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  1. No doubt some wealthy jew or jew supremacist hate group is going to try and get its shit-hooks on that letter so they can make it part of a History of AntiSemitism exhibition or something.

  2. How is this any different than a Catholic saint’s relic? Answer: (other than the fact that the one is a piece of paper from a tree, and the other a piece of bone, from an actual saint) NONE.

    It’s time we realize that Protestants have ‘holy items’ just as much as any hard-core Catholic/Orthodox, and that our RACE is the defining element in our RELIGION, not mere intellectual assent by all and sundry ‘mystery meat’ aficionados, to some ill-defined creed or confession that has (no longer) any real-life application to us, today.

    [Don’t get me wrong- I fully believe in Creeds and Confessions. But one has to INCARNATE those theological propositions, and submit to them in real life, to actually make them ‘take flesh’ in a nation’s/people’s lives. You know, like avoiding the consequences of: transvestism, sodomy, adulteration of the species, lying as normative behavior for the Media, dissing your elders (boomers) swearing and using God’s name in vain continually, etc. The Ten Commandments, iow.]

    If White America wants to ‘take back’ the country, they need to INCARNATE the Ethno-Religious points of view, that once informed the Colonists’ attempts at making a ‘city on a hill’ prior to some universalist egalitarian BS perversion of the same.

    And then, We need to act as if being a White, English-speaking Christian, (who ALONE, of ‘all the nations on the earth’ – Amos 3:2) is the ‘apple of God’s eye.’ And start the ‘holy war’ against all of the Enemies of God, who are desecrating the land with their presence, their blasphemies, and their lies.

  3. An anti-Semitic letter written by the first and foremost Protestant reformer turning up for auction at this time. What a bloody coincidence!

  4. I still have problems with the church vandalisms of the early Lutherans. Kenneth Clarks Civilisation has some pretty tragic details. I get how the idol worship can become insane, I have been to India, but seems like they didn’t have to decapitate and deface these priceless artworks.

    • Albrecht Durer, the gold standard in Germanic art, was a supporter and promoter of Luther.

  5. I should like to know what Friar John’s views on Luther are – Unless he is reluctant to share them with us?

    Everything that Augustinian monk said about jewry was as true 500 years ago as it is today. The jews themselves cannot deny the charges he made against them.

  6. Croats dump out England.

    Well done Slavs, the niggers are going to execute you ritually in Moscow.

    Stupid fucks.

    • Yes!! Slavic Catholic Croats crushed the Britistani Muslim scum!
      Sunday the final battle! Europe against Africa!

      Martin Luther was insane. The person I admire most is the glorious emperor Caligula, he loved his sister and crucified Jews.

      • I doubt Croatia will land a glove on France in the final bout. It’s a set up. The godless Republic win tee off on the Slavic skull pile.

  7. Congratulations for ripping the mask of anonymity off of an annoying pest. You have done the same thing that the proposed Antifa unmasking law would do to those jerks. He will be forced to operate in the open now, which will reduce his ability to harm us. BTW, the idea of having some sort of intelligence service is a sound one. The more we known about them, the better we can be at counteracting their plans and actions.

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