Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018 Introduced In House of Representatives

What do you think about this?

“Last month, while the federal government was still pursuing felony riot charges against some Trump inauguration protestors, US Congressman Daniel M. Donovan opened a new front in the battle against radical left-wing protest in America. That’s when the Republican, who represents parts of South Brooklyn and the cop haven that is Staten Island, introduced a bill to the House of Representatives called H.R. 6054. The proposed law would enhance penalties for anyone who interferes with another person’s “protected rights” while wearing a disguise. After news of the bill made its way onto some subreddits on Tuesday, it spread across Twitter, causing a fair number of activists across America to exert a collective: “What the fuck?”

After all, it’s pretty clear whom something called the “Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018″ is meant to target. …”

I’ve seen a fairly mixed reaction to it on Gab and Facebook. Some people are supporting it while others are concerned the proposed law could be used against us as well. Personally, I don’t think this will go anywhere in Congress, but it has succeeded in triggering Antifa.

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  1. Support this bill. Unmasking was the principal weapon used against the Ku Klux Klan. It should be applied to Antifa as well. Remember that when right wing activists went to an Alabama University, the police there used that anti-KKK law about masking against Antifa and refused to let them counter-protest unless they removed their masks and hoodies and scarves.

    The vast majority of them turned around and went home. And the protest went off peacefully, without a hitch, unlike the violent fiasco in Charlottesville,

    If someone is going to go for street theater, they need to go unmasked. After all, the whole idea is to get publicity to a movement and these damned Antifa punks need to stand by their position and stop hiding behind disguises if they truly believe even one-tenth of what they are representing to the public.

    • YES. Support this. RICO ACT Soros and all his useful idiot imps. Hire top investigators and take pic’s of these freaks and do just like them …. show their employers and put em on Gaybook, ( Facebook. ) These less than zero ma ma’s boys need a good beating. Short of that lock their asses up. 100 % ignorant snot nose punks.

  2. Anti-Fa’s street numbers will most certainly plummet. Their middle class people who have something to lose will not turn up to demos. The cowards that use masks to commit acts of vandalism and violence, will stop doing it for the most part. Only a hardcore minority of crazies will continue to do it and they will be all locked up eventually.

    I think the street violence should reduce as a result of this. Politics is about talking to people. If masked Anti-Fa are allowed to continue to bash people’s skulls in, there won’t be much talking going on.

  3. Has there ever been a law that actually allowed justice to prevail in the US? I’m really and genuinely asking. They have twisted everything against those that seek right. I don’t mean someone shooting a villain in their domicile either, I mean a genuine time one where the government acknowledged right and wrong, a crime and it’s perpetrator, and threw Justice at said person? I honestly don’t believe there is.

    Don’t expect a good grande finale to the show y’all.

  4. I don’t see white nationalists wearing masks during demonstrations and such. That’s an antifa thing by and large. If this somehow goes through, I have no issue with it.

    • We don’t because the cops would arrest us on the spot.

      I didn’t go to Charlottesville nor was I involved in any way with it, but the city specifically told all the organizers on our side they would enforce Virginia’s draconian anti-masking law and press felony charges.

      Of course the antifa activists all basically either got away with it or got a slap on the wrist.

      • @le raciste révolutionnaire

        ‘We don’t because the cops would arrest us on the spot.”

        Which tells you who?? controls the system, and why it’s not on our side.

        • The question is why has it taken our side this long to come to the idea that we have to say $%^$ The Police? Even in the early Sixties, Albany Georgia was one good example, White Southern Cops arrested White Protestors against ML King. Birmingham Alabama put Lieutenant Roy James of the American Nazi Party a month in prison for socking King in the Mouth in 1962. So much for SO CALLED racist Bull Connor not enforcing ZOG’s law. What happened in 1963 was a Negro Race Riot, there were actually a couple major ones, Bull did what cops North and South had done since time immemorial and that was endeavor after reading the riot act to put them down. Of course the (((Media))) twisted it and the business class of course stabbed Bull in the back.

          Par for the Course

    • @billyrayjenkins

      The Jews are the Kommissars and Zampolits that make up the leadership of AntiFa. It’s a Jewish outfit from top to bottom, beginning to end.

      • Ya i figured that out long ago when I saw some of them without their masks. The noses were very prominent. I wish I had that video from Saint Louis County MO the Courthouse scene. There is a red haired very prominent Jew leading all the groids. It was shown on tv but now its disappeared

        • @billyrayjenkins

          “Ya i figured that out long ago when I saw some of them without their masks”

          The Israeli flags and pro-Jewish slogans give them away, too. They’re whole business about “fighting Fascism,” as well as their other SJW claims, are classic Jewish neurosis, and another dead giveaway.

          • The only ANTIFA I know of that supports Israel is in Germany, here in the US they are of course (((connected))) to the Palestinian issue, but notice I put (((connected))) in parentheses becuase its phony

  5. Off Topic, but I haven’t seen much honest reporting about this incident… The headlines and news broadcasts have simply stated that “a 91 year old Mexican man was beaten with a brick and told to ‘go back to Mexico.'” I immediately became suspicious when no description of the perpetrator/s was given. After scrolling along, I finally got the confirmation I was looking for. I saw one article that elaborated to the extent that it reported, “a woman who was walking with her child attacked the man, and that 3 males joined her in assaulting the man.” I knew that no White woman was going to hit an old Mexican man with a brick and tell him to go home. A little more searching revealed that someone had taken a picture of the woman and called the police (who are now “investigating”). Lo, and behold, a Negro woman perpetrated this hateful, racist act. As previously disclosed, she was aided and abetted by three Negro men ranging in age from twenty to thirty. The ongoing turf wars, particularly in California, between the Negroes and Hispanics is one of the embarrassing failures of diversity that the liberal media simply cannot reveal, because it goes against the narrative.

