“I Hate White People”: Journalists Exempt Themselves From Social Media Lynch Mobs

President Trump spent most of his time whipping up the crowd and bashing the mainstream media at his campaign rally in Wilkes-Barre, PA this evening:

“WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — President Donald Trump is renewing his campaign against the media, claiming at a Pennsylvania rally that the media is the “fake, fake disgusting news” and casting journalists as his true political opponent.

Trump barnstormed Thursday night in a state that he swiped from the Democrats in 2016 and that is home to a Senate seat he is trying to place in the Republicans’ column this fall. But the race between GOP U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta and two-term incumbent Democratic Sen. Bob Casey took a back seat to Trump’s invectives against the media, which came amid a backdrop of antagonism to journalists from the White House and hostility from the thousands packed into a loud, overheated Wilkes-Barre arena.

“Whatever happened to the free press? Whatever happened to honest reporting?” Trump asked, pointing to the media in the back of the hall. “They don’t report it. They only make up stories.” …”

He reiterated that the “fake news” is “enemy of the people” this afternoon. This appears to be part of a larger strategy of running against the media in the midterms:

It is not a bad strategy either.

He didn’t address the Sarah Jeong situation which is even worse than was originally reported as more tweets have come to light of Commissar Jeong cheering on social media lynch mobs:

Tucker Carlson had a scathing segment about it this evening:

The Huffington Post ran an article in which it claimed that anti-White racism doesn’t exist and that The New York Times should have ignored the outrage:

“The proper way to respond to a bad-faith troll campaign like the one the right-wing internet is waging on Sarah Jeong, the newest member of The New York Times editorial board, is to not respond at all, to not even listen in the first place. This is a hard thing to fathom if you’re The New York Times and your brand identity is tied to an otherworldly patrician rectitude.

But ignore the trolls you must. This includes the gleeful, snickering chuds who strip old tweets of their context and send them back out into the world. And this also includes the establishment figures like Ari Fleischer and publications like the National Review, the folks wailing about an Asian woman’s “anti-white racism,” as if there were such a thing. …”

Splinter News defended Jeong’s anti-White racism:

“Making jokes about white people isn’t the same as making racist jokes about black people, or Asian people, or Jews, or gay people, or any other historically oppressed minority. This is a very simple principle, but one that many aggrieved whites find difficult to accept. …”

Jeong’s current employer The Verge chimed in to claim that “journalists” are the real victims:

“Online trolls and harassers want us, the Times, and other newsrooms to waste our time by debating their malicious agenda. They take tweets and other statements out of context because they want to disrupt us and harm individual reporters. The strategy is to divide and conquer by forcing newsrooms to disavow their colleagues one at a time. This is not a good-faith conversation; it’s intimidation.

So we’re not going to fall for these disingenuous tactics. And it’s time other newsrooms learn to spot these hateful campaigns for what they are: attempts to discredit and undo the vital work of journalists who report on the most toxic communities on the internet. We are encouraged that our colleagues at The New York Times are standing by Sarah in the face of feigned outrage. …”

Slate also rationalizes Jeong’s anti-White racism which it attributes to “white fragility”:

“The Times’ bigotry-on-many-sides explanation is infuriating for a number of reasons. The first is that, as Splinter News’ Libby Watson notes, Jeong’s tweets were clearly jokes, not policy proposals. When people of color rail against white people, that’s often shorthand for speaking out against the existing racial structure that serves to keep white people in power. The jokes that people of color make at the expense of whites are furthermore not supported by past and present state and corporate institutions. A white American telling an Asian American to “go back to where you came from,” for instance, isn’t the same as an Asian American saying the same to a white American, even if neither individual can claim ancestral roots as America’s first residents. To claim otherwise is to be blind to the history and social dynamics of this country.

But that’s pretty much what the Times did with its explanation. It more or less validated the dangerous misconception that conservative trolls harassing a woman of color in a male-dominated field, an action that could potentially drive away even more marginalized voices, is equal to a woman of color joking about “canceling” white people, which carries no real-life weight because that doesn’t mean anything. White fragility is real, and so I’ll grant that some readers may have had their delicate skin stung by Jeong’s comments, but it’s more than likely that the very same trolls who tried to endanger Jeong’s position at the Times were acting in bad faith. The Times also ignores the fact that the current alt-right hysteria about besieged whiteness is also fuel for a violent movement that uses its power in the White House to justify inhumane and racist policies. …”

Tucker Carlson is correct that leftists share this anti-White mindset. Millennial Matt has done a great job of exposing how prevalent it is among verified users on Twitter. Congress needs to confront Jack Dorsey about the ocean of anti-White hate speech that is permitted on the platform:

This is only a small sample of it.

Tucker Carlson also had Tommy Robinson on to talk about his experience in prison and with British “journalists.” Once again, I know lots of people hate Tommy Robinson for understandable reasons, but this is one hell of a performance art project if he is faking it.

