League of the South Returns To Expose The Truth About Selma

I said that we would be back.

A few weeks ago, the League of the South held a flash rally on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL. This led to an uproar in Selma which I responded to last week.

(League of the South on the Edmund Pettus Bridge)

There is a reason why the League of the South chose to come to Selma and to take that photo op on the Edmund Pettus Bridge at 6 AM on a Saturday morning. We wanted to start a conversation about Selma in the 21st century, but we didn’t want to be disruptive. For far too long, ‘racism’ and ‘white supremacy’ have been the scapegoats for all of Selma’s social and economic problems.

The League wanted to avoid a confrontation in Selma. The point of our little ironic photo op was to show that the last thing in the world that Selma needs right now is more bridge LARPing. We don’t have any interest in “showing out” in a big confrontation with all of these geriatric bridge LARPers who want to relive the 1960s. Every year 78-year-old Rep. John Lewis and his fellow civil rights dinosaurs parachute into Selma for their annual photo op on the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

We went to Selma to lampoon those people by showing that we can march across that magic bridge too. Have you seen what Selma looks like these days under their leadership? The truth is that Selma has become a violent, impoverished ghost town that attracts nothing but bridge LARPers. It lives exclusively in the past and has all but given up on the present and the future.

(Wes Bellamy was recently bridge LARPing in Selma)

(John Lewis and Jesse Jackson are still bridge LARPing)

In many ways, Selma reminds me of the countries that I have studied in post-colonial sub-Saharan Africa. The end of white supremacy and colonialism in Africa empowered a new black leadership caste that stuck around for decades. In Mobutu’s Zaire, these people were known as the “Big Vegetables.” Whether it was Congo, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Liberia or Equatorial Guinea, the Big Vegetables bled their countries dry which invariably sunk into ruin under their comical mismanagement.

In 1997, 67-year-old Mobutu Sese Seko fled the Democratic Republic of Congo in a Russian cargo plane while rebels sacked his jungle palace in Gbadolite. By that point, Mobutu had been in power for 32 years and Zaire had become the poorest, most dysfunctional country on earth. The looters found the countless bottles of pink champagne and hundreds of adult diapers The Leopard had left behind. Unlike the Congo, Selma still hasn’t shrugged off John Lewis and Hank and Rose Sanders.

Selma has national significance because Hollywood and the mainstream media have turned the Edmund Pettus Bridge into a symbol of black voting rights. We’ve all been exposed to the official narrative which was most recently seen in the 2014 movie Selma. Every public school in the United States was sent a copy of that movie which celebrates MLK’s triumph in Selma. The National Park Service maintains the Lowndes Interpretative Center along the route of the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail. Those of us who live in the area know the darker truth of the matter.

(Fifty Years Forward)

If you start at Brown Chapel AME Church and the George Washington Carver projects in Selma, proceed through downtown Selma, cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge and follow in the footsteps of John Lewis across Lowndes County to the west side of Montgomery, you will find today a scene of total social and economic devastation. After all their marching, John Lewis and his fellow bridge LARPers have left behind nothing in the region except blighted homes, boarded up abandoned businesses and a few deserted bingo halls. Sherman’s March to the Sea wasn’t as devastating.

I’ve been coming to Selma for years now to document the decline. Click on any of the three images below to see the Flickr galleries from 2011, 2017 and 2018 that show you the real Selma:

Selma 2011

Selma 2011

Selma 2017

Selma 2017

Selma 2018

Selma 2018

Selma is a place which is touted as a symbol of progress where all economic progress has ground to a halt. It is a city of no hope and no opportunity. I’ve been watching the city slowly revert to the wilderness as blighted buildings are torn down and replaced by vacant lots. By many indexes, Selma is now the worst place to live in Alabama and one of the worst places to live in the United States.

Black empowerment was the intent of the Voting Rights Act and in Selma it has been very successful. Selma has a black mayor and majority black city council. It has a black US representative in Congress. It has a black state representative and a black state senator. It has a 98% black public school system presided over by a black school superintendent. Selma voted for Hillary Clinton and Doug Jones. Until recently, it had a black police chief presiding over a majority black police force under President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.

And the result? Selma now suffers from blight, corruption, potholes, failing schools, STDs, staggering poverty, unemployment, violent crime and abandonment. It is no accident that Sturdivant Hall and Live Oak Cemetery are the best maintained parts of Selma. Those appear to be the only places White people still care about after 10,000 of them voted with their feet and left Selma over the past 30 years. The rest of Selma including the abandoned downtown, the commercial highway strip and the swiftly decaying Historic District have all been ceded to the current inhabitants.

