“No To Marxism In America 2” Rally Ends Peacefully In Berkeley

It was another uneventful day in Berkeley.

We’ve seen multiple clashes between the Alt-Lite and Patriot groups and Antifa in Berkeley and “No To Marxism In America 2” was the equivalent of a tropical storm. I don’t think Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys bothered to show up at Based Tranny’s event this afternoon.

It looked like hundreds of Antifa in Black Bloc formation and perhaps a thousand leftwing protesters mobilized and turned out for #AllOutBayArea to confront the specter of Amber Cummings, an Infowars reporter and a dozen or so MAGApedes who brought their children.

With nothing else to do, Antifa smashed out the windows of some Berkeley city vehicles, attacked the police and started a few fights. The Berkeley Police didn’t stand down and successfully maintained separation between the protesters and the mob of violent Antifa.

Antifa closed out the day in Berkeley with 20 arrests by smashing the windows out of a Marine Corps Recruiting Office and by threatening to beat up the livestreamer Ford Fischer:

Here are the names and mugshots of the Antifa dirtbags who were arrested in Berkeley. The Berkeley Police enforced the no mask rule and arrested Antifa who brought weapons:

There were no “fascists” at this event.

The Alt-Right has stopped engaging with these people. They are nothing more than a mob of violent criminals who are looking for an excuse to destroy property, engage in violence and unleash mayhem. It is the responsibility of the Justice Department to put an end to this.

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  1. There’s something weirdly similar in the appearance of all the females, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  2. “Look at all the lonely people, where do they all come from?”

    Civilizational decay on display.

    Including, it appears, Mick the Spic (actually, Spic the Mick, but whatever).


    • Next line of refrain IIRC:

      “all the lonely people, where do they all belong?”

      Bug bin or jail.

      Take your pick, John Lennon.

  3. Here are some of the Jewish Kommissars and Zampolits:

    Kate Brenner
    Jason Wallach
    Kristin Edith Koster
    Ericka Sokolower-Shain
    Bella Podolsky

    The others were assorted mischlings, Messicans and one of Ghengis Khan’s retinue.

    The rest of the rank and file Antifa are the Jews’ footsoldiers. Antifa is a Jew run outfit from top to bottom, beginning to end.

    “There were no “fascists” at this event.”

    “Fascist”, like Nazi or anti-Semite, is just another name for those for whom the Jews have a neurotic dislike.

    • I am going to pop Serena Lynette Perez on my possibly a Jew list. Don’t let the Spanish name fool you, lots of Jewesses marry Mexicans in California. PLUS Perez is a Sephardic name in and of itself

  4. Anglin would denounce this action but I see it as a win because AntiFa looks so bad. Now they have the optics problem.

    • @Randy

      “Now they have the optics problem.”

      The Jewsmedia and ZOG can always be counted on to cover for them. No doubt, this will be shouted from the rooftops and Twitter, as yet another spectacular Communist victory.

  5. Maria Lewis certainly looks like a Jewess. I wonder if she’s related to Jewish comedian and actor Richard Lewis. She damn sure look like it.

    • Lewis is a common English name like Davis that they take often. They also are fond of certain Irish names like Savage or even Scots names like Douglas. German governments during the Holy Roman Empire assigned them the German ones which can be a headache because names like Zimmerman are both German and German Jewish

      • “the German ones which can be a headache because names like Zimmerman are both German and German Jewish.”

        The Emperor screwed up.

        • I am not sure how much the Habsburg Emperor had to do with that, I know I think alot of that was handled via local registrars. That was because from before Christ till like 1700 every Jew had a name like Yehuda Bar Yosef Bar is Aramaic, Ben is Hebrew. This led to confusion its like the name Jesus or Yeshua. There were literally hundreds of Israelite boys named Yeshua when Jesus Christ was on earth, it was a common name like Bill Johnson or Fred Jones.

          Assigning the Jews surnames was seen as a way to track them better, and I agree it worked somewhat, BUT the thing was although some took names transalliterated from Hebrew the ones with normal German names like any other German, like Zimmerman, the German Government did a great disservice to its people

  6. Unfortunately I cannot post photographs over here, D’OH but I cant show you something very simple. IT is obvious to any Red Blooded Normal Human Being with morality who they would rather their daughter date. Obviously to think other wise turns you into a freak but I digress. Honestly if these showed up at a job interview, both in a generic gray flannel suit, but one looking like they do in the mug shots, the other like the clean guys with the Tiki Torches. All things being the same no foreknowledge of political beliefs its obvious who gets the job



  7. “Juggalos and the bloc stand strong together against fascism #struggalo #alloutbayarea #stopthehate
    3:04 PM – Aug 5, 2018”

    Only a short step from this verbal posturing, to claiming a spectacular victory. They stood strong against a handful of children and their parents.

    “Getting reports of flash bangs used against anti-nationalists and #antifa in downtown #Berkeley
    Meanwhile, some of @berkeleypolice socialize with out-of-town nationalists#FTP #AllOutBayArea #AllOutAugust
    3:36 PM – Aug 5, 2018”

    Yep, the system is again’ us poor Jews and our Communist stooges and tools. We can’t get a riot in edgewise.

    • Jews aren’t only the organizers ie (((MARK BRAY))) who readily admits ANTIFA is going to destroy the First Amendment, seems to me from the number I have seen unmasked, like the Freedom Riders in 1961 Alabama, I’d say by first glance 65-75% of the foot soldiers are Jews themselves.

  8. The irony is in 1964, the Berkeley Left fought so that all controversial ideas even White Nationalist ones would be allowed to be heard at Berkeley. In 1964 the concept was that negative or objectionable speech should be opposed by more speech, not by fists. The hippies practiced the idea that information and cultures, even offensive ones like Outlaw Motorcylce Clubs should be allowed to express themselves, in other words LET MY FREAK FLAG FLY.

    There is an epsiode of FAMILY TIES Season 6 Episode 22 in which Jennifer is disciplined by the School for doing a Book Report on Huckleberry Finn because it was a banned book. Of course Steve and Elise, ex hippies that they were go in to have it out with the board because to them censorship is abhorrant, This was the concept of the 1960’s liberals, that censorship wasn’t a good idea. This idea was in direct confrontation with the Communists like the Weather Underground who believed that speech should be controlled.

    By the 1990’s the old ideas of Sixties liberalism about Free Speech was dead, and it was replaced by the Communist interpretation that the STATE should decide the merits of speech. The ANTIFA types believe that human beings are too stupid to reason out their own ideas that they must have someone tell them what to think.

    • “The ANTIFA types believe that human beings are too stupid to reason out their own ideas that they must have someone tell them what to think.”

      Well, you’ve seen the mugshots.

      I’d say those folks are right – they know they’re dumb as mud and need someone to lead them.

      As for the rest of us…band together and grab your guns.

    • @billyrayjenkins

      The original notion was that all ideas would be given a fair hearing in the marketplace of Ideas, and that the ones that were true and valid would triumph over and displace those that were not.

      • Yes that was the idea that was once believed by so-called Liberals in the Sixties but the irony is the ANTIFA Communist Left actually hates these people. Criticial Race Theory and the Marxist Dialectic dictates that human beings must be controlled at every level.

  9. There was also a rally in Providence, RI by civic nationalists that turned violent when Antifa attacked them and the police refused to control the crowds.

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