#VerifiedHate: Jewish Extremism Researcher Shares Anti-White Screed On Twitter

Update: Talia Lavin, Media Matters extremism researcher, has shared some more thoughts tonight on America and the Founding Fathers:

Talia Lavin is a “researcher on extremism” and has worked as a “fact checker” for The New Yorker and Media Matters and currently writes for The Village Voice, which essentially means she is a fat, ugly anti-White Jewish leftist who gets to post her garbage on Twitter:

“As a researcher on extremism, I’ve learned the ins and outs of how whiteness is both constructed and defended online, through bad-faith campaigns on social media, and on sites and message boards devoted to the amplification of hate. …

At its hollow core, whiteness is nothing in particular: It’s an airless vacuum, bereft of any affirmative quality. To be white in America is merely to benefit from the absence of racial discrimination. To be white in America is to walk a path that contains no hurdles based on the color of one’s skin, one’s name, one’s outward presentation to the world. To be white is to benefit from a history of slavery, theft, and colonization that transpired before you were born; it’s to reap the harvest, without any effort on your own part, of centuries of religious and intellectual justification for violence. It’s playing life, like a video game, on the easiest setting. There’s no shame in being born white, but there’s no pride in it either, because it is by definition a category bereft of specificity. …”

As with The New York Times and Sarah Jeong, this is the sort of hate speech that flourishes in the mainstream. “The Free Press” isn’t opposed to “racism.” It isn’t opposed to “extremism” either. No, these people are specifically to opposed to White people as a racial group:

BTW, PayPal doesn’t have any problem with Lavin’s anti-White hate speech. To be White in America means getting routinely censored by Big Tech. To be Jewish in America means having your hate speech published in the mainstream media and broadcasted on Twitter.

Perhaps this double standard is related to the fact that the CEO of PayPal is also Jewish?

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  1. Fat. Check.
    Ugly. Check.
    Jew. Check.
    Venomous. Check.
    Hates white. Check.
    Hate Christians. Check.

    In short, she’s the same as Talmudic Jews have been for 2,000 years.

  2. I Do not want to live or work with people that are hostile to me or my family. Not too much to ask. We used to call these places nation states but that concept seems to be out if favor these days with the ruling (((elites))). It is not allowed for us anyway.



  4. “At its hollow core, whiteness is nothing in particular: It’s an airless vacuum, bereft of any affirmative quality.”

    Yep, everything they say is calculated, semantic manipulation on a psychological level.

    I once worked with a character I suspected of being a Jew. He was a Trendy Lefty type who was always trying to manipulate people ideologically on a psychological level. At dinner break, he’d eat a vegetarian pizza and then imply in so many words that meat eating was wrong. Or else spout some other Marxist platitudes.

    • There are different types of Jews, as with Christians. Not all support Israel and not all are rich, not all are smart, not all are anti-Christian though it may seem that way. Some will defend Nixon, some will defend Farrakhan, some will defend the Confederacy, some don’t like blacks, some are into boxing or woodworking, some play football, so you have to keep that in mind the next time Rachel Maddow or Wolf Blitzer starts yapping away.

  5. In reading what this landwhale says about how whites benifit from living in their OWN countries, I’d say yeah well…..Jews benifit from living in the ethnostate of Israel. Japanese benifit from, and get privilege from living in Japan-as they should. But whites can’t be privileged in their nations-and they’re not-whether that is a traditionally white nation or one they founded and developed.
    Jews have benefited greatly from being in our nation’s-they run everything, are hideously wealthy, and get to tell us what we can and can’t say, and all without admitting to their own privilege.

  6. Mizzzzz Levin is yet more proof that jews are actually rats, pigs and vultures in quasi-human form.

  7. Ms. Lavin tweete on August 18 that:

    show me a moral paragon who nonetheless practices chattel slavery and rape, and i’ll show you
    some goddamn bewigged trash

    Were she to examine the Hadiths, she would discover five separate instances where the so-called “Prophet” Muhammed owned black slaves.

  8. @American Jewry…

    I really do not think that it has yet dawned on y’all that, if y’all keep it up, the country y’all rule with The New England Yankees is going to fall in a manner not unlike Humpty-Dumpty, and then y’all will have to scramble to find if any of the remaining parts would like to have y’all as franchised citizens.

    It baffles me that a race which can produce so many geniuses of science, arts, technology, entertainment logisticks, trade, and finance, cannot figure out the basicks of returning hospitality and respect with the like.

    Particularly Southern Jews ought know better than this, for nowhere else in the checkered history of Jewry has the average Jew been awarded such kindness, respect, and opportunity.

    To return all that with spite, and, as well, not lining up on the firing line beside Southern Whites, as was done in The War of Northern Aggression – when the South was threatened with New England Yankee insanity – is a very very dark thing; a time in history which will sow singularly toxick seeds, for a very very long time to come.

  9. What are they doing here?? The Jews were given their own country so we could rid ourselves of their hatred for Christ and Christians once and for all?? Why aren’t they in Israel with their own kind where they belong??

    • Vampires cannot feed off of other vampires. Besides, the Zionist state in Palestine was never intended as a jewish homeland, it is the headquarters for the jews’ worldwide crime syndicate.

      • Mr. Spahn – I found your comment so amusing that I shared it with my wife. She loved it, too!

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