New York Times Editorial Board Hires Anti-White Racist Sarah Jeong

Every so often a story comes along which personifies everything that is wrong with this country:

“The New York Times’ newest editorial hire has a history of racist tweets against white people.

NYT announced on Wednesday that they hired Sarah Jeong to join their editorial board. Jeong previously wrote for the Verge and authored “The Internet of Garbage,” a book about online harassment and free speech.

Shortly after Jeong’s hire, Twitter users unearthed old tweets in which she expressed an extreme distaste for white people.

“Dumbass f**king white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants,” she tweeted in 2016.

Another tweet reads, “oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get from being cruel to old white men. …”

The New York Times has released a statement defending hiring this woman. It goes without saying that countless people like Paula Deen, Roseanne and most recently Papa John have been destroyed by leftwing social justice lynch mobs for saying much less than Sarah Jeong. Thousands of ordinary people we never hear about have lost their jobs and suffered in silence because of this vicious “call out” culture.

Sarah Jeong is one of the liberal elites though. She works for the apex of the mainstream media, The New York Times Editorial Board, which sneers at ordinary people and condemns them as bigots. White men laughably aren’t a “protected class” (where is our white privilege?) whatever that means. Thus, Sarah Jeong can be as hateful and racist as she wants, say things that would ruin the careers of a White man like John Schnatter and get away with it. The taboos of our politically correct culture about “racism” only apply to the hoi polloi who have the wrong race, sex and politics.

It is possible to be a mainstream racist and to destroy other people professionally by calling them racists. That’s because the “mainstream” is anti-White. Are we immoral people for taking our own side and rejecting these taboos? Do we have a legitimate grievance about the “mainstream”?

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  1. I say what I want, about whom I want. Being mealy mouthed and polite has just gotten us Whites shit on. I despise all other races than Whites.

  2. This little anti-White gook is a gift from Above. Pray God we’re given many more anti-Whites just like her.

    • God sent many nations and civilizations to history book so I would not count on him.

      I am living in the Eastern Europe , my Country lost 20 % of population because of liberalism in the last 100 years, our average IQ dropped almost 5% so the living standard down here is a little clusterhomoplatoniclove and we still have people who screaming that all people are equal and come here in the name of Jesus and Israel Israel Israel.

      When you count on Christianity and God, the you will get the same great surprise what we got after year 1917.

      • I won’t get into a fruitless, counterproductive argument with you about religion.. You don’t think White Genocide coming out of the bag, front and center, is a hopeful development?

      • What country are you from? You’re right about “God” too. Anyone counting on God for help is going to be waiting until the universe goes cold.

        • I do not like ramp up ethnic tensions inside the pro white folk. It will end up with another brothers wars like Ukraine or Yugloslavia. So I prefer to remain Eastern European.

          But a little hint. I live in the country who was first declared judenfrei by Hitler himself. So we know a little how to commit Holocaust.

          Let the itsthejews folk do some homework to find out where I live and later take a few beers and think that maybe those 100 years living under liberalism poor shitty English speaking Eastern Europeans got finally something right after all.

          I live in the 99.9% white country and you are not because you refuse to admit one single problem….genetic white liberal. Get rid from them and the rest of the problem run away by themselves

          I live in my own country with my own people in my own house because lightning has not burned it down and there is a simple reason, I do not blame Jews or Niggers or Muslims or God or Devil .

          I use one cheap thing invented by white male American Benjamin Franklin. The lightning rod.
          Why you do not use one simple method invented by Eastern Europeans ?

          Get rid from the white liberals and the rest of the problems go away by themselves .

      • @Juri
        God helps those who help themselves. Do what works and God will help you. Do what doesn’t work and no one, not even God, can save you.

        The left repeats/the right loses. The reason the right loses is the left repeats what hurts the right, while the right never repeats anything that hurts the left.

        @mike mckeon
        “You don’t think White Genocide coming out of the bag, front and center, is a hopeful development?”

