Facebook Bans “The Activist Mommy” For Hate Speech

Did these people think it would stop with Wife With A Purpose?

“A growing number of conservatives are being targeted for censorship on Facebook.

Last week, Facebook once again banned popular blogger Elizabeth Johnston, also known as “The Activist Mommy,” later calling the move a “mistake.”

“Apparently, I upset the ‘Thought Police’ over at Facebook with something I posted,” Johnston told CBN News Monday. “When I clicked on Facebook to post something last Wednesday, I couldn’t post and was notified I had been banned for ‘hate speech.’ Facebook refused to tell me what I posted that was hateful, so how am I supposed to prevent an infraction in the future?” …”

Wife With A Purpose was purged from social media for posting videos and photos about her family. Twitter and Google/YouTube only want things like Drag Queen Story Time on their platforms.

Note: These things keep happening because “hate speech” policies allows brigades of leftists to engage in mass reporting to censor social conservatives.

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  2. The Jews are censoring everyone. Look at Nasim Najafi Aghdam, the crazy Persian Vegan chick. She wasn’t a Muslim, she was a Bahai, in Iran those people are murdered like crazy by the Muzzies. She was just a wacko animal rights person who did strange videos. For some reason Youtube shadowbanned and censored her and she snapped and went up there and shot it out before killing herself. Now was their any rhyme or reason why they shadowbanned Nasim? Not really her videos had no political statements, aside from animal rights. The fact is they’re doing this to just about anyone who ZOG decides is a challenge to some part of their agenda. Why they felt Nasim was dangerous is beyond me.

    The thing is Nasim Aghdam in my mind did absolutely nothing wrong. These people persecuted her, they demonitized and shadowbanned her, she attempted to get in touch with them and it drove her nuts. The gatekeepers believe they are above the law, above being questioned but then comes a wild card like Nasim who takes issue with that and all of the sudden, the media hails the censors as heroes. Makes sense? Who was the real criminal, Nasim or the people who censored her to death?

    We are all Nasim. Either we can have free expression or we have no expression. Half expression is no expression

  3. No to worry. Trump has already mentioned this censorship and de-platforming, twice. We’re just a stone’s throw away of being rescued. Trump is very busy. Jews stomping on Americans freedom of speech? Just a minor matter after all to a guy who’s so important. Apparently, he doesn’t need anyone on the internet to expose the lies of all who oppose and hate him, or those who point out the lies being spun by the jews media. After all, he has his daily Twitter posts, and “fair and balanced” FOXjews to see him through to 2020.

  4. Mike Ross happens to be 100% correct.

    And “Adam” wasn’t the first man in spite of what your lying, programmed preacher or your ignorant mommy and daddy told you either. Otherwise Cain would not have been concerned about the “Others” killing him when God booted his murdering ass out of the “ingroup” of Adam and Eve, Otherwise God would not have told Cain he was going to take his wife(s) from the “Others” as well.

    Read Genesis without your childish preconceptions. Then and only then will you begin to understand.

    Get a concordance and search out the truth, word by word. Get Halley’s Bible Handbook and Smith’s Bible Dictionary. Wear them out. Search out the truth. And yes, you will actually have to do some work on your own as nothing worth having (truth) is free.

    It will “set you free.”

  5. Spawn:

    Understanding the bible is also key to understanding my race and its responsiblities. Commands such as “Be ye a separate people” and “Come out of them and be separate” resonate over the millenia, do they not?

    Your ignorance prevents you from putting on “the full armor of God”, idiot.

  6. Here ya go, folks.

    From the “instruction manual”:

    …9The coming of the lawless one will be accompanied by the working of Satan, with every kind of power, sign, and false wonder, 10and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them. 11For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie…”

    2 Thessalonians 9-11

    If you don’t want to understand the truth, then God will actually help you along with your deception(s). Yep. As punishment God will send you an even bigger lie than the Evil One because you have grown fond of the falsehoods.

    See “Spawnfarm” as a case in point. He’s convinced he’s such a “manly man” that he can save the South and White America without help from the Almighty or damn near anyone else. He engages in fratricide against the brethern before the battle with the enemy has even been enjoined.

    He’s an “Army of One”, just like the recruiting ad said.

    He’s your enemy as well as those most obvious because he’s an uneducated, ill-bred, chest-beating moron.

    The good folks over at “Western Rifle Shooters” have recently been posting the missives from a superb website named “Cambria Will Not Yield”, it being a completely racially-oriented website focused on that relationship between God and the White Man. The author of the essays is superbly educated and well-read. With a bit of reading, even a slobbering, drooling ignoramus like Spawnfarm might be able to learn to draw a straight line between a couple of dots without his mommy helping him.

    Seek the truth.

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