The Walton Theater was reopened in 2015 for the debut of Selma. It now shows other hilarious Hollywood movies like Hidden Figures and Black Panther … the point being I guess to maximize cognitive dissonance between the reality of black-run Selma in 2018 and fictional black power utopias like Wakanda. The struggle against racism and white supremacy continues!

(Just the other day this guy was shot in Selma)

WSFA.com Montgomery Alabama news.

After making the trek out to Selma yesterday afternoon, I can report that nothing much has changed since my last visit there in January 2017. The Selma Mall looks even more haggard. More people have been murdered in Selma for no apparent reason. The destroyed “Welcome to Historic Selma” sign has been removed. Bojangles appears to have come to have come and gone. The tumbleweeds are still blowing through downtown which hasn’t attracted a single new business since I started coming in 2011. I noticed more Afrocentrism including some We Wuz Kangz and Space Pyramids imagery downtown and a blighted house which was decorated with a photo of Frederick Douglass. Kids in Selma don’t have air conditioning in public schools because thieves recently ransacked the air conditioning units and caused $200,000 worth of damage to steal a small amount of copper.

Naturally, the bridge LARPers were out in force yesterday. As I walked across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, I found myself wondering what these people see in Selma. Does the reality of Selma live up to their expectations? Are they incapable of seeing the degree to which Selma has declined? Do they take in the view of the city and feel morally superior for reducing it to such squalor and ruin? My overwhelming impression is that Selma is worse off today than it was in the 1960s. I don’t think the “white supremacist violence” we have heard so much about holds a candle to Selma as it exists today.

Selma clearly used to be a bustling, beautiful Southern city. The Queen City still has some beautiful antebellum mansions. It has a beautiful graveyard. The Historic District would look great if it was still being kept up. The people who built Selma though have gone the way of the Romans or the Ancient Egyptians. They’ve been stigmatized and replaced by these bridge LARPers who have accomplished nothing but wrecking the city and leaving it worse off for everyone. Their allies in Hollywood and the media have spent decades covering up what really happened there after the cameras left.

I mean like … who benefited from this? I suppose you could argue that the people of Selma gained some incompetent politicians because of the bridge LARPers. Otherwise, it doesn’t look like a single dollar has been invested in the George Washington Carver projects in the past 50 years. Would Selma be better off today if John Lewis and those bridge LARPers had been sicced on Prattville?

Note: I will be back in Selma in 2019 to observe more of this progress! Who do you think will get shot or go out of business between now and then?

Selma Then?

Selma Now?

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  1. Selma isn’t the only place where the American people refuse to see reality, I was watching Fox network and they did a story on San Francisco, the problem with homelessness and drug addicts has become so bad that tourists are avoiding the city. I believe this is what happens when people continually blow smoke up each others asses and constantly misrepresent reality. The idiot Trump administration touts employment numbers that show the U.S. is close to full employment, this is such crap it’s hard to even describe how stupid it actually is. I suppose we have full employment if you take out the millions of people in prison or on parole, the millions of dope addicts, the homeless that are everywhere in any major city, the millions who are counted as employed because their unemployment ran out. The dildos running things seem more interested in putting out b.s. than they are actually admitting that there are severe problems, because then they might be expected to do something about it.

  2. Gotta love the idiot Creepy Joe Biden in the front. Even in front of Sharpton and Jackson.

    • Jeff Sessions was BORN in Selma in 1946 he lived through the uprisings and the entire mess and still the SOB wants to spit in the face of all the people who suffered and celebrate this monstrosity? I dont have any words to say

  3. Nignogs in Africa fought for independence against stable, white rule and when they gained it, they made those places so bad that half of them are now trying to flee to Europe or even Australia-which they’ll also turn into third world rubbish dumps. They’re an utterly useless race of people. Sub humans from Sub Saharan Africa.

    In an American context, Selma provides a case study in how affirmative action doesn’t work. Give a nog a police badge-he’s still a nog. They
    thrive on their slavery, Jim Crow and victimhood to use aagainst us, and ignore the fact that they’re incapable of functioning in society. Who’s to blame for modern day Selma? Well that would be us-the whites, owing to something we did or didn’t do, or waycism or something…
    Regardless of how long blacks have been in America, the IQ differences will always be there, so they’ll never properly blend in like, say, those of Danish ancestry do.