The last 24 hours have driven home the point that these “journalists” are scumbugs who cynically use charges of “racism” to bludgeon and destroy their political enemies. They don’t have any principled moral objection to “racism.” They’re not morally better than anyone else either. They are just elitists who hate and disparage White people and take pleasure in harming them. They want you to know that these taboos which they use to browbeat ordinary people don’t apply to their caste.

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  1. Let me rephrase this, it will be enjoyable eating their hearts and liver eradicating their inner demon from the hatred of our beautiful White skin.
    You want too play?
    Keep itt up…

  2. The human turd “Weev” is defending the female gook as well.

    And speaking of Ivanka, listening to her intolerable nasal gobbling in that interview for about 2 minutes (the most one can endure), brown-nosing the media, and pontificating about the “future of jobs,” it struck me what this farce is about.

    People ask “Why would Trump take all this misery and hate on himself if he didn’t sincerely mean to MAGA?”

    The (possible) answer: Because Ivanka wants to be President, and Daddy does what his Little Jewish Princess tells him. She wants Syria missiled because of OMG gas? The attack is launched. Etc. etc.

    If I’m right, Trump did all this to establish his family as “presidential” so that his Little Girl can run as the first Republican Feminist Jewish Female President of the USA. It’s the equivalent on a grand scale of the spoiled little princess wanting a pony for her birthday and daddy dutifully takes on 2 more jobs and works himself 9/10ths to death so she can get it.

    • Weev is defending her bc she may have a son or daughter coming up on 9 or 10 that Anglin is interested in. Can’t make her angry.

        • Accusing people of criminal behavior without proven evidence is what Leftist Jews do. I know there are plenty of reasons not to like certain people, but we are better than that

          • STFU – a Jew is someone who accuses someone of “libel” the most jewy of all Jewed out laws. There’s even a Jew specific libel – Blood Libel. Now jog on, everyone knows it can’t be libel if it is the truth.

          • Truth entails having hard evidence to back up your accusation. When you make accusations about people, you are just doing the Jew’s jobs for them. Calling someone names is one thing, making multiple accusations of felonious behavior is another. I prefer not to give our enemies ammo to shoot at us, thank you very much

          • Everyone has seen the videos and if they haven’t I can post them at some point because I have them.

  3. There’s some island off South Korea where about 100-yes only 100 Yemeni Muslim refugees reside……and aren’t the locals kicking up a stink over it! East Asians are the most racist bastards you’ll ever meet. But they think its ok if OUR countries are enriched-and indeed they are playing a part in that. They create their own little nations within our nation’s, buy up our real estate and farms. They’ve certainly made a name for themselves. They’re smart, yes, and in the West this works in their favor where they’re usually of a class above ours. But they care nothing of animals, the environment or indeed other races. These polite, smiley little demons are changing our nation’s….with a smile. They’re truly a loathsome race of people.

  4. Libs are always telling us that anti-white racial hatred from non-whites is not racism because non-whites lack power. And an editorial writer for the NYT is powerless? That’s a lot more clout than most of us palefaces have.

    This woman is of Korean background, and if I remember correctly Korean-Americans have a higher average income than whites. Maybe she has Korean privilege.

  5. Let thousands of anti-Whites scream “I hate White people!” thousands of times a day. It’s great. The lid is coming off of White Genocide and they’ll never get it back in the can again.

  6. Don’t fall into the trap. She has every right to hate who ever she God damned pleases and she has ever right to express her dislikes and hatreds as loudly and as openly as she pleases. We are an open and honest people and are not above criticism or self improvement. I would just like to know how she was mistreated by whites, what wrongs were done to her to make her feel the way she does.

  7. Tucker (controlled opposition) will never get it that there are ZERO non-whites or jews who are not antiwhite. He thinks that if he tries to shame them, something will change. Yes, it’s the left, but it’s all nonwhites who are antiwhite. It’s all about race, and these conservative do-gooders can’t figure it out as they live by some honor system that the left discarded many decades ago.

    • Tucker Carlson is under the mistaken idea that all human beings want is fairness. No Tucker humans are like any other species of animals, we are driven to dominate breed and die

  8. @Gray Ghost,

    I saw the Pantifas training…

    One thing that only experience can teach is: Knowing about vulnerabilities and actually being able to exploit them are two different things.

    Do these idiots really believe that they are the only ones who are aware of these tactics? How many of them do you think can really execute the maneuvers they are being taught?

    • True. Most are nerds who put on a mask and fantasize they’re some comic book hero. Snow flake safe space bottom of the gene pool punks in need of good beatings, then deportations.

  9. Tucker Carlson does a good a job as anybody in the media, in consistently putting out a pro white message. He doesn’t call it that, but he is still doing a decent job of defending ordinary white people.

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