    • The city of Compton was once a Negro stronghold but is now under Chicano control. Without Whitey in charge the coloreds and the Mexicans will annihilate each other.

      Liberalism = death.

  6. If someone is committing acts of interference or violence they should be arrested, mask or no mask. “Antifa” are the storm troopers of our anti-White overlords.Otherwise they’d have shut them down a long time ago. The unmasking law won’t hurt but I doubt it will help very much.

  7. This is Congressman Donovan’s DC office phone number. 202-225-3371. Please call and voice your support. The Good Guys rarely get public support. I’m amazed that a White Man is actually in office, in Jew York. Speak up!

    The bill itself is freaking out the freaks. That’s a Good Thing! I think this is wonderful!

  8. So, wording on that antifa cloth is “whiteness is anti-Christ”. Really? God ONLY created the white Adam and Eve. God did not create anyone but Adam and Eve. Genesis 5:1 This is the book of the generations/race of Adam…”. God did not create negroes or mestizos. Ishmael was originally white but later mixed with the Nubians, hence you have the Arab. This accounts for many other peoples of the world who started out white but later race-mixed with negroes and mongoloids The negro is a direct descendant of the fallen angels who were cast down to earth way before Adam was in the garden. The dead sea scrolls tell of the fallen angels mixing with animal species, therefore you have the ape like negro.

      • You are correct. Using Strong’s Concordance there are 4 Hebrew words for Adam. H119 adam, a verb from the root word H1818 blood. H119 means to show blood in the face, ie; flush or turn rosy, H120 adam is a common noun which means man. H121 Adam a proper noun ie; the man’s name. H122 adam an adjective from H119 red, ruddy or rosy. When we white people get embarrassed blood rushes to our face and we turn red or ruddy in the face. Only Adam is listed in the genealogies in Luke chapter 3 as the son of God and his descendants including Christ.

  9. “while others are concerned the proposed law could be used against us as well.”

    We don’t need costumes. We’re adults, not spoiled little rich kids being led around by Jewish Kommissars.

    • That was one mistake the Klan did was sticking with the robes and masks for far too long. The tactic worked great during Reconstruction, you had to be masked then, plus the slaves were always afeared of ghosts. The thing was even by the 1920’s when the KKK was revived, it was more obsessed with maintaing the traditions of the past then adjusting for the future. It actually took until the 1970’s for some Klan members to begin getting with the program that what was needed was a Military Force, not a costumed relic from 1866

      • The KLAN is one of the greatest enemies of the Southern Culture because it is ridiculed so much. Most Klan members have no education, no skills and are truck drivers. It should be voluntarily be abolished.

        • Actually before the 1940’s the KKK had a sizeable population of professionals. After WWII, even in the South, it somehow became VERBOTEN for the business class to be openly Pro-White. Slowly even the major newspapers in Dixie began bashing those with Pro-White ideas because they tended to be of the working class. What happened?

          I don’t know that there is one easy answer as to why this happened. I think that when the Chambers of Commerce types began rebranding the South in the 1940’s, anything that smacked of the past was ash-canned. You saw a good example of this rebranding among the Texas business class (up playing the Movie Cowboy image, downplaying the Rebel Pride/Sharecropping Cracker image) ironically all the original Cowboys WERE Crackers but of course don’t let truth get in the way. You saw it in Florida, the business class wanted to make the state welcoming to old senior citizens from the North, usually retired schoolteachers and the like. Common factory working whites did not as a rule go to Florida in them days. Another good example was the Atlanta Business class THE CITY TOO BUSY TO HATE.

          The Chamber of Commerce Class, whether in the USA as a total or the South in particular has been the greatest bunch of traitors to ever exist, with in my mind the Texas Chamber of Commerce types around the Oil business and Military Industrial Complex being the absolute worst, followed of course by the Chamber of Commerce types in Florida, Atlanta et al

  10. @Spahnranch,

    Just found out that the assailant’s name, who attacked the old Mexican, is Laquisha Jones and that she is, indeed, a corpulent Negress. She has been arrested, but it seems that the story is not what the Network News wants to inform us about.

    In addition to Compton, I understand that Fred and Lamont Sanford’s neighborhood, Watts, is also now predominantly Hispanic. ‘Round these parts, the Ghettos cum Barrios have not seemed to cause the Negroes much consternation, as they have only been Section 8’d out to the suburbs, and other formerly White areas, where they are busily adapting to their new surroundings by transforming them to resemble their previous habitats.

    The upside of this is, the White people who have had little contact with, and, all too often, an over abundance of sympathy for, Negroes, are now beginning to experience the joys of diversity. This is the only way that the physically and materially uninitiated will be swayed, is by exposure to the elements. I think that this type of displacement and relocation could have the positive effect of dampening the enthusiasm of some potential Antifa recruits and their Hippy/Beatnik predecessors. After all, there are fewer places to run away and hide than there were during the great White Flight of the 70’s and 80’s.

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