  4. Well, I did see that putative Attorney General Jeff Sessions says that he strongly supports his wonderful boss, Attorney Generalissimo Rod Rosenstein.

    • I was thinking the new national capital should be located near St. Louis or Kansas City. We could call it Rockwell City or Hitlersburg.

  5. There is definitely something seriously wrong with Jeff Sessions. Very seriously wrong. Either (((they))) have something on him or he is a total idiot. I just can no longer support him. He may be good on immigration but he is not pro-white. Someone who is very proud of his/her people and their own story will be very successful in preventing their offspring from straying. I want my grandchildren to look like me. I want them to think and behave like me. Perhaps white people are bored of themselves. Personally, I think many have mind parasites.

    Except for a few politicians like Steve King, I can’t think of another white politician I am proud of. What a pathetic race we’ve become. For most whites, there is little concern for their descendants and even less respect for their ancestors. I’ve always said we need a culling but I am now convinced we need a massive culling. One of epic proportions. We are very aware we have no shortage of “others” who are willing and capable of such a task. I think we’ve passed peak Western Civilization and I think it occurred before the start of the 20th Century.

    • I never paid attention to this Patrick Little guy until seeing the video on here recently. From that short clip I thought he ROCKED it! Is he the guy with the semitic-seeming wife, though? I might overlook it if she could be proven to not be jewish and he turns out fully legit, that’s how refreshing it was to see a white man tell the blacks, whites and world that the jews ran the slave trade and disproportionately featured in the planter class.

      • @Genie

        Have you heard this guy speak at length? Given his remarks on the JQ, I’m guessing no to your question. I’d be surprised and disappointed if she was.
        Its great to see the ‘little’ guy talking about Jewish power.

    • Jeff Sessions is a damned traitor, that’s what is wrong with him. Jeff knows the truth hell his whole name is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. I cannot for the life of me understand a man who entered College right after Civil RIghts Hell, Sessions attended College in Montgomery finishing his law degree at Bama how this man could spit on his ancestors grave? Well I guess some people will do anything for money. Some people will allow themselves to be filmed having diahreea and God knows what else all for money. Jeff Sessions has no character or backbone whatsoever

      • I’m beginning to think Steve Miller is better than Sessions. Does anyone else wonder why the Left protested at Miller’s condo but have done nothing with Sessions?

        As for the attack on Betsy DeVos’s yacht, for those who don’t know her brother is Erik Prince of Blackwater fame. I wonder why Trump would insert the sister of a Deep State black ops bigwig in the Department of Education. 2 + 2 = 5?

        Catherine Austin Fitts may be right. The war going on is between those who are willing to sacrifice the United States for empire (Trump’s enemies?) versus those who are willing to sacrifice empire for the United States (Trump & crew?). Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are patriotic or give a damn about anyone but themselves. The USA has been a cash cow for far too many at the expense of the rest of us. They know the cost of empire is bankrupting the nation and the well is pretty dry right now. I just wish the action flick would start. These previews are damn boring. I’m feeling a little blood thirsty myself. I want to see heads roll. Literally!

    • @Snow Whitey: Western culture peaked between 1871(the end of the Franco-Prussian War) and 1914(the start of the Great War), madame.

      • Spawn Ranch: Aha! I was right!! By the way, Sir, my handle has only one “w” and it is not in two parts. Snowhitey. Easy enough, no? I take it seriously. Show some respect or I’ll burn down Polanski’s old love shack.

  6. ‘Bojangles appears to have come and gone”

    I wish they’d come to Texas.

    At any rate, Niggers destroy restaurants. They destroyed Church’s Chicken and KFC in Paris. I’ve seen restaurants close on the pretext of remodeling or repairing their parking lot, then reopening with an all White crew. Regional and National chains, mind you. Restaurants the didn’t, sank under the waves of the Black undertow. That’s how two Schlotzky’s and a Wendy’s were lost in my hometown. Niggerfuxation.

    • My mother always looks behind the counter and sees who is back there. If it doesn’t look like a Negro establishment, she will eat there, but if it does no way in hell. There is a reason I will not eat Downtown almost anywhere, I will go to the suburbs if possible. I don’t want filthy Groids handling my food.

