Antifa Organizer Socialist Dog Mom Has Been Driven Off Twitter By Tankies

The Antifa organizer from Charlottesville known as @socialistdogmom on Twitter has deactivated her account after being hounded off the platform by her fellow leftists:

The thin skinned bitch was outraged by Tankies (old school communists) who had the audacity to criticize her tactics. The tears are flowing and it is glorious:

It has been a rough few weeks for Antifa. Let’s recap some of their recent misfortunes:

1.) The Proud Boy Rufio Panman knocked out a violent Antifa in Portland. The video went viral and Rufio was cheered across the rightwing internet.

2.) #OccupyICEPDX was tazed and arrested and was caught on camera using embarassing racial slurs.

3.) As a result of their quixotic campaign to “Abolish ICE,” Antifa groups have decided that “the State” is their new enemy and have been getting arrested and hit with new charges across the country.

4.) The GOP is gleefully holding a vote on “Abolish ICE” in order to divide the Democrats, drive up enthusiasm in their base and marginalize the Far Left.

5.) The internet troll and doxxer known as @don_chump was finally exposed and deleted his account.

Molly sulking and deleting her Twitter account after another round of vicious leftwing infighting is the latest example that the strategy of standing aside and giving Antifa the space to self destruct is working. Deprived of targets around which to mobilize, Antifa are throwing themselves into jail in order to stay in the public spotlight, turning against each other, getting beat up in the streets by Patriot groups and harming the Democrats in the run up to the 2018 midterm elections.

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  1. Curious how long Antifi has been funded in advance. I would assume the (((paymasters))) are probably putting the brakes on about now but the pipeline is likely still loaded and paying out. The lag time is going to be fascinating to watch.

    • Soros, C.A.I.R. La Raza, SPLC, etc., with their friends in THE BROADCAST BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

      Bigger question : Where’s ( and how to get, ) OUR money ? WE need funding and intel.

      Your work’s cut out for you. Get r done.

  2. OMG. I just read Cantwell’s comment, on GAB. Yup. My Jewdar is operating at 6 million percent! I will take that poor cat and give it a lovely life.

    • Madam’s concern for the welfare of animals, including those unfortunate enough to be living with Marxist mental-cases, is quite touching.

  3. “Deprived of targets around which to mobilize, Antifa are throwing themselves into jail in order to stay in the public spotlight, turning against each other…”

    That is because their behavior is an outward manifestation of their phenotype. It is not bc of what we do or don’t do. It is their natural behavior no matter what the external circumstances are. It is just a question who is the most tempting target and what is the handiest pretext (excuse) they can come up with at the time. This knowledge once thoroughly digested both liberates us from certain worries and gives us an upper hand in prognosticating upcoming events. Their attacking the maga crowd is one of the best things we could hope for because it legitimizes our movement and it legitimizes our side whenever there may be more street scuffles in the future.

  4. Trump and Putin on Monday, “we all NAZI now”
    The world couldn’t look any more brighter,

  5. That thing in the top photo (not the cat) looks like a spiteful, nasty little piece. It epitomizes what the left now are- just hateful, pitiful vermin.
    Since the Internet revolution, they’ve been forced to come out and say what they really think. They can no longer pretend to be for just for tolerance and human rights. Every time we put our side across and present valid, credible arguments, they either fall apart, or want to silence us. In every case, their literal hatred of us is exposed.
    You can see it in its face-they’re all about hate, not love or tolerance-and all that hate is aimed at white Europeans.

  6. Blame the cat in this picture – as Molly, ‘The Socialist Mom’, seems to have gotten her chilly neurotick glare from him.

    Or is it the other away around?

  7. The normal White person is fed up with these loonies and degenerates. Will Trump every capitalize on that with deeds as well as words?

  8. Antifa was the greatest gift the left could’ve ever given us….we need to seize the moment and capitalize from it!

  9. There really is nothing that triggers Antifa snowflakes like a Based Tankie. After all the (((Trots))) and (((Anarchists))) spent years defying all logic and defending cia-backed “democratic people’s revolutions” in Libya and Syria and insanely proclaiming that the alliances of Islamist fundamentalists, supporters of deposed pro-western monarchs, neoliberals, cia agents and Zionists that destroyed those countries were some kind of “socialist” movement. Point out those facts, you could expect an autistic chimpout. Then when that became clear to everyone all the Antifas suddenly switched their allegiance to the (((Kurds))) and their “leftist feminist revolution”. Coincidentally, this was also the same time as the neocons started to prefer the Kurds.

    Antifa are such brazen anti-Communist useful idiots for the Neocons and Zionists it’s not even funny. It’s not surprising that they would worry about the threat of “fascism”, except in Ukraine for some (((mysterious))) reason, while ignoring the actual threat of Jewish world supremacy.

  10. Back in the 1960s our valedictorian, a Jewish boy with a bad case of acne, joined the Cambridge Weathermen (Communist group). Last time I saw him they were planning to take on the local working class youth in a beach fight in the hope of earning their respect. “Good luck with that” was my thought. I doubt this fight ever came off since I think he’s still alive.

  11. Croatia walked right into the Trap didn’t they? All that effort and they fall to Africa Nord. What a Cohencidence.

  12. Six moths before Trump’s election, I predicted the day of the left would soon be over. The destruction of the left is another case of Jew’s setting ’em up and then knocking ’em down; after finishing with their goy fools. Were it not for Jews, the left’s reaction to Trump would be inexplicable. After all, lefties have hated every “conservative” Republican president since they were old enough to vote.They hated Nixon, they hated Reagan, they hated Bush. They always hate, but never before on the scale seen with Trump. Obviously the mad-dog-foaming-at-the-mouth reaction over Nadzeeman Trump was an over-the-top creation of Jews.

    Trump has put the left/right issue into the two decisive categories of good guys vs. bad guys, black or white, so even the dumbest football fan can figure out which side to root for, only this time it’s the lefties turn to eat shit and die. All Jews had to do was take their protective legal condom off the lefties limp members so the blunt thrust of an incensed right wing can do what they have been waiting to do for decades. Mount up boys.

    Heavily promoted by Jews since the 1960s, the left has enabled the political, cultural and legal destruction of the American middle class. Now that that agenda nears completion, the left has outlived its usefulness. With the Jews’ new orange “Hitler” firmly entrenched, (((they))) are preparing for a another global war. Thus, Herr Trumpler is rapidly becoming the man of the hour, running roughshod over the left wing minority, long hated by a middle America, gleeful at the prospect. Notice how, despite all the slings and arrows shot at Trump, he remains coated with as much Teflon as Reagan? Now there’s a clue for all you Trumplodytes.

    Lefties have long been noted for being a being few points short of a red star. So its easy enough to have these loons run amok on themselves with a few, simple misdirections by their Jew cheering section leaders. Always erratic, they now resemble loose cannons on deck, bashing out the bulwarks of their rapidly sinking vessel, The Good Jew Cocksucker. They react as planned, self destructing as easily as they once destroyed others. Someday soon, lefties will be like a bad fart in a small room, running in terror when somebody points an identifying finger at them.

    There are legions of stupid goy out there. Goy too stupid to understand they are being used, who is using them and what happens after they are used up. Negroes will face the same music once whitey is gone. Jews call such fools “useful idiots.”

  13. This is why discipline in the ranks is so important; it allows us to capitalize on the Enemy’s lack of discipline.

    Instead of a “Blue Wave” we are going into the final stretch of the midterms against “Abolish ICE”.

    The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh is the political equivalent of running it right up the middle – smash mouth politics. There’s nothing the Enemy can do except give ground as we wear them down play after play.

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