House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Accuses Twitter Of Censorship

Update: Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy got into a Twitter exchange over the issue.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is being mocked by the mainstream media for pointing out one of the many ways Twitter is censorsing rightwing content:

“House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was mocked on social media for a misleading tweet complaining that Twitter was censoring conservative voices.

Twitter has been criticized by several conservative figures who say the site is “shadow banning” right-leaning voices.

McCarthy, attempting to tweet an example of such censorship, shared a screenshot of a tweet from Fox News host Laura Ingraham that was covered by a warning of “potentially sensitive content.” …”

He has been hammering away at the issue:

McCarthy is absolutely right.

As with the quality filter shadow ban and the countless one-sided politically motivated purges, tampering with the default “Privacy and Safety” settings is just one of the many ways Twitter has been rigging the platform since the 2016 election. Joey Gibson’s family is another recent example of Twitter flagging “potentially sensitive content” and leaving it censored by default:

Twitter has decided it intends to foster “healthy conversation” which essentially means putting the ADL in charge of censoring the platform. What does that mean for the MAGA movement?

The difference between this and Antifa … is what?

Chinese Communists?

Mark Pitcavage, Senior Research Fellow at the ADL’s Center on Extremism, recently said on Twitter that MSNBC shouldn’t be giving a platform to Steve Bannon. The Alt-Lite has been trying to ignore the Jewish Question while the ADL has been purging them from social media.

Is President Trump going to allow the ADL to get away with purging his own supporters from social media? It doesn’t look like it. Big Jew and MAGA are about to collide over Big Tech.

Note: Do you remember when President Trump talked about the rigged system? Isn’t the ADL rigging the internet to crush the alternative media the ultimate example of that?

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  1. for a misleading tweet complaining that Twitter was censoring conservative voices.

    “shadow banning”

    They claim everybody but them is a liar or deceptive. Even as they’re being condescending liars, telling arrogant lies to people they think are morons who’ll believe whatever they say.

  2. Chinese Communists?

    China hasn’t been Communist in decades. They’re not our enemies for ideological/political reasons. They’re our enemies for biological/racial reasons.

    Jews are Asiatics. What we call the Middle East, is Southwest Asia. Israel is a country in Asia.

    Asia has always been the enemy of Europe. The celebrated victories of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, the Crusaders, the Vikings and the Russians over the various Eastern empires, were the defeats of Asia’s invasions of Europe.

    The Jews are simply the most successful of the Asiatic invaders. And like Sauron, they use corrupted White men, Orcs and Men of the East to invade Middle Earth(Europe).

  3. One can get as anxious about the deplatformings as one wants to get, but, the simple fact remains that The Jew England Government Scam is coming apart –

    Arguing with themselves in plain publick view about that which they cannot control, it’s become like a conference at The Wolfsschanze in 1944 – it’s moot, they just have not come to terms with it, yet.

    Only this time, it’s not Prussian Generals, but, the Deep State Yankee Officials and their American Jewish mistresses who are frantick and in denial über den Kommenden Untergang.

    You can thank President Trump for that, because he is the lighter log that just can’t quit catching everything else on fire around him.

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