      Read old books, you will find stories from the Antebellum and Postbellum South of Negroes who poisoned Whites. Still people trusted them to work for them, most of the Mammies were good, but get real folks. This aint 1934 or 1954 anymore. I wouldnt trust them to fry an egg for me

  7. O/T here’s Roseanne sucking up to the jews and blacks: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/roseanne-disses-valerie-jarretts-looks-immediately-apologizing-tweet-050135157.html

    I missed her show but who cares cuz there was a tranny character in it. She’d shout out for Trump here and there and supposedly the audience would go wild.

    I’m glad Big Jew canned her since she might have just conditioned whatever white middle class is left to internalize Zionism. Plus she says anyone in power needs to be laughed at.

    LOL at the personality disorder that is Judaism.

    Roseanne is not an evil person, just another version of The Delusional Jew.

    • Roseanne is an example of a Leftist who suddenly discovered that her ideas that she held since 1967 are no longer considered Leftist anymore. Its just like FREE SPEECH. The Hippies believed all speech both hate and love speech should be allowed and that people should just express themselves and work through their anger and whatnot. They hung out with the Hells Angels in California and the Angels were viruntely anti-Negro. You didnt see any Hippies complaining about the Angels using Nazi and Confederate stuff. They just accepted that the Angels expressed themselves.

      This old school idea of Free Speech, which people like Roseanne’s generation held has been destroyed since the beginning of Critical Race Theory in the 1980s. Under CRT the idea is that Speech is too dangerous to be allowed and thus all speech must be judged for bias hatred or even microaggression. What Roseanne said in 1990 would have probably gotten her condemned but it would have been forgotten in time. That was before CRT. Since CRT every single word said by anyone considered to be White has to be examined and then attacked

    • @Genie

      Don’t think for a minute that the Jews won’t throw a single Jew or two under the bus, if it’s necessary. If comes down to the survival of Israel, or the various Jewish Diaspora communities in the West, who do think they’ll sacrifice? Better a few million perish, than the whole race perish.

      The Jews have no qualms about policing up the ranks of their race/nation, cost what it may in individual lives. Even Rosanne’s.

      White folks need to require this attitude towards racial traitors and internal threats to their survival as a race and Civilisation. The Jews have thoroughly attacked and suppressed it in us. With good reason and great success.

  8. ETA the clip of Roseanne is worth watching as a study in how our people, especially Southern, became manipulated by the jews to fight their wars for them. She asks at the end about ‘where the tax money’ is going and how is ‘the middle’ being served.

    Unbelievable. She’s upset more of our tax money isn’t being funneled into shekels for Israel. We can’t give the iranians or whoever money because it all has to go to the poor jews according to this faux middle class ‘white.’

    I never trusted those slanty eyes, the maybe too dark hair and fat mediterranean body type.

    She says she thought Valerie Jarrett was white when the real joke is neither of them are.

    Viking battle cry, this time we’ll fight the real enemy:


  9. Compton California was a nice community until the post WW2 era when blacks moved in and WHITES ran away. Since then, they had the Watts Riots, the school district was taken over by the State, the Compton Police Dept. was disbanded because of corruption, several mayors have been jailed for corruption, Compton Jr. College was shut down and lost its accredation…a few weeks ago the Compton water district was dissolved. Brown water was coming out of their taps.

    After the 1965 Watts Riots LA County gave the blacks their own hospital….brand new MLK hospital. After decades of malpractice, wrongful death law suits and other disasters, MLK hospital was finally shut down by the Feds.

    Blacks can’t run anything…..anywhere.

    • The strange thing about the Southern US is while they used Housing Covenants, in some areas Negroes lived rather closely to their employers, so they could walk to work and back. This proximity to the Negroes was different than in the North. In the North proximity to Negroes only took place in a town where there were only a smattering of them. In a city, they would typically occupy a street or a couple streets and no white people went there, except the cops and maybe the mailman. Before 1940, you could grow up in any major Northern City, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Chester, York, Rochester, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Akron/Canton, Youngstown, Toledo, Dayton/Cincinnati, Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Chicago, Peoria Springfield, Milwaukee and have very little interaction with them, Literally the only Negroes you saw were custodians, garbagemen, redcaps, cafeteria workers in automats, that was it. There were integrated areas, where the White and Negro areas butted up, that was an exception but away from them little to no real interaction.