        Juri isn’t playing quite at our level yet, though he does understand the treason problem better than 99% of nationalists. He is still calling White anti-Whites “Genetic White Liberals.

        White Genocide awareness didn’t come from “hope”, it came from the intelligence of one man named Bob Whitaker, and the HARD WORK his followers did repeating his memes millions of times all over the Internet.

        The WORK of repeating was done by a very, very small group. At first one. Then two. Then five. Then ten. Then fifty. etc Until Trump rewteeted a user named WhiteGenocideTM and Hillary whined about White Genocide awareness in a televised speech and lost the election.

      • @Haxo Angmark

        “nailed it. YT-hating Ashkenazic Jew Sulzberger hires YT-hating Asiatic bitch. No surprise.”

        One Asiatic hires another. I’ve seen pics of Yids that look downright Turco-Mongolian. Especially the ones that infested Krim and South Central Russia, from out of Central Asia.

        • The vast majority of them are like the Arabs and the rest of the Semites, any of them looking Oriental would be somewhat less common. I have profiled Turkmen and the people of Turkey before elsewhere, there is very little if any genetic commonality between them. The so-called Turk Roach is Hairy and Swarthy with a hook nose, the Turkmen is yellow-white skinned slant eyed and hairless. This was always the problem with the Khazarian Hypothesis as Central Asians are not hairy nor do they have hook noses, those are Semitic Traits. In fact burial mounds where Armenians are buried, when contrasted with Jews are almost a 100% match. Now there are Oriental Jews from further east, they once existed in Afghanistan and even in Kaifang in China, further South in India they look like the rest of the Poo In Loo’s.

          Everyone needs to read this to understand Jews. This is one of the best things to introduce someone to the JQ

          • Turks and Turkmen have remnants of the blood of Genghis flowing through their veins. Thus, they are a race of thieves and murderers.

      • Except that now white-hating Jews have taken over YouTube also, because their crappy home-grown service Google Video was a massive fail.

        And now they are kicking conservative white males off YouTube. Tell me there is no agenda.

  3. No self-respecting White man reads the New York Times any more. Which is to say, any White man who reads the New York Times has no self-respect.

  4. Me love you long time number one Mr. Charlie old White guy; suckee, suckee, fuckee, fuckee two dollah


    That should be pushed, sold, harped on, put on business cards and passed out everywhere, direct mail postcards sent out, and nationwide webinars – and League meetings – centered around. See how simple it is ? Understand how even 1/2 brain dead people will be able to remember it and tell their kin about it ? We wouldn’t even be talking about gooks so ugly they’re only good for BJ’s or HJ’s 🙂 If we don’t narrow it down to this simple brand … 5 years from now it’s over. We won’t get what we all really want by pep talks the down trodden will forget next week. They need a simple awesome doable motto / goal IMBEDDED IN THEIR HEADS :


  6. How refreshing to find an Asian woman who hates white men. In my country, they usually love us too much and want to breed with us. Just out of interest, what race is her boyfriend?
    Note how she was born in South Korea? So she actually had to physically move to a nation
    where whites are….and now she hates whites. Bloody hypocrit.
    Part of our enrichment includes being attacked by muds, controlled by Joooo$, bred out by Asian women, hated by Asian women, blown up by koranimals and being made a minority in our own nations. Why are we complaining…
    If I could meet this woman in person, I’d tell her
    that…..her hatred of white people is completely justified and that returning to South Korea is the answer. I would assist her with arrangements for a safe return to South Korea where no nasty whites are. We must be avoided, she needs to escape!

    • I have a lot of experience with Asians. Jap’s are on top. Next it’s China. It goes down from there. Koreans can be pretty dumb, but Filipinos and Mongolians are at the bottom. This ugly libtard is NOT representative of most Asians. They’re mostly ok. This low IQ having bottom of the Asian food chain being freak of the gene pool UGLY trans looking C@nt doesn’t like the fact that there’s a far superior species – elder white males – that she is subordinate to. The NY Times is the perfect home for such vermin.

