousands of abandoned villages across Eastern Europe & the Mediterranean and many of those nations are dying from a demographic winter. You should try to petition the local governments into allowing White Southerners to settle there.

    Build an expat community of like minded types outside of America.

    More info on Europe’s dying villages:

    Entire villages are for sale in northern Spain (which is a beautiful, forested land filled with mountains):

    An American friend & I have been toying with this idea for a while and I believe it is far more feasible to purchase an abandoned village than for you to somehow secede from the USA.

    • I have many times said this same thing. I see no future for my children in a completely judaized, anti-European society. My hope is that they will be able to escape the United States and make a new life abroad.

    • There are plenty of small, dying towns and cities right here in the American heartland that could be easily repopulated and rebuilt by White people.. Whitey needs to stop running away like a faggot and start fighting back. This is OUR country, god dammit.

  9. Americans are now a minority of the workers in Silicon Valley. Should it be any surprise that free speech would be murdered by the labor Republicans imported from third world countries like India?

    Its time to stop whining about routine Republican betrayals and then crawling back to vote for them. Its time to start running local candidates against them.

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