      WORLD WAR II brought the Negroes flooding into the North and the North responded by all sorts of trickery, housing covenants and whatever else to shunt them into Ghettoes. The case Shelley v Kramer actually took place in Saint Louis Missouri, as you well know, Missouri is literally a State with Two Large Yankee and Immigrant saturated Cities on Each End and Dixie in the Middle. The other part of that case was McGhee V Sipes in Detroit, that was linked with Shelley. That was the case that began getting the Coons out of Black Bottom and into Detroit proper. With the end of Housing Covenants the (((Fellow White People))) came into inner ring areas and first layer suburbs, built because of the trolley cars from about 1880-1910 and began buying houses and renting them to Negroes. Soon they encircled the enclaves with crime and began doing the same thing. The rest is history.

      California’s racial history mirrors any Northern State and their reaction does as well.

      • Correct. It’s still way more segregated. Most Northern States only have blacks in a few neighborhoods. The really bad sorts of blacks are rarely found outside of these ghettos, but some more middle class blacks can be.

        In the South, there are little clusters of ignorant low class blacks everywhere. Almost everyone from the North comments on it the first time the go to the South. It’s jarring to see these kinds of blacks living near where you are staying or at the supermarket.

        • Yes I have been in Virginia the Carolinas and Georgia before and growing up in the North it was odd. My family was from Appalachia in KY and had extremely limited contact with Negroes. The Negro was brought into Eastern KY in small numbers during slavery, but most of them came on the railroad building crews between 1880 and 1920. The white mountain population was too small to supply labor to lay tracks, plus they were needed to cut timber to supply railroad ties, which they did. The railroad couldn’t find enough white immigrant workers to do the railroad work, so they went into Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana and hired Negro sharecroppers. Following the completion of the Kentucky railroad network and West Virginia network as well, the coal mines opened up in a big way and many of the Negroes stayed there and became coal miners. Most of them left after 1929 when the Depression came and settled in cities, like Hunington WV, Charleston WV, and thousands also went to Ohio to Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati, joining the thousands of Negroes running away from plantations there.

    • If all the Niggers disappeared overnight, it would be a huge improvement. The only bad thing would be the African land rush and the consequent wars triggered by their disappearance.

      I’ve thought about writing a novel about post Negro Africa and the battles between the various powers vying to carve out empires there, or grab up the vast natural wealth.

      I’m surprised there’s not a land rush to buy up all the vacant land and easily torn down, ruined houses in Detroit. Upscale Whites could rebuild neighbourhoods literally from the ground up, and reclaim the city from the weeds and Niggers.

      • @James Owen: I thought a small army of intrepid urban hipsters and entrepreneurs were homesteading in the ruins of Detroit, no?

      • That novel you’re contemplating sounds like a winner. Perhaps I could contribute a few passages to it?

      • That’s an interesting idea for a novel, James.

        I’m not sure something like the Detroit reclamation you describe isn’t actually in progress. A few years ago, I saw a sentence or two, in a news article, that gave me the impression something like that might be under way.

        A strange thing–strange to me, anyway, since I’ve encountered no reference to it–is that something like that seems to be going on here in Philadelphia. If you want to get a sense of it, go to Wikipedia and read the entry for the “Divine Lorraine Hotel.” That’s just part of it; but without getting into details at the moment, I’ll say that it’s almost as if Philadelphia’s ghetto-blight is beginning to pass into history, though there’s something Potemkin-Village-ish about what’s replacing it. As I say, I’ve seen no real reference to any of this in newspaper or magazine articles; but I can’t help thinking that the transformation is being wrought by tax money, which is being routed in various ways and in various degrees of disguise to persons such as the (((developer))) who reclaimed–or is in the process of reclaiming–the Divine Lorraine.

        If you’re interested:



  10. Ah, once again natural selection rears her glorious head. I’m prostrate with schadenfreude.

  11. There are many Selmas throughout Eastern North Carolina – living graves that serve as monuments to White Southern capitulation to The New England Yankee way.

    It’s painful for everybody, but, being Tarheels, we put a friendly banter over it and talk of the weather.

    Those of us who are old enough, to remember another world, grumble amongst ourselves, and some of us wait for Southern Blood to rise –

    Until then, the vandals will continue to decorate the living memorials to submission & indifference to alien tyranny, and Southern politicians will continue to congratulate themselves on furthering the architecture of White Southern Replacement and extolling this ‘Grand Union’….

  12. I don’t think much of this bullshit non sense could continue without Hollywood putting out their brand of propaganda, they are long steeped in anti southern tradition, Try watching the movie Mississippi Burning sometimes if you really want to get ticked off.

    • @Copperhead…

      Yes, Sir – you are right.

      That said, ‘Miss’ippi Burning’ is par for the course.

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