      • How many Mongolians have you met? The few I’ve met have been pretty sharp and the Mongolian nationalists are fighting the cheap labor lobby in their country that is trying to flood Mongolia with non-Mongolians. Also, none of them were immigrants but tourists or students who wanted to go back home once they were done with their studies.

        There are ethnic Mongolians in parts of Russia but they tend to keep to themselves.

        Suffice it to say, I think Mongolia is by far the least problematic Asian demographic. Also the fact they openly worship Jingiz Khan, a hero of their race, while not giving a fuck what others think about him, is an admirable quality I wish us Southerners had more of since the monuments to the heroes of the Confederacy are being scrapped across Dixie.

        • I don’t know about Mongols, but the Russian nationalists I know have a real hard spot for Tuvans. There was an ethnic cleansing of Russians there in the 90’s and they have a lot of the same bad reputation in Russia that chugs have in America or Canada (unsurprising, given the genetics).

    • >>How refreshing to find an Asian woman who hates white men.

      I wonder if we’re somehow mistaking cause and effect here.

      Korean woman comes to America, expecting, white men to fall over themselves for her. That doesn’t happen for some reason*, so she very quickly grows to hate us.

      *And of course we all know the reason. White men are not attracted to Asian women just because they’re Asian women, we’re attracted to them because they don’t act like White women. In cases where they do, we’re not.

      • Very true. This is the most disgusting 12 yo boy looking Korean possible, so her only hope was her personality.

        With that ruined, only the likes of (((weev))) would go there.

  7. Sarah is just the type of person who should be on the editorial board of a Jew paper. Time to suk the shmuck and chu the phat baby.

  8. The Jews’ war against the white goyim has now begun in earnest. Jews have funded “death-ray” technology that supersedes nuclear weapons. This new weapon can target specific areas with the same effectiveness as a nuke without the thorny problems of radiation contamination and associated issues of building and maintaining nuclear weapons and their delivery system. Not to mention these new weapons do not require anywhere near the manpower staffing of the old nuclear weapons systems.

    Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) are the murderous finger of the Jews’ almighty god Rothschild who provides funding for these high tech weapons. Jews can point this new “finger of god” from afar and wipe out entire cities in an instant. When Jews control the money, media and military, this is what they do with their financial power.

    Jews have begun murdering the white American goyim with just a few technicians sitting in far away control centers, in the same manner as they once sponsored the murder of Russians and Germans, only this time with far more effectiveness than firebombing raids, death-camp gulags, starvation and bullets to the brain.

    Jews can now achieve the same devastating destructiveness as the firebombing raids of Germany and the nuclear attacks on Japan using far less manpower and resources. The atomic bomb allowed a single aircraft, staffed by a few men, to unleash the same murderous destruction as the manpower and resource intensive firebombing raids directed against Germany a few years prior. DEW now supersedes nuclear weapons in the same manner as the atomic bomb superseded the thousand plane raids over Germany.

    Take a look at the following photos of Santa Rosa California, a predominantly white, upscale area. Santa Rosa was a practice run to test how they are going to wipe out the white goyim “opposition.” Click on the “26” to see more.

    “Firefighters reported it’s like we’ve been nuked, never seen anything like it. On the other hand, military intelligence agencies recently announced publicly that they’ve been testing directed energy weapons, DEW, mounted to aircraft.”

    Apparently Santa Rosa was one of the test sites. Maybe it looks like they have been nuked because they have been nuked, ya’ think?

    Perhaps you think this is all balderdash, the crazed imaginings of a raving white conspiracy theorist. If so, I suggest you read the book Behind the Fog

    GMO Frankenfoods, Chemtrails and now directed energy weapons that allow “clean,” literal Holocausting of the white goyim. It is far too late to take any meaningful action against such technology. Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye, you’re dead.

  9. There’s a theory that this ugly yellow SLANT was upset because her White boyfriend dumped her. So she went on a Twitter-tirade against all White men. Sounds plausible.

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