Meet Boston’s Free Speech Blue Bloc

This isn’t a bad idea.

If you live in a state without masking laws and don’t want to risk getting doxed, why not mask up and come out and participate in real world events? Also, if something like this was adopted on a large scale, it would settle the debate about optics and the constant fighting over brands. We don’t need brands at these events so much as numbers and protection from doxing.

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  1. Even simple free speech supporters have to hide their faces now?

    Looks like someone spent some money on turtle neck shirts to make them all look official. But, do they really expect us to take them seriously if their hats don’t even match? Okay, I’ve changed my mind. My detective hat told me they’re the Real McCoy. It can’t be a psyop because no way in hell would commies march around with the U.S. flag unless it was in flames although that one with the bandana appears highly suspect.

    I can hear the rest of the world laughing.

  2. I wish someone Pro-South like Chesty Puller were President. All these violent antifa doxing the Right and attacking Confederate monuments would be toast …

    Chesty: A Tribute to a Legend (1976), by John Ford
    narrated by John Wayne

    Lewis Burwell Puller is a Marine Corps legend and American hero. Nicknamed “Chesty” for his burly physique, he was one of the most combat-hardened leaders in military history and saw action in Haiti, Nicaragua, WWII, and Korea. The winner of five Navy Crosses and many other medals, he will always be remembered as a fierce warrior and proud patriot.

    One area of Chesty’s life that deserves more scholarly research is his southern heritage. He was born in Virginia in 1898 and was raised on stories of the Confederacy. His grandfather, John Puller, was killed while riding under Jeb Stuart at the battle of Kellys Ford in 1863. Local veterans told young Chesty about his grandfather’s bravery, as John had stayed atop his saddle long after having his midsection torn apart by a cannon. After his grandfather’s death, federals burned the Puller home and his grandmother was forced to walk ten miles, through a sleet storm, for help.

    Puller was proud of his ancestry, and his southern roots ran much deeper than The War Between the States (his term of choice for the “Civil War”).

    • I will never understand why Southerners love the US military so much. It’s a kind of Stockholm syndrome obviously, but Southerners seem incapable of questioning their love for the army that destroyed their nation.

  3. “Something fascinating in right-wing activism lately has been their use of the left’s style/tactics. Today at Boston’s “March Against Far-Left Violence,” a group called “Boston Free Speech” dressed in a “Blue bloc” echoing #Antifa’s #BlackBloc tactic.”

    Use the tactics that work. Given 200 years of Leftist rule, I’d say it might be correct to use the enemy’s methods.

  4. These are guys that joined PF and then quit when they were expected to actually do things (this is just what I’ve been told by people in the Boston area who aren’t part of either group). Thats why they have “similar” optics .

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